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By alastria7

It was early evening and Captain Kathryn Janeway had not long since returned to her quarters, following her day shift. However, she had already showered and changed and was walking through to the living quarters, contemplating food, when her door chimed.

'Oh, God,' she groaned silently, seeing her evening with a good book slipping away from her grasp. "Come," she called tersely.

Seven of Nine sailed into the captain's quarters and stopped in front of her superior, with her hands clasped firmly behind her back. The ex-Borg was silent but the look on her face was flushed and almost angry.

"What is it, Seven?" asked Janeway, becoming concerned. "Are you alright?"

"You have previously stated that you are here to help me with my human development, have you not?"

"I have. Your point?"

"I need you to instruct me on a human interaction. Now. I have just endured a most... unpleasant situation with Ensign Jack Tolar and I wish to be better prepared in the event that it may repeat itself in the near future."

Janeway immediately pictured the young ensign in her mind. He was tall, arrogant, sandy-haired, handsome, pushy. Warning bells rang. "What happened?" she asked carefully, motioning to Seven that she might take a seat.

"I prefer to stand," was the almost automatic reply, Seven's look leaving no room for negotiation.

"Alright." Janeway walked up to Seven and placed a comforting hand on her arm. "Tell me what happened?" she repeated, waiting.

"He called it a kiss."

The captain's tension dissipated fast and she fought for control of her facial muscles, stifling a grin. "Oh, and what did you call it?"

"A violation, Captain. His tongue was attempting to take up residence in my vocal cords."

There was nothing else for it – the captain had to turn away. Grinning widely before managing to control herself again, she eventually turned back to face Seven. "So what did you do?"

"I halted his further attempts to assimilate my throat with his tongue by pushing him away. He was not pleased."

"I shouldn't think he was. You see, Seven, what you'll learn about men is that, in the romantic sense, they have very delicate and fragile egos."

Seven frowned.

"Your young ensign probably expected you to thoroughly enjoy his attentions, which he would no doubt consider expert. Your rejection of him would be difficult for him to handle."

"He became quite abusive, informing me that I 'wouldn't know a good snog if I saw one.' I was uncertain as to his meaning."

"Kiss, Seven. It's a slang term – to snog means to kiss."

"A crude expression."

"So what happened next?"

"I left and came straight here, to you."

Warning bells rang once again in the captain's head as she regarded Seven almost suspiciously. "You said earlier, you wanted me to instruct you on a human interaction?" She sighed, desperately hoping she was wrong. "Kissing?


"And what do you expect me to do, exactly?" the captain asked cautiously.

"Exactly, I expect you to show me how to kiss properly. I wish to know whether or not the ensign was correct in his approach and whether it is perhaps me who needs to adapt."

Janeway stared at Seven for a moment, a perplexed look on her face, before rubbing her forehead with her right hand and turning away. She put some distance between herself and Seven and then turned to look at the six-foot blonde. 'Ye God's,' she thought to herself.

"You will assist me?"

"I can certainly do that... verbally. But, Seven, do you see?" She spread her arms out in a shrug, "I can't actually kiss you. That wouldn't be right."

"But how am I to learn without actual experience?" Seven asked fairly, advancing upon her captain with some determination.

Janeway tried to back-pedal but left it too late and found her face captured by the ex-Borg. "Assist me, please?" begged Seven. "I wish to learn."

"Seven, I..."


It was always hard for Janeway to deny Seven anything. And she did fully realise that Seven was simply collecting data here, not making any kind of a pass. "In no way is this correct procedure, Seven. If I do this, you tell no one. Is that clear?"

"Yes." Seven's grip never faltered as her pale blue eyes watched the captain struggling to make a decision.

"Alright. In the interests of teaching and research, I'll help you."

Gently Seven eased up the amount of pressure she had been using on the captain's face, although her hands remained in place. "Thank you," she said, very quietly, the gratitude in her voice so obvious that it touched Janeway deeply.

For a split second the captain thought about returning normality to her world by ordering Seven to leave, to work it out for herself, but then... hadn't she always helped the young woman understand humanity? And from Seven's perspective, was this request any different from any other form of tutoring she had sought from her mentor in the past?

"OK," she said finally, deciding on a plan. "Show me exactly how Ensign Tolar kissed you, will you? We'll start from there."

Seven nodded her agreement and held Janeway's face more tightly again, almost roughly, pulling her closer. She then forced her tongue deeply into the captain's mouth, without finesse, causing the older woman to splutter and try to pull away. Seven held her firmly and continued her assault until Janeway finally pushed her hard. "Seven, I..." she spluttered, a look of disgust on her face. "Is that how he kissed you?"

"It was, Captain," answered Seven, as though they were discussing star charts. She dropped her hands and clasped them once again behind her back.

Janeway took a step backwards, realising now why Seven had terminated the kiss with Ensign Tolar. "I can certainly see why you were so upset," she empathised.

"Then that was not the correct way to kiss?"

Janeway paused, considering, before answering. She folded her arms and tilted her head slightly. "There is no right or wrong way here, Seven. To someone who appreciates that kind of kissing, there was nothing wrong with it, but it is... it was a little inappropriate for a first kiss."

"How so?"

"Much too invasive. Without it being an agreed type of enjoyment between two people, it could only ever insight the feelings it did in us. Revulsion."

"It was claustrophobic, Captain. It left me with the feeling that I had no wish to kiss anyone ever again, and yet I wish to learn. I've heard it can be a pleasurable experience."

"That's true," smiled the Captain fondly, remembering kisses from her past. "You just have to find the right person, that's all."


"I think we should leave it there, Seven. We've established that Tolar's kiss was perhaps a little too pushy and invasive for you. If you wish to see him again, you must tell him what you want, otherwise wait until you find the right person. And when you do, kissing them will present no problem at all, I assure you."

"I still seek instruction in the art of kissing, captain."

Janeway tried to be friendly but dismissive. "You'll do just fine when the time comes."

"No. Now."

Janeway knew this was one argument she wasn't going to win against the Borg. Sighing again, she told the advancing woman, "One lesson, and one lesson only."

"Yes, Captain."

The blonde stood inches from Janeway, who titled her head back slightly to look into the pale blue eyes. 'So innocent,' she thought as a wave of love flowed through her. She didn't stop to question what kind of love – just love. "This would be a more satisfactory way," she explained quietly, "of experiencing a first kiss." She looked at Seven's beautiful eyes and raised both hands, stroking her thumbs against the pale cheeks and snaking her fingers around the back of the arrogant head.

Seven, surprised by the gentleness, allowed her mouth to drop open slightly. The elevated readings she picked up from the captain were having a strange effect on her.

Slowly, Janeway moved forward and brushed Seven's lips with her own, gently repeating the exercise a few times. "This," she explained, "is a nice way of saying 'hello'." She then applied a little more pressure to the full lips and caused them to part further, hearing a gasp from her student. Pushing carefully, she continued the gentle massage of the lips, feeling Seven beginning to respond in kind.

She pulled back just enough to be able to announce, "And this is perhaps a nicer way to use your tongue." She then gently nuzzled Seven's full lips with her lips and her tongue before pushing her tongue carefully between the open lips - rhythmically, gently - not trying to connect with Seven's tongue at all, but just familiarising the woman with the feel of it.

Suddenly Seven, who had held her hands behind her back thus far, grasped Janeway and pulled her closer, returning all that she was receiving with added interest. The captain started, trying to break the contact as it was clear that Seven had the idea now, but Seven held firm. The initial struggle in the captain waned fast, and soon Janeway was simply enjoying herself, lost in the moment, although it shocked her that it wasn't Seven she was thinking about.

When they finally did pull away, Seven coyly laid her forehead down on Janeway's shoulder and a rush of love and protection passed through the captain once more as she stroked the fine head and held Seven close. "This...," began Seven, pulling away from the security and warmth at last. "This feeling, together with the kiss... I had no idea that it could feel like this."

"Now you know what you're looking for out there, Seven."

The captain's voice startled Seven. She had never heard her superior speaking in such a deep and husky tone. For a moment she wondered if...? "Captain?"


"Should I be looking 'out there'?"

The mood was broken. The meaning fully understood. Janeway stretched herself to her full height and added the power of her authority. "This was instruction, Seven. Nothing more. Now, if you don't mind, I have a book to read."

It was obvious that Seven was hurt but she did a good job of covering it. "I understand, Captain. And thank you." With a polite nod of her head, she turned and headed for the door.

"Seven," called Janeway softly from the centre of the room.

The young woman turned and waited, watching the captain walk towards her.

"It's easy to get caught up in the need to feel love. When someone or something feels right, it's often human nature to try to make the rest fit. To 'paper over the cracks' as it were. I'm not for you, but you'll find love, Seven. You'll find tenderness. And when you do, you'll be surprised at how much love you want to give. I wish you luck in your search."

Seven looked sadly at her captain for a moment, understanding. "Thank you, Captain," she almost whispered before leaving.

Janeway walked around her quarters for a full five minutes after Seven had departed, reviewing what had just happened with a look of sheer amazement on her face. More than finding it hard to believe that she had just kissed Seven, she was finding it harder to believe who it was she had been thinking of at the time. She had often thought she might feel this way about Chakotay one day, but it wasn't Chakotay.

'How foolish," she reprimanded. 'Why didn't I see this sooner when it's all so obvious now?' She paced further, knowing exactly what she wanted, but did she dare to pursue it? "Why in hell not?" she finally grumbled, taking a deep breath and tapping her comm. badge. "Janeway to Torres," she said in a voice that was sure and strong.

"Torres here, Captain."

"I interrupt you?"

"Doing what? My life isn't that interesting, you know," laughed B'Elanna lightly.

"You want it to be?"

B'Elanna was intrigued. "How?"

"Maybe you'll find that out when you get here."

"You want me to come over, now?"

"Unless you have other plans?"

The engineer smiled. "No. I'll be right there. Torres out."

'Well that's done it.'

The captain was nervous, more nervous than she could ever remember. And shaking. That wasn't something she usually experienced. She drew in a large breath and exhaled all at once, trying to steady herself. It didn't work. By the time her door chime told her of B'Elanna's arrival, she was practically falling apart.

B'Elanna entered and her bright smile died a little when she saw the state of Janeway. "Something wrong?" she queried, considering how the voice she had heard earlier didn't match the present visual.

"I'm as nervous as hell. Apart from that, I'm fine," laughed the captain, attempting to put them both at ease.

B'Elanna stared at her superior, folding her arms across her chest and regarding the woman, enjoying herself. "You? Nervous? That doesn't happen."

"Well it's happening now!"


Janeway started to pace. "I had a visit from Seven just now. She wanted me to instruct her in the art of..." She stopped pacing and folded her own arms, looking directly at B'Elanna. "Kissing."

"What?" questioned the engineer who was not quite sure how to react.

"You heard me. She'd had an experience with a young ensign and wanted to know if she'd been correct in being repulsed by his advances. He'd kissed her a little too forcefully apparently."

"Uh?" queried B'Elanna helplessly. She didn't think she cared for the direction this conversation was taking. "What did she expect you to do about it?"

"She wanted to know how it should be done. Wanted me to teach her, like I teach her everything else, I guess. It was research," added the captain, suddenly seeing a look in B'Elanna's face and feeling she was having to defend her actions. And, truly, they did sound a little ridiculous to her ears right now.

"So you instructed her," replied B'Elanna, with a little touch of anger. She approached Janeway, arms still folded and stood very near.

"That's right."

"Enjoy it?" came the sarcastic reply.

"Very much."

B'Elanna was aghast. "And you brought me here to tell me that you enjoyed kissing Seven? Well, I'm very happy for you." She strode towards the door in an angry fashion.

"I enjoyed it because I imagined it was you. Surprised the hell out of me."

The silence was deafening. B'Elanna halted her progress: she had been half way through the open door and she simply stopped. Turning around slowly, she stared at her superior.

"I didn't intend to, it just happened. I saw you there in my mind. I felt you there. It was you I was kissing."

"She's taller," deadpanned the lieutenant.

Janeway smiled.

"So you asked me here because...?"

"I wanted to make it a reality. If that's what you want too."

B'Elanna's breath caught in her throat and her eyes instantly misted as her brain worked out what was being said to her. Slowly she walked back towards her captain, the door closing behind her. "What I want? Only every day since I first met you. I had no idea you felt the same way."

"I didn't know I did. Well, not consciously anyway, until today."

"Then I guess instead of challenging Seven to a duel, I ought to thank Her Borgness. You know, I always thought you and she might..."

"Everyone did." Janeway dared to become a little bolder. She closed the gap between herself and B'Elanna and rested a hand on the top of the lieutenant's shoulder. "I won't deny that I love Seven, but I can't categorise that love and, after today, I know it isn't romantic love. But you, you're a different matter."

B'Elanna studied the face that was so close to hers.

"You want to give this a try?" the captain asked hopefully, her voice beginning to crack under the emotion.

"I want to know how this anonymous ensign kissed Seven," replied B'Elanna with a sudden wicked smile.

"Trust me, you don't."


"OK," purred Janeway, re-enacting perfectly Seven's demonstration until it had the same effect on the lieutenant as it had already had on the other two.

"Eeeew. Not good."

"That it wasn't," laughed the captain.

"So," began a sultry lieutenant, whose pupils were beginning to enlarge a little. "Let's have this kiss you gave to Seven, the one where you imagined it was me."

"This time it will be you." The captain smiled and ran her hand down the dark silky hair. "How could I have been so blind about you – about my feelings for you?" she asked, more of herself than of B'Elanna. She initiated their kiss and the two women took their time; building, exploring, building again; exciting, calming, exciting again; until finally they pulled apart, panting slightly.

"I'm surprised she ever left."

"She didn't. She's under the bed," the captain quipped lightly.

B'Elanna's ready smile began to give way to a far more serious expression as she fell silent.

"What is it?"

"You think she'd be damaged if we got on top of the bed?"

Now it was the captain's turn to display a more serious expression. "I don't know. Let's find out, shall we?" she said in a low voice, taking the lieutenant's hand and leading her towards the bedroom, although she stopped half way to look deeply into the dark eyes. "You sure about this?"

"Never more so," replied B'Elanna seriously, her expression conveying honesty and need. She kissed her captain once again, gently, attempting to convey her love. "You don't know how long I've waited for this day."

Overwhelming feelings flowed through both women simultaneously and they hugged each other hard, neither wanting to let go. "Oh, B'Elanna," breathed the captain. "I want you so much."

"I'd say you've got me, wouldn't you?" said the lieutenant, loosing her grip and grinning happily at her love.

"That easy?"

"Could be, unless you've forgotten the condoms!"

B'Elanna abruptly experienced a relentless tickling assault as the two women stumbled, laughing, into the bedroom to change each other's lives forever.

Seven of Nine approached the young ensign.

Jack Tolar looked from her to his friends and back again, putting his drink down on the bar in the Holodeck and slipping an arm easily around Seven's waist.

There was a wolf-whistle from somewhere around the side of the bar and a few jeers as Jack led Seven off to a booth. "You came back?" he asked unnecessarily.

"I remembered you inviting me here." They sat down and made themselves comfortable. "Prepare yourself," warned Seven. "I am here to instruct you."

"Oh? On what."

"The art of kissing," Seven told him seriously.

Jack Tolar laughed, looking around the bar before focussing again on the beautiful woman by his side. "And why would I need you to do that?"

"Please be sure to protect your ego before I continue. Your kiss earlier was not what I would call a kiss. It was sadly lacking in gentleness, sensuality, caring, and finesse. I am here to aid your improvement, if you are willing?"

Tolar looked into the pale blue eyes. They were very serious. The poor man was spoilt for choice. His options were to hit the woman and leave immediately; to shout abuse at her and leave immediately; to mock her and stay, hoping she would leave; to kiss her again, like he had done before, and show her how wrong she was; to... here his options waned a little.


In the end, just the thought of kissing Seven of Nine, Ice Maiden, again was enough. Tolar relaxed, deciding to treat the whole thing as a joke. "OK. Teach me, lady. I'm sooo ready."

Seven altered her position and closed in on the man. "You must refrain from using your tongue, for now. Is that understood?" she asked.

Tolar nodded, dumbfounded.

Re-enacting what she had received from her captain, Seven began the Education of Jack Tolar who, to his credit, learned quickly. When Seven felt she had made her point she pulled back and said, with the hint of a smile on her face, "Now THAT was a kiss. Kindly remember that, ensign."

And then she left.

Jack Tolar watched her go with absolutely no idea that he was responsible for a love affair that was just beginning elsewhere on the Starship Voyager, between the captain and the chief engineer. "Ten a penny," his ego called out after Seven as she left. "You're not that good, you know. I've known better."

"So have I," whispered Seven as her enhanced hearing brought the words to her ears. "So have I."

The End

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