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Kissing Time
By Calisto


"Computer, halt turbolift!" B'Elanna was nervous, more nervous than she had ever been in her life. Looking to one side she gazed at the other occupant of the turbolift, waiting for a reaction.

"Lieutenant?" The captain looked mildly perplexed. "Care to tell me why you stopped us?"

Working up all the courage she could find, to do what she had intended to do for many months, she carefully pulled the replicated mistletoe out of her trouser pocket and held it over both their heads.

"B'Elanna? What's this all about?" the captain asked, now with a shade of anger in her voice.

"You know Captain, it's Christmas," B'Elanna answered with an innocent smile on her face, as if that would explain everything.

"And...?" Kathryn Janeway started to think that her chief of engineering was seriously ill.

"And... it's time for kissing!" B'Elanna replied and, in the blink of an eye, she did exactly that.

It all happened too fast for the captain to avoid the closing lips of B'Elanna Torres and she just stood, paralyzed, hardly able to process what was going on.

Encouraged by the fact that the captain did not pull back, B'Elanna deepened the kiss, softly pressing the captain to one of the turbolift's walls in the process. When she heard and felt a little moan escaping from Janeway, she decided that this should be enough for a start... maybe even enough to make the captain relieve her of duty and send her to the Brig.

But she didn't care. She was in heaven and if she had to spend the rest of this journey in custody, it certainly would have been worth it. Stopping the kiss, she turned away from her captain. "Computer, resume turbolift".

Kathryn Janeway was dumbfounded; even when the lift started to move

again and finally arrived at Deck 6, where B'Elanna stepped out, she

couldn't bring herself to speak. She knew she should say something,

anything; ask for an explanation or reprimand her chief engineer for her definitely inappropriate behaviour.

Just before the doors swished together again, B'Elanna turned to look at her captain and smiled the warmest and happiest smile the captain had ever seen on the young woman's face and, one moment later she was alone in the turbolift, heading for the bridge.

Still deep in her musings when she entered the bridge, Janeway sat herself in the captain's chair. Chakotay leaned towards her. "What's wrong Kathryn, you look a little preoccupied?"

Emerging from her thoughts she just said "It's nothing Commander. You have the bridge. I'll be in my ready room".

"Oh, Kathryn, just one more thing before you leave. You know, on the Earth calendar, today would be Christmas and I was thinking... maybe you would like to come to my quarters after duty? You know, we could celebrate a traditional Christmas Eve?"

Smiling at him warmly she shook her head. "I'm very sorry Commander, but I think I already have a date for tonight. Maybe another time?" And with that she left the bridge, heading for her ready room and leaving behind a baffled Chakotay. He couldn't put a finger on it, but he knew instinctively that something had happened, something that had evoked a basic change in Kathryn Janeway, although she looked the same from the outside. And he sensed that his worst fears had come true: he had missed his chance. Someone else had managed to get through the walls of Kathryn Janeway; to touch her deep inside.

But maybe he never had a chance in the first place. That would have to be his only comfort for the rest of this journey, which all of a sudden seemed unbearably long to him.

The End

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