Klingon words used:

Meanings taken from Voragh’s notes on Klingon Cursing http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8853/curse.html and 'The Klingon Dictionary' by Mark Okrand.

Ghuy’cha’ – strong swearword.

Ha’DIbaH – abusive insulting word meaning Animal.

Peta’Q – abusive insulting word, implies that the thing or person spoken of is useless, garbage, non-functional.

jInepbe’ - I do not lie

jItojbe’ - I do not deceive

jIHoS - I am strong

wanI'mey vIqaSmoHbogh vIlaj – I accept the events which I cause to happen

batIh jIvang - I act with honor.

MajQa’ – Very good or Well done.

qatojbe' - I will not deceive you

taHqeq – swear word meaning dishonest, deceitful. Classic Klingon insult.

vay' DaneHbogh yIchargh – Conquer what you desire.