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Lights, Camera, Satisfaction
By trancer


'I'mnotdoingthis, I'mnotdoingthis'

Billie internally repeated the mantra over and over, as if willing herself to believe this wasn't really happening. That she wasn't really about to do what she was about to do. The director's yell of 'action' barely audible over the drumming of her heart.

"Hey, toots," this time she heard him. "Time's money and it's 'a wastin'."

"All right," Billie huffed. She took a deep cleansing breath. She could do this. It was like any other undercover assignment. Except, the last time Billie went undercover as a prison guard the uniform was a bit different. There were no thigh high boots over fishnet stockings, or black shorts so small and tight they were practically a thong. They matched the top, black and tight, her breasts squeezed together so hard she could practically rest her chin atop them. That is, if the shirt didn't burst open first which was probably the point. The black police hat and mirrored sunglasses completed the ensemble.

She was no longer Billie Chambers but Billie Bosom, the world's newest porn star. Across from her and no longer Sara Matthews but Sara Sappho. Back to the wall, her arms hanging slack above her head from the chains attached to her wrists. She'd been stripped of her orange jumpsuit. A process that, strangely enough, included being completely slathered in baby oil. Sara's skin glistened under the hot studio lights, highlighting smooth skin and supple curves, hanging from her chains like tanned, ripened fruit begging to be plucked and eaten.

Billie sauntered towards Sara, billy club swinging from her hand. And a dry tongue licked lasciviously over drier lips. Remembered the script, placing the tip of the billy club under Sara's chin, forcibly tilting her head up.


Sara returned Billie's gaze, and Billie felt something twist hard in her gut. There had been a point where Billie could have stopped. Flubbed a line. Broken a heel. But then she looked into Sara's eyes. Eyes dilated and smoky. Eyes she'd seen too many times before, which turned her insides to jelly, caused her pulse to rise. Because she knew what was behind those eyes, the taste of the lips now parted and panting breathily. And Billie didn't just cross the point of no return, she leapt over her. Because she'd be damned if she was going to stop now with Sara looking at her like that.

"You've been a bad girl, Sara," Billie traced the billy club down the line of Sara's neck, between the curve of her breasts. "And you know what we do to bad girls, don't you?"

"You'll never break me," Sara croaked in a voice Billie knew all to well. And there was no going back now. They were deep in it. The set, the crew, the world disappeared, until there was nothing but Billie, Sara, chains and warm, naked skin.

Billie planted a hand next to Sara's head, leaned in close. "Who says I'm going to break you?" She drew the club lower. Lazily zig-zagged it down Sara's stomach, the muscles fluttering under smooth skin. And lower still, sliding it between oil slicked thighs, pushing the stick under and across swollen and wet lips. Reveling in the feel as it slipped and slide across Sara's skin.

Sara grunted, licking her lips, trying desperately to remember her line. "You won't get away with this. They're coming for me."

"Hmm," an eyebrow rose over the top of her sunglasses. "I wonder who'll come first?"

Billie leaned closer, planting her lips on Sara's neck. That spot. The one that made her groan. And she did, low and throaty, the vibrations tickling Billie's lips. She pushed the club harder between Sara's legs, thrusting, twisting, teasing her with the promise of penetration. Felt Sara's hips arching towards her and Billie withdraws the club completely. Held it up to the light, the end glistening with Sara's wetness.

"Uh-uh," she wagged the club. "Not until I say, you understand me?"

Sara nodded her head.

Billie whipped her hand out, grasping Sara by the back of the head and yanking forcefully. "I said - do you understand me?"

"Yes," Sara licked her lips.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good," Billie released her hold, tossing the billy club aside. "Now, let's see to your punishment."

Her hands closed around oil slickened breasts, massaging and pinching painfully erect nipples, while her lips attacked Sara's neck, finding her pulse point and suckling. Legs planted between Sara's thighs, feeling her hips writhing against Billie's, anything to increase the contact.

Billie descended. Sara's oiled flesh tasting like strawberries and vanilla, very considerate of the stage crew and tasty. She lingered around Sara's belly button, circling and dipping her tongue. Could feel Sara tensing beneath her in anticipation.

She didn't have to wait long. Billie knelt before her, hefted both thighs onto her shoulders, taking Sara's weight. Teased her just enough with long, wet strokes of her tongue to get Sara primed. Then, she dove in, licking, suckling, biting, thrusting, alternating between clit and cunt. Suck and fuck.

Sara pumped her hips manically onto Billie's tongue. Arms strained, yanked on her chains. The wall rubbing against her back as she writhed and twisted, bucked and trembled. Her climax came hard and fast, like a train at top speed bursting through a brick wall. Her head snapped backwards as she clenched around Billie's tongue, body a jerking, spasming live wire of tension and release.

Billie continued lapping away, milking Sara of every tremble and shudder the woman had to give. Slowly kissed her way up Sara's frame, meeting Sara's lips with a slow leisurely pace. Held her close until some semblance of strength returned and Sara could stand on rubbery legs.

Sara licked her lips, panting out her line. "You call that punishment?"

"No," Billie purred, releasing Sara from her chains. "I call that just getting started."

"Um, ladies," the Director sheepishly stepped onto the set, rubbing a nervous hand over his ball capped head. "Could you do that again? We kinda forgot to roll?"

Billie rolled her eyes at the man, returning her attentions to Sara. "Well?"

"I think I can give it another go."

"Great," the Director slapped his hands together gleefully before bounding off the stage.

Billie winked. "You always were a camera hog."

"Anything to get a close-up."

"Uh-huh," she leaned in. "And just how close are we talking?"

"Do that thing with the billy club again," Sara ran her tongue along the line of Billie's ear, grinned at the shudder. "And I'll show you."

"Hey!" The Director shouted. "Could you wait until we start rolling!?!"

The End

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