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Larkhall College
By Shufflebum Munky

Chapter Eight

'God, she's beautiful when she's angry...' Helen thought to herself whilst watching Nikki verbally beat up one of her classmates for forgetting their coursework. It'd been three weeks since her breakup with Babs and although, initially, things had been uncomfortable between the two, they'd soon managed to secure their firm friendship. Settling down to her work she glanced up and noticed Nikki looking at her, a mixture of love and lust coating her gaze. Blushing, realising she'd been caught, Nikki looked down and carried on with the work she was supposed to be marking...


In her hiding place in the park Nikki removed her lunch, scolding herself for being careless earlier on and letting her mind wander to something, or someone. Caught up in her thoughts, she didn't see Helen rounding the corner of her guarding hedge and was startled to find her sitting by her side.

"Are you planning on eating that?" Helen asked with a grin. Nikki looked down to find her sandwich bending at a rather peculiar angle.

"I might, although it doesn't look very appealing at the moment..." She replied, crinkling her nose up.

There was a short silence between the two, suddenly broken by Helen. "Can I ask you a question?" She said, suddenly finding something interesting on the ground to look at.

"You just did." Nikki replied, grinning.

"Piss off. Look, I was wondering..." Helen started, taking a deep breath before continuing, " Since Babs and I've broken up - why haven't you made a move on her?" She questioned, still amazed by the blades of grass by her feet.

"Well, apart from being completely tasteless seeing as you two only broke up a few weeks ago, and the fact that I'm one of her lecturers, I don't actually have feelings for her." Nikki said, not really knowing where this was going.

Helen scrunched up her eyebrows, it wasn't exactly the answer she'd expected. "But I thought..."

"You thought I had feelings for her, yeah, I know."

"Well, when I accused you that day, " Helen reddened at the memory, not really proud of her behavior, "you didn't exactly tell me otherwise."

"You never gave me a chance to!" Nikki said, a laugh in her voice.

"Yeah, I know..." Her cheeks going an even more interesting shade of red. "But I heard you say, that night in the club, you had feelings for someone you'd given advice to, a female."

She took a deep breath and looked unwaveringly into Helen's eyes. "Babs isn't the only one that comes to me for advice, you know." Nikki replied, before breaking eye contact, unable to sustain her momentary courage.

Helen thought for a second; she'd asked Nikki for advice. Then she remembered that day in the park - Babs wasn't the only female there, and then earlier on today... Helen had noticed the look that Nikki had gazed at her with... A gasp escaped Helen's mouth, and Nikki knew she'd been found out.

Standing up quickly and pointedly looking at her watch, Nikki began walking off, and called over her shoulder that lunch was over. Helen, not wanting to leave the conversation there, ran after the quickly departing woman and grabbed her shoulder, twisting her around and effectively pinning her in place.

"I'm such an idiot!" Helen said, smiling to herself before carrying on. "I may be younger, but I'm not thick, Nikki Wade. You of all people should know that."

"Helen... Can we just leave it there? I'm not in the mood..." Nikki sighed and looked at the floor dejectedly, the last thing she wanted was a confrontation of the embarrassing I-don't-feel-the-same sort.

Helen thought for a moment. Did Nikki have feelings for her? Was she mistaking friendship for something more all because of wishful thinking? There was only one way to find out...

Helen reached up and slowly brought Nikki's head down, gently kissing her... surprised when she felt soft lips kissing her back. Ending the kiss, Helen looked up to see Nikki smiling down at her. 'I think I can can safely say it's not just wishful thinking on my part.' She thought to herself while grinning back like an idiot.

"You're not the only one who's an idiot around here." Nikki said before leaning down to capture soft lips once more.

The End

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