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Latent Heat

Tuvok's calm voice interrupt me in my thoughts.

"There is an altercation in Engineering. Should I dispatch a security detail?" I raise my hand before answering.

"Don't tell me... B'Elanna and Seven have finally come to blows?"

"Yes," confirms the silent Vulcan with a nod.

"I'll handle this. Commander, you have the bridge." Chakotay gets up from his chair as I make my way towards the turbolift. I foolishly thought this would be a good day.

"Deck 11."

I straighten my jacket before entering Engineering. My jaw drop as the doors hiss open and reveal the scene before me.

B'Elanna and Seven are engaged in some sort of wrestling match right there in front of the warp core. The rest on the Engineering crew seems busy keeping out of the way. The crewman nearest my position snaps to attention before raising his voice.

"Captain on deck." The rest snap to attention except the two combatants on the floor. B'Elanna seems to have the upper hand just as a swift kick from Seven sends her head first towards a console. A low growl erupts from B'Elanna as she rolls back on her feet and faces Seven, baring her teeth.

To my surprise Seven growls back. Her blue biosuit is torn at the collar, causing her left breast to become partly exposed, and her blonde hair has fallen out of its tight bun. I clear my throat loudly before speaking.

"I demand an explanation to this!" The sound of my voice seems to take effect as B'Elanna spins around to face me. Seven does the same and assumes her usual posture with her hands clasped behind her back. They both stare at me defiantly, as if I have interrupted something important.

I'm answered with silence. "You have exactly ten seconds to comply unless you both with to spend the rest of our journey in the brig," I add.

"It's of a personal nature," Seven finally says. B'Elanna just nods.

"Report to my ready room."

"Enter," I bark out at the sound of the door chime. Seven enters followed by B'Elanna. I put down my coffee cup.

"Well?" I demand.

"The responsibility is mine Captain," answers Seven. "I encouraged the mating ritual."

"Hold on Seven. Mating ritual?"

"Yes." My gaze switches to B'Elanna.

"Is this true?"

"Yes Captain. Seven assured me that I shouldn't hold back."

"So this is mutual?" They both nod.

"Yes Captain."

"Very well. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you. I do have one request... Please try to restrain yourself while on duty."


"Good. Dismissed."

I can't help myself from smiling as I watch them leave. Who would have known?

The End

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