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Latin Girls
By The Other Liz

Alexa opened her eyes half way and focused on something purple… ah yes. Toby. That was okay and normal. She began to stretch and then stopped mid-way. Arching an eyebrow she got up from her bed. She definitely recognized that beat; but what the hell was going on.

"Cuban girls, Cuban girls, I like em'
Puerto Rican girls, Puerto Rican girls, yo quiero
Mexican girls, Mexican girls, yo quiero
Spanish girls, Spanish girls, I like em'
Girls, Girls, Latin girls
Latin girls, Latin girls"

Alexa's other eyebrow joined her first. Apparently her parents had accessed her music files… again. The last time she'd found them they were dancing. Well if that's what you wanted to call it. It had been a song from early in the 2000's by Christina Aguilera; the song was called Dirrrty. Dancing had been what her parents had been trying to do; but had you asked Alexa if it was dancing she would have given you a blank look, a snort, and just walked away shaking her head. The song this time appeared to be by the Black Eyed Peas. "Latin Girls" was the name of it.

"Que pasa senorita
You a bronze skin mama
Me a mama son I wanna take you to Havana
We could get down every day of the semana
Dance to the music and follow the guitarra"

"What the hell…" Alexa rubbed the remaining sleep from her pacific blue eyes. This had been her only day off this week and she'd been in the middle of one of the best dreams she'd ever had her whole life. She rounded the corner still rubbing her eyes.

"You guys… I mean really!" Alexa stopped abruptly. "Oh God. What the hell?!?"

Her eyes widened as she took in the view of what was happening in her family's quarters. Apparently her Mama was attempting to give her Sos'Oy what appeared to be a lap dance.

'Well at least they haven't lost the clothing yet.' Alexa thought.

"Alexa!" B'Elanna exclaimed.

Seven immediately stopped what she was doing.

"Alexandra." She greeted. "Computer stop play back."

"Glad you remembered me." Alexa said grumpily still shaking off her sleep. "'Cause you obviously forgot I was here."

"I…we…forgot?" B'Elanna searched for the correct words.

"We did not forget… we simply…" Seven tried.

"You forgot." Alexa said. "It's okay; I'll just go hang out in the Holodeck."

Alexa turned to go and change when she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. Turning around she found her Mama behind her. Seven gently raised her daughter's head to look at her.

"Wa'Hom; we did not forget, we were caught up in the moment and each other." Seven explained. "We have never forgotten about you or any of your siblings."

"I know, it's alright." Alexa smiled. "At least me and those other siblings will have something to laugh about when I tell them what I just saw."

B'Elanna and Seven tinged a faint pink.

"You aren't really going to tell your brothers and sisters… are you?" B'Elanna cringed.

"Ha!! I have to." Alexa turned to go change but stopped and turned again. "But I will however, leave out the…ah… lap part of that little dance."

B'Elanna and Seven blushed anew. Alexa changed quickly and skipped out the front door. As the doors to the quarters closed she could hear her Mama start up the music again.

"We got connection like a novel to Aurida, I can relate cause Latin girls look Phillipina
Check your history there's no mystery between us, destiny made it possible to be us
I know about your culture cause it's mixed with mine, we go together well just like
Beats and rhymes and tequilas and limes and celesta with pine and I'll say one more time
I like them…"

A few moments later she met Icheb in the corridor.

"You aren't going home are you?" Alexa asked. "I mean home…home, not your own quarters."

Icheb cocked his head to the side.

"Actually I was headed… home-home, I have some Engineering requests for Sos."

Alexa bit her lip in a smile and looped her arm through her brother's.

"Just trust me; you don't wanna go there just yet."

Icheb reluctantly let his little sister lead him in the opposite direction.


"Have you eaten?"

"No." Icheb furrowed his brow.

"Good, let's go eat and I'll tell you on the way." Alexa smiled again; remembering her promise.


A few moments later crew that was passing by the two heard a very audible groan followed by very girlish giggles.

"Not again?!"

"At least you didn't have to see it."


The End

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