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A Whole Lot of Lava Going On
By Ann


Sabrina leans over to water the corner plant when she is once again wrapped up from behind by her amorous lover. She is just able to stop herself from spilling the container of water all over the floor and nearby couch.

Frustrated, she turns in the arms of her lover and says "Kelly, stop that right now. We're supposed to water Bosley's plants and feed the cat. Can't you wait until we get home."

Kelly whines "But Bree, you know how turned on I get when you bend over like that. C'mon Bosley will never know, and it's about time this couch was used for something other than watching TV."

Standing firm in her resolve by removing herself from the embrace, Sabrina answers "Oh, no. We are not doing it on Bosley's couch. I will never be able to sit on it again in mixed company."

When Sabrina turns to water a second plant, Kelly grabs the container and puts in on a nearby table. A stunned Sabrina looks on as she is tackled, and the two land dead center on the couch with a victorious Kelly on top.

Once Kelly begins to kiss Sabrina, the surrender commences. Shoes and clothes are thrown in every direction. It doesn't take long for the couch to start rocking and the moans to increase in volume and intensity.

Frightened, the cat takes off up the stairs with a bra looped around his head. The nearby table begins to vibrate as the couch pushes steadily against it, but the two are totally oblivious to anything but each other.

At the height of climax, the lava lamp falls from the table and shatters on the floor spilling water and silicon oil along the way. The two angels scream out their release as the 'lava' continues to flow.

Lying in each others arms, Kelly leans over to assess the damage. Turning back to Sabrina, she asks "When exactly did you say Bosley was returning from vacation?"

The End

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