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Lazy Morning
By Elfcat255


The distant music of the Dixie Queen's calliope seeped into her sleep fogged brain. Not opening her eyes yet, she rolled over and stretching an arm out, found a cool empty spot instead of her lover's form. With a sigh that turned to a yawn she continued her morning ritual of loosening up the kinks in her muscles from sleeping all wrapped up like a contortionist against her smaller lover's body. Finally opening her eyes, she grabbed her silk robe from the bedpost and slipping it on stood up to lazily make her way over to the open balcony doors that had let in the sound of the high pitched melodic music.

Leaning against the doorframe, she took a deep breath and inhaled the early morning scents drifting in on the lazy breeze that eddied through the courtyard of their home. The sweet smell of jasmine from the plants hanging on the lower veranda mixing with the scent of gardenias from the low shrubs planted along the courtyard wall greeted her senses. These smells were much better on the nose than the actual scents one normally picked up on living in the French Quarter. Stale beer, old garbage and muddy river water were not scents she enjoyed first thing in the morning no matter how much she loved this city.

Moving to sit in one of the bamboo chairs positioned on the balcony, the brunette detective propped her long legs up on the footstool and leaned back, closing her eyes as she listened to their part of the city waking up. The clinking crash of bottles as they were emptied from trash cans, the clip clop of hooves on pavement as the carriage drivers left the stables on the way to their waiting spots near the French Market and the sultry tones of a saxophone drifted through the air as her lover listened to her favorite jazz station while fixing breakfast. With a content sigh she settled down in the chair to wait.

Before long she heard footfalls on the steps and soon felt a presence behind her chair. Her nose twitched as it picked up the smell of fresh brewed coffee with just a hint of chicory along with eggs. Opening her eyes she smiled up at the shorter sandy haired blonde who set the cup and plate in her hands on the table in front of the brunette.

"You made me scrambled eggs," Nikki said.

"Well, I promised to make breakfast for you the next time we had a day off. Darius bringing beignets to us is fine but all that sugar can't be good in the long run." Nora replied as she moved her plate from the tray she'd set on the other stool and took a seat at the table.

Sitting up, Nikki picked up her fork and readied a bite of the fluffy eggs. Pausing, she glanced sideways at her lover. "Please tell me this is not crawfish mixed in here."

Nora took a bite of her own breakfast and spoke around the mouthful, "I'm not stupid…it's shrimp."

"Good," Nikki remarked as she took the bite then hummed in enjoyment.

The couple sat quietly enjoying their breakfast and once finished, they reclined back in their chairs, sipping from cooling coffee mugs. Nora glanced over at the brunette. "So…what would you like to do today?"

Nikki thought for a few moments and then answered, "Well, this is the first day we've had off in a long time; how about we just be plain ole lazy?"

"What…no whirlwind shopping trips?" Nora asked with smirk.

Taking a sip from her coffee Nikki returned the smirk. "I thought I'd give you a break from carry shopping bags on your day off."

"My hero," replied the blonde in a sarcastic tone which earned a chunk of toast thrown her way. Dodging, it she called for their dog and he gobbled up the makeshift missile then curled up beside the table, waiting for more scraps to hit the floor.

Nora stood to pick up their plates. "Well, let me get the kitchen cleaned up and then the laziness can start," she said stacking them on the tray.

Nikki grabbed her arm before she could pick up the tray and with a hard tug pulled the shorter woman towards her. "Whoa!" Nora exclaimed as she landed in the brunette's lap and then she gave her lover a shy smile. "Hello, there."

"I haven't had my good morning kiss yet," Nikki said with a small pout on her lips.

"Well, I'll have to remedy that," purred the blonde as she cupped Nikki's face in her hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She began to pull back but a hand on the back of her head stopped the movement as Nikki deepened the kiss, keeping them locked together until both had to pull away to catch a breath.

Nikki smiled, her eyes twinkling in merriment. "Morning, sweetheart."

"Morning," whispered Nora. "I think the kitchen can wait."

"I just said I wanted to be lazy today...doesn't mean we can't be lazy in the bed," Nikki said softly, tracing a finger along Nora's collarbone and then down her chest.

Standing up from the brunette's lap, Nora pulled the taller woman to her feet and tugged her towards the bedroom. "I can do lazy in the bed...lazy touches...lazy kisses...lazy sighs," She said with a tilt of her head and a mischievous grin.

Nikki laughed and let herself be pulled into the room where they collapsed on the bed in a tangle of limbs.

Out on the balcony the forgotten dishes rested on the table until the dog realized no one was coming back to get them; he jumped up in one of the chairs and began cleaning them for his mistresses. As the temperature of the day began to rise and the sounds of the Quarter coming to life progressed they did little to cover the passionate moans of pleasure coming from inside the room as the two detectives worshipped each others' bodies on a lazy Sunday morning in the Big Easy.

The End

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