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When you Least Expect it
By Cirroco DeSade


Initially confusion reigned supreme as B'Elanna opened her eyes briefly. Swiftly, she closed them again. Even the dim illumination filtering into her bedroom from the morning watch lights in her living room caused her eyes to burn and ache fiercely. That's when she noticed that her head felt as if it was trapped in a vice. Realizing she was in the throes of a hangover and also off duty she kept her eyes closed and tried to drift back to sleep. Besides, her body was extraordinarily comfortable, even if her head felt awful. She felt safe, being held within strong arms.

B'Elanna's eye flew open again and this time she ignored the piercing ache. An internal wail was followed by cries to Kahless. She fervently begged the ancient Klingon warrior to tell her she had not slept with the honorless petaQ flyboy that she had thought out of her life finally. At that exact moment she looked up to where her left arm was laying out in front of her, her hand held gently in another: a hand covered in metallic ridges.

Suddenly the room seemed to spin as she realized who was holding her. She couldn't decide if she should leap from the bed and find a way to throw the blonde out of her quarters, leap from the bed to run away from her own quarters… or remain as quiet and still as possible hoping that the ship would explode so she wouldn't have to deal with it at all.

Inexplicably, her brilliant engineering mind came up with no answer, leaving her enacting the third option. She stayed there silently trying to piece together any shred of memory as to how she had gotten herself into this position. She remembered having a nightmare day the day before. She remembered heading to Sandrine's. She remembered drinking Harry under the table and slaughtering several people at pool. After that, things got fuzzy.

As she desperately tried to find her shattered memories, she felt the body behind her stir. A subtle moan bewildered her as the feeling of it brought attention to the yet undiscovered fact that she could feel two warm, soft breasts melded lightly into her back. That caused her to take stock of all the other feelings she had been blissfully ignoring. She was astonished to find that concentrating on those feelings caused no small amount of arousal, her heart beginning to beat a bit harder in the process.

The hand on her stomach began to trace circles softly around her navel, even as the hand holding her left hand drew their arms in tighter into a tender embrace. She was perplexed, wondering at how being held like this was making her feel so loved and safe, when normally she would have bolted. About this time the tip of a nose tickled the fine hairs on her neck slightly behind her ear. Then she felt the almost nonexistent pressure of a delicate kiss being placed in that very same spot. Those lips trailed down her neck slowly ending at the juncture where her shoulder met her neck. Then she felt the tiniest bit of pain, a love bite immediately soothed with a kiss. A groan of pleasure escaped her quite quickly and without her volition.

Seven then began to recite a few long, growling sentences of Klingon into her neck. B'Elanna wanted to stop her, to object, and to tell the Borg that she didn't understand her mother's language beyond a few curses and some phrases she had to know when visiting her maternal grandmother. But just as she opened her mouth to spit out a scathing remark she was frozen, dumbstruck by the last word out of Seven's mouth: BangwI.

Panic. Sheer panic. 'My love', the blonde had just called her 'my love'. It was a word she recognized. A word she had always wanted to hear fall sincerely from a lover's lips. Not that she would ever tell anyone. No, she wanted this perfect lover to figure it out on their own, to discover her little secret and wrap her heart up in words of joy, not petty lip service.

Before she could even shake her brain loose, Seven gently turned B'Elanna's body until she was lying on her back. She looked up in wonder at the sight before her. This wasn't the rigid drone that she always railed against. This wasn't the cold, uptight woman that normally stirred B'Elanna anger. Gone was the tight bun of hair, replaced with flowing blonde hair framing an amazingly soft face. Gone was the blank expression that usually infuriated B'Elanna, replaced by a beautiful smile. Even as she marveled at this beauty, the blonde leaned down and kissed her.

It started out as such a gentle kiss at first; only soft lips placed lovingly upon her own. B'Elanna was so astonished that her eyes stayed open in the beginning. Disbelief at the fact that she was letting herself be kissed like this kept her away from her feelings briefly. Then her bottom lip was sucked in between teeth, lightly bit and nibbled upon. At this point her eyes slammed shut and a growl formed deep within her chest. It didn't even register with her that it was at this point that she escalated the kiss.

Later, she found herself breaking free of the most heated series of kisses she could ever remember. Somehow she had come to be the one of top of the blonde. Her heart beat heavily in her chest as she heaved much needed air in and out of her lungs. She arched her back, feeling herself grind intimately into the woman below, feeling a very pleasant ache in her groin. There were strong hands massaging her lower back, holding her tight even as she arched away. Her hands were pressing into a hard stomach, the left hand feeling metal implants and the right on warm, firm flesh. Her eyes were closed again but this time a bit of ecstasy was involved. B'Elanna felt a feral smile overtake her face. She no longer cared about the shock of this being Seven. It felt very good, very… right.

Yet, when she opened her eyes and looked down to the woman below her, it all threatened to shatter her to pieces again. Seven was looking up at her with tears flowing down her face.

"Why are you crying?" B'Elanna asked, the panic evident in her voice.

"I…" Seven began slowly and B'Elanna tensed up inside waiting for the blow. "I don't know why I am crying." The blonde finished and looked perplexed herself. Finally she added, "I've never been this happy B'Elanna. It is illogical to cry."

B'Elanna felt her heart relax, like steel bands that she hadn't realized were there suddenly released. She smiled and lay her body back down possessively over the younger woman. She did not have any words to give Seven yet, any wise saying to explain the tears to the obviously tenderhearted woman. She wondered if perhaps she was even worthy of the kind of emotion that the blonde was conveying. She set about trying to be worthy and to be as tender as the blonde had already been to her this morning.

B'Elanna kissed the tears away softly, then trailed slowly down to cover those full lips in the most loving kiss she could provide. After she was done, she stared into eyes she had never truly looked at before, finding something she never expected to see. She traced the blonde's jaw line with her fingertips and then her thumb traced the high cheekbone. When her fingers softly trailed along the metal implant above Seven's eye, the blonde's eyes drifted shut, her mouth parting slightly and a look of bliss on her face. It captured the diminutive woman's heart so quickly that she ached inside. The hybrid was amazed. She held the young woman's head and leaned down for another kiss.

Pulling away from the kiss only to wrap herself tighter around the woman, she buried her face in the long neck. She gave Seven a tight hug that probably would have cracked a normal human's ribs then whispered into the Borg's ear.

"Love is not logical."

The End

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