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Research Partner
By Cirroco DeSade


Voyager – Beta shift: 2030 hours

B'Elanna looked up from a padd she had been working on when the chime to her door sounded. She had been very anti-social, and sometimes downright hostile, since Paris had broken up with her a couple of weeks ago. She couldn't imagine who was being brave enough to approach her now. Briefly she considered ignoring the chime, but curiosity won out.

"Enter," she called out. When the door slid open to reveal Seven of Nine, she regretted her curiosity.

The taller woman stepped into the engineer's quarters and came to stand next to the couch where she was sitting. B'Elanna tried not to grate her teeth as the blonde took up that stance which always served to drive her crazy. Seven had a way of standing rigidly, then putting her hands behind her back, which only served to show off her voluptuous build. B'Elanna never could decide if she was jealous or desirous.

Leaning back and crossing her arms over her chest, she sighed. "Hello Seven," B'Elanna said as calmly as she could muster. "What do you want?"

"Lieutenant, it has come to my attention that you have finally terminated your relationship with Ensign Paris, correct?" The blonde asked, cocking her head to the side to emphasize her question.

This time B'Elanna did grind her teeth, mentally counting to ten before answering. "He dumped me, but yes."

"Indeed," Seven said looking slightly disturbed. She shook her head. "This is yet more evidence that I truly do not understand humans and their romantic interactions. I cannot understand why the Ensign would willingly leave such a superior mate."

B'Elanna's eyebrows scaled up her forehead in surprise over that statement.

"Then again, I never credited him with a high intellect," Seven said almost to herself. "He truly was unworthy of you. However, research dictates that I should offer my condolences to you. I am 'sorry.'"

B'Elanna felt like she had stepped into some bizarre alternate universe as she sat there listening to the former drone. Shaking her head, she tried to refocus upon the Borg. Perhaps it would get her out of her hair quicker.

"Why are you here, Seven?" the engineer asked.

"I was wondering if you would be available to assist me in a research project ," Seven answered calmly.

"Sure," B'Elanna answered with a sigh. She really didn't have anything better to do. "What kind of research?"

"The Captain repeatedly tells me that I should expand my experiences and embrace my humanity," Seven replied. "There is an activity that I believe will help me understand humans and romance with much better clarity, but until now the optimal instructor was not available, nor was there time to conduct the activity. Since I have determined that this should take no more than 3.5 hours and I am available until 0300 when I am schedule to retire to regenerate, I now have the requisite time. Also, I believe you are the most suitable candidate to teach me this activity, and you are now available."

B'Elanna rubbed her forehead ridges briefly in frustration. Seven had a way of answering things that gave you too little information and ended up creating more questions. She rose, crossing to her replicator, and ordered a scotch. Maybe it could stave off the headache she knew she'd have if Seven kept up her "crazy-making" circumlocution.

Trying again from a different angle, she asked Seven another question as she sipped her drink. "Okay, clear this up for me. What precisely will I be teaching you about? I mean, just tell me exactly what we'll be doing."

"We would engage in sexual intercourse," Seven answered. She watched with detached interest as B'Elanna sputtered and began coughing. "I would like for you to teach me about the sexual act."


2045 hours

Seven sat primly on the edge of the seat B'Elanna had pointed to and awaited her return. The hybrid had spilled the majority of her drink down her uniform jacket as well as engaged in quite a coughing fit when Seven had answered her question. She wasn't sure if that boded well or ill for her request, but since she had not been ejected outright from the Lieutenant's quarters, she still felt a measure of hope.

When B'Elanna reemerged from her bedroom, the mustard colored tunic was gone, leaving the young woman in her grey sweater. The engineer calmly strode over and sat down facing her guest with a look of utter consternation. More than once she opened her mouth as if to speak, then closed it again holding up a finger in a signal that Seven should wait until she collected her thoughts. The blonde was patient and could wait. There were still another 15 minutes before her allotted 3.5 hours began. She had planned in the thirty minute buffer knowing that B'Elanna Torres was unpredictable.

"Seven," B'Elanna finally spoke, "there are a whole lot of issues here, so I'm just going to throw them out randomly." Seven nodded, raising the eyebrow under the ocular implant. "We don't usually get along."

"A cordial relationship is not a prerequisite for sexual attraction," Seven answered.

"You're attracted to me," B'Elanna responded, surprised. At Seven's brief nod she could only grunt. "Well, then there's the fact that you're asking a Klingon to help you experience your humanity."

"Half human, half Klingon," Seven stated. "Also, you are obviously experienced with having sexual relations with humans."

B'Elanna cocked her head, grinning wryly, realizing she had to give Seven that. In fact, she'd never had sex with a Klingon. They intimidated her.

"What about the fact that I'm a woman?" B'Elanna asked.

"I find men physically unattractive," Seven replied. Before B'Elanna was able to ask another question, Seven added, "I find you more attractive than any other woman on the ship."

That both stunned and flattered B'Elanna. Since she knew Seven stated things exactly as she saw them with no exaggeration, she knew it was not an empty phrase like she might have gotten from somebody else just trying to get into the sack with her. She sat there for a few minutes rolling those thoughts around in her head.

"You're a virgin right?" B'Elanna asked. Seven nodded. "Don't you want your first experience to be special?"

"You could not make it special?" Seven asked innocently.

"No," B'Elanna answered, "I mean yes, but, I meant don't you want to be in love?"

This time Seven inhaled deeply, but did not sigh. "I am unsure if I am able to experience such emotions, B'Elanna. I am often surprised by new emotions and they have to be explained to me. Other times I am told I should be feeling a particular emotion and find I cannot. I fear that my cortical node will always interfere to some extent with my emotions."

That was a load of insight that B'Elanna wished she had gotten a long time ago. It might've made her go a little easier on the Borg and not resent what she perceived as haughtiness quite as much. She thought that perhaps the Captain had left Seven at a disadvantage by never explaining this to people.

Time elapsed and Seven began to grow impatient. "Lieutenant, do you find me so unattractive that you would not be able to engage in sexual intercourse with me?"

"Thank god you no longer say copulate," B'Elanna muttered. "Seven, I'd have to be dead to not find you attractive. You could ask almost anybody on the ship and they'd happily engage in bedroom Olympics with you. I guess that's one of the reasons I wonder why me?"

"As I said, I find you attractive," Seven answered. "I can only say that about three women, but you are the only one who continually intrigues me." Seven looked as if she was searching for the right words. "I believe that the phrase is 'you turn me on' when we argue."

B'Elanna felt herself grow warm thinking about that. She could also remember more than one occasion when she had been a bit sexually frustrated herself after a big fight with Seven. However, she didn't think she would ever have put two and two together.

"If we do this," B'Elanna said, "you can't just go announcing it to everybody. Sex is a private thing."

"Acceptable," Seven answered. She stood and looked down at B'Elanna. "How should we proceed?"

"Come here," B'Elanna said and held her hand out to pull the blonde down on the couch next to her.

"Is it not standard operating procedure to go to the bedroom?" Seven asked.

"First we'll spend a little time out here, getting to know each other, so to speak," B'Elanna said as she scooted closer to the Borg and began pulling the pins out of her hair. She ran her fingers through the long blonde locks, reveling in the silky softness. She then caressed the sides of the long leonine neck, grinning when Seven's eyes unconsciously closed a little. "You can have a whole lot of fun fully clothed too. And it lets the anticipation build. Where I grew up we called it 'necking.'"

Seven swallowed with some difficulty. Her brain was half aware of what B'Elanna was saying and half fascinated by what she was doing. "Necking," she replied throatily, "to engage in foreplay, snuggle, cuddle, stimulate,"

Her mouth was suddenly covered by B'Elanna's. The engineer kissed her gently then licked around the edge of her lips. Seven automatically opened her mouth and found it just as suddenly filled with B'Elanna's tongue. She found herself responding by instinct and was surprised to hear a whimper come from her own throat.

"Seven," B'Elanna said breathily after the kiss was over, "turn off your cortical node and stop analyzing everything or you won't get the full experience."

"Understood," Seven groaned as B'Elanna moved on to kissing across her cheek and licking the small starburst implant there. She had no idea that it could be so sensitive to touch.

The brunette was caressing her body, avoiding what Seven had learned were the erogenous zones while at the same time painting a hot trail around the curve of her ear with the tip of her tongue. When she felt B'Elanna take her earlobe into her mouth and suck gently then nip, it caused her to shiver uncontrollably.

"Seven," B'Elanna whispered directly into a delicate ear, the hot breath causing the blonde to quiver again. "You can touch me too, you know."

The former Borg seemed to have lost all ability for coherent speech and could only reply with a long, drawn out "Oh." She happily reached out and put her hands around the waist of the compact woman, wanting to first touch the strong back that she had more than once been fascinated by.

B'Elanna went back to slowly exploring the soft skin of the blonde's neck, unable to resist gently sucking on a strong pulse point when she found it. A growl bubbled up from deep in her chest as Seven started rubbing her lower back in a sensual massage. There was no doubt in her mind that Seven had researched Klingon physiology to find that trick. Only one other lover had ever known what a turn-on that was. She moved back up to kiss the blonde passionately as Seven's hands explored lower, cupping her ass, grabbing firmly.

The brunette moved to straddle the blonde, letting her own hands begin to roam to more sensitive areas, teasing the sides of Seven's breasts, letting her thumbs come very close to erect nipples. She continued down the underside of the generous breasts and splayed her hands over the firm abdomen. She could feel and remember that there was still some banding from an implant there, and she ran her thumbs over a couple of the bands she found, carefully watching Seven's reaction.

When Seven arched into the touch and moaned, B'Elanna grinned in satisfaction. She wouldn't have to worry about hurting the blonde through her implants. Indeed, it looked like they might be a whole lot of fun themselves. Then Seven's eye reopened and focused intently on B'Elanna. The engineer was surprised by the purely carnal look the blonde was directing at her.

Seven pulled B'Elanna in tightly against her body and kissed the smaller woman with wild abandon. She may have been inexperienced, but she knew that any sexual interaction with a Klingon woman, even a half Klingon, would involve battles for dominance back and forth; moments of give and take would be appreciated and reveled in. She was probably one of only a handful of people on board who could match B'Elanna's strength, and she wanted to demonstrate that somehow.

Leaning forward, she held B'Elanna parallel to the ground and rubbed her face along the sweater hiding a strong stomach. Once or twice she nipped through the fabric as she moved up, finding her way between pert breasts that she reluctantly ignored. By her own strength alone she positioned B'Elanna where she was best able to lick and suck on her neck, mimicking the treatment she had received, but with perhaps a bit more enthusiasm.

B'Elanna did not complain and in fact did not even remember that Seven was supposedly a novice when she pulled that maneuver. She let out a long, low continuous growl of satisfaction and simply held on to the blonde's shoulders. When she was finally brought upright again, she had no qualms about trying to kiss Seven senseless.

"Are you sure I'm teaching you?" she gasped out between kisses.

"Yes," Seven answered firmly. "It has been very instructional." She groaned as B'Elanna purposely began rubbing her center along Seven's abdomen. "Please continue."

B'Elanna laughed gently. "Don't worry, Princess," she said, her usual insult a possessive endearment suddenly, "I'm not going to stop any time soon."



B'Elanna had determined that she needed to mess with the EMH's matrix. He had to have some sadistic purpose in designing this suit that was currently frustrating her. She doubted he knew it would eventually be pissing her off, but that didn't stop her from sending a few negative thoughts his way.

The engineer's sweater had already left her body, sailing off to who knows where in Seven's enthusiasm to help her rid herself of it. The blonde was really getting into exploring every new inch of skin that B'Elanna allowed exposed. The former Borg was so into it that she hadn't noticed that she was still covered from neck to toe in the gods be damned unrippable cat suit from hell.

Mind you, B'Elanna wasn't complaining about Seven's attentions. The blonde was applying that single track, brilliant mind to the task of licking and kissing every part of B'Elanna she could reach. Considering that she could just lift B'Elanna up as if she weighed nothing, that was pretty much all of her.

Her tank top had at least one sizable rip in it that she knew of and the blonde had managed to unzip her pants, leaving them loose around her hips. Every once in awhile, the long fingered, lovely hands would plunge into the back of her pants and grab her ass with intoxicating assertiveness.

All in all Seven's actions were definitely making it hard for her to concentrate on trying to out-riddle the suit. Finally, she found a little notch in the back of the neck that when twisted caused the neck of the suit to release. While she pounced on the new territory exposed by this maneuver, she used her hands to finally find what she had been looking for all along: a zipper.

After unzipping the suit all the way down the back, she reveled in the cool feel of the soft skin of the blonde's back. Seven arched into the feelings with obvious pleasure, the look on her face almost hypnotizing B'Elanna. The brunette leaned in to kiss Seven sweetly, even as she brought her hands up under the suit to begin pulling it off of the blonde's arms, which had the most wonderful side effect of exposing those large breasts that she had begun to crave with a passion.

"Kahless," B'Elanna hissed when she dropped the top of the suit between them. She touched the edges of the milky white breasts gently with only the tips of her fingers. "You are beautiful."

Seven blushed and looked at B'Elanna as if not knowing whether to trust such a pronouncement. When she saw herself in a mirror, she saw nothing but a flawed and scarred body. But, looking at herself through the heat burning in B'Elanna's eyes, she felt wonderful indeed. Pulling the engineer to her, she kissed her again, but this time with a new emotion. This wasn't time to try to define it, but she knew it felt wonderful.

It wasn't long before B'Elanna's tank top and bra were removed so that Seven could enjoy her first view and skin on skin touch of the smaller woman. She found much to enjoy about B'Elanna, much to enjoy about everything they had done and they had yet to participate in anything that her research had indicated would come.

The first time their bodies collided, Seven lost her ability to breathe momentarily. As their nipples rubbed together while B'Elanna ground herself against Seven, the young woman's head fell back and she felt a rush of warmth and moisture cascade over her already soaked core. B'Elanna leaned down to take advantage of the position and licked and bit the blonde's neck and shoulders.



Seven had managed to pin B'Elanna down on the couch and was currently licking and nibbling every area but the ones B'Elanna wanted. The blonde was only mimicking her own actions, she knew, but Kahless, every time she got so close to a nipple then moved all the way over to another part of her body, the Klingon thought she would burst.

Seven was learning quickly, too. She seemed to know just how hard to bite just by judging B'Elanna's growls. A bloodlust that B'Elanna hadn't remembered feeling in a very long time was beginning to overtake her. If she didn't get Seven into bed soon and take care of her first time now while she could think rationally, she may not be as gentle as Seven deserved.

When she leaned up to try to tell the blonde that they needed to head to the bedroom, Seven took the opportunity to start kissing her senseless again. "Bed! Now!" B'Elanna finally managed to get out between kisses.

And what Klingon woman wouldn't just cream herself over the way Seven simply picked her up without ever losing lip contact. Why the hell did she waste time fighting with this woman if they could've been doing this, part of her brain wondered.

Seven laid B'Elanna down on the bed and was about to crawl back over her to resume what she found to be a most satisfying set of activities when B'Elanna held her hand up.

"The clothes have got to go now," the hybrid announced. She sat up, grabbed the blonde's biosuit, and began pulling it the rest of the way off. As soon as it passed Seven's hips, B'Elanna was assaulted with the full intoxicating smell of Seven's arousal. She looked closely at the soaked blonde curls and felt herself all but drool over how wet she was.

It was a conscious effort to fight with herself to complete the action and not dive into that tempting prize right then and there. However, she succeeded in finally ridding the blonde of the suit and shoes. When she was done her hands were shaking, she wanted so badly to touch her.

Seven heard the low, constant growl coming from B'Elanna, and it excited her. She could see B'Elanna's reactions to her and she allowed B'Elanna to set the tempo again. She could have sworn B'Elanna was going to kiss her mons, and had actually felt herself wanting to move into that. Yet, she trusted B'Elanna to know when to start these things.

The hybrid stood and pushed off her own pants and underwear, leaving her as naked as the blonde. She moved her body into contact with Seven's and they both moaned.

"I have to go ahead and," she started then whimpered as Seven trailed a hand up her back, "I need to," she said. "Oh, Kahless," she muttered. "You're a virgin, so," she continued.

"B'Elanna," Seven interrupted. "The Borg are thorough with what they harvest and remove. Eggs are harvested from females for the purpose of single cell fertilization for stem cell harvesting. I am inexperienced, but not 'pristine.'"

"Kahless, Seven, I'm sorry, I," B'Elanna felt awful but then was engulfed in a gripping embrace and kissed rather senseless again.

"Shut-up, Klingon," Seven smirked as she released the smaller woman. "Show me this blood-lust you are afraid of. I am Borg. Resistance is futile."

B'Elanna laughed and twisted Seven around to push her down on the bed. The smaller woman proceeded to love every exposed inch of Seven's body, following the same torturous paths as before. After a short time she finally gave into her desire to take those perfect rosy little nipples into her mouth.

She spent long periods varying between breasts, licking and sucking on the sensitive tips, and traveled up to kiss Seven passionately while letting her hands continued the subtle torture of her breasts. After what seemed like hours to the blonde, B'Elanna began to kiss along the banding of her stomach again, still rolling her nipples gently but coming closer and closer to the aching wetness between her legs.

The smaller woman let go, using her hands to caress the firm stomach and then part and hold apart the long, sexy legs. She blew gently over the soaked curls, causing Seven's head to roll back as she groaned. Licking over the top of the curls, she tasted the wetness and decided she liked Seven's unique flavor. The blonde was trying to lift herself up to meet B'Elanna's mouth, but the engineer simply held back until Seven calmed down. Then she teased some more.

"B'Elanna," Seven finally moaned out helplessly, not really knowing exactly what she wanted, but that she needed it now.

She was rewarded when she felt a warm tongue plunge in between her folds, first into her, and then slowly dragging up to crest over an excruciatingly sensitive spot at the top. What followed after that was an intensely rewarding lesson in how sensitive all the different parts of her vagina were to different parts of B'Elanna's mouth, chin and entire face.

She felt the rush of moisture leave her on more than one occasion and her insides quivered. She thought that this must be that pinnacle everyone spoke of, the "orgasm." Then B'Elanna slowly inserted a finger while gently licking around her clitoris. The pleasure was so intense she didn't know if she could stand it. The engineer began moving her finger slowly and deliberately, seeming to make more room, and then followed up by adding another finger.

Seven was vaguely aware that during this long period of time she had made many nonsensical utterances and had called out to B'Elanna multiple times. B'Elanna sucked gently on her clitoris for a moment while seeming to feel around for something inside of Seven. The blonde had no idea what she was looking for, but knew that when she hit a particular spot just before the end of her reach it seemed to make her want to shake apart.

B'Elanna kissed the top of Seven's mound in an almost loving gesture then began kissing all the way back up her body. She never lost her slow, pumping pace inside Seven, and the former Borg felt herself growing more excited again, almost too excited. When B'Elanna reached Seven's face she kissed her gently and lay herself down partially over the blonde.

Seven's eyes closed of their own volition several times. Each time she forced them back open, B'Elanna was smiling down at her with an almost loving look on her face. The hybrid was increasing her rhythm and rubbing on that one spot, and Seven found she couldn't speak rationally to tell B'Elanna just how good that felt.

B'Elanna continued this, seeming to know exactly when to increase her pace as she read Seven's body language, indicating that she was starting to want it harder. The young woman thought surely she would die from the pleasure of it all.

B'Elanna kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. "Kahless, Seven, you are so beautiful," she groaned, increasing her tempo to match the blonde's hips. Her whimpers told her that Seven was on the edge. "Cum for me, baby," she crooned. "Let it go and cum for me."

That's when Seven felt it. Her body seemed to shake apart and contract into a ball at once; she felt her vaginal walls clamp down in flutters around B'Elanna's fingers and a flood of moisture everywhere. Every part of her tingled and she knew that she had grabbed onto B'Elanna in a strong embrace.



B'Elanna was glad she was made of sturdy stuff after the hold Seven had just placed on her. Yet, any amount of pain of Seven's grip would be worth what she had just experienced. She didn't expect to find herself so affected by it all. She kept placing tiny little kisses on Seven's cheek and head as she slowly extracted her hand out of its warm cocoon..

Eventually Seven's blue eyes opened and there was something in the look she gave B'Elanna that rocked the Klingon to the core. Something that she wasn't sure she wanted to define yet was happening between them, and by the look in Seven's eyes she knew the blonde felt the same way.

Eventually she felt one long leg wrap around hers and rub up her legs seductively. Those long fingers started a strong massage on B'Elanna's lower back and she couldn't hold back a growl.

"Let us see if I grasp this concept well enough," Seven announced right before flipping B'Elanna over in a delightful show of strength.

B'Elanna laughed then groaned as Seven quickly began to resume the torture of her breasts that she had started in the living room.

"Oh, Kahless, Seven, please don't tease," B'Elanna groaned.

"I will not," Seven answered, then added, "much."

"First sex with Seven and now she's joking," B'Elanna thought. "Definitely an alternate universe." Seven finally took one nipple into her mouth and gave it luxurious attention. "I'm staying in this universe," she added to herself.



B'Elanna watched as Seven walked calmly across the room to the replicator. The blonde was ready for round… she couldn't remember what round it was. But B'Elanna needed water, so Seven was retrieving a pitcher. She returned with two glasses and the requested water and helped B'Elanna sit up. The hybrid wasn't sure when she had last felt quite this boneless. She had to hand it to the Borg: she was one heck of a quick study.

The water helped her begin to feel whole again. Seven drained a second cup and filled B'Elanna's again. The engineer lifted an eyebrow at her presumption. Seven just smirked.

"I still have 39 minutes left allotted for this activity," Seven said as if that explained everything. It probably did in Borg logic. "However, I may have miscalculated Klingon stamina. Perhaps it is the hybrid variable?"

B'Elanna knew she was being tweaked, but it didn't matter. She wasn't letting that go past for the sheer reason that she had at least 38 more minutes of time here with this sexual goddess, and she didn't intend to waste it.

"I'll show you stamina, Princess," she growled, a smile plastered across her face. And then she attempted to pounce on the blonde.

"You will have to do better than that, Klingon," Seven announced with glee.

And then they were involved in the most entertaining bout of wrestling either could imagine. They finally rolled to a stop in what Seven considered a rather interesting position.

"Ah," B'Elanna said then licked the mound in front of her. "Good idea. Sixty nine."

Seven didn't bother to ask what B'Elanna meant by that, instead preferring to partake in the bounty before her.



Seven considered B'Elanna and thought she looked absolutely radiant. She had long since realized that 3.5 hours was insufficient time to enjoy the full sexual experience with B'Elanna Torres. However, they did have duty in the morning, and the engineer would need her sleep.

"I believe that I was correct," Seven said. "You were the only possible person who could have properly instructed me in this matter."

B'Elanna rolled over and covered Seven's body. "One more lesson tonight, Princess," B'Elanna said. Seven raised an eyebrow in question. "Holding a person through the night followed by morning-after breakfast."

"Indeed?" Seven asked with a smirk.

"Yes," B'Elanna said as she settled her head down on the Borg's shoulder. "Trust me on this one. You don't want to miss it."

"Acceptable," Seven replied. "Next time I will just have to account for this activity in my planning."

"You do that, Princess," B'Elanna mumbled, then drifted off to sleep, happy to have been found an acceptable research partner and looking forward to possibly continuing Seven's study.

The End

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