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Let Us Pray
By Aeryn Sun


"Remind me again how you dragged me here?" Ashley sighed, rubbing her eyes as the priest at the pulpit spouted words that held little meaning to the brunette. He was rambling about loving the Lord and following His word but he'd lost Ashley somewhere between 'Welcome' and 'let us pray' about twenty minutes earlier. She was sitting patiently with Spencer who was paying rapt attention to the man in white.

"Let us pray," the priest announced and Ashley rolled her eyes. Again she was kneeling painfully on the fake leather padding on the bar that descended from the pew in front of them.

(Geesh, you'd think knowing that people would be kneeling on these things for like hours at a time they could at least make it comfortable) she lamented.

"Seriously, Spence," she hissed lowly, her words blending with the prayers of the people around her. "The last time I spent this much time on my knees…" Spencer hushed her and then covered her mouth with her hand. The blonde wore a stern look but it did nothing to hide the amusement sparkling behind her sky blue eyes.

"Ash, shush," she ordered quietly. "Pervert," she added under her breath, releasing Ashley's mouth. The brunette smiled and waggled her eyebrows suggestively, making Spencer roll her eyes.

She knew that Ashley would not enjoy the service but Spencer asked her to go anyway, her own spirituality suffering lately since embarking on her relationship with the older girl. Her mother no longer spoke to her and her father and brothers were often caught in the crossfire. Spencer was hoping that by attending a mass or two she could regain a little balance and maybe figure out how to handle her mother. But so far she was having no luck.

The audience began to sing and hymn after they stood and Ashley perked up.

"Oh! I know this one!" she announced softly to Spencer who smiled. Soon, Ashley's beautiful voice joined those of the people around them but Spencer heard only her. She'd grown up hearing the hymn sung countless times but it was never more beautiful then it was in that moment, flowing from her girlfriend's lush lips. To Spencer, it truly sounded heavenly.

"Amen," the priest announced and the crowd sat. Spencer scooted closer to the older girl, enjoying the warmth of her girlfriend. Ashley looked at her and smiled, her face lighting up and making Spencer's heart flutter in her chest. She was in love, no doubt.

She felt a little sacrilegious sitting in church holding hands with her lesbian girlfriend. Everything she was raised to believe told her that she was evil and going to hell. But the rational (read: sane) part of her mind knew that God would not create a love that was evil. Therefore, there was nothing wrong with loving Ashley.

Of course it was easier to believe that intellectually than it was emotionally but she was making progress.

Ashley shifted her hands and placed the one of Spencer's she'd been holding in her opposite hand, her now free one moving to rest on Spencer's bare thigh, just under the hem of her skirt. Her face was forward, her eyes watching the ceremony taking place up front and not paying attention to the way her fingers were beginning to trace slow circles on Spencer's soft flesh. But Spencer had a sneaking suspicion that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"Ash…" she warned.

"Sshh," Ashley hissed, not turning her head although the corner of her mouth quirked up and her hand shifted higher. Spencer swallowed a groan as knowing fingers danced across the inside of her thigh, teasing. She shifted slightly, spreading her legs.

(I'm going to hell) she decided. (I am going straight to hell; do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. I'm gonna roast and burn like a marshmallow) as deft fingers pressed against her panties, she instantly decided that she didn't care.

Ashley continued to torture her for several long minutes, applying subtle pressure and making Spencer bite her bottom lip to keep from whimpering.

"Please rise," the priest asked. Again the stood and Spencer growled at the loss of contact. She could feel her wetness soaking through her panties and when Ashley innocently sucked on her finger for a moment, she decided that she couldn't wait.

Grasping Ashley's hand tightly, she pulled her girlfriend out of the pew. Ignoring the confused look on the older girl's face, she led the way from the large room and into an alcove. Ashley looked at the large wooden bench and doors in the alcove, raising her eyebrow.

"Have you something to confess, Spencer?" she teased. Spencer grunted and all but threw Ashley into the confessional booth, following in behind her and shutting the door behind them. She then pushed the other girl into a sitting position on the small bench and straddled her waist.

"You do know that we'll be struck down by lightening if you don't stop, right?" Ashley laughed. "Honestly, Spence, I was just teasing. I wouldn't have gone any further. This is a little kinky, dontcha think?" Spencer glared at her, azure eyes darkening even in the limited light of the booth.

"You know, not that I mind kinky…" Spencer cut off Ashley's talking with a passionate kiss, driving her tongue into the smaller girl's mouth and tasting her. Strawberry lip balm and the cinnamon gum her girlfriend had been chewing before church immediately landed on her tongue, making her moan.

Small but strong arms wrapped around her waist, holding her closer and stroking her back as they kissed any reservations either girl had had when they began gone in the heady mix of want and arousal. The taboo nature of their interlude making them hotter and the added chance of getting caught made them desperate.

"Oh shit, Spence," Ashley whispered as the blonde began nipping at her neck. Her hands clenched at the blouse Spencer was wearing, twisting it in her hands while her girlfriend sucked hard on her pulse point, both girls knowing that it was going to leave a noticeable mark. Not that they cared.

Their hips began grinding against the other, neither knowing who started it or when and not worrying about such a trivial detail. There were other more important things to deal with, a need that had to be dealt with, and fires to be extinguished. Hot palms slid up Spencer's back, having slipped under the blouse to touch flushing skin. Spencer's hands had snaked up the front of the brunette's top, easily coming to rest on sensitive nipples, rolling them in her fingers through the lace of the other girl's bra.

"You're driving me wild," Ashley whimpered. Spencer kissed her neck, biting along the stretched tendons and leaving perfect rows of teeth marks before reaching her lips again, tugging on her bottom lip and nipping with teeth. Ashley keened and felt her breath hitch. She buried one hand in silky blonde tresses and pulled the other girl even closer, their tongues going deeper, their need growing.

She pulled her head back suddenly, the pain from the hard pinches to both nipples shocking her and traveling the express train to her groin. She felt a trickle of blood on her chin as the copper taste stung her tongue. Spencer hadn't let go of her lip in time and drew blood. Ashley moaned loudly. Spencer stared at the red liquid for a moment before pushing back in for another kiss, licking the spilt life force before sealing her mouth over Ashley's again.

The older girl was squirming on the bench, the heat between her legs threatening to engulf them both. Soft hands left her breasts, making her whimper in disappointment. They then pushed up the hem of her black skirt, exposing her damp panties. She gasped at the change in air temperature as the cooled, recycled air of the church blew in.

Spencer ran her fingers over the soaked material, her own throbbing increasing as she felt how aroused and hot her girlfriend was. Like Ashley had earlier, she licked her fingers, the slight trace of Ashley's unique flavor teasing her taste buds and making her crave more.

"Forgive me Father, for I am about to sin," she whispered so softly Ashley almost missed it. With her eyes closed, Ashley also missed the devilish smirk on the younger girl's face. Spencer then shifted off of Ashley's lap and knelt before her. It was a tight fit and she knew that her knees would be sore later, but she dismissed that in favor of what she was about to do. Ashley's eyes opened in shock as hot breaths tickled the insides of her thighs. Spencer looked up from under her bangs but said nothing, choosing instead to slowly peel the silky material down toned legs and place it in her nearby purse.

She looked back at Ashley, the older girl's face flushed and beginning to sweat. Brown eyes were darkened but wide, waiting to see what happened next.

Spencer shifted her attention to the soft curls she could see glistening in the dim light. She licked her lips, her mouth watering as she drew closer to her goal. She dragged her tongue up the inside of Ashley's left thigh, stopping short of where she was needed, instead repeating the process on the other leg.

"Fuck…in' tease," Ashley gasped, hips arching closer to the hot muscle. Spencer chuckled lowly and bit the hot skin of a thigh right below Ashley's core, making Ashley gasp forcefully. She then lunged forward, tongue extended. She rolled and stiffened her tongue, darting it immediately deep inside her girlfriend. Ashley's head collided loudly with the wooden wall behind her but it did nothing to discourage Spencer.

She put her hands on Ashley's thighs and parted them a little more, granting herself more access and continued to thrust quickly, occasionally changing the rhythm or angle. Long fingers wove into her hair, pulling her closer, encouraging her.

"Yeah…oh baby, like that…" Ashley moaned in a whisper, trying to stay quiet but unable to stop the small murmurs and whimpers that started in the back of her throat and tumbled past parted lips. She raised one trembling leg and draped it over Spencer's shoulder, drawing her impossibly closer.

Spencer sucked and licked, running her tongue up one side of Ashley's erect clit and then down the other, pausing to flick across the top. Each action causing a jolt in the brunette's hips and her breathing to increase. Small prayers and whispered pleas filled the dark wooden room as Spencer sucked harder and nibbled on the writhing girl's clit.

Ashley's breath was coming in hitching pants, her climax approaching like an out of control freight train. Spencer moved slightly, bringing Ashley's raised leg back down and stretching it out. She left her lovers core for a moment to straddle the limb, needing contact with something to alleviate her own need. She began to slide across it, her wetness soaking through the thin material of her underwear and coating Ashley's calf. The feeling of Spencer's arousal, so hot and thick against her over sensitive skin coupled with the return of that talented tongue sent Ashley over the edge.

Her hands flew from Spencer's hair out to the sides, grasping at the wooden panel walls, nails scrapping across the polished surface. Wooden splinters came off in her hands, pressing against delicate nails but Ashley didn't notice while she bit her lip hard to keep from screaming, tasting the blood there as she reopened the temporarily sealed bite mark. She moaned deep in her throat as she came, Spencer's tongue never slowing in its work and the blonde's hips increasing in speed against her prone leg.

Spencer's fingers dug into muscled flesh as she approached her own crest. She felt another orgasm shoot through her girlfriend as she stroked inside the gasping girl's core with her tongue. She continued to lick, her tongue beginning to tire, until Ashley's legs twitched up in response to the second orgasm, adding pressure against her own clit.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck," Spencer groaned under her breath as she came. She continued to slide across the now limp leg as the contractions of her muscles went on, dragging it out as long as possible.

Finally, spent, she leaned back against the locked door, the only sounds around them their own pants and gasps as they caught their breath. The smell of their mingled arousal surrounded them and Ashley drowsily wondered what the next poor guilty parishioner would think when they came to bare their souls. It made her grin in an incredibly self-satisfied way to know that they'd have no idea that hot taboo lesbian sex had taken place there.

Once they were sufficiently recovered, both girls heard the sound of mass letting out and scrambled to make themselves presentable. Ashley reached for her underwear only to have her hand batted away by a possessive Spencer.

"Mine now," Spencer hissed, the broad, proud grin on her face making Ashley laugh. The laughter died quickly as the door to the other side of the confessional opened and closed. The sound of fabric being moved around surrounded them and the window opened, the patterned screen showing them the friendly but clueless face of the priest.

"Good afternoon," he greeted them. They exchanged panicked looks.

"Are you here for confession?"

The End

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