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Like Nothing I Imagined
By JCole8


Part 17

Nikki rushed over to Helen.

"Helen! Helen baby, wake up! Oh god…"

Nikki looked up at Sean, "Don't just stand there, call for an ambulance!"

Nikki turned her attention back to Helen and said, "Helen darling, please wake up, please wake up!!" as she shook Helen's shoulders. After about a minute of pleading Helen's eyelids began to flutter and then her eyes opened.

"Wha, what happened?! Ahhh, my head, my head it hurts." Helen cringed and grabbed the back of her head.

"Helen, darling—please lay still. You may be seriously injured. You fell down the stairs…"

"The ambulance is on the way. Is she ok?" Sean asked from behind Nikki.

Nikki turned around and looked at Sean. If looks could kill Sean would have fallen over dead right there.

"Sean, go in the kitchen—I think you did enough damage for one day!" Nikki tried to stay calm but you could hear the distain in her voice.

"Nikki, Nikki—please tell me what happened!" Helen asked wincing in pain.

Nikki caressed Helen's cheek, "I'll tell you what happened after you're checked out at the hospital. But Helen, what else hurts besides your head?" Nikki asked as she heard the ambulance pull up outside. "Sean go let the medics in!"

"It hurts when I breathe and my arm is killing me."

"Ok, ok—darling, the medics are here, they are gonna take care of you. I'll be right by your side."

The medics completed their assessment and stabilized Helen's wrist so they could transport her to the hospital.

"I'm going with" Nikki said to the medic.

"Who are you?" He asked

"I'm her partner" Nikki stated looking to Sean who was watching from the doorway. He lowered his head and looked at the ground.

"Ok, let's go" the medic said to Nikki.

Helen was taken to A & E where she was then admitted overnight. She had sustained two broken ribs, a sprained wrist, and many bruises. Helen also had a moderate concussion, which is why she was being held overnight. The doctors didn't see any injury on the CAT scan but wanted to keep an eye on her just in case. Helen tried to say no to staying the night, she really didn't like hospitals, but Nikki convinced her that this was something she had to do. Nikki promised Helen she would stay with her.

Once Helen was settled in a room, she wanted to know what happened.

"What do you remember?" Nikki asked as she held Helen's good hand.

"I remember arguing with Sean in the bedroom and leaving the room, then him stopping me in the hallway. Next thing I knew I was lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs with you kneeling next to me."

"Ok" Nikki said taking a deep breath—she wasn't looking forward to telling Helen that her boyfriend of 5 years caused her to fall down the stairs.

"Nikki please tell me what happened." Helen pleaded.

"You went upstairs to get changed and pack a bag. I heard you and Sean arguing and then you came out if the room when Sean stopped you in the hallway. I head him ask you to take him back but then you said you didn't want to. I guess he grabbed you by the arm because I heard you say for him to let go of your arm, that he was hurting you. As soon as I heard you say that I got up and headed for the stairs. When I got the foot of the stairs I heard him say 'You make me physically sick.' That was when he let go of your arm. You were struggling to get away so when he let go, your momentum carried you backwards and you fell down the stairs."

Helen didn't say a word, she was taking all this new information in; but her eyes filled with tears.

"What are you thinking?" Nikki asked not being able to read Helen's reaction.

"I don't know what to think. I can't believe Sean acted the way he did. Helen looked down at her upper arm where there was bruising from being grabbed by Sean. Helen rubbed the bruises on her arm "Apparently he has a temper I knew nothing about. She paused. "But it's in the past, he's in the past. These injuries will heal. I want to look forward; and forward means being with you. Thank you for being here with me Nikki." Helen said as she squeezed Nikki's hand.

"There's no place I'd rather be" Nikki said before leaning in and kissing Helen lightly on the lips.

Helen began giggling, which earned her a puzzled look and a "What?" from Nikki.

"I can think of some place I'd rather be."

"And where would that be?!"

"I'd rather be in the shower like we were this morning" Helen said wagging her eyebrows.

"Oh you're a naughty girl Stewart. Don't worry, we can have a replay of that."

Both women laughed and then fell into a comfortable silence. Helen was quiet because the drugs they gave her for pain were making her sleepy. Nikki was quiet because she was reflecting on the fact that she was incredibly lucky to have found Helen and that Helen had chose to be with her and not Sean. The silence was broken by the growling of Nikki's stomach.

"Sounds to me like my girlfriend needs to eat."

"Girlfriend—am I your girlfriend?!" Nikki teased.

"Yes Nicola Wade, you are my girlfriend. Now get over here and give me a kiss before you go get some food. I'll have a kip while you're gone."

"Ok" Nikki said getting up out of the chair. She leaned down and gave Helen a passionate kiss. When they came up for air, all Helen could say was "Wow."

"I didn't want you forgetting about me while I'm gone."

"After that, believe me—I won't forget about you."

Nikki went down to the cafeteria to grab a sandwich and a soda. On her way back to Helen's room she ran into Sean near the nurses station.

"Sean, what are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay away."

"I'm not here to cause trouble; I just want to know how she's doing and apologize."

Nikki sighed. She didn't want Sean around but it was ultimately Helen's decision. Maybe this would be the closure Helen needed.

"Look, I'll ask her if she wants to see you, but no promises."


Nikki walked back into Helen's room and found her asleep. Nikki walked over to her bed and pushed the hair off her forehead and kissed her gently there.

Helen stirred "Mmmm, I missed you."

"Missed you too darling" Nikki answered a bit distracted—knowing Sean was right outside the door.

"What's wrong?" Helen asked picking up on Nikki's demeanor.

"Sean's in the hallway—he wants to see you."

Helen thought for a moment, "Send him in."

"Ok, do you want me to stay with you or go for a walk?"

"If it's ok with you, I need to do this myself."

"I understand. I'll be back in a half hour." Nikki said before kissing Helen tenderly on the lips.

Nikki walked out of the room down to the nearby chairs were Sean was waiting.

"She'll see you. I'll be back in a half hour." Nikki said curtly before continuing down the hallway.

Sean headed towards the room—he hesitated before going in. He knew this wasn't going to be enjoyable, and that he deserved everything he had coming.

Sean stepped inside the doorway but knocked on the door to get Helen's attention.

"You up for a visitor?" he asked.

"Yes Sean, come in."

Sean walked over to her bed and sat down in the chair close by. "So what's the damage?" he asked with a nervous laugh.

"Two broken ribs, a sprained wrist, and a pretty good bump to the head. The concussion is why they are keeping me here overnight."

Sean looked down, he gripped the jacket he was holding even tighter. Finally, he looked up at Helen with tears in his eyes

"I'm sorry Helen, I am so sorry you got hurt. Nothing I say or do will ever be enough. I can't believe how angry I got. I didn't think I was even capable of doing something like that. I can't even begin to explain how ashamed of myself I am. I never meant to hurt you, I hope you know that. I love you Helen, I hope that one day you can forgive me." He finished looking back down at the floor.

Helen knew he was sorry, and knew that her falling down the stairs was an accident—Sean would never voluntary push her down the stairs.

"I accept your apology Sean, I know what happened was an accident. Sean, I love you, you will always hold a special place in my heart. But I'm not in love with you. You may not want to hear this but I am in love with Nikki. I never believed in soulmates, that there was one person out there that was a perfect match for you. But meeting Nikki and experiencing the bond we have changed my beliefs. I hope that one day you find your soulmate Sean; you deserve it. I know that you will make a great husband for some lucky woman."

For the next twenty minutes they discussed what to do with the furniture and other things they had bought together as a couple. When Sean had been there about a half an hour he looked at his watch.

"Well, Nikki will be back soon, and you need your rest—I will get going."

Little did they know, but Nikki had just arrived back at the room and was waiting just outside the door. She trusted Helen but part of her wanted to hear some affirmation of that. She listened in.

Sean stood and said "Thank you for allowing me to apologize and for accepting my apology. Nikki is a lucky woman; I hope she knows that. I know that she loves you; it was evident today when she was kneeling beside you, but I knew I lost you the moment I saw you two at the spa. You looked at her in a way you never looked at me—I think it was pure adoration. Take care of yourself Helen. Call me if you ever need anything." Sean leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

"Nikki chose this time to come back into the room. As she entered the room she cleared her throat. "I'm not interrupting am I?"

"No, no" Sean answered, "I was just leaving. Sean turned to Nikki and put his hand out, "Take care of Helen, she is one extraordinary woman."

Nikki shook Sean's hand "Believe me, I know she is special."

Sean turned back to Helen, "Goodbye Helen."

"Goodbye Sean."

Sean nodded and walked out. Nikki walked over to the edge of Helen's bed and sat down. She leaned in a kissed Helen.

"Trust me, I know just how lucky I am. The woman I love more than anything else in this world, loves me back."


Part 18

The next day Helen was released from the hospital mid-afternoon. They stopped by Helen's flat to get her some clothes and personal items then continued on to Nikki's.

The whole day Nikki was fussing over Helen. Helen was indeed sore from the fall but not an invalid. All day it was, "Helen do you need anything? Cup of tea? More painkillers? Another pillow behind your back?"


Nikki froze and looked at Helen, "What?"

"As cute as this Nurse Nikki routine is and as much as I love the attention—I'm injured not helpless."

"I know, I just want to take care of you."

Grabbing Nikki's hand she said, "I know you do and you are." Helen paused, "You know what will make me feel better?"

"What? What can I do?"

"Get over here and give me a kiss—I want a cuddle." Nikki was more than happy to oblige.

Saturday evening Claire was supposed to come by Nikki's flat as they had talked about last night when Nikki called to inform Claire of Helen's mishap. A lot had chanced between her and Helen and Nikki knew Helen probably had a lot to talk to Claire about so she decided she would go run some errands and check on the spa to give them time alone. Helen was resting on the couch with Nikki sitting at the opposite end with Helen's legs on her lap reading a book when the doorbell rang.

"That's probably Claire" Helen said.

"I'll let her in" she replied getting up to answer the door.

"Nikki, good to see you! How's the patient doing?" Claire said as she entered the flat.

"It's good to see you too. As far as the patient goes—see for yourself, she's in the lounge."

Claire and Nikki made their way into the lounge. When Helen saw Claire she attempted to sit up "Hi Claire...Ugh…Ouch. I would get up to give you a hug but it's proving to be too painful."

"Relax, the hug can wait till you're better, I'm just glad you weren't hurt worse. How are you feeling?" Claire inquired.

"Like I fell down a flight of stairs", Helen tried to make light of the rather heavy topic. "No, I'm pretty sore but I have a good nurse" Helen finished and winked at Nikki.

"Well, on that note" Nikki interjected, "there's going to be a nurse shift change for a bit."

"You're leaving?" Helen asked slightly disappointed.

"Yeah, for a bit—I need to run some errands and stop by Elements to see how the past two days have gone. Besides, I figured you guys probably had a lot to catch up on." Nikki said as she put her coat on.

"You don't have to go." Helen said with Claire nodding her head in agreement.

"No it's ok, really. Besides you're in good hands."

"Ok, but you won't be too long, right?" Helen asked Nikki.

"Yes, I shouldn't be too long—I gotta come home sometime, I do live here." Nikki said as she walked over to the couch and bent down to kiss Helen on the cheek. Helen surprised Nikki by turning her head and kissing Nikki on the lips.

Nikki got a big smile on her face after what Helen did and she looked Helen right in the eyes and whispered "Bye" before standing up.

"Bye" Helen replied, eyes sparkling and a smile on her face.

"Bye Claire" Nikki said as she entered the hallway.

"Bye Nik—see you in a bit."

Nikki gathered her things and headed out. When Claire heard the front door close, she immediately turned to Helen and said "Out with it"

"Out with what?" Helen replied feigning knowledge of what Claire wanted to hear.

"Don't start with me Stewart. We both know things have changed drastically in the past 48 hours. How about you start at when I left you a message with a heads up that Sean was on his way to the spa…"

Helen told Claire all about how she didn't get the message on her mobile and that she and Nikki were holding hands getting ready to leave when they turned around and Sean was standing there. Helen recapped the break-up conversation and told Claire that she felt bad that she and Sean's relationship ended the way it did. Claire agreed, but pointed out that it was probably better that they were over sooner rather than later to save both parties from unnecessary heartache anger, and stress.

Claire also wanted to know how the relationship between them was going.

"So things between you and Nikki are good, yes? I mean, if the look that you guys gave each other before she left tonight was anything to go by—I'd say you guys are really close."

Helen smiled as she thought back to their first night together.

"Yeah, we've gotten real close."

"How close is close?" Claire asked with that face that said 'you know what I'm talking about'.

"Ah-ha! We're finally gonna go there. I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to ask about that!"

"Come on, I've never gone there, can't you see why I'm a bit curious?"

"I know you Claire Walker, you want me to tell you ever single detail. Well for get it! I don't kiss and tell!"

"Oh come on Stewart! You're not going to hold out on your best friend are you?"

Helen was dying to tell someone but she decided to play with Claire a bit.

"My lips are sealed!"

"Oh come on!" Claire whined like a little kid.

"Nope!" Helen said folding her arms over her chest and shaking her head.


"Claire" Helen began, "Oh my gosh! It was amazing! I have never felt more loved or adored than I did Thursday night. It was so passionate—it was like we just had to touch each other. I admit, I was nervous, but I tried not to show it. This was something I wanted to do and I trusted Nikki so did my best to move past the nervous feeling. As you would expect she took the lead, and that was totally fine with me. Stop me if this is too much information, but she did something to me that no other lover had. It seems it takes me a while to get into things if you know what I mean…But with her, she looks at me and I get wet—let alone that it took less than ten minutes to have multiple orgasms."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you kidding me?"

"No! And I'm not exaggerating."

"Wow—that has never happened to me."

"It never happened to me till the other night and let me tell you---she has spoiled it for other lover I might have. They will be held to Nikki Wade's standard, and I doubt they'll be able to do what she does!"

Claire and Helen spent the next half hour talking about Sean. Helen told Claire about their conversation at the hospital and how she knew Sean didn't mean for Helen to fall. She said she felt bad that things between her and Sean were over but that she could help but look forward to a relationship with Nikki.

"Are you sure you want to be with Nikki? I mean I'm playing devil's advocate here but this is a whole new experience, a whole new world for you. You've never done anything so far off the straight and narrow. The Helen Stewart I knew in Uni would have never done this. What happens when the rest of your friends find out? What happens when work finds out? What happens when your father finds out?

"I don't know Claire, I guess it'll be truth time for them. I guess I'll find out who cares about me and likes me for me, and not some stereotype. All I know is Nikki and I have an unbelievable connection that I never imaged could be possible, and honestly, I can't tell you how I'll react when faced with opposition. I'd like to think that I'd be able to handle and deal with the negative responses and shunning I could possibly receive. But, until that time comes, all I can do is hope that with friends like you and Nikki—I can make it through anything.

"And you will—I mean, we will" Claire said.

Not too much later Nikki returned home with armfuls of groceries and her keys between her teeth.

"Hey." She said as she passed them on her way to the kitchen.

"Nik, you need any help?" Claire asked shocked that Nikki had made it from the car to the kitchen without dropping something.

"Nope" is the response Claire though she heard through the keys.

Helen and Claire heard Nikki drop the bags and keys on the counter.

"I'll be in as soon as I put these groceries away"

"Ok" Helen and Claire responded simultaneously.

Claire looked to Helen, "She cooks?"

"She cooks." Helen nodded her head in affirmation.

"I think she's capable of doing anything."

"Yep!" Helen replied smiling.

"Well, not everything—I can't knit. Hey darling" Nikki said coming into the lounge.

"Hey you!" Helen responded as Nikki bent down to give her a kiss.

"I'm gonna have to get used to this" Claire said interrupting the kiss.

Nikki turned and looked at Claire. "What? Having lesbians as best friends and watching them kiss?" Nikki giggled.

"No! That two of my best friends are together!"

All three women laughed and spent the rest of the evening talking.

Helen and Nikki spent the rest of the weekend in Nikki's flat in their own little world. Sunday Nikki prepared lunch and Helen sat at the table keeping her company, Nikki even prepared her a bath Sunday afternoon to relieve some of the aches and pains from the fall. When Helen was done with her bath, she found Nikki resting on the bed reading a book. She got onto the bed and snuggled up to Nikki. Nikki put her book down, and took Helen in her arms and together they took a long afternoon nap.

That evening Nikki drove Helen back to her place. Nikki wanted Helen to say at her place for a few more days to take care of her but Helen told her, she was going to try and work from home for the next few days. Luckily she had brought her laptop home with her and could at least get some paper work and phone call made.

"How many days you going to take off?" Nikki asked as Helen went through her bag pulling out files and her planner.

"Let's take a look." Helen said as she opened her planner. She looked over her schedule for the week.

"Well, I could probably take Monday and Tue off and possibly Wed. That will jam pack my Thursday and Friday but…Wait, I can't take off Wednesday, I got to be on-site. I have the new SMO starting that day."


Part 19

The beginning of the week found Nikki busy at the spa and Helen doing all she could to run Larkhall from her flat. Every evening Nikki would come over to check on Helen and they would have dinner and relax. On Tuesday evening both women were settled in the lounge reading their respective books. Helen was feeling a bit better and definitely a bit horny. She closed her book and put it on the coffee table.

"I think I'm gonna take a bath" she told Nikki.

Nikki looked up and smiled, "Ok darling" and went back to reading.

Helen got up and started towards stairs, suddenly turning around walking back towards Nikki simultaneously pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it at Nikki.

A startled Nikki looked up to see Helen standing there with no shirt on.

"You coming?" Helen with a seductive look on her face.

Two can play that game Nikki thought.

"Um, nah" Nikki said never taking her eyes off Helen.

Playing hard to get. Helen thought but she could see the desire in Nikki's eye. She started taking her jeans off.

"Maybe this will change your mind" Helen said with her hands on her hips.

It's on now…She is so goddamn sexy…she has no idea what she just got herself into Nikki thought. She just stood there and looked at Helen---the room was getting warm fast. Never taking her eyes off Helen, Nikki closed her book, put it on the coffee table and stood up.

"You definitely, definitely, changed my mind." Nikki said not being able to disguise the desire in her voice.

"Good" Helen said throwing her jeans at Nikki. Nikki caught them and quickly followed Helen upstairs.

Once they made it to the en suite bathroom, Helen turned around and grinned,

"You have too many clothes on."

"Well, I guess you better do something about it then." Nikki said challenging Helen.

"Oh don't worry I plan on it" was Helen's response. She walked up to Nikki getting close but not touching Nikki. She pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and pulled it down to her abdomen, turned it around and unlatched it. She took it off, held it up to Nikki and then dropped it.

"Oops" Helen said then turned around and bent over. She made sure her ass was right up against Nikki's centre and bent over and picked up the bra and slowly stood up dragging her ass against Nikki's legs and centre.

"Oh no you didn't" Nikki said grabbing Helen roughly around the waist and turning her around. Helen laughed as Nikki pulled her up close to her and kissed her roughly.
"It's like that is it?"

"How else would it be?" Helen said before capturing Nikki's lips in a forceful kiss. She pawed at Nikki's shirt lifting it over her head. The rough kiss continued as Helen fumbled with the button on Nikki's trousers, her overwhelming desire to have this woman making her clumsy. Helen pushed the trousers down and Nikki stepped out of them pushing Helen towards the counter never breaking the kiss. When the back of Helen's thighs hit the counter Nikki picked her up and sat her on it.

Nikki stood back from Helen, both women breathing hard.

"You're in for it now Stewart" she said before grabbing both sides of Helen's underwear and tearing them down her legs and throwing them behind her not caring where they landed. Nikki moved in close grabbing Helen by the waist pulling her tightly to her. She could feel the warmth and wetness radiating from Helen's core.

Helen wrapped her legs around Nikki's waist bringing their bodies even closer. She was unbelievably turned on by this encounter and knew she needed a release and needed it soon. Nikki began dripping kisses down Helen's chin, to her neck slowly making her way down to Helen's breasts. Helen leaned back resting her head and shoulders against the mirror and putting her hands down in the counter for support, so she could give Nikki better access to her neck and breasts.

"Mmmm…baby, oh gosh..mmm…" Helen said through labored breathing.

Nikki reached for Helen's breast, loving wrapping her hand around it as she suckled on her hard nipple. Pulling Nikki's head in closer Helen kissed the top of her head and moaned to let Nikki know how much she's enjoying this. Nikki was content right were she was and could stay right there all night but the fact was she knew that if Helen was half as hot for her as she was for Helen that the matter at hand better be taken care of and taken care of quickly. Nikki sucked on her nipple harder and slid her hand down past Helen's ribs, to her stomach, down to her sweet spot where Helen's legs open automatically. Helen moaned louder and began to plead with Nikki

"Please baby, I need you inside of me now!"

With an invitation like that Nikki could help but get weak in the knees and bury her face in Helen's breast and slide her fingers around Helen's very slick lips. Helen pushed herself down onto Nikki's hand sucking in two of Nikki's fingers in. Helen began to moan even louder and cried out \

"Please baby, make me cum as only you can."

Nikki loved how Helen felt from the inside; all wet and warm. She could also smell Helen's arousal. Helen moved with the rhythm Nikki created with her fingers trying to maximize the length of Nikki's fingers inside her. Deeper and deeper Nikki's fingers plunged as she pushed a little harder with each thrust. Grabbing Nikki just above her hips, Helen pulled her closer and started to really bear down on Nikki's hand.

"Oh yes honey, right there…Make me cum for you."

Nikki loved the way Helen looked in this moment; legs spread wide, head thrown back. She hoped she would never forget this moment. Nikki could see that Helen was close to the edge of oblivion but wanted to send here there with her tongue so she slid her soaking wet fingers out, much to Helen's chagrin as she looks at Nikki as if to say, 'Why did you stop?!'

Nikki got a naughty smile on her face and slowly licked Helen's juices from her fingers as she watched Helen squirm impatiently. Finally she knelt before Helen, wrapping her arms around Helen's thighs and pulled Helen to the edge of the counter and began to make her way to Helen's centre leaving wet kisses in her wake. Nikki's tongue slid through Helen's drenched lips and sought out Helen's clit. When she found it Nikki sucked it gently as she slipped her two fingers back into Helen. Helen once again began to push against Nikki's fingers, which allowed Nikki to fuck her deeply while sucking on her clit. Nikki inserted a third finger and began a figure eight movement with her tongue on Helen's clit that she coordinated to the movement of her fingers in and out of Helen's pussy.

"Oh God baby, that's it. OH YES," Helen screamed.

Nikki could feel Helen's legs begin to shake as she began to quicken the pace of her fingers and tongue. Not even thirty seconds later Helen climaxed, her juices spilling out all around Nikki's fingers. Nikki pulled her face away, kissing the insides of Helen's thighs then resting her head on Helen's leg she allowed Helen to enjoy the aftershocks before removing her fingers from inside Helen. Nikki stood up between Helen's already spread legs and allowed Helen to pull her into a firm embrace.

"That was amazing darling" Helen said to Nikki as she ran her fingers up and down Nikki's back.

"Thank you, thank you!" Nikki said smugly then laughing as Helen slapped her in the butt.

"Ow! That hurt" Nikki said feigning pain.

"Don't start Wade" Helen growled.

"Ooh, I got the last name!" Nikki said backing away from Helen.

"That's not all you're gonna get." Helen replied getting down off the counter

"Is that a threat or a promise?!" Nikki said hurrying away from Helen into the bedroom to avoid the slap.

Helen followed Nikki into the bedroom and walked right up to and said, "It's a promise" before pushing Nikki down on the bed and jumping on top of her.

"You better make good on your promise Stewart"

"Oh, I intend to" Helen replied before capturing Nikki's lips in a impassioned kiss.

Helen arrived at Larkhall a few minutes after nine. She hurried from her car to the gate hoping that the doctor was also running late. It never really mattered if she was a few minutes late unless she had a scheduled meeting; which today, she did. She was supposed meet the new SMO at nine, get a feel for his management style, go over policies and procedures and then take him on a tour of the prison; all of which was going to be pushed back at least fifteen minutes.

Helen finally made it to her office at about 9:15am and rushed past her secretary dumping her bags on her desk and heading back to the small reception area.

"I'm sorry I'm late Marcie, is the doctor here?" Helen asked.

"Yes he is" answered a male voice from behind her.

Helen turned around quickly to find a dark haired man, in his mid to late 30's, in a tan suede blazer with a untucked, crisp, white button-down shirt, and dark trousers sitting in one of the chairs that made up the waiting area.

He is not at all what I pictured him to look like. Helen thought as she walked over to where he was sitting.

"Hi, you must be Dr…"

"Waugh, Thomas Waugh" he said as he stood up and put out his hand.

"Hi Dr. Waugh, I'm Helen Stewart—Governing Governor of HMP Larkhall. It's nice to meet you" she said shaking his hand. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting—please, come on in and we can get started."

"Sounds great" he said following her into the office.

"Please have a seat" she said as she pointed to the two chairs and couch that sat opposite her desk. Dr. Waugh chose the couch and sat down. Helen grabbed a pen and notebook off her desk and sat in one of the chairs.

"I have to tell you Dr. Waugh, you weren't what I pictured the new Senior Medical Officer to look like."

He laughed, "Please, call me Thomas—and what exactly did you picture Miss Stewart?"

Helen smiled then replied "Honestly—I pictured someone older, grayer. I guess I was expecting a man similar to the last SMO. But believe me, you are definitely an improvement. And it's Helen."

"Why thank you for the compliment Helen. And if we're being honest, you're not what I pictured the governor of Her Majesty's Larkhall to look like either."

It was Helen's turn to laugh, "Do I dare ask what you were expecting?"

"Something similar to what you expected of me really. When they told me this prison was run by a woman I expected someone older, perhaps a bit outspoken to make sure she was heard in a position generally held by men and someone definitely less feminine and less beautiful than yourself."

"Well, you're not the first person to tell me that I don't fit the profile of a prison governor." Helen said remembering her conversation with Nikki at the spa.

Thomas pointed to the brace on Helen's wrist, "What happened if you don't mind me asking?"

"Ah, don't ask—it's a long and complicated story. The abridged version is I lost my balance and fell down the stairs" While fighting with my ex-boyfriend about my new girlfriend. Helen added in her mind.

"And all you got was a sprained wrist? You got lucky."

"Not at all, I also have two cracked ribs and a pretty good concussion."

"Ok—still you were quite lucky."

"Aye, I was."

For the next hour and a half Helen and Thomas talked about Policy and Procedure for the medical wing. Normally policy and procedure was tedious and exhausting, but today with Thomas the task was manageable. He was so easy going and laid back. He might turn out to be a nice surprise she thought.

Next Helen and Thomas toured the prison introducing him to wing governors, P.O.'s, administrative and nursing staff. As they walked and talked she learned that she and Thomas had very similar views and goals in the prison service. Both felt that slowly but surely important changes could be made. Helen couldn't wait to tell Nikki all about Thomas, that she felt she finally had an alibi to fight the Jim Fenners of the prison service. She remember earlier that morning Nikki wishing her a good day and hopefully the new SMO would be a positive influence on her prison.

They had just returned to Helen's office when Thomas turned to Helen and asked her if she wanted to have lunch together.

"Um, sure, sounds good" she replied

"I heard the Officer's Club isn't all that great but it's better than starving."

Helen's phone began to ring. "Aye, it is" She replied as she picked up the phone.

"Helen Stewart."

"Hi darling." Nikki said with genuine enthusiasm.

Helen couldn't help but smile, "Hey you, what are you up to?"

"Calling my girlfriend—you?"

"Getting ready to go to lunch."

"Speaking of food, what do you think about meeting me for dinner? You can tell me all about your day and the new doctor. What do you think?"

"It sounds great. What time?"

"7:00pm, at Casa Verde. Know it?"

"Yes, yes I do—I'll be there."

"I can't wait to see you babe. Call me if there are any problems."

Helen smiled, "I can't wait either and I will. Talk to you later."

"Bye darling."

"Bye." Helen put the phone down and turned around.

"Someone important?" Thomas asked.

Helen smiled, "Yes, yes it was."

For the second time that day Helen was running late. She walked into Casa Verde at about 7:10pm and walked quickly to the table where Nikki was waiting. Nikki stood up and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey babes!"

"Hey you, how was your day?" Helen asked as she took off her suit jacket and put it on the back of her chair and sat down.

"Alright, I spent the day at my desk work on next year's budget. Loads of fun for me." Nikki said sarcastically.

"Aww, my poor baby." Helen said reaching across the table grabbing Nikki's hand and holding it. "No wonder you wanted to go out to dinner, get away from that headache."

"Well, that and I wanted to treat my wonderful girlfriend to dinner." Nikki replied.

"Not only is she beautiful, she's kind and thoughtful" Helen said adding her signature smile.

"Flattery will get you everywhere Miss Stewart." Nikki finished saying and winked at Helen as the waiter walked up.

The women ordered their meals and glasses of wine and the conversation turned to the new SMO at Larkhall.

"So I take it you approve of the new SMO?" Nikki asked after taking a sip of her wine.

"Darling, he seems to be a godsend. He wasn't at all what I pictured the new doctor to look like. He's young, confident, laidback, and has so many great ideas about how to make improvements in the prison service. I feel like I finally have an ally against the Jim Fenner's of the prison service."

"I am so glad to hear you say that Helen. I have been hoping all day that he would be decent and that you would be able to work with him. You deserved a positive change."

"You have been a godsend too Nikki, I don't know how I would have gotten through these last few weeks without you. I know I can always count on you to be…"

"Helen!" Helen looked up to see Terri and John friends of Sean and herself.

"Hi Terri, John." Helen said suddenly becoming nervous about having to introduce Nikki.

"We didn't mean to interrupt your dinner. We spotted you when you came in and thought we would stop by and say hello when we left." Terri said looking to Nikki.

Helen seemed momentarily at a loss for words, but quickly coming around.

"Excuse me, where are my manners? Terri, John this is my—friend Nikki."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" Nikki said shaking both their hands.

"Like I said, we don't want to keep you from your dinner. It was nice to meet you Nikki, and it was good to see you Helen. Us two and you and Sean should all go out to dinner soon. I'll have John call Sean and make arrangements."

"Um, we'll have to see, but it was good to see you both. Have a great evening." Helen said skirting around the topic of her and Sean.

"You too, goodbye." Terri said before she and John left.

Helen looked to Nikki and sighed. "I'm sorry about that. I panicked, Terri and John are friends of Sean and I and I didn't know if they knew Sean and I broke up and if they did they knew the reason why. I guess I'm gonna have to get used to all this."

"Helen, you don't owe me an explanation. I understand your concerns, I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes. It's ok, and you will get used to everything." Nikki reassured Helen.

"Like I was saying earlier, I don't know what I would do without you. You are one in a million and I was the lucky one who got you." Helen added with another signature smile.


Part 20

Over the next couple months, Helen's wounds healed, she and Nikki's emotional bond and relationship were getting stronger. One night after they made love, Nikki and Helen lay in bed and had a discussion about love at first sight. Both agreed that they didn't really believe in love at first, but in that moment that they shook hands at the spa both knew that experience was life changing.

Nikki and Helen had also exchanged keys to each other's flat and had both cleared a drawer out for the other to leave clothes in for when they spent the night. They had quickly fallen into a domestic routine, at least one night a week Nikki would go over to Helen's flat and cook dinner, Thursdays Helen would meet Nikki at the spa they would get a message and then either go out to dinner or go back to Nikki's and cook together and on the weekend they were inseparable. Helen, Nikki, Claire and Steve had all gone out to dinner together a couple times and always had a wonderful time. Claire was always telling Nikki and Helen how glad she was that they had gotten together, and Steve who was a bit cautious about being seen with a lesbian couple quickly came to love both women.

Helen and Thomas had quickly become friends and partners in finding solutions to problems. Helen loved Thomas' unorthodox style of handling patients. His most impressive solution was pairing a girl that was being bullied with a girl who knew karate and self-defense as a way of helping the bullied girl to protect herself and also boost her self-esteem.

Helen and Thomas spent a lot of time together and shared many things about their private lives with each other but Helen did not let him know about her relationship with Nikki. Truth was, she didn't tell him for two reasons. One, because no one at the prison knew she was in a lesbian relationship and if that got out at work, her safety could potentially be at risk thanks to the many homophobes like Sylvia Hollamby, who made her opinion on gay relationships known quite often. Secondly, Helen knew of all people, Thomas was very understanding and not judgmental, that he would probably not be opposed to her and Nikki's relationship but truth be told, Helen knew Thomas liked her a bit more than just a fellow work colleague. Helen enjoyed the attention Thomas gave her. He always was complementing her in some way; whether it be her outfits or decisions she made for the prison. Helen would indulge Thomas by occasionally flirting with him. In her eyes it was harmless, she was head over heals in love with Nikki, it meant nothing to her. She always told herself it was an ego boost, that she liked being wanted.

Thomas was an issue for Nikki too, but it was something she didn't talk about. Nikki knew that since Thomas came to work at Larkhall, things were running much smoother for Helen. Nikki was so grateful for this after the problems Helen was having when they first met. Nikki never let on that she was bothered by all of Helen's 'Thomas this' and 'Thomas and I did that' comments and she knew that Helen had withheld from him that they were a couple. But underneath those feeling Nikki felt threatened by Thomas. Thomas represented the straight life Helen always thought she wanted; a good-looking man, with a good job, who she got on well with and could make a family with. Nikki knew Helen loved her, but secretly Nikki feared Helen would decide she didn't want an alternative lifestyle, that it was too difficult and that Helen would leave her for a man like Thomas. She was surprised how quickly Helen had come to terms with being in a gay relationship and wondered if it was too good to be true.

On the surface, and to Helen, she and Nikki's relationship was great, Helen had even described their relationship to Claire as 'a dream come true'. But it wasn't until Helen had to go away to a two day conference with Thomas that the Helen and Nikki had their first fight and that 'dream come true' relationship could easily turn into a nightmare. It was a Thursday night and Nikki had cooked lasagna for dinner and after they were relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine when Helen brought the conference up to Nikki.

"Darling, I forgot to tell you, I'm not going to be able to our Thursday night, next week, Thomas and I have to go to a conference in Birmingham on Thursday and Friday." Helen said as if it was not a big deal she would be gone next week.

Nikki was shocked that Helen waited till now to tell her about this. "What? When did you find this out?" She asked sitting up on the couch.

"I've know about it for ages, I forgot about it till today when I was scheduling a meeting with Area for next week, I saw it in my planner."

Nikki didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say. She didn't mind Helen going to the conference, but she wasn't really didn't want Helen going with him.

"Thomas is lecturing on Friday and I really want to support him."

"Do you absolutely have to go?"

"Yes, Area is requesting Governing Governors for women's closed prisons to be there barring any huge problems at their facility."

"So you don't really have to go?"

"A gun is not being held to my head and I wouldn't lose my job if I didn't go, but I told you, Thomas is speaking Friday and I really want to support him."

Nikki was on verge of exploding about Thomas. She got off the sofa grabbing the empty wine glasses. "You were done with your glass right?" Nikki asked in a short tone walking through to the kitchen.

"Yeah I'm done, I gotta drive home yet—unless you want me to stay…" Helen said, saying the last part in a seductive tone.

There was no response from Nikki so Helen got up and went into the kitchen were she found Nikki washing the glasses.

"Did you hear me?" Helen asked a bit confused, she had obviously missed something.


"So you don't have a response?"


"Nikki what's wrong?"

"Nothing, leave it."

"No, I won't leave it. Obviously something has upset you, what's wrong?"

"Do you really wanna know?" Nikki asked turning around to face Helen


"You and Thomas, that's what's upset me!"

"What about me and Thomas? Nikki, he's a work colleague, that's it."

Nikki was just getting started, "It's always 'Thomas this' or 'Thomas that', I know you have lunch with him at least three times a week, and now I hear you're going to an overnight conference with him?! Wow Helen, it must be nice to know you can still pull the boys huh!"

"Oh don't be ridiculous Nikki, this is for work! And Thomas and I will have separate rooms. What are you on about anyways?"

"Helen, I don't want you going to the conference with him" Nikki was putting her foot down.

"What? I can't believe I'm hearing this. You don't want me to go the conference?!"

"I didn't say you couldn't go, I just don't want you going with him!" Nikki said. She knew she was being unreasonable but she was trying to make a point.

"He works in my prison for crying out loud! Who else would I go with? Besides, you've never even met the guy, how come you're so against me going with him?"

"That's another thing Helen, why haven't you told him about me? Huh?! Am I just your dirty little secret!? Or are you dating him too?!"

Helen had about all she could take of Nikki's outburst. "I have told you for the last time Nikki, Thomas is just a work colleague and a friend, nothing more. As for the conference, I am going. I will not be dictated to whom, when and where I can see my work colleagues! And if you don't like it, that's just too damn bad!" Helen was fuming when she was through. She turned around and walked out of the kitchen and headed towards the front door grabbing her coat and putting it on.

Nikki threw the towel down on the counter and followed her. "That's right, run along to your boyfriend's. If you hurry you'll have time to get in quick shag before bed." She said as she came face to face with Helen her temper getting the better of her.

Helen could not believe what she had just heard. Her emotions turned from angry to hurt in a matter of seconds. She couldn't believe that Nikki didn't trust her and would think she was seeing Thomas. Not only that but after all the conversations they had about them being 'soulmates' that a comment like that would ever exit Nikki's mouth.

An almost eerie calm came over Helen and all of a sudden she knew why Nikki was acting this way.

"You know what this all comes down to? Trust. You don't trust me with Thomas. A solid relationship is built on trust Nikki. And if we don't have trust, what do we have?" Helen said before she picked up her bag and walked out the door.


Part 21

As soon as the door slammed Nikki turned around and walked into the lounge.

"What the hell just happened?!"

One minute they were cuddling on the sofa, and the next they were yelling at each other. Nikki knew telling Helen she couldn't go to the conference was ridiculous—she just wanted Helen to know how she felt. This is so messed up Nikki thought. Nikki sat down on the couch, she began replaying the whole argument in her head. She was 95% sure Helen was not fooling around with Thomas, but there was a lingering doubt in her head that she couldn't shake. It's my own insecurities—I gotta make this right.

Nikki went over to her bag and grabbed her mobile and texted Helen.

Please come back—I want to apologize for my childish behavior Nxx

Nikki waited for a knock on the door—or at the least a text. About two minutes later the text came.

I'm not coming back tonight—we both need some time to cool down. H

Nikki sighed—I deserve that she thought. There wasn't anything else she could do tonight so she headed up to bed.

Across town, Helen walked into her flat and dropped her bag in the hallway. She walked upstairs to the en suite and ran water for a bath. While the tub filled, Helen walked over to the sink and grabbed a hair tie off the counter and put her hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't get wet in the bathtub. She thought about what had happened on that counter not to long ago. Helen couldn't help but to remember what she felt like during that encounter. Nikki made her feel alive, desired, worshipped. How could she even accuse me of being with Thomas?! She knows how strong our connection is, how I have never felt this way before—why would she think I would risk that? She stripped down throwing her clothes on top of the dirty clothes bin. She got in the tub and tried to relax but couldn't. She was replaying the argument in her head. She has to realize what she asked me was absurd? Nikki was never possessive about anything-why all of a sudden? The longer Helen sat there and the more she analyzed the situation and what was said---maybe Nikki had a reason to say what she said. She did spend a lot of time with Thomas, they did spend more time together than was absolutely necessary. Did she know Thomas was interested in being more than just co-workers? Yes. Did she indulge him? Yes.

"Shit" Helen said out loud when the light bulb finally clicked on for her.

This is all my fault. I want Nikki to trust me—but whenever we talk about anything, somehow Thomas' name gets brought up. No wonder she accused me of having a relationship with Thomas—he's all I bloody talk about!!

Helen mentally slapped herself. She was enjoying the attention Thomas was giving her, but it wasn't worth ruining what she and Nikki had. They were soulmates; that much was for certain. She knew they had not been together long—but she would be crushed if she and Nikki decided to call it quits.

Helen got out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel and padded through to the bedroom. She put on a pair of flannel pajama pants, a t-shirt and turned down the bed. Helen got comfortable and before she fell asleep she promised herself and Nikki that this would be settled by tomorrow night. She would hold Nikki in her arms tomorrow night. I hate not having a warm body to cuddle into.

The next day both women dragged themselves into work—neither one having slept well and was up early. Nikki got up at about 6:30am decided to into work early. She had all this pent up energy from being upset and frustrated. The spa had a small workout room with weights, treadmills and a few cardio machines; mostly for staff to use. Nikki stretched and got on the treadmill. She set the pace a little faster than normal—she needed to push herself or this workout was for nothing. After 40 minutes of running Nikki slowed the pace to a walk and eventually got off. Nikki headed to the yoga room turned on some relaxing music and began to go through different positions and poses. As soon as she began it felt good—she focused on holding the poses properly and all the relaxation techniques she knew. As she neared the end of her workout her mind began to wander to Helen. She remembered how gorgeous she looked in that pink top with her hair bouncing around in that ponytail. She also remembered what Helen's body felt like all slick with sweat when they lay in a tangled mess after she caused Helen to fall after startling her.

"I gotta make this right—today" Nikki said to the four walls.

At eight a.m. Barbara walked into the office to find Nikki was already there. She walked through to Nikki's office and heard the shower running.

Something must have happened to cause Nikki to be here early for a workout before work. Barbara guessed that there must have been an issue with Helen. Nikki would regularly be in early to work out when she and Tricia were having problems; she guessed it was the same here.

Nikki got out of the shower and dried off. She changed into her favorite pair of grey trousers and a pin-stripped blouse with grey stripes that matched her trousers perfectly. Nikki fixed her hair—she had perfected the messy look. She added a touch of makeup and was ready to start her day. Nikki opened the bathroom door and moved to her desk.

When Barbara heard the bathroom door open she went through to Nikki's office.

"Good morning Nikki—I see you got an early start."

Nikki looked up at Babs—She knew that Barbara knew something was up.

"Morning Babs, what's going today?" ignoring the insinuation.

"Your arms aren't broke, open your planner and look" Barbara answered not playing Nikki's game.

Nikki pulled out her planner and acted like she was looking though it.

"So, are you going to tell me? Or are we going to act like you're not upset by something?" Barbara challenged.

Nikki looked up at her. She can always tell—dammit!

Barbara continued not giving Nikki the chance to answer. "I'll do you one better Nicola, what happened between you and Helen?"

Nikki was dumbstruck. I think she can read my mind sometimes.

Nikki shook her head, "How do you know these things Babs?"

"Please. I have two kids of my own and I consider you my third. I can always tell when one of my children is upset or sulking."

Nikki caved. "I really twatted up Barbara. There is this one male colleague of Helen's that she spends a lot of time with. She constantly brings his name up whenever we talk about her work; his name is Thomas. It sort of bothers me that she always talks about him, I mean what if she decides she wants to pursue a relationship with him and leaves me?"

Barbara looked into Nikki's eyes—she could see fear there. Nikki feared that Helen would leave her and her heart would be broken. "Did you tell Helen how you felt?"

"I didn't before tonight when she told me she has to go to an overnight work conference in Birmingham with him. I lost it Babs—I went so low as to tell her she couldn't go with him."

"Nikki Wade! You did not tell her that?! "Barbara was shocked, but then thought of Nikki's lightning quick temper.

"I did, but it gets worse. I accused her of having a relationship with him behind my back. I even said that if she hurried she could still make it to his house for a shag before bed." As soon as she finished her sentence she cringed knowing the backlash she would get from Barbara.

Barbara nodded her head. "Yes—you twatted up. I hope you figure out how you're going to fix this. I have seen you and Helen together, she is totally smitten by you. And since your skull is so thick, do you really think Helen would constantly talk about this Thomas man if she was having an affair with him? No, she wouldn't mention him because that would draw attention to the situation. You really need to stop and think before you fly off the handle about something."

Barbara is exactly right. "Why didn't I think of all this myself Babs?"

"I guess it's true what they say—blinded by love"

Helen was walking into her office when her secretary Marcie stopped her.

"Helen while you were in a meeting a package was dropped off for you. I put it on your desk."

"Thanks Marcie." Helen replied as she walked into her office. On the desk was a flower box. Nikki she thought. She opened the box to find a single rose with a hand written note from Nikki.

Helen would be there. They had a lot to talk about and settle. Nikki wasn't the only one at fault, she needs to know that. Helen pulled out her cell phone and texted Nikki.

I will be there at 6:30. Love, Hxx

At 6:25pm Helen pulled into her drive way and parked next to Nikki's Mercedes. She grabbed her bag and got out of the car. When she got to the front door there was a note stuck to the door that read:

Follow the path. Nxx

Helen was a bit confused but as soon as she opened the front door she knew what the note meant. What she saw was incredibly beautiful and her heart was immediately filled so much love. Helen looked at the path of rose petals that was lit by small candles that ran from the front door to the lounge. Helen immediately dropped her bag, took off her shoes and dropped her coat. She followed the candle lit path to the lounge where she found Nikki standing in the middle of the room that was lit by dozens of candles and she had a dozen red roses in her arms.

"Hi." Nikki said with her eyes reflecting the candlelight.


Part 22

"Hi" was the only words Helen could find to say at that moment. She walked over to Nikki and gave her a hug. The stayed in the embrace for about a minute before Helen finally let go. Nikki handed Helen the roses.

"These are beautiful. This is beautiful. Thank you. What is all this for?" Helen asked as she looked around the room.

"I need to apologize for my horrific behavior last night. You did not deserve to be talked to in that way. So, this…" as she glanced around the room "is part of my apology."

"Nikki sweetie, you really didn't have to. I have to say, what happened last night was not entirely your fault. I am to blame for some of it. I didn't…"

Nikki put a hand up to Helen as a way of asking her to stop talking "Please, I will listen to what you have to say but first let me apologize and explain why I reacted the way I did. Please? Will you let me do that?"

"Of course darling." Helen responded, smiled and then placed a gentle kiss on Nikki's lips. Helen put the bouquet of roses on the coffee table and returned her focus to Nikki.

"I heard this song on the radio when I was in car getting the things I would need for the evening. I think it's perfect. I think it describes us and where we are in this moment. So please, listen to the words as you dance with me."

With that Nikki picked up the remote to the stereo and pressed play. She put the remote down, and pulled Helen into her arms as the music began. They slow danced while the music drifted through the room.

I Look At You
You Look At Me
(You Can't Help It You're Feeling Butterflies)
Its obvious,
We have Chemistry
(I think I know it cuz it feels so right)
Girl I wanted so long to know
Now Your telling me you gotta let it go
(Dont Tell Me I have to start all over again)
I Never thought that this day would come
(This is something that i've wanted in my life)
I realize that you're the one
(and you're telling me its time to say goodbye)
What's inside of my heart It ain't gonna change
So it shouldn't be so easy to walk away
(You feel it I feel it lets not be tense)

Baby, I Don't Know What Love Is
Maybe I'm A Fool
I Just Know What I'm Feeling
And It's All Because Of You
Don't Tell Me
I Don't Know
I Want The Truth
Cuz They Call It
We Call It
You Call It
I Call It Love

"Mmmm…" Helen responded to the last phrase. She moved her arms around Nikki's neck and pulled her closer resting her head in the crook of Nikki's neck. She took a deep breath taking in the essence of Nikki.

It's so clear for you to see
(dont let anybody tell you what to do)
Why they can't they just let us be happy
(i dont want to find somebody new)
If you know whats really in your heart
Then dont let them tear us apart
(Cuz you feel it I feel it don't say we're through)

Baby, I Don't Know What Love Is
Maybe I'm A Fool
I Just Know What I'm Feeling
And It's All Because Of You
Don't Tell Me
I Don't Know
I Want The Truth
Cuz They Call It
We Call It
You Call It
I Call It Love

We Have a bond thats unbreakable
And its not time to let it go
And now that we know its real
We are going to let it show
To the whole world
That I'm yours forever
and you're my girl
(you're my everything)

Nikki pulled from Helen slightly and grabbed Helen's chin and looked right into her eyes.

"You are my girl—you are my everything, and I'm yours forever"

Baby, I Don't Know What Love Is
Maybe I'm A Fool
I Just Know What I'm Feeling
And It's All Because Of You
Don't Tell Me
I Don't Know
I Want The Truth
Cuz They Call It
We Call It
You Call It
I Call It Love

They Call It Love
I Call it

Nikki picked the remote to the stereo and shut it off. She looked at Helen standing there in the candlelight. The angles in which the light reflected off Helen's face made her look amazing. Nikki could see the reflection of candles in Helen's eyes and she could also see love.

"You are so beautiful. I don't think you've ever looked more beautiful than you do right now" Nikki said as she caressed Helen's cheek. Nikki grabbed both of Helen's hands

"Helen, I know asking you not to go to the conference was unreasonable, it is for work so of course you have to go whether I liked it or not. I have been jealous of your relationship with Thomas and it was unfair to you for me to not mention my feelings about him before last night. It was even more wrong of me to accuse you of having an affair with him. Hearing you speak about him all the time made me wonder if something more wasn't going on. I guess my one fear about this relationship is that you will decide that being with me, a woman, is not the life you want and you will go running back to a man, a man like Thomas." As soon as she finished her sentence she dropped her head.

"Nikki" Helen said getting no response from Nikki, "Nikki" she asked again this time putting her in fingers under Nikki chin and picked up her head so she could look into Nikki's eyes. Once she was looking into Nikki's eyes she held Nikki's face in her hands.

"Nikki, accept your apology for the conference and for accusing me of having an affair with Thomas. However there is something I want to tell you. I know that I have talked a lot about Thomas in fact, when I thought about everything last night, I realized he's all I bloody talked about! No wonder you were suspicious. I know Thomas fancies me, it's quite obvious. I liked the attention so I would indulge him by flirting back. It was an ego boost for me. It made me feel good. I was never going to pursue him so I didn't think there was any harm in it, which was until last night. When you accused me of those things, I thought they were outrageous accusations. But the more I thought about the things you said, I could see how you would think those things. I realized that I was doing major damage to our relationship. Our relationship is like nothing I could ever have imagined. It's better than relationships you see in movies. I have you, someone who understands me on every level possible and completes me. I want you to know that I don't want to have a relationship with anyone other than you. Nikki, I love you. You are my soulmate. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. You are the one that makes me feel things I have never thought were possible. You Nicola Wade are my universe."

By this point both women had tears in their eyes. Helen still had a hold of Nikki's face so she wiped away her tears.

"Please tell me those are tears of happiness?" Helen asked smiling.

"Yes babes, they are. Helen you too are my universe. I love you so much."

"So…" Helen said letting go of Nikki's face "Are we good? Are we clear? Are we going to be open and honest about everything from here on out?"

"Yes darling, we are good now, and yes we will be open and honest from here on out. But there is one more thing I need to be honest about." Nikki said the last sentence in a very serious tone. Nikki moved in close to Helen and whispered in her ear,

"I want to make love to you."

"While were being honest there is something else I need to tell you. I want to make love to you too" Helen said with a knowing grin on her face.

Both women moved apart from one another and began to blow all the candles out. When that was finished Nikki led Helen upstairs to the bedroom. Halfway up the staircase Nikki turned to Helen and said,

"They say make-up sex is the best kind of sex."

Helen laughed, "Any kind of sex with you is the best, but I guess we'll find out shortly."

"Yes we will darling, yes we will."


Part 23

At 8:19am the phone on Helen's nightstand began to ring. Nikki opened her eyes and looked around dazed, she had no idea what that shrilling noise was. Helen recognized the sound of her phone and climbed over Nikki's naked body and answered it.

"Uh, Hello?" Helen said in an early morning thick Scottish accent.

"What?! When did it start?! Helen asked shocked.

Helen was listening intently to the person on the other end of the phone, but Nikki was lying directly below Helen's naked body and it was doing a number on her hormones. I haven't even been awake five minutes and I'm already super turned on.

"Do we know who started it?" Helen said into the phone.

Nikki couldn't resist. She had to touch Helen. Nikki then remembered a time in her office when Helen distracted her while she was on phone call. What goes around comes around! Nikki raised her arm and lighty ran her fingers up Helen's side. Helen jumped at her touch almost dropped the phone. Helen glared at Nikki; Nikki grinned and mouthed 'payback'. Helen got a puzzled look on her face, then remember what Nikki was referring to. Helen shook her finger at Nikki as to tell her to stop but Nikki just grinned and shook her head.

"How many officers do we have on the wing?" Helen asked. "Hmm…ok, Karen call all the other wings and ask them to send over as many officers as they can spare."

Nikki's hand had now found its way up to Helen's breast. Nikki took her index finger and began making circles on breast, coming closer and closer to Helen's nipple with each circle. Helen tried to swat Nikki's hand away but she would laugh and quickly pull her hand back before Helen could make contact.

"Ok, sounds like you've done all you could for the…Ouch!" Nikki had pinched Helen's nipple causing her to yelp in the middle of her sentence.

Helen glared at Nikki who had the world's biggest grin on her face.

"What?! Oh! I'm fine I just…stubbed my toe on the bed! I'll be there as soon as I can Karen alright?!"

Helen said goodbye to Karen and quickly hung up the phone. She quickly straddled Nikki and pinned Nikki's hands above her head. Nikki laughed at Helen and made no effort to fight Helen's actions.

"Who was that?" Nikki asked smiling.

"Work. You're nosey!"

"Do you have to go in?"

"You're bad…has anyone ever told you that?!" Helen asked with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Umm…I think I've been told that once or twice" Nikki replied with a grin on her face.

"You know what happens when you're bad right?!"

"No what?" Nikki asked nonchalantly.

Helen leaned down close to Nikki's lips and whispered "They get punished." Quickly Helen captured Nikki's lips in a searing kiss not giving Nikki an opportunity to reply. The kiss continued and was quickly gaining momentum. Nikki's tongue searched Helen's mouth and hands were roaming over naked flesh. Helen moved her mouth from Nikki's lips to her breasts. Helen latched on to Nikki's left nipple, sucking it and rolling her tongue back and forth over the hard nub. Nikki was in ecstasy, being touched like this first thing in the morning was amazing. As she was enjoying Helen's ministrations, suddenly Helen bit her nipple"

"Oww!" Nikki exclaimed grabbing Helen's head and pulling it away from her breast. "What was that for?!" Nikki asked in a jokingly mad tone.

"Payback" Helen said with a playful look and her signature smile on her face.

"Hmmm" was all Nikki said before she pulled Helen into another kiss. As it usually did with them, the kiss was quickly escalating. Helen began to kiss her way down Nikki's neck to her breasts, to her stomach, and stopped short of Nikki's hidden treasure. Helen looked up at Nikki smiled and made her way back up to Nikki lips and planted a short, soft kiss there before climbing off of her.

"Where the heck do you think you're going?! Nikki asked.

"Sorry darling, there's a riot on G-wing and I've got to go in to work." Helen answered standing at the end of the bed giving Nikki her full frontal view.

"Nuh-uh, you're not gonna get me all turned on and then just get up and leave for work!"

"I did, and I am." Helen responded casually as if it wasn't a big deal. "I need to get showered and head out---stay as long as you like, I'll call you on my way home." Helen informed Nikki as she walked towards the en suite.

"You're a tease Stewart!! I'll get you back for this you know!" Nikki yelled through to Helen.

All's fair in love and war! Nikki thought.

"So what do I owe this little get-together to?" Yvonne asked Nikki as she took her coat off and hung it on the back of the chair in the pub.

"What?! I have to have a reason to see my really good friend?" Nikki feigned hurt.

"Wade, it's the middle of the day on Saturday; usually you and your other half are joined at the hip. Where is your better half anyway? Cheers" Yvonne added holding her pint up to Nikki

"She had to go in to work. Apparently there's a riot in progress on one of the wings." Nikki answered before taking a drink of her own beer.

Yvonne was a bit shocked about the riot. Nikki spoke of it like it wasn't a big deal.

"Nik, aren't you a little concerned for Helen's safety?!"

"I try not to think about it, it's easier that way. Besides, it's her prison—she'd be the last one who would have to go in to break it up. And yes, I am concerned for her safety every minute she spends in that prison."

The women laughed and talked while they ate a late lunch. A good friend of Yvonne's owned the pub so after they ate they sat around the table with the owner and sharing stories and having some drinks. At about 1:45pm Nikki got a text message from Helen.

All done at work. Really need a hug. Where are you? Hxx

When Nikki was reading the text from Helen she got a big smile on her face. She began to type back.

I have a hug with your name on it waiting. At the pub with Vonne. Come have a pint then I'll take you home. Nxx

Nikki closed her phone and looked up to see Yvonne and Tim the pub owner staring at her with smiles on their face.

"Helen?" Yvonne inquired.

"Yes." Nikki answered

"You got it bad don't you Nikki" Tim stated.

"Yeah, yeah I do. I love her with all my heart. I would do anything for her."

"Well, that's love." Tim stated holding up his pint "Cheers."

About a half an hour later Helen walked in to the pub looking a bit worn out. However, as soon as she saw Nikki her face lit up and her whole demeanor changed. Nikki stood up when Helen reached the table, reaching out she wrapped Helen in her arms giving her a long hug.

When Nikki finally let go a bit, Helen looked up and smiled.

"Thanks darling, I really needed that."

"You're welcome, I'm glad I could be of assistance." She said before placing a gentle kiss on Helen's lips.

"Hi Helen" Yvonne stated interrupting their quiet moment. Helen and Nikki moved apart and Helen took her coat off and they both sat down.

"Hi Yvonne, how are you doing?"

"Oh, you know, getting by."

Nikki pulled her chair closer to Helen and put her arm around her. "Darling, this handsome man sitting across from me is Tim, he owns this wonderful establishment. Tim, this is the love of my life—Helen."

"It's nice to meet you Helen." Tim said extending his hand to Helen.

"It's wonderful to meet you too Tim" Helen replied shaking his hand.

"Another round everyone? Helen what do want?" Tim asked as he stood up.

"A pint would be great, thanks" Helen answered back.

For the next hour Helen informed them about the riot at the prison. Tim was surprised that Helen was in charge of a prison and asked her all kinds of questions. Helen was gracious, answering all his questions while Nikki and Yvonne talked business. Although Helen and Nikki were involved in separate conversations they were constantly aware of the other. Nikki had her arm around Helen, they were holding hands, or they would glance at each other and smile. Anyone who watched them for more than five minutes could tell they had a connection.

After a while, Helen patted Nikki's leg and asked, "You ready to go? I'm ready to sit on the couch with a cuppa while you rub my feet."

"Ha! After that little stunt you pulled this morning?! Dream on!" Nikki retorted crossing her arms over her chest.

"What stunt?" Yvonne inquired.

"Nothing!" Both Helen and Nikki answered in unison.

"Oh, ok…" Yvonne said with arms raised in surrender.

"And on that note, we're leaving!" Helen declared standing up and grabbing her coat and bag. "And you…" Helen added pointing at Nikki "Aren't driving home, you are over the limit." Helen knew Nikki had too many beers to safely drive home.

Nikki stood grabbing her coat, "I guess we're leaving" Nikki said in a feigning a pout as she moved towards Yvonne and gave her a hug.

Helen laughed, "We are. Tim it was nice meeting you. I'm sure we'll come back and visit. Yvonne, as always, it was great to see you." Helen walked over and kissed Yvonne on the cheek.

Helen grabbed Nikki's hand and pulled her towards the door. "Bye you lot." Helen said smiling.

"Yeah, see you guys, thanks again Tim." Nikki added following close behind Helen.

Nikki grabbed Helen around the waist as they walked to their cars. When they got to Helen's car, Nikki whispered in Helen's ear, "Don't think for a minute you're getting that foot rub or any lovin' tonight."

Helen turned her head around and grinned, "Is that a dare or a double dare?!"

Nikki and Helen went to Nikki's flat where they had tea and relaxed and watched a movie. Nikki didn't withhold her affections from Helen, but she didn't go out of her way to initiate intimacy. This was a little game her and Helen had been playing since this morning and she wanted the upper hand. Let the games begin!

Nikki stood "Hey, are you staying tonight?"

"Yes, you calling it a night?"

"I'll probably get my pajamas on and read in bed. You coming?" Nikki inquired as she started up the stairs.

"Yeah, I'm right behind you." Helen grabbed their empty glasses and put them in the kitchen sink. She turned off the lights downstairs and headed up to Nikki's bedroom.

Nikki knew Helen would be up any second so she hurried up and took off all her clothes except her panties and headed to the en suite. Nikki turned on the water and began washing her face. She won't be able to resist me, I know it killed her to leave this morning, she's gotta want it bad. But too bad for her, she's not going to get the goodies. I'm going to have the last laugh. She heard Helen come into the room so she quickly finished washing her face. She splashed a lot of water on her face and stood up quickly letting the water run down her neck to her breasts. She grabbed the towel and walked to the doorway.

"Hey, what do you want to do tomorrow? Whatever it is, we gotta remember to pick my car up at the pub" Nikki asked standing there slowly drying herself looking to Helen to gauge her reaction.

Helen was taking her pants off when she heard the water from the sink turn off. When she heard Nikki ask her a question she turned around and saw Nikki standing there in nothing but her underwear. She was drying off water from her face, neck and breasts. Helen went to answer Nikki opening her mouth but nothing came out. She closed her mouth, shook her head and tried to speak again.

"Wha, What did you say? I didn't get catch the last part." She finally got out.

Nikki grinned inside. She loved the fact that she affected Helen like that. The only downfall was Helen had the same produced the same effects her.

"I asked you what you wanted to do tomorrow, that whatever it was we can't forget to go get my car."

Nikki answered as she threw the towel on the counter and made her way over to the bed.

Helen tried to play it cool. "Yeah, don't worry we won't forget your car." She retorted as she pulled on a pair of boxers.

Nikki pulled down the blankets, grabbed her book and settled herself down only pulling the blankets up to about mid torso and began to read. She could feel Helen's eyes on her. She knew she was having the desired effect on Helen it was only a matter of time before Helen succumbed to the overwhelming feelings of want. Nikki went about reading her book as if nothing was the matter.

Helen took her shirt off and changed into a vest then climbed into bed next to Nikki. She grabbed her book of the nightstand next to her and settled into read. She attempted to read the first paragraph but her eyes would constantly wonder to Nikki's breasts that were not confined by the blanket or a t-shirt. Helen's body was getting so warm from the sight of Nikki's almost naked body she kicked the blankets off and turned to Nikki.

"Good so far?" she asked pointing to the book.

Nikki looked over and smiled, "Yep. Very well written." And went back to reading. Anytime time now…Nikki thought noting the discarding of the blankets.

That's it! I can't take it any more! She's gonna get it and she doesn't even know it! Helen thought as she closed her book and set it back on the nightstand. She turned to Nikki who apparently engrossed in the book. Helen moved closer to Nikki and took the book from her hands.

"What are you doing?" Nikki enquired knowing full well what was coming. SCORE!

"You're done reading." Helen answered reaching over Nikki and dropping the book on the floor.

"Oh I am, am I?"

"Yes" Helen answered running her hand over Nikki's right breast to her left and back again this time running her palms over Nikki's nipples.

Nikki tried to suppress the moan. She didn't want to give in to Helen, she wanted to win their little game. She needed to get away from Helen; Helen's ministrations were starting to feel a little too good.

"Uhhh…baby, I'm going to get a t-shirt. I'm feeling a bit cold"

As Nikki pulled back the blankets and swung her legs off the bed, Helen moved behind Nikki wrapping one arm around Nikki's torso just below her breast and stuck her other hand between Nikki's legs cupping core.

"No, trust me, you won't need a t-shirt." Helen declared "And this…" she continued on as began to rub Nikki's crotch "…is for me."

Nikki put her legs back on the bed and faced Helen. "It was your's this morning but you didn't want it. Why should I give it to you now?"

"Because…" Helen licked Nikki's right nipple "I want to finish what I started this morning."

"And…" As Helen pushed Nikki back till she was laying flat on her back "I want to eat you out."

Nikki was flabbergasted and could feel herself get immediately wet when she heard what Helen said. Screw the game! Helen can win every time if she follows through on what she just promised!

Helen smiled and began to kiss her way down Nikki's body in a replay of her morning actions. When she reached Nikki's centre she smiled and quickly yanked Nikki's panties off. She began to kiss the inside of both of Nikki's legs slowly making her way to the object she was craving ever since this morning. Helen parted Nikki's pussy lips with her thumbs and licked her inner lips and swirled her tongue over Nikki's hood and clit. Helen began to take turns between sucking and licking Nikki's clit.

What Nikki was feeling was pure ecstasy. Nikki had never been so aware of her body when any of her past lovers were trying to satisfy her. Her reactions to Helen's touches were incomparable to those of the others. Helen could make her wet with a simple sentence let alone what Helen could do when had her face was buried between her legs.

"Oh baby, you have no idea how good that feels…oh god, oh god Helen, keep going…"

Helen slipped two fingers into Nikki's pussy and began to pump them in and out slowly increasing the speed while she began to suck harder on Nikki's clit.

"Oh fuck...yes…I'm so close baby, don't stop, don't stop…I'm so close…" Nikki said breathlessly.

Helen could feel Nikki's walls begin to tighten, she knew she was close. Helen added another finger and curled all three of them a bit so she was now right on top of Nikki's g-spot. It wasn't even ten seconds later till Nikki cried out "I'm cumming!" as Helen took her over the edge. Helen moved her tongue down to where her fingers were buried inside Nikki and licked her sweet nectar that gushed from within Nikki.

After Nikki enjoyed the aftershocks of the earth-shattering orgasm Helen moved up Nikki's body and kissed her on the lips. Both women were still breathing hard but both could not hide the huge smile on their faces.

"Baby, that was incredible! What the heck did you do to me?! I don't know what your little secret is or how you do what you do, but whatever it is…I want more…lots more."

"I believe it's called payback Wade. You really didn't think I'd make up for my little stunt this morning and having to leave you?! I guess you can think of it as delayed gratification."

"I'll take any kind of gratification that involves your lips and tongue. And since you were so kind as to gratify my needs, I guess it only right I return the favor."

"Mmmm…I like the sound of that!"

"There is one thing I need before I can commence the gratification process…"

"And what would that be Wade?!"

'You, naked."


Part 24

The beginning of the week went quickly for both women. Helen was busy trying to get as much work done as she could before she went away for the conference. Nikki was busy finalizing her budget proposal for the next year and gathering all the facts and figures on the current fiscal year so she could present all of it to the board at the budget meeting on Friday.

Wednesday night both women worked a few hours extra and Nikki went round to Helen's with take-away and a bottle of wine. After eating, Helen needed to pack for the trip so while she filled her bag Nikki laid on the bed keeping her company. When Helen was finished, they decided to call it a night seeing as they both had been working long hours and were exhausted. Both women changed into their pajamas and snuggled into bed. Nikki was stroking Helen's arm when turned her head towards Helen's and said,

"I'm going to miss our date tomorrow, and not getting to hold you in my arms like this."

"Oh baby, me too. As informational as this convention will be, I'd much rather be here in your arms than anywhere else in the world."

Nikki smiled and kissed Helen on top of her head, "There's no placed I'd rather be either."

The next morning Nikki woke to the sound of the shower. She rolled over and looked at the clock, 6:18am. She actually felt pretty good considering the early morning hour. She was glad she and Helen went to bed early, she had gotten some much needed sleep. Nikki pulled back the covers and headed towards the bathroom.

"Morning darling" Nikki called to Helen from the doorway.

"Hey you, I was wondering when you were going to wake up."

"Got room in there for one more?"

"Of course. If you hurry you can wash my back." Helen teased.

Nikki stripped off her pajamas and joined Helen in the shower.

"Mmmm…this is nice" Nikki said as she stepped under the stream of water. "Morning babe" Nikki stated leaning down and kissing Helen on the lips. They kissed lazily for about a minute before Helen broke the kiss.

"You gonna wash my back?" Helen inquired.

"Of course! Any excuse to touch your sexy body" Nikki replied.

Nikki took the body poof and put some body wash on it and began to wash Helen's back. Nikki was loving this bit of intimate time before Helen had to leave before the conference. Nikki finished washing Helen's back and moved the poof and her hands around to the front of Helen's body. Nikki began to wash and caress Helen's breasts and stomach.

"Just wanna make sure all of you gets washed" Nikki teased.

"Yes, you can never be too clean." Helen said in a husky voice her desire quickly rising.

Helen's body felt so good from Nikki's ministrations. She turned around and captured Nikki's mouth. While their lips were occupied, hands were roaming all over, sliding easily with the water streaming down their bodies. They were well on their way to making love when Nikki pulled away breathlessly.

"Darling, as much as I want to see your legs shake and hear you scream my name in the midst of an orgasm, if we don't get a move on you'll be late."

"Ugh! Why am I going to this conference again instead of staying here and making love to you?! Now the whole time I'm there I'm going to think about this encounter and have no where to go with those desires. Talk about sexual frustration!"

Nikki laughed, "Baby, think about this as foreplay; and those feelings you have will be feelings of anticipation. You can use your time in Birmingham to think of all the dirty things you want me to do to you. I promise I will more than make up for this encounter come Friday night" Nikki winked and then kissed Helen gently on the lips "And that my dear, is a promise."

"Well, if you put it that way, I guess I'll survive. But fair warning, you're going to have one horny girlfriend on your hands when I get home." Helen said touching Nikki's nipple with her index finger.

"That is more than ok with me, I'm sure we can sort that when the time comes." Nikki replied with a knowing grin on her face.

Both women got ready for their day and Nikki drove Helen to Larkhall where she and Thomas would take a Prison Service car to Birmingham. When they pulled into the car park, Nikki found a spot and parked. Helen turned to Nikki and put her hand on top of Nikki's

"I'm going to miss you, I hope your budget meeting goes well tomorrow."

"Me too. Although I'm sure it will, we made a very good profit this year and with changes I have in mind I think we will only gain from those modifications. But promise me you'll call me when you get there. Let me know you got there in one piece."

Helen smiled at Nikki's protectiveness "I will call and let you know when I get there."

Although they said their goodbyes at home, Nikki couldn't resist touching Helen's lips with her own one last time. She leaned in a placed a soft linger kiss on Helen's lips.

"Right. Let's get your bags." Nikki said as both women got out of the SUV and headed towards the boot. Nikki opened the back and both women grabbed a bag. Helen slung her briefcase over her shoulder and took her overnight bag from Nikki as Nikki closed the boot, then turned around to face Helen.

"Bye darling, have a safe trip. I miss you like crazy."

"I'll miss you too." Helen answered moving towards Nikki and giving her a hug.

Nikki hugged Helen tightly and whispered "I love you."

"I love you too" Helen replied before she let go of Nikki. Nikki stood there and watched Helen walk towards the prison gate. When Helen got to the gate she turned and waved. Nikki felt her heart soar; she had truly been blessed with an amazing woman.

Helen met Thomas and they got the car, and were on the way. While Thomas drove, he shared with Helen the outline for his presentation Friday morning. He and Helen chatted about work for most of the trip, to which Helen was thankful for. As always Thomas was full of complements for Helen and shamelessly flirted with Helen. When they arrived in Birmingham, they checked themselves into the hotel. The conference was being held at the hotel, so after they got the keys to their rooms she and Thomas went down to the conference center and checked in there also.

After getting their information packets and schedule of events both headed for their hotel room. Their rooms were directly across the hall from each other so when they reached their rooms Helen turned to Thomas,

"Hey we have about an hour before the opening session, I have a few phone calls to make how about I meet you right here in 45 minutes and we'll walk down together?"

"Sounds good, see you in a bit" Thomas answered smiling.

Helen walked into the room and dropped her bags on the bed. She grabbed her mobile out of her purse and sat down on the bed and dialed Nikki at her office.

"Good afternoon, Elements Spa, this is Rachel how can I help you?"

"Hi, Rachel, is Nikki available?"

"Hi Helen, I'll put you through to her office. Hold on a sec."

"Hey baby! How are you? I miss you already" Nikki announced.

"Hi darling, I miss you too. We got here safely. It took us less time than we thought. It looks like they have a lot planned for us."

"Well, staying busy means time goes by faster, and the faster time goes by the faster you'll be back in my arms."

Helen couldn't help but smile "Aye, and that can't come soon enough. How are you? How is your day going? Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"Just about. I've been staring at my computer all day. I'm putting the finishing touches on my PowerPoint presentation and then I'm going home for a big glass of wine and a bath. I just wish I had someone to join me in the tub…"

"A bath sounds great after the long trip I had. I'm jealous."

The lovers talked for about a half hour before Helen told Nikki she needed get freshened up before she had to go to the opening session. Helen promised she'd call Nikki to say goodnight. They said their goodbyes and Helen ended the phone call with a smile on her face.

Helen had just finished touching up her make-up when there was a knock at her door. She opened the door to find a smiling Thomas.

"Hi there, come on in. I just got to put my shoes on and then we can go." Helen said over her shoulder as she walked back into the room and sat on the bed to put her shoes on.

"Helen, did you get your phone calls made? And I have to tell you, you look great today."

"I did get them made, and than you for the compliment" Helen answered politely. After she and Nikki had the fight about him, Helen was careful not to encourage Thomas or let him think she was interested in him other than professionally.

Helen stood up "All set. You ready?" Helen inquired.

"As I'll ever be. Let's go."

Helen and Thomas sat through the opening session and enjoyed the topic. After it was over, Thomas asked Helen if she wanted to catch a late dinner. She didn't want Thomas thinking it was a date but she was hungry, and didn't fancy the idea of eating alone so she decided to accept.

They went to a near by Mexican restaurant where they enjoyed a good meal and engaging conversation. Helen got the feeling that Thomas was thinking that the dinner was a step towards a possible relationship between them. She decided that she needed to tell Thomas about Nikki, that she wasn't interested in him and she was head-over-heels in love with Nikki. After they returned to the hotel Helen asked Thomas if he'd like to join her for coffee in her room so she could set him straight. Once they got into the room Thomas walked over to the table that sat in front of the window and sat down while Helen started the coffee machine that was found in each room.

"Hey, excuse me for a moment, I'm gonna use the loo, I think that wine went right through me."

While Helen was using the bathroom, her room phone began to ring. Thomas didn't think Helen would be too much longer in the bathroom so instead of Helen missing the call, he thought he'd answer it and let the caller know she'd be just a moment.

"Helen Stewart's room." Thomas announced when he answered the phone

On the other end of the phone a stunned Nikki didn't know what to say. She quickly hung up the phone. Nikki thought Helen and she had worked out the Thomas problem; that Helen would be careful and not doing anything that could lead Thomas to believe there was a chance of a relationship between them. If that was the case why the hell would Helen bring Thomas into her hotel room?! Nikki didn't want to panic but she didn't know what Helen was playing at. Helen better have a good explanation for this!

Helen came out of the bathroom "Did I hear the phone ring?"

"Yeah, but whoever it was hung up. You should dial 1471 and find out who it was."

Helen heard the phone and knew exactly who called. She knew Nikki was probably upset, she promised Nikki she would distance herself from Thomas. It did not look good him answering her hotel room phone.

"Nah, can't be bothered, if it's important they'll call back. Thomas, there's something I want to talk to you about…"

Thomas stood up and walked towards Helen "Helen, there's something I want to talk to you about too. Helen you're an amazing woman, you're smart, fun, and I think we get on well…I just have to do this" Thomas leaned in to kiss Helen but just before he reached Helen's lips, she turned her head and said

"Don't" before taking a step back.

Thomas was confused; he thought that pursuing a relationship was what Helen wanted to talk to him about. Helen never told him she was dating anyone and seemed to accept his advances.

"I, I'm sorry. I guess I read all the signs wrong. I thought…"

"No, no Thomas, this is my fault. I should have told you I'm seeing someone." Helen said feeling bad for not telling him sooner. She grabbed two mugs and the coffee pot and walked towards the table .

"So who is he?" Thomas asked sitting down at the table.

Helen sat down the mugs and the coffee pot and looked Thomas in the eyes

"It's not a he…It's a she."


Part 25

Thomas' jaw dropped "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Helen smiled a small smile, "It's not a he, it's a she—I'm dating a woman."

Thomas shook his head like didn't believe what Helen just said.

"So you're a lesbian?"

Helen didn't know what to say. She was dating a woman so technically she was. But Helen didn't see it like that.

"Look it's really complicated, and I don't like labels. See, six months ago I was dating my boyfriend of three years. But then I met Nikki and my whole world was turned upside down. Please sit, I'll try and explain."

For the next hour Helen explained to Thomas how she met Nikki, the fall out with Sean, and that she felt Nikki was her soulmate. Thomas was surprising supportive of she and Nikki's relationship. She thought Thomas would denounce their relationship and be judgmental, but he surprised her. Helen apologized if it seemed she had led Thomas on. Thomas admitted that he was a bit confused when Helen would flirt but that she never seemed to pursue him any further than that.

"I thought you were playing hard to get. Really hard to get." Thomas said.

Helen cringed, "Sorry Thom." She did indeed feel bad.

"It all makes sense now. Remember my first day and you got a phone call just before we went for lunch, from whom I now assume would be Nikki? You face lit up like a child on Christmas. I should have just thrown in the towel right then." Thomas chuckled and ran his hands through his hair.

Helen couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry Thomas, I never meant you hurt you…honestly."

"I know Helen, I know that's not how you operate."

Helen got serious, "Thomas, I'm asking you not to disclose my relationship with Nikki to anyone at work. In our place of work we depend on safety and security, and with homophobes like Sylvia Hollamby who knows what kind of protection I might not get if it's revealed that I'm in a lesbian relationship. When and if the time comes, I will tell people."

"Helen, I wouldn't dream of telling anyone. It's not my information to share. Rest assured, your secret is safe with me."

No sooner did Thomas finish his sentence Helen's mobile beeped letting her know she had a text message.

I'm going to bed, I'd like to hear from you. I miss you, I love you. Nxx

Helen had forgotten that Nikki had called the room earlier. She's probably freaking out when Thomas answered the phone in her room. She had to call Nikki and make sure things were clear. She didn't want another misunderstanding over Thomas.

"Thomas, I hate to cut this short but that message was from Nikki; she wants to say goodnight and I probably should explain why you answered my hotel room phone."

Thomas stood up and smoothed the wrinkles in his trousers "Oh, of course Helen. I hope I didn't cause too much trouble for you and Nikki. Do you want to meet for breakfast before the first session?"

"Thank you for being so understanding. And yes, breakfast sounds good. What time, say 7:30?"

Thomas stopped and turned around at the door, "7:30am it is. I will see you in the morning. And thank you for trusting me enough to tell me about you and Nikki."

"Your welcome and thank you for being so understanding. You're a good man Thomas, goodnight."

Thomas let himself out of Helen's room. Helen grabbed her mobile, sat down on the bed, and dialed Nikki. Helen sighed and hoped that Nikki wasn't mad.

"Hello?" Nikki answered her mobile.

"Hey, it's me. How are you? Did I catch you before you got in bed?"

"I'm, alright, just laying in bed reading. Hoping I'd hear from you before I fell asleep."

Helen could hear the hesitation in Nikki's voice. She knew Nikki was attempting to not jump to conclusions; to give her the benefit of the doubt. She had to settle this right away.

"Darling, I'm so sorry I didn't call you earlier. I'm even more sorry that when you called the room that Thomas picked up the phone. I want you to know that the reason he was in my room was because during dinner he was flirting heavily and getting a little too touchy-feely with me so after dinner I invited him back to the room for coffee so I could let him know that I wasn't interested in him and that I had you. See, we had just got back when you phoned and I was using the loo, he was trying to be helpful. That is the truth Nikki. You do you believe me, right? Please say you do; I wouldn't purposely try to hurt you especially after our argument last week."

"Helen thank you for the explanation. I really needed to hear that; you have no idea how much. I trust you, I do—you know that" Nikki audibly exhaled "I'm not going to lie to you Helen, when he answered your phone my mind went into overdrive. Please don't be angry with me for thinking the worst."

Helen interrupted Nikki "Baby—you have nothing to apologize for. I probably would have thought the same thing if you were away and some strange woman answered your phone. You do believe me right?!"

"Of course, of course! Oh gosh Helen, I wish I could hold you right now. The distance and trying to settle this over the phone is so difficult. I wish I could look into your eyes and let you see that I believe you with all my heart. I love you Helen."

"I love you too Nikki. Oh, how I wish you could hold me right now. One of your hugs would be perfect."

Helen went on to tell Nikki all about Thomas' reaction to her confession and his surprising support. Neither woman could have been more excited about how well he took the news. Nikki was glad Thomas would be an ally for Helen at Larkhall.

The lovers talked for about another half hour before Helen said she must get some sleep so she could make it through the conference the next day without falling asleep. Nikki wished Helen sweet dreams and promised to come pick her up at the prison the next night. Neither woman could wait to be in the other's arms.

Friday was a busy day for Helen. Between sessions she was busy networking and swapping ideas with other prison governors. Helen was grateful the day went by so quickly. Her heart ached knowing now many miles were between her and Nikki.

Down in London Nikki went in to work early to make sure her presentation was ready for the meeting. She just wanted to get the budget meeting over and done with. The evening couldn't come soon enough, she couldn't wait to hold Helen in her arms.

After the closing session Helen pulled out her mobile to text Nikki. She wasn't sure what time the budget meeting would be over so she just thought it would be better to leave her a message.

Conference just ended. Leaving in a bit. Call me and let me know how the meeting went. Hxx

Helen and Thomas checked out of the hotel and headed back towards London. They chatted about the conference and Thomas was pleased his presentation went smoothly and seemed to be well received. Helen told him they need more SMO's like him; someone who listens to the patient, and doesn't herd them through like cattle. About half way through the trip home Helen's cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her purse and saw that it was Nikki. She quickly answered.


"Hi darling, on your way to see me?!" Nikki asked rather enthused.

"We are on our way home, so the answer is yes. How are you? How did your presentation go?"

"It went well. The board was pleased with the profits from this year and seemed to like my ideas for the coming year. Hopefully next year we'll do better than this year. I'm just glad it's done and over with and you are on your way home."

"That's great babes. I thought about you all morning wondering how you were doing. I'm glad to hear it went well. And I too, am glad to be on my way home. Look, I call you when we're about a half hour away and you can meet me. Sound good?" Helen voice could not hide her genuine care for Nikki.

"Sounds good. See you in a bit babes."

"Bye." Helen ended the call and closed her phone with a big smile on her face.

Thomas turned to her and said "There's that kid on Christmas smile again."

Helen sighed as Thomas pulled through the prison gates. Finally, they were back. They dropped the car off, handed in the keys and headed back towards the prison gates. As Helen stepped through the door she scanned the parking lot for Nikki's SUV. Sure enough, there Nikki was in the front row waiting patiently. Helen turned to Thomas and said,

"I see Nikki over there" pointing in the direction of Nikki's silver Mercedes "I would love for you to meet her."

"Of course, I need to meet the woman who stole your heart, and puts that goofy grin on your face." Thomas laughed as Helen led the way.

As soon as Nikki caught sight of Helen and a man she assumed was Thomas walking towards her car she got out.

As they approached Helen couldn't help but smile and walk a little bit faster towards Nikki when she got closer.

"Hiya" Helen announced when they reached the car. She kissed Nikki on the cheek and grabbed Nikki's hand and intertwined their fingers.

"Hi, I see you guys made it." Nikki replied squeezing Helen's hand and looking to Thomas.

Helen made the introduction, "Thomas, this is the love of my life and the one who puts the goofy grin on my face, Nikki. Nikki Wade meet Dr. Thomas Waugh."

Thomas extended his hand, Nikki doing the same and they shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you Nikki."

Nikki smiled "It's nice to meet you too Dr. Waugh. I hear you're doing wonders here at Larkhall. I'm glad Helen has someone else who is trying to do something positive here with her."

"Ah, please, it Thomas. And to be honest, I'm just following Helen's lead. She's the one who's innovative and shaking things up here."

"Oh stop, let's just say it's a combined effort." Helen hated having her success pointed out. She doesn't want anyone to think she's better than them.

"Sounds good." Thomas laughed. "Well ladies, it's late and I can't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed. Nikki, it was to meet you, and Helen I will see you Monday. Take care."

Thomas walked towards his car and Nikki took Helen's bags from her popped the boot of the SUV and threw Helen's bags in and closed it. She got in on the driver's side to find a smiling Helen looking at her intently.

"What?" Nikki asked.

Helen grabbed Nikki by the face and placed a passionate and possessive kiss on Nikki's lips. When their tongues touched Nikki moaned. Both women became lost in the kiss. Helen dragged her tongue over Nikki's bottom lip in one excruciatingly slow motion causing Nikki to let out another, louder moan.

"I've missed you" Helen whispered when she pulled away.

It took Nikki a second to register what just happened. "I missed you too darling. Wow, where did that just come from?" Nikki inquired.

"I told you I missed you. And I show you just how much when we get back to my flat" Helen whispered seductively.

"Hmm…I like the sound of that. Aren't you tired from the trip?" Nikki teased, this little bit of foreplay was fun.

"I'm not that tired, I didn't drive home. And besides, I've been thinking all day about what I was going do to you when we got home."

"What were you thinking?" Nikki asked feeling the car start to get warmer.

"The faster you get us home the faster you find out."

Nikki put the Mercedes in gear and tore out of the car park.


Part 26

The next couple of months past quickly for Helen and Nikki; seeing as both were on the up and up in their jobs. Helen's lifers unit was running incredibly well and Area had taken notice. The unit's success had led to a proposal to the Home Office to implement a unit just like Helen' lifer's unit in all the UK prisons that had women lifers in their population. Helen was eagerly awaiting the Home Office to approve the proposal and put in to practice her brain child.

Nikki too, was doing well. The spa was booking at least two months in advance and had even lured some big name stars away from the uppity, over-priced spas. On of those stars even mentioned Elements by name in Marie Claire saying it was her "bit of relaxation and slice of heaven in the chaotic, busy city of London."

It was the beginning of December when Nikki received a phone call from a producer of This Morning who was doing a segment on Christmas gifts for women. They were going to showcase all the best and upcoming electronic gadgets, best new fashion ideas and health and beauty products for women of all different ages that was best deal for the money. They were contacting Elements because it had so much to offer customers and was relatively reasonable priced. Nikki was thrilled about the opportunity and face time this would create for the spa but thought it was best to think it through and run the opportunity past the chairman of the board.

Helen mobile rang as she was walking towards the gate on her way home.

"Helen Stewart."

"Hi darling! Are you on your way home?"

"Hi babes! I'm walking out the gates at Larkhall. Why, what's up?"

"I have so much to tell you but it's too important to tell you over the phone. I'll meet you at your flat and we'll go out to celebrate." She must really be excited, Helen gathered by the quick rate of Nikki's speech.

"Celebrate!? What? This must be big. Babes I'll be home in about a half hour. See you then."

"I can't wait! Love you." Nikki added sincerely.

"I love you too. Bye" Helen couldn't wait to get home.

Nikki was getting the champagne glasses when she heard Helen come through the front door.

"Hello? Nikki?" Helen called out as she dropped her bag and hung up her coat.

"Hey! I'm in the kitchen; I'll meet you in the lounge." Nikki shouted through.

Helen walked through to the lounge as Nikki walked in carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Helen was surprised that Nikki had champagne.

"Wow—I guess we are celebrating. However I still don't know WHAT we're celebrating."

Nikki went on to tell Helen all about the "This Morning" segment, and how this would probably be a huge opportunity for the spa. They opened the champagne and toasted the wonderful opportunity.

After their second glass, Nikki thought she'd better stop drinking so she could drive to the restaurant so they wouldn't be late for their dinner reservations. Nikki took her glass to the sink and when she came back into the lounge she found Helen standing at the stereo swaying slowly to the R & B music she had turned on. Seeing Helen moving her hips to the music reminded Nikki of the way they moved together when they were intimate. When they were in bed they moved in perfect unison; like they had been together for year. Helen turned around to find Nikki standing in the doorway watching her. Helen held her hands out and Nikki moved towards Helen and took her in her arms. Helen pressed her body against Nikki and together they swayed to the music. As the women danced, the temperature in the room and their bodies went up drastically. Both Nikki and Helen grinded their body against the others, it's like they couldn't get close enough. Helen turned around in Nikki's arms and they began to kiss passionately. Hands roamed over breasts, stomachs and asses.

After a steamy five minute make out session, Nikki was finally able to pull herself out the lust induced haze when Helen started unbuttoning her blouse. Nikki pulled away slightly as to get Helen to stop.

"What?! You gone off on me then?" she asked as she ran her fingers lightly over Nikki's stomach.

"No, that's the problem. I desperately want to run my fingers over your dripping wet slit and hear you moan…"

Just hearing that made Helen moan.

"See! That's what I talking about! How about we tease each other during dinner; lingering touches, whispers of what we want to do to each other. Let the sexual tension build—because darling, I don't know about you but that tension makes the climax infinitely better."

Dinner went well and both women enjoyed the meals, more champagne and each other's company. Nikki told Helen all about the This Morning special in which Elements would be featured. Helen was ecstatic for Nikki and the spa and told Nikki she thought nothing but good things could come from this chance. Of course they played footsie under the table during dinner and in the car on the way home Helen placed kisses on Nikki's neck and whispered what she was going to do to Nikki went they got home.

"Helen—if you don't stop teasing me one of two things is going to happen. Neither of which would be good. One, I'm going to pull the car over and shag you senseless and we'll both probably get arrested for indecent exposure or two, I'm going to get into an accident because you will have distracted me."

"I'll stop, for now." Helen said as she pulled away then smiled and winked at Nikki.

"Ha! Remember, all's fair in love and war…" Nikki retorted.

"We'll see, we'll see." Helen said as she grabbed Nikki's free hand to hold the rest of the way home.

Nikki pulled the Mercedes into the drive and both women headed into the house. They went to the front closet to hang their coats up. Helen finished first and headed towards the lounge.

Nikki quickly closed the closet door and caught up to Helen grabbing her hand from behind and pulling Helen close to her body. Helen started to speak but almost at once Nikki's mouth was on hers, Nikki's hands tangled in Helen's hair as she kissed her. Helen groaned against Nikki's mouth as her hand slipped beneath Nikki's sweater, cupping her breast toying with her nipple. Next thing Helen knew her sweater was off, the bra unclasped and Nikki's mouth was upon her first nipple, then the other, biting, licking, and sucking. Helen could do nothing but grasp the curls at the base of Nikki's neck and hold on, knowing where Nikki was headed and wanting her to go there. Nikki's leg was between Helen's thighs, her hips grinding against Helen's, pressing her sex against Helen's.

Helen groaned "Yes baby, yes" as Nikki's hands slid down and grasped Helen's skirt, pulling the zip down and letting it fall to the floor. Nikki's hand slipped between Helen's thighs, inside her panties; Nikki's always cool fingertips grazed her clit. Nikki sank her teeth into one of Helen's nipples which resulted in a noise from Helen's throat which was a cross between a moan and a yelp. Nikki loved the noises Helen made and smiled as she moved to the other nipple. Helen's legs parted father when Nikki's fingers began sliding downward to Helen's already wet lips. Nikki placed small bites along Helen's stomach, making a trail all the way down her stomach and southward as she took off Helen's panties. Nikki stood up and once again attacked Helen's mouth. As the loving assault continued, Nikki pushed Helen backwards towards the steps till Helen had no choice but to break the kiss and sat down on fourth stair with her legs spread wide, waiting for Nikki to finish what she started.

Nikki knelt on the second stair up, ran her palms the length of the inside of Helen's thighs bringing her close Helen's radiating core. Nikki entered Helen with two fingers and began to do all the little things with her long, nimble fingers that drove Helen nuts; leaving Helen trembling and weak. The first contact Helen's clit had with Nikki's tongue was almost more than she could bear.

Helen's moans and cries of pleasure spurred Nikki on so she added another finger for a total of three. Nikki began to fuck Helen in and out as hard as she could; teeth scraping over Helen's clit. Nikki then sucked Helen's clit in her mouth and held the sensitive but between her teeth.

"Baby please, I need it now!" Helen cried out, her entire being focused on Nikki's mouth and fingers. Nikki changed her hand's position and now her thumb was probing Helen's ass while the rest of Nikki's fingers were inside Helen. Nikki began to alternate between fucking Helen, her finger in, thumb out; thumb in, fingers out, until Helen was writhing, pushing against her, not caring about anything but what Nikki was doing to her. Nikki felt Helen's fingers tighten the grip in her hair, now pulling Nikki closer, waiting the sweet release. As wave after wave rushed through Helen's body to her clit; Nikki's hand was soaking wet and helped keep Helen's pussy lips open as Nikki lapped up every drop of cum that had soaked her pussy, legs and body, letting none go to waste.

As Helen enjoyed the aftershocks of their lovemaking, Nikki moved up a step and kissed Helen's stomach then rested her head there. She loved to make Helen feel good. It felt even better to get back Helen after all that teasing she did in the car.

Nikki looked up at Helen with that playful smirk on her face and said "You really didn't think you were going to get away easy with all the teasing before, during and after dinner without me and not have me having my way with you?"

"Darling, I was planning on it." Helen said looking down at Nikki with her signature smile.

"Hmmm…I guess I have to plan my attack better next time." Nikki said in a seductive tone as she moved up to kiss Helen.

"Remember darling, all fair in love and war." Helen replied as she began to kiss Nikki. After a few seconds of kissing Helen pulled back, "Besides, there's an attack that I'd like to make right now."

"And what would that be?" Nikki asked, knowing full well what was coming.

"I'm about to attack this." Helen said as she slipped her hand inside Nikki's underwear and touched Nikki's wet slit.

"You can attack that anytime you want darling, anytime you want."


Part 27

Nikki returned This Morning's call and agreed to do the segment. The producer Kelly informed Nikki that the segment would be next Thursday December 8th and she would be a guest on the show that morning and that a film crew would come shoot the different areas of the spa before hand on Tuesday and Nikki would describe the different options and packages that Elements offered. Nikki asked Kelly if it was ok to bring a couple of people with her to the studios that Thursday who replied that it would be ok. Kelly also informed Nikki that she would be with the film crew on Monday and she would have the particulars (arrival time, make-up, airtime, etc) for Nikki. Nikki expressed her gratitude for choosing her spa and ended the call. She got up from her desk and walked out to the outer office to find Babs standing at the copy machine.

"What are you doing next Thursday morning Babs?"

"I'll suppose I'll be sitting at this desk working for you." Barbara replied neutrally not knowing where Nikki was going with this line of questioning.

"No, you'll be with Helen and I at the studios for This Morning." Nikki replied with a grin on her face like a kid at Christmas.

"What are you talking about Nicola?"

Nikki proceeded to tell Barbara all about the segment and the spa's involvement in the show. Nikki's excitement about the opportunity couldn't help but rub off on Barbara. Barbara was excited just to get to go to the studios where the show was filmed. Both women decided it would be a wonderful experience they probably never would have had if it wasn't for the spa.

Monday came and with This Morning coming the following day Nikki made sure the spa was sparkling clean and everything was in good, working order. She couldn't have been more excited about the show. Nothing but good things were going to come from this—she just knew it.

At lunchtime came and Helen phoned Nikki at Elements.

"Hey darling, how are going there? Is the place sparkling clean?" Helen inquired.

"It's looking great, everyone is really looking forward to the crew coming to tape tomorrow. What's up with you? To what do I owe this call?"

"I was wondering if you could squeeze me in somewhere on the massage schedule sometime this evening? Please? Pretty please?!"

"Hold on, let me go ask Rachel." Nikki put Helen on hold and headed to the lobby to ask Rachel if she could fit Helen in. Rachel checked the schedule and there was a cancellation so Helen could come. Nikki picked up the line at the front desk.

"Baby? You're in luck, there's an opening at 4:30. Can you make it here by then?"

"Of course, it is my prison after all."

"Good, you'll have you're massage while I finish up for the day and then we'll go grab dinner somewhere. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like a plan. Hey, I gotta go—I have an adjudication that I was supposed to be at five minutes ago. I will see there at 4:30. I love you."

"Ok, see you then. I love you too. Bye."


Nikki put the receiver back in its place and look at Rachel who was sitting there with a big grin on her face.

"What?!" Nikki asked.

"You would move heaven and earth for her wouldn't you?"

"Without giving it a second thought. I love her."

"Aww, that's so awesome. You two are a match made in heaven. I'm jealous."

Nikki smiled, "I know".

The next morning Nikki got an early start. Helen woke to the sound of the shower.

Too excited to sleep. Helen thought as she made her way to the bathroom. She was still tired and could use the extra half hour to sleep but knew Nikki would make a racket getting ready for work. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Helen peeked her head inside the shower,

"Got room for a wee lass?"

"But of course!" Nikki replied.

Helen got in the shower and stood under the warm water. "Mmmm, nice" she moaned.

Nikki looked at Helen's naked body up and down. "It is nice—at least what I'm looking at."

Helen pulled Nikki towards her and maneuvered them so they both were standing under the warm spray.

"Good morning darling. Glad you like the early morning view."

"Morning" Nikki replied as she caressed Helen's face. Slowly she moved in for a long, soft kiss. Both showered with a few pauses for kissing.

While Nikki got dressed Helen dried her hair in front of the mirror in only a towel. Seeing Helen in only a towel did things to Nikki's body. She stood in the doorway and stared at Helen as she buttoned up her blouse.

"You have no idea what it does to me to know that the only thing between me and your naked body is that towel."

Helen turned around with a devilish grin on her face. "Why do you think I walk around like this? Darling you seriously underestimate me."

"Hmm, I don't know about that. I didn't underestimate you last night. I wouldn't underestimate you now either" Nikki stated moving towards Helen looking to fool around.

Helen put out her hand and stopped Nikki's advances she knew they didn't have time for play work was beckoning.

"True. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get dressed so I'm not late from work. You Miss Wade, should be doing the same."

"Ok Gov" Nikki added moving away from Helen quickly to escape playful slap that was coming.

The day found Helen and Nikki both busy at work; Nikki with the film crew and Helen with a problem on D-Wing. Both women were glad to be finished for the day. Helen was at home resting on the couch with a glass of wine when the phone rang.


"Hiya babes!"

"Hey you! All done with filming?" Helen inquired.

"Just wrapped up. It went great. Everything was in working order and went smoothly. I couldn't have asked for more." Nikki replied ecstatically "What are you doing?"

"Laying here on the couch with a glass of wine. D-Wing was a nightmare, the whole wing was playing up. I just need to relax."

"And relax you shall. I know just the cure for what ails you. How about some Thai take-away with a glass of wine, a bath with yours truly, and to bed early for who knows what. I know I could use a relaxing evening too. Huh? How does that sound?"

"It sounds like a plan, make it happen Miss Wade." Helen said as she smiled into the phone. Nikki always made her smile.

An hour later, Nikki came through the door of Helen's flat with the Thai food in one hand and another bottle of wine in the other.

"Hey babes" Nikki called out as she slipped her shoes off in the hallway.

"Hey, hey" Helen replied getting up off the couch grabbing the bag of take-out that was in Nikki's hand. "Where shall we eat? Kitchen or couch?"

"Couch. I've been on my feet all day I'd like to sit on something comfortable." Nikki replied dropping her purse on the end table and taking her coat off.

"I'll grab the other wine bottle and some plates and silverware. Sit down and relax baby." Helen told Nikki before stepping up to Nikki and giving her a lingering kiss.

Helen went into the kitchen and retrieved the plates, silverware, wine opener, and another wineglass for Nikki before coming back into the living room. Both women sat on the couch and ate dinner, both telling the other about their day at work. Helen was so thankful for Nikki, it was nice to come home and vent to someone about her day. It felt good to get it off her chest, it was that or sounding off to the refrigerator. After they finished eating both women took the plates and leftovers to the kitchen, poured themselves a full glass of wine and headed to the bathroom for a relaxing bath.

Nikki started the bath while Helen grabbed to fresh towels out of the linen closet. This is going to turn out to be the best evening! Nikki thought. Her hands were quickly working to remove her trousers and blouse as she thought about the impending bath. Helen came into the bathroom and noticed Nikki was already naked; she didn't mind this view at all.

Helen smiled appreciatively then said "Now who likes the view?!"

Nikki turned around and smiled she remembered it was her that liked the view that morning.

Steam filled the room as the tub began to fill. Nikki was sitting at one end of the tub with the water splashing over her. Helen stepped into the tub and sat facing her. Helen was feeling a bit frisky and had not initiated sex in a while so she felt this was her opportunity. She doesn't even know what's coming Helen thought.

"Just lay back and enjoy." Helen instructed.

She lifted Nikki's foot and began to massage the bottom of her foot with her thumbs. Nikki deserved a good foot massage, after all Nikki's the masseuse she usually gives the massages not receive them. This was something Helen wanted to do and it was a good lead-in for what she had planned. Helen massaged both of Nikki's feet and then began to move upward. Ankles, calves, back of knees, thighs, inside of thighs. It was a type of slow torture Helen knew would drive Nikki insane but would also lead to a great climax. While Helen rubbed the inside of Nikki's thighs the back of her fingers brushed lightly over the moaning woman's clit. Helen grinned when Nikki's eyes widened knowing she had found her target.

Helen ran her wet finger along Nikki's wet lips and whispered "That will be my tongue in just a few minutes."

Nikki gasped as the touch to her clit had sent a small orgasmic wave through her, not a full-blown orgasm but a definite prelude to a much larger event to come. Her nerves tingled all over where Helen had touched her skin. Her pussy was aflame with desire and Helen's fingers were only centimeters away. Every part of her pubic area was highly aroused and extremely sensitive. She felt the fingers as little jabs of orgasmic bliss as they moved back and forth over her most sensitive regions.

Nikki couldn't handle Helen's teasing and was already on edge.

"Please baby, don't tease me. It took you forever to get up here. When the back of your fingers touched my clit I almost came, I don't know how much more of this I can take. Please" Nikki moaned

Helen was more than glad to grant Nikki's plea. She lifted with her hands raising Nikki's ass into the air. Nikki helped lifting with her own legs.

"Mmm...Yummy, dessert." Helen smiled and licked at the thigh beside her.

Nikki groaned at the feel of Helen's warm tongue. The blood rushing to her head made Nikki slightly dizzy. Helen's tongue sliding toward and then into her pussy made her head explode. It took less than three long licks from ass to pubic bone for Nikki to begin her orgasm.

Helen continued to work her tongue around and into the smooth pussy as Nikki tensed and relaxed with waves of pleasure. Helen grinned as she timed her licks to be the most effective. First flicking the hard clit above and later sliding seep into the juicy moist opening below. After several minutes she felt a major shudder run through Nikki and stopped, letting her settle back into the cool water.

Nikki gasped and screamed when Helen drove deep with her tongue and her lip or nose pressed into her clit. The orgasm exploded upon her suddenly and without mercy filling her whole body with an electric tingle. She relaxed and realized that she was now in the tub again. She could hear the water running and felt it beginning to lap up over her hips and onto her belly.

She looked at Helen. "That was amazing." She turned to sit between her legs and kissed her gently as she settled into Helen's arms.

Helen rubbed soapy hands over Nikki's breasts, half stroking and half just holding her as they sat in the now warm water.

"When you are rested it will be your turn to eat desert." Helen whispered seductively to the woman in her arms.

To Be Continued

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