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A Little Christmas Spirit
By Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

It was around that time of year in Federation standard time, and things were peaceful enough in Delta Quadrant terms. This was part of the reason that Captain Janeway decided that people needed a bit of cheering up, and what better way to do that than have a celebration?

With the notable exception of Tuvok and Seven, whom neither saw the need for such social gatherings when there was work to be done but refrained from voicing their opinions, the entire group of Voyager's senior officers were taken with the idea. B'Elanna Torres at first seemed disinterested with the proposal, but eventually changed her mind as it became apparent that the celebration in question would be a Christmas masquerade.

Seven offered her only comment for the meeting when she pointed out that the holiday in question was not celebrated by all humans, much less by all the other races and species onboard Voyager, but it was to no avail. Captain Janeway had decided and Seven's protest was waved away with a 'nonsense, its all in good fun'. Then Janeway turned her Force Ten Command Glare - a lesser known variable of the Force Ten Glare that lacks the same kind of hostility that the one levelled at enemies such as the Borg Queen holds, yet still more well-known than her Force Ten Maternal Glare of whom mostly Seven and B'Elanna were the unfortunate recipients - in Seven and Tuvok's direction and decreed that ALL the senior officers would attend. It was not a suggestion.

Tuvok, still without uttering a single word, lifted an eyebrow in Seven's direction, conveying the folly in speaking up during the circumstances as it would always invariably lead to being commanded to participate and now look what you did, there goes my evening in blissful solitude with my happy lamp. Seven blinked and cocked her ocular implant, apologizing and acknowledging that she had much to learn still and darn I wanted to hide in a Jeffries tube with four teraquads of Klingon lesbian erotica.

All eyebrows aside, the date was set and orders issued to all to participate. All that was left was for everyone to find just that perfect outfit to get into the Christmas spirit, and the gifts to go along with it for those that wanted.

The big day arrived, or at least it did for those not so unfortunate as to be on the duty shift that overlapped the official starting time for the party, although those would be relieved of duty eventually to allow them to join in the festivities as well.

Holodeck One and Two were filled to the brim and bustling with merry activity. Harry Kim and Neelix had been in charge of creating a good Christmas setting for the party, and all ingredients where there, right down to an obnoxiously large Christmas tree and Christmas gifts scattered about, both real and holographic. Everyone was in costume.

Janeway had declared herself Santa's little helper and showed up in a green elf outfit that nicely showed off the red in her hair and how small a woman Voyager's illustrious leader really was, but also scarred several crewmembers for life, making them feel a slight onset of panic at the very thought of elves forevermore.

Chatting away with her was three gingerbread men, Tom, Harry and Neelix, while the doctor, as Scrooge, was visiting with the ghosts of Christmas past and present, the Delaney twins. Tuvok, along with Vorik, had appeared at the party dressed in white Vulcan finery, stating that there was a Vulcan meditation holiday around this time that celebrated a revered master that had invented a new kind of lamp. Chakotay was somewhere in the room, dressed as a Christmas tree, but since he was virtually indistinguishable from the real one, no-one really noticed.

B'Elanna was slightly late, but not so much that it earned her a reproachful look from Janeway to B'Elanna's relief. Her appearance at Janeway's side did however earn her a few semi-shocked and open-mouthed looks from the small group of people talking to Janeway.

"B'Elanna? Did you forget your costume?" Harry asked and then realized his lack of tact. "Err, I mean, what are you dressed as B'Elanna?"

B'Elanna smirked and pinched Harry's cheek as Janeway asked with growing suspicion "You're not supposed to be an elf, are you?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm a Christmas gift." Harry nodded nervously to B'Elanna while rubbing his sore cheek. The woman did not know her own strength.

"A Christmas gift?" Tom lecherously eyed the green cloth wrapped around B'Elanna's middle and tied together with a large green bow on one side, the black leather boots that reached slightly above B'Elanna's knees, and the wide green ribbon B'Elanna had tied at each wrist and wrapped around her shoulders like a shawl. "Who for, is there a tag?" Followed by a wide grin.

"Certainly not for you, and don't even _think_ about trying something, gingerbread pig." B'Elanna growled and then, ignoring Tom's protests that he was not a pig, turned to Janeway. "Has Seven arrived yet?"

Neelix looked over Janeway's shoulder at the entrance to the holodeck. "I think Santa just did."

Tom whistled. "Someone must have forgotten to tell Seven that Santa is supposed to be a chubby old guy and not..." He all but visibly drooled. "..._that_."

And indeed Seven caused quite a stir as she entered the party dressed as a Santa, dressed all in the red velvet of the traditional Santa but in something rather tight-fitting for such an outfit. The open jacket revealed her wide black leather belt and the tight red velvet top and she wore black leather boots although were every bit as high-heeled as her usual shoes, but the red Santa hat was held in one hand. Occasionally Seven glanced at it and frowned, apparently not liking the idea of putting it on her head, then she spotted Janeway's group and set towards them with a brisk, determined gait.

"No time to talk, I have to hurry." B'Elanna breathed and raced away around the Christmas tree, or possibly Chakotay, she wasn't too sure.

Some time later as Seven had done her rounds to an extent she warily hoped would satisfy Janeway, and Seven was eyeing the door with some longing, deciding on the odds of her sneaking away unnoticed, B'Elanna reappeared.

Quickly the smaller woman grabbed Seven and with a whispered 'Hurry!' yanked her behind the enormous tree and into a rather secluded corner next to a fireplace.

Barely had Seven noticed this fact before B'Elanna yanked her down into a large wooden chair placed there, and leaned towards her.

"Look what's up there, Seven." B'Elanna purred, causing Seven to tear her eyes away from the sudden display of cleavage right in front of her.

"...a plant?" Seven was somewhat distracted.

"Not just any plant, Seven... mistletoe." B'Elanna grinned and leaned a little closer. "Do you know what happens when someone's under a mistletoe?"

Seven swallowed audibly and stared at B'Elanna with wide eyes. She nodded.

"Good girl." B'Elanna breathed and then straddled Seven's lap. She breathed into Seven's ear. "Good... because Santa isn't getting out of this chair for a looong time tonight."

With that B'Elanna took possession of Seven's lips and made utterly certain Seven would never forget just exactly what could happen if one was caught sitting under a mistletoe.

Hours later as the party was in full swing and heading for the scheduled highlight, Seven and B'Elanna came up to Janeway to tell her they were leaving. Janeway stared at them in incredulous suspicion as Seven was sans her hat and belt with her jacket folded over one arm and B'Elanna had lost all her ribbons but the large ribbon holding her cloth together somewhere.

"But you can't leave now!" Janeway protested. "Its time to open the gifts!"

B'Elanna's wide, sunny grin took Janeway somewhat aback. "Yes, it is."

Harry, once more found at Janeway's side, blinked in some confusion. "What? Ohh... but... wait, Tom is over there." He pointed somewhere to their right.

Seven straightened and looked rather stern. "Mr Paris' stocking will not be the recipient of certain gifts but of coal, this Christmas and for many, many such to come."

B'Elanna giggled a little and gave Seven a quick but thorough kiss. "That's cute honey." Then she grabbed Seven's hand and ignored all else as she dragged the taller woman out of the holodeck.

Harry gaped. "Buh... but... what... but..."

"But nothing." Janeway told him crisply, nudging him away from staring at the already empty door. "There are worse ways to celebrate Christmas."

"Now go fetch that drunken gingerbread pig before his slobbering over the Lucia makes her Starboy girlfriend beat him to death with her pointy hat."

The End

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