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A Little Extra Water
By Geekgrrl


Jaime Sommers challenges me in the best possible ways. Just when I think I'm getting a handle on reading her, on how she's dealing with her new life, new abilities and the scars of her past, she throws me a curve ball.

Today has been one hell of a curve ball.

"I wasn't sure you got my message…" Jaime turns to face me, soapy water streaming down her naked body, standing proud before me in one of the many stalls in the women's shower room at Berkut HQ. This is one of the few times I'm glad of the small number of women in our business as the area is deserted except for the two of us. Her mischievous smile promises so much, daring me to step beyond my comfort zone. Little does she know how far I've already gone, how far I'm still willing to go for her.

"I thought it needed my immediate attention." Swallowing hard, I drop the towel covering my body and move into the narrow shower stall with the girl, the hot water hitting me like needles. Her eyes rake hungrily down my body and I am suddenly very aware of my forty odd years.

"Good thinking." She doesn't seem to see what I do, as her hand moves, hesitantly, almost reverently, across my collarbone and down between my breasts as she looks up at me, sharp teeth biting her full bottom lip. God what she does to me…

Taking a deep shaky breath I grab the bottle of shampoo beside her, popping it open and pouring a dollop onto my hand. I want to take my time, feel this delicious creature slick and slippery beneath my finger tips.

"Turn around Trouble." I all but growl. With a little smirk and a lift of an eyebrow she nevertheless spins around and I watch the rivulets of water race down her back and over her toned bottom. Heaven help me.

Covering both hands with the shampoo, I run my fingers into the long dark tresses, building a lather of suds. Jaime steps back against me, my nipples rubbing against the slope of her back and I hear a low moan as she tips her head forward and I start to massage her scalp.

Her hands come up to brace against the tile wall before us, her legs parting slightly and I take the invitation, sliding my thigh between, pressing tight to her core. Her breath hitches and I feel her wet heat start to rock against me.

My fingers start rubbing little circles at the top of her head, tracing down behind her ears, kneading and pulling at the cords of her neck before gathering the dark tresses back up to the top of her head and starting all over again. Her rumbling purr of pure pleasure hits me low, coiling in the pit of my stomach as my desire makes itself known, enjoying the feel of her body moving against my thigh, her ass thrusting against me.

Reluctantly I move away, and her growl of frustration makes me laugh but I turn her into the spray of the shower head, rinsing the soap and suds from her hair. As she leans back into the water, her breasts find their way into my hands, palming the stiff nubs, the weight perfect as I squeeze and massage them.

"Please, Ruth..." Jaime moans finally, watching me play with her, my thumbs now circling her erect nipples, unable to take much more of my teasing, her body flushed with need. Pushing weakly on my shoulder with her left hand, I take the hint and sink to my knees, bringing us nose to navel.

I watch entranced as water trickles across her tight abs, down and around her bellybutton, small droplets of water falling into the tiny hollow. Nuzzling against the soft warm skin, I kiss and suck at the water collecting there, my tongue laving around the delicate edge of skin. Jaime giggles, her stomach jiggling with the movement, coarse hair tickling at my throat reminding me of other places I'm looking forward to exploring.

I run my hands along her hips to hold her steady against me and feel her hands slide through my hair, pulling the moist strands back out of my eyes. Looking up her long body into soft green eyes my heart clenches at the beauty and trust reflecting back at me.

Dipping my head I follow a trail of water trickling down her stomach, licking and sucking my way lower, pausing when I reach damp dark curls. My hand has slipped lower along her leg and now is trailing up the inside of a smooth thigh. I'm sure Jaime can't help it as she thrusts forward, her body silently demanding my touch.

Guiding a powerful leg over my shoulder, I open Jaime further, my tongue sinking into her hot folds, lazily circling the stiff clit I find there. I take her into my mouth and start to suck. Rocking against my insistent mouth, Jaime is quickly losing control. She can't seem to get close enough to me, her left hand tangles in my wet hair keeping me where she needs me. I torment her with a few quick faint flicks of my tongue, before starting to build a steady rhythm. Wrapping my arm around her waist, I trail my finger tips along her most sensitive flesh, parting her and then suddenly filling her completely.

Gasping, Jaime bucks hard against me, so much so that I almost lose my grip on her needy clit. Humming against her body in sympathy, I start to build the tempo, pulling out slightly before thrusting into her over and over again, taking her closer with each stroke.

Moans fill the air, mumbled words mixing with the steam, begging me for release. Jaime's cries echo around us as she twitches in anticipation, racing headlong to her fast approaching orgasm. Finally, I feel her stiffen in my arms, shuddering around me, her body holding and clutching my fingers deeper as she comes for me.

Soon her movements start to slow, waves of pleasure still flowing through her as she throbs against my mouth. Eventually I slide back up her body, catching and holding her close, needing my strength and the safety of my arms as she catches her breath, satisfied. Leaning in she smiles before tasting herself on my lips, kissing me oh so gently.

"We should try to conserve water together more often." I murmur softly against her lips.

Jaime nips my lower lip, snagging and pulling on it seductively, before letting it go. Someone is quickly getting her energy back, lucky me. My body is on fire, still desperately needing her touch, wanting her to take me and make me her own. Pushing me back against the cold tiles, she presses against me, hot and slippery in my arms as she whispers into my ear.

"Oh, I don't think anyone will notice if we use just a little extra water…"

The End

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