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Living Without Her
By Ros Sawyer


She remembers little of the day we lost our daughter. She remembers the dress Annabel wore, she remembers the daisies that had been dropped on the tracks, she remembered the train. She remembers the squeal of the train as the driver fought to stop it. She remembers blood.

She doesn't remember being hit herself, doesn't remember falling at the side of the tracks, doesn't remember me. It's gone, all of it. Gone. I loved her, I loved our daughter, I still love her. I miss her. I miss her smile, her laugh, her sweet kisses.

If only she would remember me, or our other daughters, or her father. Anything would be a nice start. She has fallen asleep now. Alone. She knows I care for her, she remembered that the day she awoke.

If we can get through this, if we can live through this, we won't need to look back anymore. Now though, with her like this, we have to look back, we have to find her memory.

She has woken, crying. She needs to remember. She has to. I can't help but pray she will remember. Then she speaks.


Our daughter, the only one she remembers. Or, so I thought. Her next words are less clear, but they are there.


A pause. Is she truly remembering me? Now?

"Where is David? Where is my father…"

She speaks softly, almost crying.

"He's dead, isn't he?"

She must remember alone. I can't help her.

"I… remember Annabel, she died. I… I was hit. Trying to save her. Our little girl."

A heartbeat then, finally.

"Jessica, Rowan…. Emma? Where are they?"

"At home."

Finally she speaks again.

"Adelle…. Adelle, would you take me home? Now? Please."

She is quiet as we pack, her voice shaking slightly as she speaks finally.

"If we live through this, can we leave Annabel in the past?"

I can't help myself. She's too precious to me, I can't lose her again. I agree quietly.

"Live through this, and you won't look back. Ever."


"I promise. Claire."

The End

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