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By KyaniteD

It's been a while, since they arrived,
Since they got home.
_This_ was a long journey,
An epic voyage.
But now they are home.
All of them.
But her.

After their arrival,
And after their ceremonial reception,
When the last piece of confetti drifted to the ground,
And the last tune was only an echo in the streets,
They went home.
All of them.
But her.

The moments were over

When they fell into each others' arms
And those of their families
When strangers greeted them
With warm smiles and friendly gestures
They were welcomed back.
All of them.
But her.

The long road home was endless.
There were fields of thyme
Burning in the summer heat
Branding the air with a unique scent.

The long road home was winding.
There were mountains of ice
Glistening in the summer sun
Freezing the sky.

The long road home was dark.
There were woods of pine
Swaying in the humid summer breeze
Painting black shadows onto the canopy.

There were places to be called home.
Uninhabited places that were not empty.

Ever since they arrived she knew
All that would greet her
Were the empty walls
Of an empty place
She'd never call home.

Home is where heart is.

The road was her home.

Homeless are the heartless.
And eternal voyagers those,
who lost their heart along the way.

The End

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