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Lost and Found
By Geekgrrllurking


"What the hell am I doing?" Nikki Beaumont stared up at the stars and asked who ever was listening up there. Nora had been very clear that she didn't want to do this. Didn't want her. She should have just driven home and had a bottle of wine, or three, and gone to bed. And yet here she was standing at the gateway to Nora's home like some pathetic stalker.

Nikki ran a hand through her dark hair in frustration. Just ending their budding relationship at work this afternoon had been unfair and running away with Dan had just plain hurt. Working away on their case load hadn't helped and crying in the locker room had only given her a headache. Although Georgia's offer to help her hide Nora's dead body had made her smile and feel a little better.

Somewhere along the line though, Nikki had straightened her shoulders and refused to give up on them without a fight. Of course you did need two for a fight, and Nora's home was very dark at the moment. She didn't want to think about what Nora might be up to with Dan at this time of night and that bottle of merlot was suddenly looking a whole lot better. A car door slamming broke into her thoughts and she turned at the sound.

Nikki noticed the familiar El Camino parked a few cars down under a street light, and then Nora Delaney emerged from out of the shadows. Short black leather jacket, clinging white tank top, well fitting blue jeans and her natural swagger, it took Nikki's breath away and she forgot for a moment how pissed she was with the woman. Nora stopped beside her, their eyes meeting, her green ones troubled, sad. Nikki couldn't help being a little pleased that she seemed to be suffering too.

"You just gonna stand there or are you coming in?" Nora swung open the wrought iron gate and waited for Nikki to enter before her. Unlocking the door, she flicked on the light and dropped her jacket, keys and cell phone by the door, cautiously watching her partner enter her home.

"I don't know about you, but I need a drink." Not waiting for a response, Nora wandered off to the kitchen to find her bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses. The day had ended up even worse than she had originally expected. She had just spent the last few hours with everything she thought she wanted. There was a gorgeous man on her arm, who her family already loved, giving her his undivided attention while wining and dining her. It had been comfortable, warm and safe. And she had been miserable for every moment of it.

All Nora could think of the entire time was Nikki. The wounded look in Nikki's eyes today haunted her, helpless as she watched them welling with tears. It cut a strip from her heart knowing that she had been the cause. She had consoled herself with the thought that what she had done was for the best. Now though, she wasn't so sure.

Nora poured out two glasses and turned to find Nikki silently watching her with those fathomless dark eyes. Reminding herself to breathe, she handed a glass to Nikki, their fingers touching, sliding against each other, before she pulled herself away.

"Nora, we need to talk." Nikki knew she had to get to the bottom of what was up with Nora. This was too important for her to just let slip through her fingers. She could rebuild their working relationship if need be, but she wouldn't lose the woman without an explanation of some sort.

"About this afternoon..." Nora looked down and swirled her whiskey over the ice in her glass. She wished she could be frozen too, so she wouldn't feel this pain. Once Nikki was gone she could let herself fall apart, until then Nora would hold herself in check, in control.

"No, let me rephrase that. I need to talk and you need to listen." Nikki took a gulp of whiskey, enjoying the burn of it down her throat and the warmth in her gut. Taking Nora's glass from her hand she placed both glasses carefully on the countertop, before turning and stepping forward quickly.

Nora didn't expect the move and suddenly found herself backing up against a wall, her body pressed between brick and five feet ten of angry brunette. She couldn't ignore the energy sparking between them, nor the flush of desire rushing through her body.

"Nikki what are you doing?" Nora gasped as the lithe brunette moved even closer, slowly dipping her head and tasting her soft lips. Long moments passed, tongues sliding against each other, slick and wet. Pausing for much needed breath, their eyes locked.

"Look at me and tell me that you don't feel the way I do. Tell me that you don't want my hands on your body right now, my lips on your skin, my voice in your ear moaning your name. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want me, and I'll go." Nikki knew this was it, Nora's last chance to save this or end it completely.

Their bodies were pressed so tightly together Nikki could feel toned abs moving against her own with each breath as Nora panted, thinking hard. She could see the flux of emotions flowing behind the green eyes and then she saw it. Saw the moment the walls fell, watched as Nora broke open, finally letting Nikki in.

"I—I can't" Nora whispered, unable to stop the flood of emotions. She had tried to stay strong, but it was all too much for her to carry on her own anymore. "God, Nikki you're all I think about, night and day. I can't make it stop and honestly, I don't want to make it stop. I'm ready to change everything for you. Everything. And it fucking scares me, ok? It scares the hell out of me." Tears welled and slowly trickled down her soft cheeks.

"Oh, baby." Wiping the tears away with her thumb, Nikki's heart melted at the words. She pulled Nora into a tight embrace, the pain and anger that had been crushing her soul since that afternoon washing away with Nora's tears. Now that she had an idea of what was going on with the other woman, hope flared in Nikki's heart.

"Nothing worth having ever comes easy. As long as we have each other, we can work through everything else together. I promise." Nikki stroked her hand through the long blonde hair, staring hard into serious eyes.

"Give us a chance here, ok?" Nikki smiled as Nora silently nodded before pulling her close once again, clinging to each other for a time, needing the physical connection with each other. Nuzzling softly in the blonde hair, Nikki suddenly could smell Dan's cologne on Nora and she growled softly.

"What?" Nora registered how still Nikki had become in her arms.

"Your clothes, they smell like him." Embarrassed by the jealousy that still burned through her veins, Nikki paused and tried to move away.

Nora pulled her back, their eyes meeting, challenging. The ball was in Nora's court and she was happily surprised at how easy this step was to take.

"Then take them off me." Nora rasped, watching as hungry disbelief reflected back from Nikki's dark eyes. And then before she knew it, Nikki's mouth was against her own again, staking her claim. Long fingers teased down her body, finding the hem of her white tank top before pulling it up over her head in one fell swoop, leaving her in just her silky bra.

"There's no going back from this Nora." Nikki panted, staring down at Nora's half naked body, running her fingertips along twitching abs. She desperately wanted to pop open the jeans and keep exploring but she wanted to be very clear that this was what Nora truly wanted.

Nora smiled, putting her hand over Nikki's and moving it to cover her scantily clad breast with both their hands. "Make me yours. Please."

Nikki's heart soared with the whispered plea, and took what was being freely given. She was still amazed that the night had turned out so much better than she had hoped. Nikki thrilled at the needy moan falling from Nora's lips as she started to move along the woman's tempting body. She knew it wouldn't be the last one she'd hear from Nora Delaney tonight. Nikki thanked her lucky stars one last time and then lost herself in Nora.

The End

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