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Lost Scene
By Alex


"What are you saying?" Frankie felt her world collapsing around her.

"I'm saying that, for one time in my life, I'm the one pulling back first, ok, Frankie? Have a nice life." Frankie watched with a heavy heart as Bianca walked out of her room, out of her life.

Frankie stood up and started pacing around her room. What am I doing? Why is this happening? She just won't get the picture...We wouldn't need to be fighting if she knew. Surprising herself, she threw her hand into the wall, creating a nice little hole. Great. Opal's going to love that. She thought angrily. Oh well, it's not like you're gonna be living here much longer. Close to tears, she grabbed her bag and stormed out of the house.

Frankie sank down onto her bed, feeling worse than she had before. Three beers later, and she was drunk, but it hadn't helped her any. She still felt the pain of Bianca's departure, and she couldn't get the girl off of her mind. Sighing drunkenly, she reached for her phone.

"Yes?" Frankie groaned inwardly. It would have to be Erica answering the phone, wouldn't it? She took a deep breath. She was too anxious to argue.

"It's me, Ms. Kane. Frankie. Can I speak to Bianca, please?" She said all in a rush. At least she got it out. There was silence on the other line as Erica debated whether or not to hang up.

"Please don't hang up. I -- I know it's late, Ms. Kane, but if Bianca's there, could I please speak to her?" Frankie pressed, biting her lip nervously. Erica briefly thought of the possibilities; if she hung up, Bianca would probably find out, and it wouldn't help her cause any. She sighed and held the phone up to Bianca.

"It's for you." Frankie's heart soared. Bianca's heart started pumping overtime as she stepped up to take the phone.

"Hello?" Frankie breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hi, Bianca." Bianca's heart jumped in her throat as she heard the urgent tone in Frankie's voice. "Oh, thank God I got in touch with you. I -- I'm so, so sorry. You know? You know what I'm saying?" Frankie was getting frustrated with herself. She knew what she wanted to say, she just didn't know how to say it.

"Yeah, yeah, I do." Bianca replied. "Calm down. Frankie, why are you--" Bianca looked over at her mother. Better not to give her any ammo. "well, what's the matter?" She rephrased. Frankie let out a shaky breath.

"The stuff I said to you -- I didn't mean it. I--" Come on, you can do it girl... "I swear I just didn't mean it. I didn't want to chase you away." That's a start... She looked up at the ceiling. "You know, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I'm scared." She looked around the room. "And, well, I'm all alone and -- and it's all my fault." Well, that's one way to ask her to come over... She thought as she wiped tears from her cheeks. Bianca's heart was pounding.

"I'll be right there, ok?" She said, waiting for Frankie's faint "okay" before she hung up. Erica was appalled.

"Bianca, you're not leaving this house."

"You can't stop me." Bianca rushed over to the chair that held her jacket and bag. Erica tried again.

"Bianca, I forbid you." Maybe her parental authority would work?

"You know what? I don't care. OK?" Maybe not. Bianca headed out the door, leaving a gaping Erica behind.

Frankie paced back and forth, periodically wiping the tears from her eyes. She stopped in mid-pace as she heard a knock on the door. She all but ran to the door, flinging it open. She saw Bianca, and, uninhibited, threw her arms around the taller girl's neck.

"Oh." Bianca said sadly when she saw the girl's face. She wrapped her arms around Frankie's waist, pressing their bodies close together. They were so close she could literally feel the other girl's heart beating next to hers.

Frankie was in heaven. All of her despair had disappeared the minute she and Bianca had touched. She reveled in the feel of the girl's arms around her, the scent of her shampoo. Her breath quickened as she realized how close they were. She felt Bianca's lungs contract and expand against her own with each shaky breath the taller girl took. She feels it too...I know she does. Frankie thought.

This is right. The thought came unbidden to both of them, yet it wasn't unwanted. Neither girl could deny how right it felt, how perfectly they fit into each other's arms.

Bianca let a silent sigh escape her lips. Frankie felt it and pulled back a little, just far enough to look into Bianca's eyes. The heat between them was almost tangible. Frankie's eyes moved from Bianca's eyes down to her lips. The desire to kiss the girl was so strong that it scared her. Part of her was screaming for her to stop, but she wasn't in the right state of mind to listen to logic. Hungrily, she claimed Bianca's lips with her own.

Bianca's heart was racing at the touch of the other girl's lips. As Frankie's tongue fought its way into her mouth, she could taste the beer the girl had consumed. She knew she should stop it now, but it felt too good. Her thoughts were quickly degenerating into one basic need: to feel Frankie's lips on hers, and nothing else mattered. Frankie moaned into Bianca's mouth, her fingers tangling themselves in Bianca's dark hair. Bianca's hands roamed across the older girl's back, reveling in the feel of having someone's arms around her, someone's lips on hers. Frankie moaned insistently, pulling Bianca into the room and shutting the door, her lips and hands never leaving Bianca.

Frankie's maneuvering landed them on the bed, Frankie resting her weight on Bianca as she kissed up and down the girl's neck. She was going purely on instinct, the beer having released her inhibitions. Bianca moaned under Frankie's ministrations, her mind completely gone. Frankie's hands moved under the purple shirt the girl had on. As Frankie's fingers danced across the smooth skin of Bianca's stomach, her mouth moved desperately back to Bianca's. Bianca moaned under Frankie's touch, her own hands moving under Frankie's shirt, roaming across the bare skin of her back. Frankie's hands moved out of Bianca's clothes, grabbing desperately at them to remove them. Bianca rolled herself on top of Frankie, straddling the girl's hips and removing her shirt, quickly returning to Frankie's lips, her hands slipping Frankie's own shirt off of her body. Bianca gasped at the sight of Frankie's bra-clad chest. She placed a hungry kiss on the girl's lips, pulling away only to speak.

"You're beautiful." She swore, her mouth returning to Frankie's, moving down the girl's neck to kiss her upper chest. She could feel the girl shaking under her, and pulled back to look at her.

Frankie's eyes were wide and scared, unshed tears welling up, preparing to spill over onto her cheeks. Bianca's haze quickly cleared as she moved off of the girl, moving to lay beside her.

"Frankie? Are you okay?" Bianca asked, the reality of what she had almost done hitting her. "I-I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have let it go this far. You're drunk, and I-God, I'm so sorry." She apologized, her own eyes dampening with tears. Frankie started to cry, seeing how guilty Bianca felt. She knew she could ease that pain, she could tell Bianca that it wasn't the alcohol acting for her, but her fear was quickly sobering her, and for Frankie, sobriety meant hiding her feelings.

Bianca pulled Frankie into her arms, the feel of the girl's almost-bare chest on hers bringing her attention to the fact that neither had a shirt on. She wiped a tear from Frankie's face and spoke. "Maybe we should get into some pajamas or something, huh?" She suggested. Frankie nodded through her tears, letting Bianca help her up from the bed. Bianca looked through Frankie's bag, finding some clothes for her to change into. "Here you go…you go ahead and change, I'm going to go ask Opal for some clothes for me, okay? I'll be right back, I promise." She placed a gentle kiss on Frankie's forehead before pulling her shirt on and leaving.

After Bianca had closed the door behind her, Frankie changed into the boxers and tank top Bianca had handed her, and tried to regain her composure. Come on, Stone, you can do this. Just forget it happened. She'll come back, you'll go to sleep, and you can chock it all up to being drunk. Her mind drifted to how it had felt, Bianca's lips and hands on her body, feeling loved and beautiful. She sank down onto her bed, tears rushing forth again. She wondered if her fear would always keep her from having this happiness that was so readily available to her. She thought about living alone, without Bianca, for the rest of her life, and it just made the tears flow faster.

Bianca walked in to find Frankie lying on her bed, sobbing. She rushed over and laid down next to her, pulling the girl into her arms and letting her cry on her shoulder. She pulled the blanket over them and held the fragile girl until they both drifted off to sleep.

The End

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