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By Sarah


Love they say is great.
Love they say makes everything better.
Love doesn't stop you from hurting.
Love doesn't stop the arguments.
Love doesn't stop you from crying.

If Love is so great why do you hurt?
If Love is Love why do you still feel pain?
If Love is great why do you still fight?
If Love makes everything better why do you cry?
If Love is rose and flowers, why don't you see them?

I never saw this love.
I never been apart of it.
I am glad.
I hate the fights love causes.
I hate the crying it causes.
I just hate Love.

I tell myself this as I lie in bed.
Your body wrapped around me.
I know I don't Love you.
It is more than that more than what they see.
They think love is great.
But I know that love is nothing but a flaw.
What we have is better, better than your perfection.

This feeling I have for you.
I can't describe.
But I know no matter what my soul and hearts belong to you.
To you my savior, my partner, my Be'nel.
When our daughter is born I will tell her all about this feeling.
Because you and me are more then love more then Life.

The End

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