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By Kerri-Ann Allen


How could this be?

I can't be in love with her, can I?

I mean it's not supposed to be this way.

I'm supposed to be the rational one, I think everything out, it's why I became a lawyer.

I'm supposed to be the level headed one, the one who doesn't fall for cute. That's more Lindsey's thing.

So when Jill found herself watching Cindy as she slept with her auburn curls spread across their shared pillow she couldn't figure out how she went from being the rational, level headed one who didn't fall for cute to debating how she could have fallen so hard for the inquisitive, slightly annoying but overall beautiful redhead that happened to be laying beside her.

Just that moment Cindy moved and snuggled closer to Jill. Jill gathered Cindy in her arms and forgot all about her thoughts.

I love her. That's all.

The End

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