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Lovely Surprises
By nikkiandnora


Natalia opened the door to their house and was greeted by the sight of her wife standing there in nothing but a lacy nightgown that hugged her delicious curves.

Natalia slid the key out of the hole and shut the door behind her. "Now there's a sight I will never get tired of seeing."

"Thank you darlin'." Calleigh whispered before pulling Natalia into a kiss that was filled with such intimacy and sweetness that it left them both gasping for air.

Calleigh took her hand and led her to the bedroom where candles were lit. The candlelight danced upon the bed and walls.

Stopping Calleigh turned to face Natalia and pulled the nightgown over her head. Natalia's breath hitched as she watched luscious and naked body of her wife cloaked in nothing but candlelight. The candle glow spun her hair to a molten gold, tipping her nipples with a silver-white glow and causing her eyes to drift to the golden thatch of curls between her thighs.

A fierce hunger swept through her body as she watched Calleigh step towards her. Natalia reached out and threaded her hands through her golden hair, drawing Calleigh's lips to her own. Calleigh nipped on her lower lip causing her to let out a gasp.

Calleigh slowly unbuttoned her blouse, trailing kisses along the skin being reveled to her. With the blouse now unbuttoned she pushed it off Natalia's shoulder. Moving on she swiftly unsnapped her belt and unzipped her slacks. Pushing that down, she reveled more of Natalia's bronzed skin. She ran her hands over Natalia's body loving the tremors that coursed through her.

Calleigh sucked on Natalia's pulse point as she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. She slid her hands to Natalia's hips slipping the last piece of material down her legs. Natalia stepped out of the offending garment and they fell onto the bed. They both moaned as skin rubbed against skin and their mouths collided in another demanding kiss.

Calleigh pinned Natalia to the bed and leaned down to take a hard nipple into her mouth. She moved her other hand up to pinch at Natalia's rock hard nipple. Natalia moaned arching her back to push more of herself into Calleigh's moist mouth.

Calleigh began to lick down Natalia's stomach, pausing to nip at the most sensitive part on Natalia's body. Calleigh continued down skipping over her wife's wet center. She pushed her wife's parted legs further apart and pressed her lips to the silky smooth thighs.

Calleigh slid her tongue through Natalia's slick folds, loving the taste of her wife. She moved up to lave at the hardened bundle of nerves, as Natalia's hips bucked against her.

"Ahhh, Calleigh, babe."

Calleigh slipped her tongue into Natalia, gripping her wife's hips to hold her tight. Natalia gripped the sheets, bunching it in her fists as her head thrashed from side to side.

Calleigh slid back up the tall bronzed body beneath her. Taking a nipple into her mouth she used her fingers to circle Natalia's clitoris. Her fingers slipping and sliding along the slick, rubbery nub. She pushed two fingers into Natalia making her gasp and writhe beneath her.

Straddling one of Natalia's toned thighs and rocking against it, Calleigh coated it with her juices as she tried to relieve some of her growing tension.

Calleigh picked up the speed, pumping in and out of Natalia's dripping core. She added a third finger, curving it inside Natalia to hit that sweet spot. Calleigh move back down to join her busy hand, laving once again at the hardened bud.

"Oh God Cal, oh shit that feels so fucking good." Natalia croaked out, hovering at the edge.

Calleigh pumped a few more times and Natalia fell over the edge, gasping out Calleigh's name as her orgasm racked over her.

Calleigh took Natalia's limp body into her arms, murmuring words of love while she ran her hands through her wife's hair, soothing her.

Flipping Calleigh over onto her back, Natalia hovered over her before leaning down to capture Calleigh's lips in a searing kiss, purring all her love and desire into it.

Natalia nipped along Calleigh's ear and neck, running her tongue over her collarbone. She worked her way down to the swell of Calleigh's gorgeous breasts. Natalia cupped Calleigh's right breast in her palm flicking her thumb over it while sucking the left one into her mouth.

"God, Talia."

Natalia ran her other hand down Calleigh's body, moving to cup her wife's throbbing center. Calleigh bucked against her hand trying to increase the pressure.

"Talia, please."

Hearing the desperation in her wife's voice, Natalia shoved two fingers into her, thrusting in and out while pressing her thumb against her swollen clit. Calleigh's breathing was ragged and she was gasping for air.

Natalia slid down Calleigh's body moving to lave at the tight bundle of nerves between Calleigh's slick folds. Calleigh started bucking wildly beneath her, moaning and groaning as her orgasm built to a toe-curling level.

Natalia added another finger, twisted her hand, and sucked harder on the tiny bud. That was all Calleigh needed and she went crashing over the edge. Natalia continued to pump her fingers drawing out Calleigh's orgasm.

Natalia moved to lie next to Calleigh drawing her into her arms. Calleigh rested her head on Natalia's chest. After a while she felt Calleigh chuckle.

"What are you laughing at?" Natalia asked.

"Well darlin', I was gonna ask if you liked your surprise but I'm pretty positive I know the answer."

Natalia laughed. "That sure of yourself huh?"

"Only when it comes to you babe."

"As well you should be, feel free to surprise me more often." Natalia whispered before pulling Calleigh tighter against herself.

The End

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