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By Megs


Miranda Mona Montgomery was determined. Determined to get more candy than her little sister, Gabrielle Amelia Montgomery. It was just the law that the older sister should get more candy. She was oldest, so she was going to get the most candy. Even if that meant she had to go to every house in Pine Valley to do it.

Gabrielle still had the 'cute' thing going for her. She was, after all, four. Four year olds are 'cute' and being cute meant more candy. Why? Miranda wasn't sure. Maybe the parents just wanted to fatten them up so they could be eaten for Thanksgiving instead of the Turkey. Or maybe they'd be so full from candy that on Thanksgiving they didn't need to buy as big a Turkey.

Really, Miranda didn't care. She would still get to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving as long as her Aunt Kendall didn't decide she was a Eagan again…whatever that was. She could be whatever she wanted. As long as she still got Turkey. And Candy. Lots and lots of candy.

Miranda just knew that because Gabrielle was still cute that she had to work extra hard to get more candy. It was just the simple logistics of trick or treating. The first way to get around the 'cuteness' factor was having an awesome costume!

So, her costume this year was perfect. Just perfect! She was going to be Hermione from Harry Potter. She had her Hogwarts vest and a wand and her hair was already curly so it was perfect. She wasn't going to be Hannah Montana like Gabrielle or Troy Bolton from High School Musical like Spike. No, she was going to be Hermione Granger. It was genius!

The second way to get around Gabrielle's 'cuteness' was her age. Yes, that was what caused her problem in the first place but it also meant that she had a wider range of knowledge about all the houses in the area. So, being older, in this case, at least regarding where all the good houses were, was a plus.

Yep. She knew the houses that gave away baggies of candy instead of individual pieces. Or the houses that left out bowls of candy with signs to "Please take one and leave some for fellow trick-or-treaters".

Miranda, being the good girl that she is only takes two. Two isn't bad! Even if it says to take one, taking two isn't bad. It's only bad if there is only two left in the bowl. Then she only takes one. But she is a good girl so she doesn't take the entire bowl and dump it into her pillow case. Not like those older kids did last year.

They just took the entire bowl and dumped it right into their bags and left none for anyone else. No, she doesn't do that. Why? Because she's not mean. She might be desperate but she's not mean.

So, being the good eight year old that she is, she only takes one extra piece from the bowls left on stoops or on wooden tables right outside the gates of the locals homes. She also is always polite. She always smiles, even if Mrs. Richard always gives her the nasty cereal boxes because 'they're good for you'.

Well, Miranda always smiles and takes the cereal boxes. Even if she doesn't like them. Besides, she just gives them to her mom because moms are supposed to eat the nasty cereals their kids don't want to eat from their Halloween bags, aren't they? And if her mom doesn't then her cousin Spike will eat just about anything, so she'll save the cereal boxes for him. If Spike doesn't eat it then Miranda is sure that Maggie will. Maggie likes cereal. She eats it every morning anyway.

But he's not someone she needs to worry about. He's still six. That means that he's not allowed to go more than four blocks away from his house. So, he won't be getting more candy then her. Not by a long shot. Nope. Not when she can go six blocks from her house and three from her Grandma Erica's, and Aunt Kendy's house too!

That's 12 whole blocks!

She's going to have more candy then can fit in her pillow case! Heck, she might need two pillow cases!

This is going to be the best Halloween ever!


October 31, 2013

This is going to be the worst Halloween ever!


Why, someone would ask.

She already had it all planned out. Which houses she's going to start out from. She had the perfect costume and Maggie was going to be home in an hour. That means she'd have more than 12 blocks. Mom and Aunt Kendall only stick on the blocks that they know parents on. Maggie, Maggie knows a lot more people and she'd take her everywhere! She knew it.

Except, this year is going to be the worst Halloween ever.


Because it's raining.

Everyone knows that you don't go trick-or-treating in the rain.

Miranda sighs as she looks out the window at the falling drops of rain. It's not even soft rain. It's hard and fast and the lady on the TV says it's not going to stop for another hour and that Pine Valley is in some kind of warning. Miranda doesn't want to hear about any 'flood warning'. She wants to hear about sunshine and warmth so she'll be allowed to go out and get a pillow case full of candy.

But no! Not this year her mother says. Sorry, her mother says. She can keep on her costume if she wants she says.

Well, what good is the perfect costume if no one else sees it?

Pictures, her mother tries. Pictures will ensure people see her in her perfect costume. It's not the same she tells her and moves to sit on the cushioned chest inside the small nook of the living room that looks out at the front yard. The front yard that is wet and that the rain forms puddles on.

This Halloween is the worst one, EVER.

Bianca decides that this is going to be the best Halloween ever.

The kids, although not wiped out from trick-or-treating are going to be spending the evening with their Aunt Kendall. Bianca just finished arranging it. Kendall and the boys are going to be coming over for dinner and then Kendall is going to take them to her house for a movie marathon. More like to watch the latest Disney Channel Halloween Special but that is perfect. That is at least two hours with an empty house.

Also Miranda gets what she wants.


She can't give her baby girl the experience of trick or treating but with the candy she and Kendall bought to put out for the other kids of the neighborhood they have plenty to give to the kids. All of a different variety as well. Besides, now she won't have to eat those nasty cereals that Mrs. Richards gives to the kids that somehow always end up in HER candy bag.

But more importantly she can get what she wants. Time alone with Maggie.

It has been ages since the two of them have been alone, together. If it isn't work that keeps them apart it is a soccer game, practice or basketball practice that just started two weeks ago, or a parent teacher night or an emergency with a friend or family.

It is Pine Valley after all.

Bianca knows that there is a large possibility that her fool proof plan will somehow be ruined but honestly she just can't bother to dwell on it. There are far more interesting and enticing things to think about.

Like one Mary Margaret Stone, her very own personal M&M unwrapped, bare melting and spread wide open before her on their bed.

Shaking her head Bianca pulls herself from her unrated thoughts as Gabrielle pulls on her hand.

"Mommy…can you help me?"

Bianca smiles gently at her daughter and nods her head. "Sure honey, what can I help you with?"

"I want to make a picture of Mags' Jack-O-Pumkin."

"Jack-O-Lantern, honey." Bianca corrects.

"Right, that!" Gabrielle nods her head. "Can you help?"

"Of course. Let's go into the family room and take out the crayon and colored pencil set Maggie got you for your birthday."

Gabrielle jumps up and down as she tugs on her mother's arm trying to pull her into the family room so they can go and color.

Miranda sits hanging her head in her hands pouting at the rain and her ruined Halloween when Maggie comes home. Miranda doesn't even look up.

Meanwhile the other two Montgomery women nearly run out of their socks in their haste to greet Maggie at the door.

Maggie smiles as she is greeted by a smiling and otherwise excited four year old. "Maggie…!"

Maggie scoops up the lovely Hannah Montana into her arms. "Hannah Montana? What are you doing here…?"

"It's me Maggie…!" Gabrielle chastises with a bright smile and sweet laughter. "It's Gabrielle."

"Ah…is it?" Maggie puts Gabrielle down and kneels next to the smiling child, she tugs on the blonde wig gently and it moves to show some brown curls. "Oh…look at that. It is you."

Maggie smiles as she watches Gabrielle rush back to the low table in the family room where she apparently has crayons and a picture she needs to show her, right away!

Bianca moves up and greets her girlfriend with a kiss and warm embrace.

"Welcome home…" Bianca greets softly.

"Mmm…and people wonder why I'm so eager to leave the hospital. Coming home to kisses like that they'd be jealous." Maggie jokes as she kisses Bianca again.

"Maggie…Maggie…look! Look!" Gabrielle rushes up between her mother and Dr. Maggie, waving around a picture of a pumpkin and what looks like a green witch on a broom but could be a frog on a log flying in the sky.

"Wow…" Maggie takes up the picture and determines that yes, the flying frog on a log is actually a witch on a broom and hands the picture back to the eager four year old. "That's one mighty good looking pumpkin sweetie."

"I made it just like the Jack-O-lantern you made!" Gabrielle admits. She is practically bouncing in her fake cowboy boots.

Maggie looks to Bianca with a raised brow, curving her mouth to make it so Gabrielle can't understand what she's saying. "How much candy has she had?"

Bianca shakes her head and laughs, her arms still wrapped around Maggie's waist from behind as she looks over the doctor's shoulder at their daughter.

"That would be most of the M&Ms…."

Maggie's eyes widen as she spins to look at Bianca. "M&M's!? You let her eat them all!?"

Bianca rolls her eyes, "Of course not. She only had four small packages."

"Good…" Maggie looks around and then at Gabrielle who is ignoring the two lovers as she looks at her pumpkin and the Jack-O-Lantern that is sitting on a small stool behind them by the doorway. Most likely comparing the two. "…because then her appetite would be spoiled."

Bianca chuckles as she pokes Maggie's side, causing the shorter woman to jerk. "Oh please, you just want those M&Ms all for yourself." And if they tasted as good as you did I wouldn't blame you.

Maggie tilts her head to the side at the truth of her lover's statement. "Well…I'd share them with you…if you wanted some." Maggie offers with the biggest smile she can muster.

Bianca just twitches her fingers that lie above Maggie's ticklish spot causing the older woman to jump around in Bianca's arms trapped as she is tickled for her immaturity.

"Okay, uncle, UNCLE!" Maggie cries out between fits of laughter as she thrashes about in Bianca's tightening grip. "St—top Be…Bianca…"

Gabrielle looks up from her inception of her own art work to see her mother tickling Dr. Maggie and she smiles before she rushes towards the living room to find Miranda and show her the picture she made.

"Hmm…" Bianca watches Gabrielle leave the room and waits until the small child's figure is out of sight completely before her hands stop their tickling assault on Maggie and instead slide sensually across her sides towards the end of her shirt.

Maggie's eyes widen as she leans back into Bianca's arms. "What are you up to…?" Maggie asks as she turns her head and nips at Bianca's neck.

"Unwrapping my very own M&M."

Maggie snorts, "Somehow that is both juvenile and a turn on. Maybe because it sounds so much like S&M." Maggie's laughter catches in her throat as one of Bianca's hands slips under her shirt and the other pushes her fingers slightly past the waistband of her jeans.

"Oh…and you'd be interested in S&M would you, Dr. Stone? Or should I say Captain Stone?" Bianca's voice is low and husky as she trails kisses across Maggie's neck up towards her ear, nipping at her already quivering girlfriend's earlobe.

"Okay…first, you love my pirate costume and you know it. Second…is this the treat before the trick? Or tease before the kink?" Maggie asks as she convulsively swallows even as her mouth is dry, her mouth open in a silent exclamation of Ohh… as Bianca's hand cups her breast through her bra. "God, not that I'm complaining, because, I'd be stupid to, but…"

"Then why even continue talking…?" Bianca asks eyes lidded as she moves her mouth down to Maggie's shoulder.

"Be…because of the young eyes that are only two rooms away." Maggie admits, even though she would gladly fall back into Bianca fully before returning the vigor in which Bianca has shown thus far by ten, using the door as the perfect surface to help her ensure both of their more carnal needs be met.

Bianca sighs as she rests her chin on Maggie's shoulder, looking towards the living room where she is sure both Miranda and Gabrielle are sitting by the window looking out at the rain, before she rests her forehead against Maggie's shoulder and groans. "Kendall is coming over with the boys for dinner."

Maggie cringes, "Well, we already know a sure fire way to kill any mood is the mention of Kendall, the girls, and your mother. In the opposite order from worst to least."

Bianca chuckles, she can't help herself. It's so true. "I'm sorry, but you started it with the kids."

"Yeah, I did." Maggie clucks her tongue "I can't really remember why at the moment though."

Bianca pulls back from Maggie and shoves her lovers shoulder as she laughs and shakes her head.

Maggie smirks as she turns around to look at Bianca, "So, Kendall and the boys are over for dinner? Am I making anything special?"

"No, the pizza is on the way." Bianca leans over and kisses Maggie's lips once more as she follows Maggie into the house as Maggie takes off her wet shoes and brings her back into the office they both share beyond the kitchen and family room.

Maggie shrugs, "Right, might as well go all the way with the fattening food tonight right?"

"Might as well. Besides, saves us from cooking. And it's from Eddies. Your favorite."

Maggie puts away several manila folders into her desk drawer before picking up a plastic bag that rested beside her briefcase. She looks up at Bianca with a smile at the mention of Eddies. "Ah, you've officially sold me. Food from Eddies is the sure fire way to convince me of anything. Just like BJ's nachos were for you while you were pregnant."

Bianca takes Maggie's hand and they both move towards the living room looking for the kids. "What do you mean was? It still is."

Maggie smirks as she realizes this is true and stops walking.

The two women move into the living room and find Gabrielle sitting on the couch watching the TV that has been muted. Miranda is sitting in the small octagonal nook in the far right corner of the living room looking out the window. Maggie creases her brow and looks at Bianca questioningly.

"She's upset that she couldn't go trick or treating." Bianca explains as she moves to sit next to Gabrielle on the couch while Maggie moves towards Miranda, her hand musing up Gabrielle's blonde wig as she passes the couch.

"Hey!" Gabrielle exclaims as she fixes her wig with Bianca's help. Both groan at Maggie's childish antics. Bianca watches as Maggie sits next to Miranda by the window and watches the storm silently with their oldest daughter for several long moments.

"Mommy…can we watch Halloween Town?" Gabrielle asks hopefully as she looks between her mother and the TV.

"Alright…" Bianca brushes her thumb across Gabrielle's cheek before moving towards the television and the DVD stand looking for the movie Gabrielle wants to watch.

Meanwhile, Maggie sits with her knees drawn up to her chest as she looks out at the storm facing Miranda, her eyes looking out just above the little girls head. When Miranda looks at her, subtly Maggie doesn't look away from the storm. She keeps her eyes out on the rain and the trees. Miranda soon turns back to look out at the rain as well.

It isn't until Maggie has been sitting behind her for long moments that Miranda finally speaks.


Maggie turns away from the scene of the front yard and the neighbors' homes to look at Miranda, who isn't looking at Maggie with her own eyes but looking at her through the glass of the window.

"What, what?" Maggie asked with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Why are you here?" Miranda asks, her eyes narrowing at Maggie's reflection.

"I'm here because I thought you'd like some company."

"Well, I don't." Miranda states firmly as she crosses her arms and looks out at the front yard again.

"Oh, okay then. Well, your Aunt Kendall is coming with Spike and Ian for dinner." Maggie informs as she too looks back out the window watching as the dark grey clouds come to life with a sudden surge of electrical light.

Miranda is surprised that Maggie doesn't leave right away. She stays with her and doesn't say a word up until they see Kendall's car pull into the driveway and three figures exit the car. Still, she doesn't leave until her mother calls and tells her that Kendall, Spike and Ian are here. But that's when she has to get up too. But right after she says hello to her Aunt Kendall and her cousins she moves back to her private alcove. This time though, Maggie doesn't join her and that's fine. Because she wants to be alone anyway.

This is the worst Halloween ever!

Kendall and Bianca watch as Ian, Spike, and Gabrielle all sit on the couch enjoying their pizza as they watch The Mummy's Son, a previous Disney Channel Halloween made for TV movie. Miranda is still sitting in the corner of the room looking out at the empty block as rain continues to fall against the window pane and on the earth outside.

Kendall looks behind her and is surprised when Maggie is not behind her and Bianca.

"Where's Captain Stone?" Kendall asks curiously.

Bianca turns around to see that Maggie is nowhere to be seen as well. Turning away from the living room Bianca moves back into the hallway, "Maggie…?"

Maggie turns the corner quickly just as a flash of lightning engulfs the shadowed hallway.

Bianca jumps back with a screech as Kendall screams the two Kane women jumping back into the wall, their hearts hammering in their chests as they glare at Bianca's snickering lover.

"What the hell, Maggie!" Bianca grabs at her shirt above her heart and takes a few deep breaths.

"If you wanted to kill me all you had to do was poison me. It'd be far less painful then a heart attack." Kendall scolds darkly.

"Oh, please. I wouldn't kill you, Kendall." Maggie laughs. "Hmm…but making a poison, a love potion maybe, now that might be fun if slipped into the right person's glass." Maggie admits as pulls a black flimsy cape around her shoulders. Her nose is covered by an artificially large snoz with a brown wart on the tip. Her eyebrows now big thick and black and a mole rests in the middle of her otherwise green cheeks.

Bianca rolls her eyes and chuckles as Maggie slips the last of her witch costume into place.

"You're only missing your broom." Bianca comments as she helps Maggie tie her black cape. With the pirate shirt and black belt around her waist, the ruffles of the shirt cutting just below her breast and her tight black jeans, she is quite a sight. Even if her beautiful face is marred with a prosthetic nose, mole, wart, bushy eyebrows and green paint.

Maggie offered her hand out to Bianca. Her eyes moving up and down Bianca's un-costumed form. Hell, even Kendall is wearing what could be considered a costume, if a Red Wings Jersey is a costume. "Next year, I'm going to get you into costume. I swear it."

"Please, this one won't dress up for the world." Kendall waves her hand at Maggie's cocky assurance. As if she could get Bianca into a costume.

"Oh…you do huh? And how do you plan to do that?" Bianca asks as she places her hand on Maggie's and smiles when Maggie's hand closes around her own.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." Maggie winks.

The two remain standing in the hallway, right outside the living room as Maggie smirks evilly at her lover. Bianca knows she just knows that no matter what fight she will put up next year whatever Maggie has planned as incentive will easily destroy her resolve to remain casually dressed on Halloween.

"Now…stay here my pretty…I have children to find." Maggie cackles loudly and smirks when Gabrielle squeals from the living room. The youngest Montgomery is heard anxiously trying to get her cousins and sister to come with her and hide.

"Come on, come on she's coming!" Three small thuds are heard as apparently the young children on the couch are up and rushing after Gabrielle, both Hart children more than willing to play this game.

"Where we going?" Ian asks as he follows after Gabrielle.

Gabrielle leads them to where Miranda is sitting and grabs her sister's arm. "Manda, come on. She's comin…come on…"

"Do you hear that?" Maggie whisper yells, throwing her voice into the living room where she is sure Gabrielle is still tugging on Miranda's arm trying to get her older sister to hide behind the couch. "It sounds like children…yummy children."

Bianca covers her mouth to keep her giggles in check as Maggie lets go of her hand and moves into the living room, her hand easily finding the light switch and placing the room in darkness. The only light the artificial light of the grey sky outside and the occasional lightning strike from the windows.

Kendall looks at Bianca and towards Maggie's barely seen figure in the dark room. "What is she doing?"

Bianca smiles as she leans against the hallway wall, giving herself a nice view of the entire living room. Bianca looks at her sister and shrugs. "We've been together for a total of six years and I still don't know what she's doing."

Kendall nods and shrugs her shoulders, she'll have to see what the young Dr. Stone is up to.

Miranda, who had been ready and willing to pout out the window all night is annoyed with Gabrielle's antics. Gabrielle is such a scardy cat, she thinks as she pulls her hand back and away from her sister. There's nothing to be afraid of.

It's only Maggie…

But then!

The lights go out!

And someone's in the room that is certainly NOT Maggie, although she sounds like her, a little.

Miranda jumps when she turns to see a hunched over figure with the shadowed outline of a large nose with someone sticking off of it moving slowly into the room, looking back and forth.

Gasping Miranda jumps down from the chest in the windowed nook of the room. She grabs Gabrielle's hand and covers her sister's mouth when she sees the figure as well and is about to scream.

Bianca stays in the hallway and watches as Maggie hunches over her back and slowly enters the living room, rubbing her hands together gleefully as she decrees she can smell two little children. One eight year old and a four year old.

Then…she seems to sniff the air and cackles delightedly.

"Make that four children. Two little boys…mmhh…children stew for weeks."

Ian gasps and takes a hold of Miranda's hand and tightly squeezes it while Spike rushes to hide in the closet.

Miranda sees Spike run to the closet and she sees the figure look right at the closet and slowly move towards it. With eyes wide and a hammering heart Miranda waves for Spike to come back but he only shakes his head and remains in the closet, holding the closet door slightly open so he can see them.

Looking around Miranda sees a pillow behind her and takes it and throws it into the other corner of the room. The figure looks towards the corner and slowly moves towards her. Then, Miranda rushes over to the closet and pulls Spike out of it. Gabrielle and Ian right behind her as they don't want to be more than two feet away from her. Looking around and seeing the figure moving around the couch she ducks down onto her knees and waves for her cousins and sister to do the same. She then crawls towards the open door that will lead into the dining room.

Once they get to the dining room then they can go to the kitchen and find their parents. The plan works. They all crawl into the dining room, Miranda waving everyone ahead of her as she watches as the figure moves towards her private alcove and opens the chest as if expecting them to be hiding in there.

Turning away she quickly follows after her cousins and sister and points towards the kitchen.

"Where are we going?" Spike whispers as he leads the group crawling towards the door Miranda pointed out. It's dark and he can hardly see anything but he can still make out Miranda's shadow as well as his brother's and Gabrielle's. The figure, he can't see any more but he doesn't want to see her anymore.

She wants to eat him and Ian. Make them into stew that she'll eat for weeks. Nah uh. He's not going to be anyone's stew for weeks. Nope.

"Kitchen. Mom and Aunt Kendall…" Miranda whispers back and shrieks when something grabs onto her leg. She looks up as Gabrielle, Ian and Spike all scream as she tries to kick off whatever has her leg. She looks back as a flash of lightning strikes outside in the rain and the face of a green witch with a big nose and warts is right there! Holding onto her leg!

Miranda screams again and kicks, trying to get away.

Spike's eyes widen as he pulls at Ian's shirt and pushes his little brother towards the kitchen and he sees Gabrielle move back towards Miranda.

Gabrielle can hardly breathe she is so scared but the green witch, she saw it, she's green! Has Miranda's leg. Miranda! Her sister! She can't let her sister become dinner for some ugly looking green witch!

"Let her go!" Gabrielle commands as she stands up and grabs a hold of Miranda's arms and pulls as hard as she can.

Spike looks towards the kitchen and sees Ian moving into the room that actually has the lights on and back towards his cousins and the big black thing holding onto Miranda's legs. Puffing up his chest he stands up and grabs onto one of Miranda's arms and pulls with Gabrielle.

"Kick it!" Spike tells Miranda and Miranda does. She kicks it right in the shoulder. It groans and lets go.

"RUN!" Miranda screams as she jumps to her feet and runs towards the kitchen. "MOM! MOM!" Miranda yells as they make it into the kitchen and see the pizza box on the table as well as the glasses of wine the three adults had been drinking but no sign of them.

"Miranda?" Bianca asks as she and Kendall both walk into the kitchen surprised to see the kids all heaving as they stand in the kitchen. Ian has a pot in his hands and Spike has a rolling pin. The two boys drop their weapons the moment they see their mother and run into her legs.

"It's green…green mommy and it wants to eat us!" They both explain at the same time as they try and push their mother towards the door. "We gotta go. Come on."

Kendall looks over at Bianca to see that her sister is facing the same type of assault. Both her daughter wrapped around either of her legs trying to get her to leave the kitchen and the house as well. Kendall meets Bianca's eyes and she can hardly contain her laughter.

Bianca pats Miranda and Gabrielle on the shoulders and kneels down to look into their eyes. "Where is it?"

"In there!" Gabrielle points as she moves to hide behind her mother's legs.

"Alright, Kendall…I'll go deal with the green thing. You take the kids to your house!" Bianca instructs as she picks up the rolling pin that Spike dropped. She slaps the rolling pin into her palm twice as she tries to keep herself from giggling like Kendall.

"Alright, but you be careful!" Kendall plays along as she leads the kids out of the kitchen. Gabrielle moving to stand in-between her older cousins as they are led out of the kitchen. Miranda follows but looks back to see her mom move towards the dining room with the rolling pin.

"Mom…?" Miranda calls and offers her mother a small smile when she turns to look at her.

Then! A shadow moves up behind her mother.

"MOM!" Miranda cries as she watches as something black wraps around her and pulls her into the dining room. Miranda rushes in towards the dining room, but pulls up short when she sees her mother turn in the arms of the green witch and pull off her nose.

Her…Miranda looks down at the rubber nose and back up to her mother and…

She flips on the light switch of the dining room.


Maggie and Bianca both turn around and see Miranda standing in the doorway looking at them. Maggie offers Miranda a sheepish smile as Bianca's arms fall away from their locked position around Maggie's neck.

"I just wanted you to have fun munchkin." Maggie admits with a small smile. "You were so sad…"

Miranda looks angry. She crosses her arms and glares at the two women in the dining room.

"Manda!" Gabrielle calls out as she rushes up behind her sister to see her mother in the arms of… "Maggie?"

Maggie looks over at Gabrielle with a smile, "Hey there peanut."

"It was you?" Gabrielle asks and then smiles. "That was so much fun!" Then she turns and runs towards the kitchen. "Hey Ian, Spike, it was only Maggie!"

From somewhere in the front hall they can hear Spike say, "I…I knew it was her all along. Yeah, I…I was just playing along."

Maggie and Bianca both snicker as they hear Kendall snort at her son's claim.

Gabrielle appears in the doorway again, out of breath. "Mom, are we still going to Aunt Kendall's?"

"Do you want to?" Bianca asks, crossing her fingers that she still does.

"Yes! Can I?" Gabrielle asks, her excitement bubbling over.

Bianca smiles, "Of course."

"Yes!" Gabrielle pulls her fisted hand down in sign of victory. "Wait for me Aunt Kendall!" Gabrielle exclaims as she runs away once again.

"Be good!" Bianca throws out to her retreated daughter.

"I will!" Echoes back into the room and causes Bianca and Maggie both to smile.

Their smiles fall however when their eyes move back to Miranda.

Miranda nods her head slowly as she looks at her mother and Maggie. She steps forward until she's forced Bianca to stand beside Maggie instead of in front of her. She looks up at her second mother and contemplates something.

Maggie holds her breath, hoping she hadn't gone too far.

Then, slowly, a large smile breaks out over Miranda's face and she throws herself into Maggie's arms. "Thank you Maggie. This has been the BEST Halloween EVER!"

Maggie smiles as she wraps her arms around Miranda and holds her daughter to her. "You're welcome kiddo. Now, off you go. You don't want to miss your ride to your Aunts house."

"Okay…" Miranda smiles before she moves to hug her mom goodbye too before she rushes out of the room to catch up to the rest of the group. Bianca and Maggie moving out of the dining room into the front hall to help Miranda and Gabrielle put on their rain boots and jackets.

After they've said goodbye and Kendall's car has pulled away after promising to bring them back at the end of the movie, Maggie closes the door to find Bianca looking at her intently.

"Yes…?" Maggie asks after several minutes where all Bianca seems to be doing is looking at her curiously.

"You really need to take off that make up." Bianca insists as she looks her lover up and down. "Though, the pirate outfit is rather…dashing on you." Bianca admits as she steps forward and places a gentle kiss to Maggie's nose. The only part of her face that is not covered in green make up.

"Hmm…who knew you were so into pirates." Maggie asks as she steps forward, placing her hands on Bianca's waist before pulling the taller woman into her.

"Oh, you knew." Bianca insists strongly. Maggie certainly knew how much she liked pirates.

"Of course I knew…" Maggie admits with a smile as she places a gentle kiss to Bianca's chin before turning to kiss down Bianca's neck. "Want to help me get the paint off?" Maggie asks as pulls back to look at her lover.

"Mh…only if you promise to put back on the pirate costume." Bianca bargains.

"Ah a true haggler…let me think…" Maggie pretends to think about her options but is slapped on the forearm for her trouble. "Alright, alright. A bath and then I promise to put back on the costume."

Bianca smirks as she tugs on the smooth material of Maggie's puffy shirt. "Good." She places a kiss to Maggie's green lipstick covered lips. "I think…" Moves to kiss the top of Maggie's nose. "That Miranda…" she places a kiss to the hollow of Maggie's neck "…was right. This is going to be the best Halloween ever!"

The End

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