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Make Me Laugh When The Chips Are Down
By atfm


Lindsay stood next to her desk and surveyed the mess of files and photos scattered all over it, bathed in the dim glow of her desk lamp, the only source of light in the large, shared office at this time of the day. Rubbing her aching temple, she fought back the tiredness that threatened to overcome her. No sleep for almost two days was beginning to take its toll on her, but she dreaded going home because she knew the case would undoubtedly be woven into her dreams. Staying awake meant holding on to the last bit of control she still hoped to have over it.

"Still here?"

Her eyes flitting from the desk surface to where the voice had come from, Lindsay wasn't surprised to find Cindy stepping into the small lit area and wearing that disarming smile of hers. Lindsay glanced around the empty room and sighed. "There's no new information. Not since you called me fifteen minutes ago. I said I'd let you know, didn't I?"

Still smiling, Cindy moved close to Lindsay swiftly, so close she could clearly make out the faint traces of dimples on Lindsay's face even though she wasn't smiling. Cindy leaned in and breathed into the tall detective's ear, "That's not why I'm here."

The sudden proximity, the unexpected warmth of a human body mingling with that of her own tore down all defenses Lindsay might have had far more quickly than she could have prevented it. Without thinking, she bowed her head and buried her nose in the red tresses close to her face, inhaling fresh air and a hint of peach, a scent that promised escapism and comfort.

Lindsay's back tensed in a light shudder as hot breath tickled her ear. Cindy slowly brushed her lips down the side of Lindsay's neck, pausing every now and then to feel blood pulse through the veins beneath them. At the end of her trail, she tenderly kissed the sensitive skin where shoulder and neck met, and then made her way back up again.

Withdrawing her face from Cindy's hair, Lindsay dared to make no other movement, afraid of breaking the spell that allowed her to discard all rational thought and forget for just a moment.

When the redhead traced her tongue along Lindsay's jawline, tasting salty skin and sliding over clenched muscles, Lindsay felt something stir deep inside her belly. She wasn't quite sure whether it was desire or the need for control, but it grew more intense with each second the tongue inched along the bone, making her entire body vibrate. Lindsay lifted her hand to the back of Cindy's head, clutching a handful of soft hair, and brought their lips together, claiming the other woman's mouth almost violently. Cindy nearly stumbled backwards with the forcefulness of the kiss, but Lindsay's other hand on the small of her back steadied her.

Seconds passed, and what had started out as, perhaps, the assertion of power became a desperate clinging to something alive. When Lindsay pulled away, she stared down fiercely on Cindy and let go of the hair to wipe her middle finger across her lower lip. Two pairs of dark eyes locked, thoughts being tossed back and forth between them without words.

Finally, Cindy dropped her gaze to their almost touching bodies, to the thin invisible veil that still seemed to separate them somehow. She allowed her hands to push it aside, sneaking under the blue fabric of Lindsay's shirt, thumbs stroking the hipbone on each side. First, only fingertips explored the smooth abdomen deliberately and drew symmetric patterns on it. Lightning shot through Lindsay's nerves and exploded in their endings where they met Cindy's fingers, causing her to close her eyes and release a breath she'd been holding for days. Then, Cindy let her hands fully rest on Lindsay's stomach for a moment before she began to caress the warm skin with her palms. Lindsay sighed and didn't care that it showed how much she craved this touch, didn't care because she trusted Cindy not to walk away.

The hands moved soothingly, evenly, almost like in a slow dance, always close together, and when they went their separate ways, one of them brushing the underside of a breast and the other popping a jeans button, Lindsay's breath hitched and her eyes opened.

"What are you doing to me?" she rasped, a mix of insecurity and lust flickering in her eyes.

The ghost of a smile curling her lips, Cindy looked up at her. "'Make me laugh when the chips are down,' remember?" she said quietly.

"I'm not laughing…"

"No," Cindy whispered, her hand slipping past the waistband of Lindsay's jeans, "but it does appear you're enjoying yourself."

The End

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