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Making A Difference
By Demeter


As soon as the door closes behind them Jill draws Lindsay into her arms, holding on tight. "You know, it's not so easy not being mad at you right now. But I'm not. I'm mad at myself, because you had a damn good reason keeping all this to yourself. And you shouldn't have."

Straightening, Lindsay gives her a tired smile. "Can we say we're even and just go home now?"

"Of course. Let's go." They share a tender kiss, a tiny bit of hope in the midst of this current chaos, until Lindsay stiffens and steps away. Across the street, Agent Ashe is just starting his car, waving as he drives by them. He's not the only audience: a little further down the street there's Cindy in her little red car Maggie.

"Maybe we should both go home alone."

"No way. Don't you think they know anyway?"

"They do now," Lindsay says dryly. She steps down the porch and walks to her car purposefully. Shaking her head, Jill hastens to keep up with her.

For sure, she won't let Lindsay out of her sight tonight.

"I'm really not mad," she whispers later, hands brushing softly over Lindsay's shoulders, fingers drawing idle patterns over smooth skin, a slow introduction tonight. She loves how the muscles quiver under her careful touch, how Lindsay's breathing quickens and bit by bit she gives herself over.

It amazes Jill every time. Lindsay doesn't give up control easily.

And it's a heady feeling to think that this woman who dealt with being a ritual killer's target all alone, feels safe enough with her to let go like this.

"Good," Lindsay manages, and it comes out as a gasp, as Jill's hands move down her sides, fingers caressing the inside of her thighs in a slow, maddening motion. It's too little, and too much, and she's squirming, raising her hips in a silent plea. Jill smiles. She leans down, taking her time to get comfortable, just close enough so that the soft weight of her breath is the only touch.

Lindsay whimpers though she will later deny it.

And then Jill shows her how she's really not mad.

It leaves her trembling and happy and for the first time in nine days, forgetting about Kiss Me Not for longer than five minutes.

When Lindsay tells her later, it makes Jill kind of proud. Then again, she could always make a difference for Lindsay. Maybe this time, given another of those many second chances, they should just take it.

The End

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