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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This drabble is in response to a challenge whereby it was the Marquis ship that survived the Caretaker's array, not Voyager.
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Being Marquis
By ralst

Kathryn Janeway looked about the dingy confines of the Marquis ship, trying to imagine the next seventy-five years of her life spent shuffling about its corridors. It was a nightmare come to life and something she couldn't tolerate.

"To hell with it," she mumbled, before turning the phaser on herself and pulling the trigger.

As Kathryn's ashes floated to the floor a puzzled looking B'Elanna poked her head around the bulkhead, wondering what the noise had been from the furthest end of the corridor. "Hey, Starfleet, you did tell your captain that it was a joke, didn't you?" she asked Harry. "That Voyager's orbiting the dark side of the planet."

Harry cleared his throat rather sheepishly before replying, "I left her a note."

B'Elanna looked down at the four gold pips lying blackened amongst the ash. "I guess she forgot to pick up her messages."

The End

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