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This is a piece of fiction, concerning an implied F/F relationship (PG13). If anyone objects to same sex relationships, you should not be on this sight, and should read the Star Trek Range of Novels from Pocket Books, or find another sight.
A response to RalSt's challenge - Write a first person POV about T/7's relationship, but it has to be from Kathryn's perspective.

By Michael

I can't believe it is happening!

I am walking her down the isle, my Seven. The only person I have ever loved, and I am walking her down the isle.

Outside I am all happy and smiling. Inside I feel like shit!

I can't believe so much has happened in the last eighteen months, since we got back to Earth.

It all started when I accepted the Admirals position. B'Elanna was married to Tom, and Seven, my beautiful Seven, was Chakotay's partner.

That is when I realized that I loved her, the ach in my heart, when Chakotay broke the news, at the celebration banquet, which Starfleet had put on.

I knew that wouldn't last, and when they split after a couple of months, I could have had her; I even offered her a post working with me in Starfleet.

But she had been offered a post as the Enterprises' new Operations Officer. Seven accepted of course, she need to be with Tom and B'Elanna, the flagships, new Chief Engineer, and Helm Officer.

After that, it went down hill.

Tom told me everything, in excruciating detail.

He could see the look of love in the eyes of B'Elanna and Seven, and knew that he could not compete with that. After a long discussion with B'Elanna, the two divorced.

Tom stayed on the Enterprise, as he was not only best friend to B'Ellana, but to Seven as well.

I can see him now, standing next to B'Elanna, as best man.

Captain Picard is smiling, he wants to get on with it, and he knows how difficult this is for me. He is the only person I have ever told.

But what can I do. Seven loves B'Elanna, and I would never want to see her un happy.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here."

Oh god I can't stand this any more, I want to throw up. This should be me standing next to my beloved, but it is not.

I must be strong. I am a Starfleet Officer!

"And now by the powers granted to me by the United Federation of Planets, I pronounce that your love is unified. You may kiss the bride."

I stand there and cheer, and throw rice at the happy couple, but inside, feel like a phaser is burning me up.

I go up to the happy couple

"B'Elanna may I have this dance with your wife!"

The End

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