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Match Play
By Karjens40


"I'm uncertain as to why I continue to let you talk me into these situations, Lieutenant Paris," Seven of Nine said coolly as she glanced around Tom Paris's latest holodeck creation. A large crowded and noisy environment he referred to as a 'bowling alley'.

"Oh, come on Seven. You'll have fun," cajoled a sweet soprano voice from behind her. Seven turned to shoot a brief glance at B'Elanna Torres who was walking next to a grinning Harry Kim. The instant she looked into the mischievous brown eyes, Seven knew exactly why she let Tom Paris talk her into these situations. There was very little that she wouldn't agree to do in order to be near the volatile Chief Engineer.

"Perhaps," she said calmly, but her eyes smiled back at B'Elanna and she felt a thrill go through her at the light airy laugh that came from the smaller woman.

"Shall we?" Paris said to Seven, as he crooked his elbow out in invitation. Rolling her eyes, she ignored the proffered arm and started walking. Tom chuckled and led the group to the desk in the center of the large bustling room. After receiving their bowling shoes and score cards, they headed to a pair of empty lanes.

Seven looked questioningly at her companions as they began removing their shoes. Tom had suggested that they all wear casual clothes instead of their uniforms, and that meant Seven had to forgo her usual biosuit in exchange for a one piece athletic outfit similar to what she had worn when she had to participate in the Tsunkatse matches. While she had hated what she had been forced to do, she had to admit the outfit was comfortable and allowed for flexibility of movement her biosuit didn't.

"Explain the purpose of wearing previously worn and remarkably unappealing shoes," Seven ordered.

Harry Kim looked up to smile at Seven. "Technically, I believe it's to protect the wood of the lanes from damage and prevent slipping."

B'Elanna had just put on shoes and grinned at the uptight Borg. "Personally, I think it was their way of making sure people didn't cause trouble. I mean how tough can a person be when they're walking around in these." She gestured at her half purple, half green shoes.

Tom and Harry laughed, and Seven sighed, briefly longing for the days when she was isolated from the crew and didn't have to endure such indignities. She put on her own brown and pink shoes and sighed again as B'Elanna, Tom and Harry laughed at her appearance.

"Okay, who's on whose team?" Tom asked.

"I get B'Elanna, Harry chimed in. He liked Seven, but he liked winning almost as much.

"Fine with me."

After the group had selected their bowling balls, Tom and Harry set up the automatic scorer and offered to go first. Seven sat and watched Tom's form as she quickly absorbed the technique of the game. Both Tom and Harry had thrown strikes and then it was Seven and B'Elanna's turn.

The two women picked up their bowling balls and moved to take their turn. Moving forward, B'Elanna suddenly caught the tall blonde's movements from beside her.

She had just pulled her arm back for her release when out of the corner of her eye she noticed Seven give her hips a blatantly seductive wiggle before moving forward, and B'Elanna's brain shut down. Unfortunately her hand continued its movement forward and the ball thudded to the ground a foot in front of her and rolled weakly into the gutter.

"Ha. Great throw B'Elanna," Tom called grinning unmercifully.

B'Elanna couldn't respond as she watched the lithe form continue and barely noticed the fact that when Seven released the ball it was with a velocity that the inventors of the game had not quite envisioned. By the time B'Elanna regained her senses, she saw the ball plow into the pins so hard they scattered across the neighboring two lanes.

"Well Harry," Tom laughed, "I guess I should thank you for picking first."

Unbeknownst to either man, as she made her way back to her chair, Seven shot B'Elanna a look that the Klingon could only call a smirk and she knew she'd been had. B'Elanna gathered her thoughts long enough to take her second turn and only managed two pins that time as her mind was firmly on that little shimmy.

Harry glared at his best friend, and then the two men got up to take their turns. After they had finished, B'Elanna suggested they go get some drinks before she and Seven took their turns. She had a little payback to give.

Tom and Harry, not knowing why she thought it would take both of them to get four drinks, took a look at her face and rapidly departed. When they were gone she moved to sit next to the taller woman.

"That was a rather interesting strike you got there, Seven." B'Elanna said almost conversationally.

"Interesting? The object of this game is to knock over all the pins is it not? I did so."

"Yeah, but you're not supposed to knock them into other people's lanes," B'Elanna chuckled.

"Perhaps my throw was a bit more…forceful than necessary." Seven ignored the snort coming from beside her. She found she was becoming rather distracted by the petite body sitting far too close to her. So, she went on the offensive.

"I believe Lieutenant," she continued smugly, "that another object of this game is to keep the ball from rolling into the gutter."

B'Elanna crossed her legs slowly and leaned toward Seven to whisper in her ear. "Ah. But that only happened because you cheated." She grinned at the involuntary shiver she could sense coming from the other woman.

Seven had no explanation why she had suddenly become unable to swallow. She suspected the cool sweet breath on her skin may have had something to do with it. Perhaps teasing the Lieutenant had not been the wisest course of action.

"Borg do not cheat." Seven replied as best she could.

"Maybe not," B'Elanna continued to whisper in Seven's ear even while fighting back an explicable urge to taste the little implant resting under it. "But we both know one who does. Remember a little puzzle called 'sheer lunacy'?"

"Yes, but…" Seven's mental faculties seemed to be misfiring as the Lieutenant continued tormenting her auditory organ, but was unable, not to mention unwilling, to move away.

"That's okay, Seven. Just remember that turn about is fair play." With that, she moved away from the tempting ear and let her eyes deliberately wander down the figure of the taller woman.

Good god, she muttered to herself as she reveled in the view.

"Here you go." Both Seven and B'Elanna jumped when Harry's perpetually cheerful voice came out of nowhere behind them. He handed B'Elanna a beer and Seven what Tom referred to as a Coke. The trio laughed at Sevens startled reaction to the carbonated beverage.

"Did you ladies go yet?"

"No," B'Elanna replied. "We thought we would be polite and wait for you."

"That's a first," Tom mumbled fondly.

"Are you ready, Seven?" B'Elanna asked innocently. No one but Seven picked up on the double meaning behind the question.

"Of course, Lieutenant." Seven's voice was cool, but she was no longer certain she could lift a bowling ball.

Taking a moment to collect herself, she found her eyes glued to the small engineer. She felt her knees grow weak as she watched the deliberate swaying and subtle movements that seemed to make up every move she made. Seven had enjoyed watching those movements as B'Elanna worked in engineering. Watching those movements now during recreation nearly caused her cortical implant to burn out.

B'Elanna took great pleasure in demonstrating that she knew how to move her hips as well as the blonde, but nearly faltered as she felt blue eyes burning through the tank top on her back. Pulling herself together, she released the ball and this time she got a strike.

"Way to go B'Elanna," Harry cheered, smirking at Tom who was hoping Seven would have the same luck. Suddenly realizing that Seven hadn't moved since Torres had taken her turn, he looked at his partner in shock.

"Uh…Seven? You okay?"

"What? Oh. Yes." She picked up her ball and took her position. As she prepared to move, B'Elanna walked by her and whispered so that only Seven's special hearing could pick it up.

"Enjoy that did you?" She sat down and watched as it was Seven's turn to throw a gutter ball.

She looked on in amusement as Seven turned around looking as disgusted as B'Elanna had ever seen her.

Seven waited for her ball to come back, and an evil grin crossed B'Elanna's face as she rose from her seat and followed Seven back to where she was preparing to throw again. She knew Seven was aware of her presence by the way she stiffened.

Stepping up to where her body was almost touching Seven's, she put a hand lightly on the other woman's back, fighting back her own instinctive reaction.

"I think you need some help there," she murmured softly.

At that moment, Seven had no idea what B'Elanna was saying. All she could comprehend was the feel of a small hand touching her.

"Lieutenant Torres. What are you doing?" Seven whispered.

B'Elanna allowed her fingers to move slightly up and down in a small caress that was unnoticeable to any but B'Elanna and Seven.

"I was thinking you need a little help with your form," she purred.

Seven released a growl and flung the ball down the lane with such force that this time the pins shattered. She paid no attention to the gaping patrons around her or the slack jawed stares from Paris and Kim as she spun to face the smaller woman and planted a fierce kiss on the grinning lips of B'Elanna Torres.

Pulling back, Seven stared down at the shorter woman with eyes so hot, B'Elanna thought she was going to have a heat stroke. Letting her body and her desires guide her, she grabbed Seven's hand and headed to the exit.

"Sorry guys. We forfeit," B'Elanna called over her shoulder as the ladies fled the holodeck.

The End

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