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SPOILERS: This story takes place in modern times. For Wonder Woman, it is set after the movie Justice League. The Wonder Woman/Diana Prince here is mostly based on the DCEU movies, especially Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, since I do not know enough about the comics.
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A Meeting of Chance (or is it?)
By Kurna


Almost on a whim, Diana Prince decided to fly to Athens. This morning she unpacked a new find that had been sent to the Louvre, a statue that probably was meant to show the Goddess Aphrodite. After cataloging it, she handed it to her assistants to make photos and run some tests, while she poured over her books to look for more background information. While reading, a sudden melancholy fell over the Amazon. Depending on the mythical source, Aphrodite was either considered an aunt, a sister or a daughter of Zeus, Diana's own father, but either way she was another close relative she would never be able to meet. Because of Ares, all of the Olympian Gods were dead long before Diana had a chance to get to know them. For most of her life, while still on Themyscira, Diana was not even aware of their relation.

Aphrodite, what would she have been like? She was the Goddess of Love, therefore the Amazon thought, she must have been a nice person, so probably not too much of a friend to the Amazons with their warrior ethic. Still, she would have loved to meet her and to talk to her. Suddenly she felt an urge to learn more about the Goddess. The Louvre had a vast research library and many pieces of art devoted to Aphrodite, but somehow that was not enough. She had a feeling she needed to be closer to the source and Athens would be a good starting point. She had her secretary make reservations for a flight and hotel, while she took some pictures from the statue and then selected some books to take with. Finally she sent a quick text to Bruce, just to let him know that she would be traveling. Luckily the last few weeks had been rather quiet with regards to Wonder Woman business; still one could never know when a new threat might arise. With everything cleared at the museum, she went home early to pack a bag for her trip.

Diana spent part of her flight reading; then dozed off for a while. When the jet landed, a sudden feeling of unease settled in her bones. She could not pinpoint it, but something seemed amiss. The feeling would not leave her, so she sent a quick text to Bruce on her way to the hotel. She exchanged some words with the cab driver, to see if he knew something, but other than the after effects of the credit crisis all of Greece still felt, he did not mention anything special. In the hotel, Diana picked up a local newspaper and then went to her room. While looking through the newspaper, again something seemed to be off, but she could not put her finger on it. She always trusted her instincts, but without anything more specific, she decided to let it go for the moment.

Later that day she would go to the National Archaeological Museum, but first she checked for a response from Bruce. What she found puzzled her: "Number does not exist." Of course she had him on speed dial, therefore it could not have been a typo and the other message from last night had gone through. She sent another message as a test and wondered if Bruce might have changed the number during the night. But why would he do that without notice? The second message came back with an error message as well. Diana's unease grew and she sent a message to their Justice League group, but got no answer. Had there been a major attack on the Justice League? The newspaper had not mentioned anything, when suddenly it hit her. There had not been any superhero related article in the newspaper. She quickly scanned through it again, but she was correct. No superhero related article, not even in the people section. That was very unusual, even for a local newspaper.

Diana picked up her smartphone and went to the web feed of the Daily Planet. It did not come up. Now even more alarmed, she began a more thorough search. The results were shocking. It was like she had entered a parallel world. There was no Justice League, no Batman or Superman (or Wonder Woman). Even parts of the world, especially the US seemed different. Not only was there no Daily Planet, even major cities like Gotham and Metropolis were unknown. Just to make sure that this was no massive prank by Bruce, playing with her smartphone, she called the reception and asked for the latest edition of the Daily Planet. She just got a puzzled "Sorry, we do not have this newspaper. Would you like the New York Times instead?"

Diana spent the next two days to better understand her situation. She came to the conclusion that being in a parallel world seemed to be the most logical explanation, though she did not completely dismiss mind control as an alternative. Still, it seemed illogical to make her forget all the other superheroes, but not that she herself was Wonder Woman. She had found several more interesting aspects about this world. One of them was the complete absence of superheroes. It was not just the Justice League missing. There simply were no superheroes; or at least no real ones. They did exist as fictional concept in comics and movies, though they were different to the real heroes she knew. Yet despite the lack of superheroes, this world did not seem in a worse state than hers. The main reason would be the missing super villains, since they were just as absent as the superheroes. Of course there still were criminals and wars, but without super villains as instigators, the humans managed to keep it more or less under control.

Another interesting tidbit: While there was no hint of Wonder Woman or Themyscira in this world, a Diana Prince did exist and was curator at the Louvre. According to the picture on their website, she also looked the same. This was different for her friends from the League. Bruce and Clark were missing, just as Batman and Superman were gone. Diana had not checked yet, if the other Diana had been switched with her or was still in Paris. She wanted to avoid anyone noticing that there might actually be two Dianas running around currently. There was the possibility that superheroes and/or villains did exist in this world, but just were more secretive than at home. Unfortunately she still had no clue, how she might have entered this parallel world, but would guess that it happened during the flight or the landing, since that was when she had started sensing that something seemed to be off.

Diana had spent the last two days mostly with web search and walking around the city to get a feel for the differences. Tonight she would go out and take to the roofs. If there really were secretive superheroes or villains operating in this world, they would most likely use the cover of the dark to stay hidden from public view. She went fully equipped, but kept a coat on over her uniform to be less suspicious. The first night brought no hints, so she went up the following night as well. She had been up for about two hours, when she noticed a commotion down in a back alley. A group of thugs was advancing on a young woman. Diana waited a few seconds, if maybe some superhero would come to the rescue but it became obvious that it was up to her. She would have preferred to stay out of sight, but there was no chance she would let the woman get hurt on her watch.

The thugs had cornered the woman now, who held a broom in her hands. Thinking quickly, Wonder Woman jumped and landed behind the woman's back, with her sword drawn. That way, only the thugs saw her jump and they were less likely to talk about it. Her sudden arrival was enough to shock the men and they ran away. The woman turned around immediately.

"Xe, we talked about … oh, sorry, hi."

Diana raised an eyebrow. She was sure she had made no noise.

"Hello. How did you know I was there?"

"People usually do not run away from me. Thank you by the way, for your willingness to help."

"You are welcome. Do you think they might come back? Should I accompany you home?"

"No thank you, that's not necessary. I live right here. I had just finished cleaning my shop, but my apartment is in this house as well."

The woman pointed at a door close by. Diana gave her a quick once over. She was blonde, maybe in her mid-twenties. Although she was small, probably not more than 5'4'', she seemed confident and not the least bit shaken from the attack, almost as if she thought she had not really been in any danger. The more so, since she thanked Diana not for helping her, but only for her 'willingness to help'. She was sure there was more to the young woman than met the eye. On the other hand, Diana did not want to draw too much attention, therefore she decided to leave.

"Okay. Then I think I will go home as well. Good bye."

The woman stopped her.

"Sorry, I did not introduce myself. I am Gabrielle."

Not to be impolite, Diana shook the offered hand.

"Diana. Nice to meet you."

The woman, Gabrielle, pointed at the sword which Diana had tried to hold at her side inconspicuously.

"Interesting sword. A friend of mine teaches self-defense, therefore I know a bit about weapons. Your sword looks different than the ones at her dojo, almost ancient."

"Oh, this is actually a replica of an ancient sword. I am an archeologist. Since I had it with me, I thought it a good idea to brandish it to intimidate those thugs."

"Good thinking. You looked very convincing with the way you held it."

Was there a twinkle in the woman's eyes? Diana had a feeling she did not believe her completely, although it was actually true. Since she lost her original sword in the fight with Ares, she had to replace it with a copy.

"Well, ancient fighting styles are part of my studies. Therefore, I do have an idea how to hold a sword."

"My friend would probably love to meet you. Personally, I prefer books over weapons, hence why I have a bookshop."

"As an archeologist, I can understand your sentiment. Unfortunately, we tend to find more weapons than books in ancient sites. Still, it is late; I have to return to the hotel. But maybe I will find some time to visit your shop one of these days."

"That would be nice and you'd be very welcome."

With a friendly smile they said their good-byes and Diana left the alley.

The next day was a Sunday. Diana would have loved to check out Gabrielle's bookshop, but it would be closed. She decided to visit the National Museum of Archeology instead. She had avoided the museums for the last few days, for the research staff might know the other Diana Prince and see her. She still wanted to avoid such a situation, but hoped that the research staff would not be in the office on a Sunday. She would visit the museum like a tourist, watch the exhibits and get a feel of what she wanted to look for. Several hours later she found herself strolling through the sculptures collection. She stopped before the famous Aphrodite of Syracuse, but got no special vibe there. Which was not a surprise really, large parts of the head and an arm were modern day restorations and even the main part was only an antique roman copy of the older original.

While she wandered further down the hall, she noticed a group of children walking towards the statue, led by a blonde woman she recognized as Gabrielle, her acquaintance from last night. The woman explained about the background of the Goddess Aphrodite, before she launched into a story that had all her listeners spellbound. And these listeners included even Wonder Woman, who kept an inconspicuous distance, but could still hear every word due to her enhanced hearing. The story centered on an argument between Aphrodite and her son Cupid and a contest they started to see who was more popular. The Goddess put a spell on a simple man, to turn him into a heroic warrior, which would help him to get between a princess and a prince from neighboring kingdoms and their planned marriage. The love and marriage had been orchestrated by Cupid; therefore Aphrodite wanted to show that her powers were greater than his.

The way Gabrielle told her story pulled the listeners into its events and made everything seem incredibly lifelike. At that moment, Diana would not have been surprised, if Aphrodite and Cupid had suddenly appeared, still arguing. The way she talked about the Gods, they seemed much more human than in the stories Diana knew. Diana had never heard about such a contest, so for all she knew, Gabrielle might have invented the whole story. There was only one sign that this was not the case. When telling her story, Gabrielle had used a couple of expressions that came from ancient Greek. Although Diana did not have the chance to use Modern Greek as often as she liked, she had the same gift with languages all amazons had been granted with and was sure that some of these expressions were no longer in use. Apart from her fellow amazons, she had never met anyone speaking ancient Greek like that. There were some scholars, who knew it, but they would never use it so casually.

Just when Diana decided to go up to the intriguing woman, she felt eyes on her. She turned to her side and looked into the piercing blue eyes of a raven-haired woman. She was tall for a woman, about the same height as Diana. Although she wore everyday clothes, Diana immediately recognized a fellow warrior. Her stance was guarded, not directly threatening, but ready to attack at any second. Diana made a conscious effort to stay casual, even while they assessed each other. She did not want to start a fight. Their standoff was interrupted by Gabrielle's voice.

"Hi Diana. Working even on a Sunday?"

The amazon turned her head back. The other woman had managed to come close, without Diana noticing. That was – unusual, to say the least. Not showing her surprise, Diana answered with a smile.

"Hello Gabrielle, nice to meet you again. And no, I am not really working, but I like this museum and decided to have a stroll through it. Who are your friends?"

"Some kids from my neighborhood. Every now and then, we visit the zoo or a museum together."

Gabrielle's shop was not exactly in a rich part of the city. Coupled with the cheap clothes most of the kids wore this made Diana understand that it was probably something their parents could not afford, so she simply nodded at the explanation. For the next couple of minutes, she talked with the kids. They introduced themselves and asked many questions, especially when they heard that she lived in Paris. All the time she was aware that they were still being watched. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Gabrielle exchange a look with the mysterious warrior woman, before turning towards Diana.

"Well, it is getting late. My friends here have to go home. But you are welcome to join us for dinner."

"Thank you. That is a very nice offer, but I do not want to impose."

"It's no problem, really. I have to cook for an army anyway, as you can see, and it would be a nice change for the kids to hear a bit more about France. They do not get to travel often."

Diana smiled and nodded in understanding.

"Okay, I would love to come."

"Good. You know my address. If you would be there in, let's say, an hour, that would be great. It takes a bit longer to travel with this whole bunch."

Both women smiled and Diana agreed. They said their good-byes for the moment and Gabrielle left with the kids. When Diana looked around, the raven-haired watcher had vanished without a trace.

An hour later, Diana arrived at the bookshop though this time she chose the front entrance. There was a door right next to the shop. The bell had only two buttons, labelled 'shop' and 'private'. Since the shop was dark, she pressed the latter one. She heard a female voice while she was buzzed in.

"Come on up."

Once she had climbed several flights of stairs, she saw an open door. The raven-haired woman from the museum leant casually next to it and greeted her.

"Hi, I'm Xena."

"Hi, I am Diana."

"I know. I also know you are not exactly human."

Diana raised an eyebrow.

"And what about you? Are you really human?"

Xena smirked.

"More so than you, I would guess. But we can talk after dinner. The kids are getting restless."

The amazon accepted the explanation for now. The other woman had seemed cautious at the museum, but not hostile. And her knowledge of Diana being more than human gave her hope that she might find some answers here. With a smile she followed the invitation. In the hall, Xena indicated a rack where she could leave the coat. Together they entered a room that seemed to be a combination of living room and dining room. Two of the kids from the museum – Diana remembered their names as Alexis and Elena – were busy setting the table. They greeted her with friendly waves. Through an open door, she saw Gabrielle at the stove, showing a young boy how to stir the pot, while a girl of similar age watched curiously. The last member of the group sat at a table and was cutting vegetables. She greeted Diana with a cautious smile.

"Hi, you made it."

"Hi, Anna. Of course I would not miss such a nice dinner invitation."

The hostess turned to her for a moment.

"Hello Diana, please take a seat in the living room. Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes. Do you want anything to drink? Xena will help you, if you can manage to pry her away from Nia. She adores her."

While they were talking, the little girl who had watched Gabrielle and Dimi at the stove had left the kitchen. Diana saw her approaching the tall woman, but then turned back to her hostess. She held up a bag.

"Hello Gabrielle. Thanks, but there is no hurry. Actually I brought some drinks, wine for the adults and soda for the kids."

"Thank you. Just leave it on the table." Then she turned to the girl at the table. "Anna, could you put the soda in the fridge. And when you are finished with the carrots, you can hand them over. It's almost time to add them."

Diana watched a moment longer. It was obviously not the first time that these people had cooked together. She returned to the living room, where the table set-up was now finished. The boy, Alexis, turned to Xena, who was sitting with Nia.

"Is everything okay?"

She gave the table a quick once over and then nodded seriously.

"Yes, everything looks fine. Gabrielle will be proud."

Diana saw how the tall woman hid a smile while the boy blushed. Soon they were all seated at the table, enjoying dinner. Diana told some stories about Paris and France in general. She also talked about working at the museum, trying to put it in words that even the younger children understood. When dinner was finished and dessert eaten, Xena got up and helped the kids to carry everything to the kitchen. Afterwards she announced it was time for them to go home. Reluctantly all the kids said good-bye, hugging Gabrielle and Diana. Xena went with them to walk them home.

When the tall woman returned, the other two had relocated to the sofa at the other end of the living room. They had talked about the kids, waiting for Xena before switching to a more serious topic. When the latter heard this, she smirked and turned to Gabrielle.

"You haven't started yet? You must have learned patience in your old days."

"Well, I had to, with you as my partner, hadn't I?"

"You might be correct there."

Xena bent forward to give the blonde a quick kiss. Then she turned to their guest.

"You are probably not here to listen to us banter, I would guess. So let's get to business. As I mentioned before, we know that you're not human. More accurately, we believe you are a Goddess."

Gabrielle took over.

"What surprises us is that we never heard of you before. Especially since we checked your story and it seems as if you really work for the Louvre."

"Yes and no." Diana had decided to be honest with these two. The way they interacted with the children made her believe that they were good at heart. And they seemed her best chance at the moment to find help to return to her own world. At Xena's raised eyebrow she elaborated.

"I am a Goddess, or demi-goddess to be more precise, and I am working at the Louvre, but it seems that it is not 'your' Louvre. To the best of my knowledge I am from a parallel world, similar to this Earth in many ways, but different in others."

Gabrielle turned to her partner.

"Well, that is a new one."

Xena nodded.

"True, but it would explain a lot."

Diana was intrigued at how calm they took it.

"So, what exactly are you? And how did you know I am a Goddess?"

"Technically speaking, we are human, but we are immortal. Xena can feel if a God is nearby, even if they are invisible. This is a skill she had even before she became immortal; therefore she might have some divine blood in her lineage. When she felt the vibes in the museum, it was not difficult for her to figure out they came from you."

"So this means you have met some of the Gods before? Where are they now? Are they still around?"

"Yes, we have met many Gods in the past, Olympians and others, but most of them are dead now."

Diana looked sad.

"Then it is similar to my world. Ares killed all the other Olympians, including my father, Zeus."

"Then how did you survive?"

"I am a daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. With the last of his strength, Zeus hid the land of the amazons under a veil of invisibility. That gave them the time to raise me and train me for the final confrontation with Ares. When he helped to instigate the Great War, I left Themiscyra to stop him once and for all."

Gabrielle bent forward.

"You are an amazon? Are the others still alive?"

"I lost some of my sisters during the war and other attacks, but my mother is still alive and the nation is thriving. Why are you asking? Did you know the amazons?"

"I was a Queen of the amazons, though not by birth. But I lost all my sisters through wars, especially during the Roman attack on Greece."

"I am sorry to hear this."

"It's been a long time ago. And I am happy to learn that they survived in your reality, even if they are different."

"Themiscyra is still hidden from man's world, but always ready to protect it. But, so you have really been around for all this time?"

"Yes, sometimes we were more active, sometimes less. We have met some of our descendants and even a couple of reincarnations. That was a bit weird."

Diana smiled and nodded.

"Yes, I guess it would be. In all that time, did you meet other special people, maybe even aliens?"

Xena looked at her inquisitively.

"Why do you ask? Do you have met them in your world?"

"Yes, we even have a group called the 'Justice League' now. There are several humans with special powers, technical geniuses and even a man from another world, who can fly and has super strength beyond your imagination. We banded together to defend Earth against an alien invasion. They would be the ones I would ask for help how to return to my world. Therefore I had hoped you had a similar group here."

Gabrielle exchanged a look with Xena before she responded.

"We do not have such a group, but we might know somebody who is able to help. Shall I call them?"

"Yes, please. If you trust them, that's good enough for me."

Xena smirked.

"Oh, her intentions are good. It's just the execution, that's not always perfect."

"'Her'? So who is she?"

Instead of answering, Gabrielle turned her head up.

"Dite? Do you have a moment, please?"

There was a glimmer in the air and a beautiful, scantily clad woman with curly blonde hair appeared.

"Hello sweet cheeks, of course. You know that I have always time for you and grumpy. You are my fav. And I see you have a guest."

The blonde turned towards Diana.

"Oh hello, it's you. So you did come."

She gave the amazon a hug. After a moment of surprise, Diana returned it, not sure if she was amused or baffled at this enthusiastic greeting.

"Hello, do I know you?"

"Kind of. You called me, or rather not me, but your sister, the Aphrodite of your world." The mood of the Goddess sobered. "Of course she could not hear you. Therefore, the call went through to me. I heard how much you miss your family. You must have a lot of strength and love that your call could reach me in another reality."

"You are the Goddess Aphrodite?"

"In the flesh."

"You are not like the Goddess my teachers described."

"You know how stories seldom cover the complete truth." She quickly turned to Gabrielle. "No offense meant."

The bard just smiled and waved it off. Aphrodite turned back to their guest.

"Of course, they only knew the Aphrodite from back then. I'm sure she would have changed a bit over the many centuries, just as I did. Because to let you in on a little secret, we Gods were meant to teach the humans, but sometimes they have managed to teach me as well."

Diana nodded.

"That's a nice sentiment. So what have you been doing all this time?"

"Spreading the love, mostly. Watching love blossom, like with these two. It's really rejuvenating to watch them, while they ---"

Gabrielle looked shocked.

"Dite, are you saying you have watched us while we …?"

"Yeah, sometimes. And don't worry; there is nothing you could do, that I haven't seen before. Though I must admit, you are doing it quite well."

Gabrielle blushed furiously, while Xena just smirked. Diana smiled at their antics, but then sobered and returned to a more serious topic.

"Aphrodite, you said you heard my call. That must have been when I examined one of your statues. I remember thinking of my family at that moment. Does that mean you pulled me here, into this world?"

"No, that would have been beyond my powers. Still, I kind of answered your call, which might have worked like an invitation or a portal. It was your strength that allowed you to walk through it. Metaphorically speaking, since you more like flew through it."

"But will you be able to help me going back?"

"If your love for the people of your world is strong enough, then I think it should work. I will give you my blessing and suggest you simply return the way you came, meaning take a flight to Paris."

Diana looked relieved.

"Okay, I hope everything is well in my world. My friends will miss me by now."

Aphrodite tried to smile encouragingly.

"I'm sure everything is okay. Unfortunately I cannot see it. You were my only connection."

Diana just nodded. She picked up her smartphone and booked the first flight in the morning. Luckily there were seats available, even at such short notice. When she was finished, Aphrodite turned to her.

"Okay, I will leave you now, to make sure everything works as planned. But first let me give you my blessing."

The Goddess embraced Diana. Then she pulled back and kissed her on the forehead.

"Good-bye. And thank you for coming. It was nice to meet my little sister."

Everyone smiled and Aphrodite disappeared in a shower of light. Diana turned to her hosts, smiling.

"She really is something. And thank you for your help."

They chatted for several more hours, swapping stories of their worlds and comparing similarities and differences. Before she finally left, Diana turned to her new friends one more time.

"Could you do me another favor and keep an eye on the Diana Prince of this world? Especially assuming she is only human, she could be in grave danger. In my world, I have very powerful enemies. If they learn about my twin, they would not hesitate to come here, trying to kill her, or worse, trying to use her against me."

It was Xena, who answered.

"Don't worry. We will do our best to protect her."

Several hours later, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

As soon as possible, Diana checked her smartphone. Her feelings said, it had worked, but she was still glad when she found a myriad of missed calls. Fortunately it seemed, as if there had been no emergency. She sent a quick message, deciding to wait with a call for a more private moment. Once she was alone, she called Bruce.

"Diana, are you okay? You didn't answer any calls. Where were you?"

"Everything is fine. I just visited with some of the family."

"You did not mention going to Themiscyra."

"No, the other side of my family."


Diana smiled at his confusion, before she told him the whole story. After she had finished, Batman thought about it for a moment.

"Should we try to build a bridge, so that we can protect them? You said there were no superheroes."

"No, better not. That would just attract entities like Steppenwolf and his master. And don't underestimate the other earth. They might not have superheroes, but they do have heroes and the love to back them up."



Diana Prince knew she was in trouble. On her way home, she had taken a shortcut through a dark alley, when suddenly four men blocked her way. A quick look back revealed two more thugs cutting off her retreat. Diana was trained in martial arts, but one against six was bad odds, not to mention that they might have weapons. She tried to take a defensive position with her back towards a wall, when they closed in. The one who seemed to be the boss leered at her.

"Looky, looky, looky. What have we found here?"

"More problems than you could handle."

A female voice suddenly rang out, followed by the sound of fists hitting flesh and bodies dropping down. When everyone looked in that direction, they saw the two thugs lying unconscious on the floor, with three women standing above them. Before the main group could react, they were upon them. Diana helped her rescuers to take down the rest of the gang, truly impressed by their fighting prowess. She was sure, even her teacher at the dojo would have been no match for them. When all was over, one of them turned to Diana.

"Do you want to press charges? Or do you think that was enough of a lesson?"

"Let's just go, please."

The redhead who seemed to be their speaker nodded in understanding.

"Ok, no problem. We'll walk with you for a bit, if you don't mind. I'm Elaine, by the way, and these two are Lara and Miko."

Elaine pointed at her two companions, first at a brunette and then at an Asian looking woman. All three seemed to be in their early twenties.

"I'm Diana. Thank you for your help. It was just at the right moment."

"Yeah, we just happened to be there and decided to help."

"Just like that, that's so brave. And your fighting style is very impressive."

"We had a very good teacher. She also was the one who taught us to also look out for our sisters."

"Then I was very lucky that you were there at the right time."

"Oh, I am the lucking one, meeting such a hot chick, getting to talk with her."

Diana blushed at the blatant flirting, missing the knowing looks exchanged between Lara and Miko.

The End

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading! I hope nobody is disappointed that this was not a new Willow/Faith story. I definitely want to write more stories with them, but unfortunately writing does not come easy to me. Therefore, when inspiration hits me, I do not dare to ignore it. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to write more stories in my "Running universe".

The story Gabrielle tells is of course a reference to the second season ep "For Him the Bell Tolls". It is not necessarily my favorite, but it seemed the most fitting Aphrodite episode for my purpose.

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