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This is a Challenge response from Michael that asked that Paris have an affair with Janeway. B'Elanna and Seven get mad. I think I did this right.
I did this in streaming form and got my Beta to edit it. Thanks DeeJay for putting up with my late night ramblings/stories.

The Things Men Do
By Hayseven

God, look at her staring at her. Geez, what does a guy have to do to get attention around here. All that fighting has got to be some kind of freaking code for deep seated hidden lust.

She is my girl, but why do I feel like I am sharing her with that Ice Queen. She may say she hates her and fight, but that woman provokes more feeling out of MY Lanna than I do in the heat of our passion. Why can't she see me? Am I just some poor substitute?

We just fought. And made up. God, the sex was great, but that's just it. It was sex. Nothing more. My Lanna used to have such passion. Now it is routine and when we finish, she looks at me with half concealed... argggh I don't know what the look is...Disappointment, anger.

Another fight. Over her. She said that she can't stand Seven, yet when I said she always talk about her, she got defensive. Man, I think I am losing her.

Well, I have lost her. Sure, she is my wife, but only in principle. We spend most of our time apart. She used to nag me over spending time in the holodeck, now she doesn't even bother asking where I am. I was, am, good to her, yet it is not enough. Her heart belongs to another. She just doesn't know it. How can I make her see it?

I may be childish in ways, but I can do the right thing. I need to show Lanna that she does care for Seven. We are married and I know she won't forsake that. I have done all the crying that can be done. The only thing left is to be a man for once. It is going to take something big to make her leave me. But what?

I have tried to push her towards Seven. But god, she is stubborn. I tried hinting, not too subtle hints, little dates between her and Seven. Even spending time on holodeck, arriving late for dinners, or cancelling altogether. Even going so far as to forget to acknowledge her in my presence. I know how it upsets her. Still she stays by my side. I have come up with a plan. I am going to betray her trust completely. I am going to sleep with another woman. It will be a great insult and she will have to leave me. Now I need to find the right target. It has to be with someone that will get B'Elanna and Seven's attention. Oh, I have it.

OHGODOHMYFREAKINGGOD..OHOGODALIVEOHGOD.........I think I am going to be sick. I just slept with the Captain. Even now, I cannot rid the taste of her coffee mouth out of me. The smell seems to permeate every pore and cling to you like a leftover dinner from Neelix. There was almost not enough water in the galaxy to rid me of her. I feel so dirty. I can still hear the captains voice, in her come hither I am boss, so take off your clothes voice. Brrrrrrrrr. Excuse me while I am sick. OHHHH I am a dead man, whichever way you look at. I hope Lanna can forgive me.

B'Elanna is with Seven now. After kicking me out, Seven moved in. Both are mad at me, and I am still making myself scarce towards the Captain. Can't a woman take no for an answer? There is only so many Jeffries tubes a man can hide in.

The End

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