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Midnight Musings
By Barnaby


It all started about four months ago, right after Chakotay put Tom on the gamma shift. We sat in the mess hall one night sitting there, just staring into space and went to work in the morning like nothing happened. The next night it happened again and for about two months the pattern repeated. On the first night of our third month of meetings it changed… we started talking. Not about anything but work and the ship. That lasted about a month and then we started getting into the personal stuff.

Tonight however, there was no conversation whatsoever. I walked into the mess hall and she was sitting there, the usual coffee in front of her. We said our usual greetings, we'd stopped using ranks. I sat down opposite her in my customary style.

The silence was almost deafening until she spoke in that husky voice of hers. "B'Elanna, every night you've been here with me, why haven't you told or requested Tom to go back to the Alpha shift?"

"…" I couldn't find the words "I… I don't know."

I looked across at her and saw the understanding look on her face but there was something more. There was something that my inner Klingon couldn't help but take notice of… DESIRE. So there was a woman behind all those different masks she puts up.

I don't know what possessed me to do the next but I did it. I stood up and held out my hand for her to take. She took it with no hesitation and followed me. I walked us to her quarters… couldn't risk Tom finding us, where she wasted no time in guessing my intentions and kissed me.

No words passed her lips, just pleasurable moans and groans as I brought her a pleasure her body had so long been denied. She returned it later in the night in ways both Klingon and Human needed.

After our bodies had received pleasure long denied, my Klingon, her whole body, we laid together just enjoying the closeness. I heard her whisper something so low that I really had to strain to hear it at all but I still didn't hear it clearly.

"What'd you say?"

"I said I love you B'Elanna but nothing more than this one night can happen. You're married and we all know that I'm married to this ship and the uniform."

"It could you know, go on I mean. I asked Tom to take the gamma shift, we haven't been getting along, he's either in the holodeck or out with Harry or the Delanys. I got tired of it so I figured if he wanted to be away from me that bad he could take a separate shift."

"Why didn't you come to me with this?"

"Oh yeah walk into your ready room and say, 'hey Captain put Tom on the gamma shift, I've decided I don't wanna see my husband anymore'. Come on, would you have done it? I had Chakotay do it, he doesn't know the reasons behind it but he did it anyway."

"Oh B'Elanna. Are things really that bad between you and Tom?"

"They were never peachy. He was always wanting to be out on the holodeck and I've been in love with someone since I learnt that they weren't your typical Starfleet officer, that there was actually a rebel underneath all that uniform. She's the reason I donned that uniform in the first place. I'm in love with you and have been since that very first day. Since I saw that you weren't the stuck up Captain you appeared to be."


"Yes, Kathryn Janeway, I'm in love with you."

"I love you too B'Elanna Torres."

The End

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