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Mind Over Matter
By Inspector Boxer



"Hey," Jill said brightly as Lindsay joined her on the elevator. "Where you headed?"

"To see Claire. She says she has something on the Ransom case." Lindsay punched the button for the bottom floor, turning to look at Jill as the doors closed. "You settled in at your new place?"

Jill half-shrugged, her hands full of court documents. "Getting there. Wanna come over and help me unpack tonight? I'll buy the pizza and beer."

Lindsay slowly smiled. "I could do that. Let me see what Claire's got then I'll…"

With a groan of steel on steel, the elevator abruptly lurched. Lindsay was thrown forward, and she barely managed to get her hands up, on either side of Jill, in time to keep from slamming full force into her friend. Jill's files weren't as fortunate, dropping with a bang and cascading all over the floor.

They stood, body to body, for a long uncertain moment as the lights flickered overhead. Lindsay pulled back a little until she could see Jill's face. "You okay?"

Surrounded by the smell of Lindsay's skin and leather jacket, the DDA felt more than okay. "Perfectly safe, officer. Thank you," she teased with a slightly naughty grin.

Lindsay's eyes danced, but she said nothing as she stepped back. She took a breath and looked around. At least the elevator seemed stuck and not dangling precariously. The mere thought was enough to make Lindsay shudder, but she covered the reaction by running her hands through her hair.

Jill knelt and began collecting her files, while Lindsay approached the operating panel and eyed it.

Nervously shifting from foot to foot, she mashed one button, and then another. Then she started pressing them all, each harder than the last, as she tried to get the elevator to move. Cursing an impressive string of expletives, she reared back and kicked the side of the car.


"Stupid piece of…"


"What?" The inspector rounded on her friend, who was now sitting comfortably on the floor. Seeing how serene and calm Jill appeared instantly made her self-conscious. She tucked her hands in the back pockets of her jeans and tried to act unaffected by their predicament.

"Relax. They'll get us out of here eventually."

"Eventually," Lindsay drawled with a hint of disgust. "This damn thing was supposed to be fixed yesterday. Fixed after a month of having to take the damn stairs."

"You're talking to someone who took those stairs every day in two inch heals. I remember." Jill let her head thump against the back of the elevator. "At least neither of us is claustrophobic."

"Pfft. What? No way," Lindsay muttered as she turned around and went back to the call box, realizing she made as convincing a liar as Cindy under interrogation.

Jill's blue eyes widened. "Oh my God."

Lindsay gave her a glare over her shoulder.

"Oh my God," Jill said again with a little more humor. "And here I thought you were just afraid of spiders and dating."

Lindsay turned back around and gave her friend the full laser vision effect. "Not helping," she pointed out.

It was then Jill noticed Lindsay was trembling and starting to sweat. She instantly felt guilty for teasing. "Hey."

Lindsay tried the phone to no avail. With another curse she slipped her cell phone out of her jacket pocket and started to dial Jacobi's number.

"Hey," Jill said again. Lindsay finally looked at her, and Jill patted the spot next to her invitingly. Rather than accept the offer, Lindsay turned and went back to the door. Jill winced. It was bad enough being trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic Lindsay Boxer. Now her big mouth and inappropriate sense of humor had just made it worse.

"Jacobi?" Lindsay covered one ear as if that would help her hear her partner better. "Jill and I are stuck in the damn elevator." She took a breath and closed her eyes as she tried to imagine wide open spaces and not the close walls that seemed to be getting closer. "The elevator," she shouted.

"The signal sucks in here," Jill murmured.

Lindsay shot her another look, and Jill held up her hands.

"Just get someone to get us out of here. And call Claire; she's expecting me." Finally Lindsay hung up and reluctantly turned to face the blonde again.

"I'm sorry," Jill said sincerely. "Now stop being pissed at me for pointing out a chink in the Boxer armor. Come over here and sit down."

Lindsay figured she had two options; do the mature thing, which was to stop sulking and sit next to Jill like she wanted to do, or continue to be a cranky brat and pace.

She paced.

Jill rolled her eyes and sighed. She crossed her ankles and watched as Lindsay moved within the small confines of the car. "That's probably not a good idea. What if it's a broken cable or something?" she joked.

Lindsay stopped moving and Jill instantly realized that of all the things she could have said to help… that wasn't one of them. "Lindsay, c'mere," Jill pleaded in a gentler voice.

Pride warred with need. In the end, Lindsay turned and sat cross-legged next to her.

Jill could feel the tremors moving through Lindsay's long frame where their shoulders touched. Any and all humor she felt about their situation immediately fled. "You're really scared," she whispered.

Lindsay stared at the carpet. "I don't like small spaces. Actually I could give a rat's ass about small spaces. I don't like being trapped." She looked down as a touch came to rest just above her knee. The warmth from Jill's hand penetrated her jeans and oddly seemed to ease her nerves a little.

Jill idly stroked the surface under her fingertips, feeling the firm muscle beneath. "Any reason why?" She hoped she could get Lindsay talking. Get her mind off their surroundings.

"My mom and I were in a car accident when I was seven. This guy crossed the median… sideswiped us. We turned over… rolled down an embankment… got wedged between these trees." Lindsay fell silent when she realized she was actually verbalizing her memories.

Jill scooted closer, hoping Lindsay wouldn't take offense to her trying to offer comfort. "What happened?"

"The driver didn't stop. No one saw us go over the side. We were stuck in there for seven hours before someone found us. My leg was trapped under the collapsed dash. I couldn't move."

A tiny, sympathetic sound came from the back of Jill's throat. Lindsay turned and looked at her. "Sorry, I don't mean to freak out on you."

"What are friends for?" Jill took advantage of the moment, feeling a little guilty as she slipped her arm through Lindsay's and leaned into her heat. "You poor thing. I feel so sorry for that seven year old version of you."

Lindsay smiled as her nerves finally started to settle. "She turned out all right," she joked faintly.

Jill looked at Lindsay's profile. "More than all right."

Their gazes met and held for a timeless moment.

Then a loud clang had Lindsay nearly coming out of her skin.

"Easy." Jill held on to her friend's arm, keeping her from bolting upright. "That's just the repairmen getting us out of here."

"Sorry," Lindsay said again through clenched teeth.

"I won't tell anyone," Jill promised with an understanding smile.

"I just…" Lindsay took a deep breath. "I can't stop thinking about the idea of us dangling…" She snorted at herself.

"I could jump up and down and we could see," Jill offered jokingly.

"Do it and I will handcuff you to the rail." Lindsay's eyes widened when she saw Jill's mischievous look. "I mean it."

The DDA moved quickly, but Lindsay was faster, whipping out her cuffs and slapping them around the blonde's wrist. She leveraged herself up with Jill and used her body to press her against the wall as she snapped the other cuff closed around the rail. "Warned you," she said playfully, laughing a little.

Jill went still at the feel of Lindsay's body flush against her own. She yanked once on the cuffs. Was it wrong that she was suddenly very turned on? She smirked. "Now what are you going to do with me, Inspector?" she asked suggestively.

Brown eyes narrowed as Lindsay felt her pulse jump. Surely Jill wasn't serious… Her thought derailed as she felt a warm touch grip the top of her jeans and tug her impossibly closer. Jill's thigh slipped between her own, and all thought of being trapped in an elevator went flying right out the window.

"Jill," Lindsay breathed uncertainly.

"Let me take your mind off it, Lindsay."

Now trembling for a completely different reason, Lindsay ducked her head and met Jill's mouth halfway. Her hands wrapped around the rail behind the blonde, and she pulled herself in hard and tight against Jill's body. Both of them groaned as Jill responded by pressing her thigh more firmly against Lindsay's center.

"Jesus," Lindsay managed when they paused for breath. Then Jill's mouth was on her throat, her teeth and tongue doing things that caused Lindsay's belly to heat like a blast furnace. The attorney's free hand slipped behind her, grabbing her ass and guiding her into slow grind.

Jill's mind was in wonderful chaos. She was having sex with Lindsay Boxer, fully clothed, in the damn elevator in a building full of cops and lawyers. "Take the cuffs off," she pleaded, wanting her other hand free to explore.

"No," Lindsay replied, before capturing her mouth again and kissing her hard and deep.

Their tongues tangled, and Jill groaned helplessly against the onslaught. She'd made the first move, but it looked like Lindsay was in charge now. She surrendered willingly - whatever it took, so long as the pleasure didn't stop.

They continued to move together, vaguely aware of the clanks and bangs of the repairs going on around them. Knowing that the doors could open any moment - that everyone would see.

Jill grunted as Lindsay picked up the pace, and she returned the favor. Seconds later, Lindsay gasped in Jill's mouth as delicious shivers wracked her body. The knowledge that she'd just sent Lindsay over the edge was enough to make Jill tip forward and follow.

They clung to each other in the aftermath, neither knowing what to say. Breathing hard and sweating profusely, Jill pushed her damp bangs away from her forehead and brought her hand back down to touch Lindsay's cheek. Her friend's brown eyes lifted, and they looked at each other. "Better take the cuffs off."

Lindsay reached into her back pocket for the keys and reluctantly disentangled herself from Jill's soft curves and heat. She unlocked the cuffs, slipping them into their holster, before risking a look at those blue eyes again.

"No regrets," Jill told her seriously. "Just tell me it worked."

Lindsay laughed as another bang sounded immediately overhead. "It worked," she answered, still out of breath. "Mind over matter, huh?"

"I'm good, aren't I?" Jill said as she tried to ease the sudden and unwelcome tension between them. "I can make you forget all kinds of things."

Lindsay hesitantly stepped closer again. "Is that an invitation, Ms. Bernhardt?" her voice was deeper, huskier than normal. The sound of it did things to Jill's willpower.

"You help me move the rest of my things tonight… and then I'll just move you."

Lindsay smiled then laughed. "That was a lame come on," she teased.

"But a come on nonetheless."


The elevator lurched again, starting to descend once more. When it reached the bottom and the doors opened, the two friends were standing casually side by side. Claire took one look at them and tried to figure out what was different.

"You two okay?" she asked.

"Fine," they both answered too quickly.

They stepped out of the elevator, with Lindsay turning right to head to the coroner's office and Jill going left to go get coffee outside. She stopped at the doors and turned. "Lindsay?"

Her dark haired friend hesitated and slowly turned as Claire paused and waited.

"Will I see you later?" Jill asked, holding her breath as she waited for the answer.

Lindsay gave Claire a tiny smile, before looking back at Jill. She took a breath, knowing what she needed to say and wanted to say were two different things. "What time?"

Jill smiled. "As soon as you're done here. I'll be waiting." She pushed through the doors and headed out into the late afternoon sun.

Lindsay cleared her throat and turned to Claire, who was now giving her the Washburn version of laser vision. "What?"

"Uh-huh," the ME said as she walked away.

Busted, and not really caring, Lindsay followed her, a smile as wide as Texas on her face.

The End

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