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Listed here are the people who have volunteered their time to answer questions on different cultures, fandoms, scientific details, languages etc. This is not a beta-list, so don't expect the people listed below to check the entirety of your work for grammar mistakes or plot. If you need that kind of help check out the Beta list.

To offer your help please send me a mail at listing what kind of help you want to offer.


Name: Buttons
Offering: Happy to help with Bad Girls S1-8, Stargate (SG-1, SGA), Battlestar Galactica (2003), The L-word, Game of Thrones, Once upon a time, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, DWP, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I can help with all things South African (History, culture, a few of the 11 official languages, the slang and geography) I have travelled extensively to Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Botswana and also have some friends in these areas so if you need to know something about those countries I can help with them too. I have also travelled to Singapore, New Zealand, Dubai, Germany, Austria, Hungary, England, Wales, Scotland and Serbia. So I can give you a tourist perspective of those countries. I do have quite a lot of knowledge of all things Serbia and can also help a little with Serbian. I am a bit of a WWI and WWII nut so I can definitely help with that. I know about emergency medical stuff (Used to volunteer on Ambulances), I know a fair bit about Aviation and all things travel (used to be a travel co-ordinator) and in general I am a Jill of all trades.

Name: Margaritha du Quesnoy
Offering: Knowledge on Grey's Anatomy and J.A.G. Knowledge on The Netherlands and everything Dutch in general. US-armed forces related. (USMC, USN, USArmy, USAF.) Military laws. European cultures. Translations from and to Dutch. Basic German and French. Volleyball. Knowledge on musicals, especially Cats, Joseph, The Sound of Music and Elisabeth. Medium knowledge of House M.D., mostly the first two seasons.

Name: Lenara
Offering: Britishness, Stargate (technical and characters) Star Trek (technical and Characters) Opera and finding your way around the London Underground.

Name: ralst
Offering: English/British culture and slang. Basic html and site management. Knowledge of Bad Girls series 1-3 & 7, Spooks series 2-7 and Murder in Suburbia.

Name: sofiemae
Offering: Knowledge on Stargate and Women's Murder Club.

Name: Cabenson
Offering: Knowledge about Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order:SVU (Alex and Liv) and Bad Girls Seasons 1-3.

Name: xiotonks
Offering: I can offer my knowledge about everything German and European in general. Also, I could do translations into German, French, Latin and basic Italian. Questions about international politics as well as European and US politics, law and history I could probably answer, too... Well, and about Criminal Minds and NCIS.

Name: mrswoman
Offering: I will try and answer questions on CSI: Vegas, Birds of Prey: TV and Comic, Stargate: SG-1, and any British TV programme (maybe - I read a lot).

Name: sportysmurf
Offering: I'm pretty good with Star Trek (all of them, including movies), most action movies, WMC (books and TV), Blood Ties (Books and TV) Canada and techie stuff in general. Dark Angel and most things Buffy.

Name: styx63
Offering: I can help with everything related to France (and Paris), french vocabulary, history, law.

Name: onlyjustwhisper
Offering: I can help with 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent', 'Law & Order: SVU' (mostly Alex and Olivia), and some 'Scrubs'. Oh, and possibly 'Twilight'.

Name: llyfrgell
Offering: I can help with New York City settings/geography/culture, US law and politics, lots of general world history/culture/geography, and a few fandoms: Buffy, SVU, Gossip Girl, NCIS, Pushing Daisies, West Wing.

Name: blue_mac
Offering: I offer my assistance with DC/Northern VA settings and geography, US and European history, and military-related stuff, especially USN/USMC. I can also help out with the following shows: Criminal Minds, BSG, and SVU (Alex and Olivia era).

Name: dani_po
Offering: I can help with spanish translation.

Name: lost2f8
Offering: I can help w/ Star Trek: Voyager and Stargate: SG-1 (through Season 8). I'm an EMT-B so I can also help w/ medic-related questions.

Name: hereforthefun
Offering: I can help with things Texas.

Name: Trialia
Offering: Happy to help with Stargate (SG-1 completely, SGA through third season), the CSIs (Vegas up to season 7, Miami to s4 and NY to current), Battlestar Galactica (2003), and some of the rarer SF, fantasy and mystery literary fandoms if necessary (but not WMC). Oh, and I know a fair bit about chronic illness, crime history, British history and present day England (in pretty much any respect par finer points of law etc.).

Name: Asher
Offering: I can help with things Australian (slang, spelling, vocab, geography etc) and also some basic Japanese. Fannish topics I can help with would be Wicked (mostly musical and some book), BoP(tv) and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Name: Jules
Offering: I can help with Mandarin and Cantonese dialogue, contemporary Asian culture and lifestyle, general Chinese/Asian culture & history.

Name: Bandwitch
Offering: fandom-wise, i can help out with the office, the x-files, supernatural, twilight, or pushing daisies. i also have an intermediate-to-advanced knowledge of the japanese language.

Name: QueenGreen
Offering: I have pretty extensive knowledge of any and all Whedon related content (BtVS, AtS, Firefly, etc) as well as Heroes, BSG, the L Word, SON, and Gossip Girl.

Name: yellowsmurf6
Offering: As I am a Deputy Sheriff, I should be able to offer any assistance on all things law enforcement related. I figure if I don't already know the answer, I ought to be able to get it. I am located in the Midwest, the closest big city being St. Louis, so anything related to that general area also shouldn't be a problem. Fandoms I can assist with: Criminal Minds, WMC, CSI: Vegas or Miami, House, Bones, The Mentalist, Numb3rs, and probably others if you just ask.

Name: disturbed_muse
Offering: I've got a pretty big stash of comics-related randomness in my head. Marvelverse: mostly X-Men (the older titles). DC-verse: Wonder Woman, some JLA, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, some Batman, Batwoman and the Renee Montoya Question. Other fandoms lean heavily towards sci-fi: BSG, Firefly/Serenity, Dark Angel, some Star Wars, Ender's Saga, William Gibson's books.

Name: derealizeddream
Offering: i should be able to help with anything related to 30 rock, SoN, gossip girl (tv), veronica mars, csi: vegas and Mandarin dialogue or chinese/asian culture in general.

Name: equalundrthelaw
Offering: I can help with CSI, SVU, WMC, STTNG, US Air Force, general military info, and general forensic/experimental psychology. I work in a prison so I can also help with questions about prison environments.

Name: Frankie
Offering: Language wise I'm all up for Australian stuff. For fandoms...BtVs, Firefly, Veronica Mars se1+2, Tru Calling and possibly some others that aren't coming to mind right now. Also Misc. Movies.

Name: Michael
Offering: Xena is my speciality, and anything to do with the Scandinavian countries - Denmark, in particular - history, politics, culture, geography etc. I also may be able to help with Stargate, Star Trek and Babylon 5.

Name: rivasilvercrown
Offering: I can offer my help about Spanish and Spain, Europe and European culture in general. Also anything that has relation with computer science and engineering. Also on spanish fandoms like Hospital Central and Los hombres de Paco. I also can help with Birds of Prey (comic) and many of DC comics and with Strangers in paradise (well, really with a lot of comics collections so if anyone wants a list, please write me).

Name: Sarah
Offering: Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Twilight, Nikki & Nora, Gilmore Girls, Friends, American culture etc.

Name: MoniaA
Offering: All things France : history, politics, french, general geography. All things north african ( I'm Moroccan). Fandoms : Harry Potter, WMC, SoN, House M.D., Criminal Minds.

Name: Blackrising
Offering: I can help with everything related to Germany, probably more with the language than with the culture (though I shouldn't have any problem with that either). Fandom-wise, Xena's my speciality, but I also know alot about Harry Potter. I could also try to answer any questions about Buffy, though only season 3 and 4. (Especially the Buffy/Faith bits)

Name: Mary
Offering: translating from English to Spanish and vice-versa as well as correcting grammar mistakes, knowledge about Mexico City, Puebla, Mexican Republic geography, history (including Aztecs, Mayas, etc, traditions, food: I live in Mexico. Have lived in Costa Rica, I have good knowledge on its geography, traditions, food, its tropical rain forest, plants and animals.

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