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Missing Files
By Ann


Tracey Kibre retraces her steps to Ceci Cela's Patisserie but is unsuccessful in finding her missing files anywhere along the nearly half mile journey. Entering the establishment, she places all hope on the files being left behind in her usual booth. She quickly strides to the corner booth only to find both the booth and its seats empty.

Cursing, she takes a seat and places her face in her hands. 'Branch is going to absolutely kill me. How could I have been so careless? I have never lost anything dealing with my job ever, and I worked so hard on those damn files. The fucking case is a slam dunk, but without the files, the asshole is going to walk. Shit, what am I going to do?'

A waitress cautiously approaches and says, "Welcome back, Ms. Kibre. Can I get you anything?"

Tracey lifts her head and immediately turns her attention to the waitress. "Hello, Amélie. You didn't by any chance find any of my files this morning after I left, did you?"

Amélie smiles and replies, "No, I'm sorry Ms. Kibre. I cleaned off your table myself. You didn't leave anything behind. Perhaps your colleague picked up your folders by mistake."

Attempting to return Amélie's smile, Tracey answers, "No, Ms. Gaffney left before I did. She couldn't have picked up my files."

Amélie offers her sympathy and moves back behind the counter.

Reaching for her cell to phone Kelly, Tracey remembers she's in court. 'Shit. I can't even whine about my plight to my lover. Damn it, this is so unfair. I'll be lucky if I'm allowed to prosecute purse snatchers when this is all over with.'

Deciding to wallow in her misery, Tracey calls Amélie back to order a chocolate éclair and a decaf as she mentally recalls her morning routine. 'Let's see. The alarm went off early, and Kelly jumped out of bed to shower. As usual, I dozed until the shower was free. We dressed and took a cab here for breakfast. She left for court, and I visited the restroom. As I was washing my hands, Kelly came back in and locked the door.'

Smiling as the memories suddenly become very pleasant, Tracey continues the play by play. 'I couldn't believe my eyes when Kelly grabbed me and lifted me up on the sink. Before I could protest, she took possession of my mouth as she moved her hand to the inside of my thigh. God, she was relentless in her quest to fuck me.'

Amélie interrupts Tracey's erotic thoughts as she delivers the éclair and coffee. She moves on to the next customer when she is certain Tracey has everything she needs.

Tracey immediately returns to her morning reminiscence. 'Kelly sure had my number that's for sure. Maybe the multiple orgasms caused my brain to short circuit; however, I'm fairly certain Branch won't go for that particular explanation as to why I lost the damn files. Shit, Tracy. Think!'

As Tracey prepares to bang her head on the table in an attempt to jog her memory, the sound of her cell phone temporarily saves her forehead from injury. She opens the cell and barks "Kibre."

Arthur Branch's voice can be heard on the other end, and Tracey braces herself for the heated reprimand she is about to receive. Confused by the calm tone, she begins to carefully listen to the words. " . . . smart thinking too. Having those files on my desk this morning was a godsend. I really wasn't sure if you'd be able to pull it off, but damn if I don't owe you an apology for doubting you. Nice work, Tracey. We have Connors dead to rights now. Take the rest of the day off, you deserve it. Oh, and McCoy sends his best."

Closing the phone, Tracey puts her head back against the booth. 'What just happened? How could Branch have the files? Someone had to have put them on his desk, but whom?'

Her mind goes back once again to the restroom encounter. 'Kelly kissed me good-bye and picked her coat up off the counter before leaving me to regain my senses. I washed my face and gathered my briefcase and coat and shit . . . the files were under Kelly's coat. She must have picked them up by accident and then delivered them to Branch. Damn it, why didn't she call to let me know?'

Remembering a long phone conversation she had earlier in the morning, Tracey decides to check her voicemail in the event someone left a message during the lengthy call. Glancing at the phone number stamped next to the second message, she slumps down in her seat. She highlights the message and puts the phone to her ear to listen.

Kelly's voice comes through loud and clear. "Hey, honey. I accidentally picked up your files when I left the restroom. I guess I must have been pretty flustered too, huh? Anyway, I put them on Branch's desk before I headed for court. Sorry to cause any alarm. See you soon. Love you."

Tracey closes her eyes and smiles. The sound of her lover's voice removes the gloom and doom of her morning.

After several minutes of respite, Tracey decides to check her other messages before heading home. She quickly scans through the list not seeing any that warrant her immediate attention; however, the last number catches her eye. Noting the time stamp, it must have been made when she was on the phone with Branch. She doesn't waste any time in listening to the message.

"Tracey, it's me. It seems I'm having trouble getting through to you today. I just wanted you to know Judge Walters adjourned court for the rest of the day so I am going to work from home since there are no other cases pending. I was thinking I'd whip something up for dinner. We've been going out to eat so much lately; I thought it would be nice to dine in. Call me if you have any preferences as to what you would like. Hope you have a good day, and I'll see you tonight."

Tracey throws a twenty on the table and darts from the booth. She says her good-bye to Amélie and leaves the bakery. Hailing a cab, she calls out her address as she leans back in the seat.

'Oh Kelly, my dear, I know exactly what I prefer, and it has nothing to do with food; although, eating will definitely be involved."

The End

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