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Missing You
By Sparx

The last two weeks had been rough on the away team. Kathryn, B'Elanna, and a fairly large group had beamed to the little planet to collect mineral samples. A sudden ion storm had stranded them there. With the storm blocking transporters and making it impossible for a shuttle to operate, they'd had no contact with Voyager except sporadic, static ridden transmissions through their com badges.

They'd had to spend almost two full weeks on the little planet with nothing more than a few light prospecting hammers and a couple of tricorders, which the storm promptly rendered useless. A large crate for carrying their samples had rounded out the supplies. It was a very cold, dirty and hungry group that beamed back up to Voyager once the storm finally subsided.

"Where is she?" Growled B'Elanna the instant she stepped off the transported pad. She barely acknowledged the existence of anyone in the room as she looked around.

"The Captain has already been taken to sick bay. You can talk to her once we get you and your group down there." Chakotay answered calmly. He couldn't figure out why the small hybrid was so agitated. He thought she'd be glad to be back onboard.

"Not Kathryn! Her." B'Elanna grated. Her look was feral as she glared around the transporter room.

"If you'd tell me who you're referring to, I could answer your question." The big man replied as he led the way out into the corridor. B'Elanna growled again, then ignored him as she stalked down the corridor.

His questioning glance to the rest of the small group was met with resigned shrugs. Keeping a wary eye on the Klingon they quietly moved on to sickbay. Once there, he ushered the group inside and went back to the bridge to take the ship out of orbit and away from the planet.

As the storm had worsened, so had everyone's mood. Once it began to abate they had all been relieved except for the Klingon engineer. For some reason B'Elanna had become, if possible, more irritable. No one knew why but no one wanted to ask the volatile woman. Even Kathryn had given up and simply left the hybrid to brood. Food and shelter were a priority. Dealing with the moody Klingon would have to wait until they got back to Voyager.

"You name it, she killed it." Kathryn joked. "After the first few days we quit asking what it was and just ate it. We were lucky to have B'Elanna with us. Her hunting skills made a big difference down there." she finished seriously as the small hybrid entered sick bay.

The doctor scowled slightly. "Under normal circumstances I'd question your sanity. This not being normal circumstances, I have to agree. The Lieutenants contribution to your diet made a substantial difference in everyone's overall health."

Turning his attention to the woman in question, he adopted the tone reserved for his most difficult patients. "Considering your redundant stomach, I don't have to ask how you're feeling. You could have eaten the little beasts fur, scales and all with no ill effects."

"Hurry up!" she demanded angrily. With that said, she simply leaned against the nearest biobed and waited for the EMH to declare her fit so she could leave.

The Doctor and Janeway exchanged glances. Neither could figure out what was going on. The hybrid looked ready to explode in a rage. Wondering if perhaps something on the planet may have been responsible, the doctor took his time carefully examining the small woman.

Just as he was finishing his exam, the doors to sick bay opened and in strode Seven of Nine. B'Elanna's reaction was immediate and startling.

A loud growl and a flash of movement was all the warning as she shot across the room and tackled Seven to the ground.

Everyone looked on in shock as Seven, rather than defending herself, allowed the smaller woman to pin her to the ground. B'Elanna growled loudly as she straddled the ex-drones slim waist. After a moment, she planted both fists firmly on the floor to either side of Seven's head and muttered something in Klingon too quietly for anyone but Seven to hear.

Everyone was stunned. She'd just spent the last two weeks with Seven out of her hair. What could the tall blond possibly have done to irritate B'Elanna this time? The room was full of members of the away team but none dared to interfere. They were all too tired and weak from their recent adventure to handle an enraged Klingon.

Even Janeway could not muster the strength to do more than tersely order. "Stand down Lieutenant." which B'Elanna completely ignored.

Until security could arrive, Seven was on her own.

Seven gave B'Elanna a clear steady look as she too replied in Klingon. Then with speed to rival that of the fiery Klingon, Seven reached up and grabbed two handfuls of dark hair. B'Elanna instantly grabbed Seven's wrists as Seven used her enhanced strength to sit up forcing B'Elanna from her perch.

Now B'Elanna was kneeling over the ex-drones thighs, bringing their faces almost level. Seven had her fists firmly locked in dark hair while B'Elanna had still not let go of Seven's wrists.

In a frozen moment, the two simply looked at each other.

With only inches between them it was easy for Seven to hear the constant low growl coming from B'Elanna. The rest of sick bay could also hear it.

They watched as Seven tightened her hold on the dark woman. They watched as she softly whispered something to B'Elanna. They watched as she pulled B'Elanna closer and nipped at snarling lips with even white teeth. They watched as B'Elanna closed her eyes and sighed.

After that, they tried very hard not to watch as Seven kept her grip in the Klingon's hair and proceeded to kiss her senseless. By the time she was finished, B'Elanna had let go of Seven's wrists and nimbly removed Seven's bun, allowing her fingers to run through the blond strands.

With a final small nip to kiss flushed lips, Seven pulled back slightly and let go of B'Elanna's hair. B'Elanna gently kissed a smooth cheek before resting her forehead in the crook of Seven's neck.

Even sitting on the floor with a Klingon hybrid straddling her lap, Seven managed to look pure Borg as she asked the doctor. "Have you released the lieutenant from sickbay yet?"

Nonplused, the doctor stuttered. "N..n..n..not yet."

"I suggest you do so now." Seven replied with a raised brow.

"Of course. She can leave whenever she wants." the doctor replied somewhat lamely.

With a quietly whispered command, B'Elanna reluctantly stood. Her focus was entirely on Seven as she helped the taller woman to her feet. She ignored everyone as she kept her grip on a meshed hand and turned toward the sick bay doors.

Just as they reached the doors, Kathryn finally found her voice. "You and B'Elanna are...." she trailed off.

"B'Elanna and I are lovers." Seven clarified.

"All this..." she waved her hand vaguely in reference to B'Elannas build up of Klingon temper over the last two weeks. "was because you missed her"

"We've never been apart for more than a day." B'Elanna answered with a distracted growl, as if that explained everything. She tugged impatiently on Seven's hand and turned toward the door again.

"How long? How long have you two been..." again the vague wave of a hand. Kathryn was still in shock.

"That is none of your business." Both women answered in almost perfect unison as they left for B'Elanna's quarters to get reacquainted after their long separation.

The End

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