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Moment of Truth
By trancer


Barbara swallowed hard. Watched as Dinah rose from the waters of the pool as if walking out of a Botticelli canvas. The water cascaded down her skin, skin glistening from the moonlight, highlighting every line, every curve, every surface in a sensual visual symphony. She tried hard to keep her eyes locked on the pale blue eyes but couldn't help the furtive glances, or the way her mouth opened, dry tongue trying valiantly to moisten suddenly dry lips.

"What are you doing?" Barbara asked, offered no resistance as Dinah began to unzip the front of Barbara's sweater.

"I'm tired of watching you watch me. So," her fingers danced across smooth shoulders, pulling the sweater downwards. "I'm taking you with me."


"Genius IQ and you can't figure that one out."

Her heart began to palpitate for reasons other than the very attractive, very naked woman standing before her. She used to be a good swimmer. A GREAT swimmer. Back when her coach used to look at her with gold medals in his eyes. Back when her legs worked, when she could run, jump, feel the grass between her toes..

Dinah noticed the blank expression. Lifted Barbara's chin with her fingers. "Do you trust me?"

"With my life."

"Good, then let's get you naked."

Barbara watched her toes break the surface, bobbing up and down like tiny little beacons. Imagined phantom sensations across her legs. Dinah beneath her, holding her steady as they drifted across the surface. Felt the warmth of her against her back. Strong. Sturdy. Secure.

"What are you thinking about?" Dinah asked.

"Would you be surprised if I said nothing?"

"No, but I would think you were lying."

Barbara chuckled. Because Dinah was right, she was lying. But, she'd been stumped by the question because even she didn't have the vocabulary to express herself eloquently enough. Instead, she changed the subject. "What are you thinking about?"


Barbara rolled over. Ignored the feel of Dinah's breasts, Dinah's stomach against her own, and the strange yet familiar tingling in the pit of her stomach the sensations produced.

This time, it was Dinah's turn to swallow hard. "I never thought you'd ever trust me this much."

Barbara smiled. Rested her head on Dinah's shoulders. Felt the tiny waves lapping against their bodies. "Neither did I."

The End

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