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More Than A Job
By Victoria Anne



When I took that job I had no idea who would fall in love with me. She grew on me slowly until we became a couple.

She is married to a man code named POTUS. They have children together. One of their daughters dates a nice young man. POTUS knows about both relationships. He prefers it when we keep our relationships quiet. He has a open marriage and a very public job.

She sat down with him one day and asked if their marriage was strong enough to survive being an open marriage. She said she wanted to have a mistress. She mentioned my name as the potential mistress.

They came to an understanding and then they both came to me. We set down and had a long talk about very personal matters. When we came to an understanding, I became the First Lady's mistress.

I still have a job. The agents guiding the First Family guarded me as well. Work and life went on.

We are professional women. We can go shopping for business suits, shoes and hand bags. We can get our hair, brows and nails done at a salon. We can work out at a gym. We can go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner. We can go to plays, concerts, art galleries, and museums. All of the things other professional women can do, we can do. Except agents guard us when we are at work or go out. Our dates are concealed as activities two business women might do together.

She works and lives at the White House when she is in town. I work at the White house. I live in a house in town. We keep things strictly business at the White House.

When you are in DC and not involved in a scandal, you can may stand out. We get plenty of scandal at work from the political world.

She has a calming effect on me. She reminds me to open my heart to another person. She comforts me at the end of a busy and hectic day. And I know that I am cherished beyond all of my expectations.

And when this administration leaves office, perhaps the First Lady and I can be more intimate with each other more often. Her husband and daughters are willing to share her with me. As much as I love her, I am willing to share her with them. She is awesome beyond words. And she gets what she asks for as far as we are concerned.


Part 1

President Josiah Bartlet said, "CJ you are my Press Secretary until I promote you to Chief of Staff."

Claudia Jean Cregg replied, "Thank you for hiring me as your Press Secretary Mr. President."

Mrs. Abigale Bartlet said, "Thank you for accepting the position CJ."

President Bartlet said, "I know how this sounds. Rest assured that this does not involve your hiring, promotion and/or salary. It is very much off the record."

Mrs. Bartlet said, "Please consider what we offer officially and unofficially. I am a professional woman so I really know how this sounds."

President Bartlet said, "Abigale married me. She had children with me. She helped me run for political office. She also asked me for understanding regarding her sexuality."

Claudia Jean replied, "Sir?"

President Bartlet paused for a minute and then just spoke his mind, "Abigale and I have discussed the possibility of an open marriage and the possibility of you and her as girlfriends."

Claudia Jean said, "Oh my. I am flattered, however I am not sure how to respond to that right now."

President Bartlet said, "Okay I said it. Please forgive my bluntness. And I hope this does not offend you or cause you to reconsider working at the White House. It means a great deal to both of us if you work here regardless of your answer to the last proposal. And I am sure you understand our need to be discreet."

Mrs. Bartlet said, "Please sleep on it CJ. And we will wait for your answer. Thank you."

Claudia Jean replied, "I am okay with being asked for a relationship. Again I am flattered. I am undecided regarding my answer right now. Yes, I got that part about the need to be discreet."

President Bartlet said, "Okay ladies, I have a meeting. If you will excuse me for now, then we can talk later. Good evening." Then he left the room.

CJ asked, "Mrs. Bartlet, will there be any swinging or kinkiness?"

Mrs. Bartlet replied, "No. I am not into any of that. And I am a romantic."

CJ said, "I will consider your most gracious offer and let you know what I decide shortly."

Mrs. Bartlet said, "Thank you. Good evening CJ."

CJ replied, "You are welcome and good evening Mrs. Bartlet."

Mrs. Bartlet said, "Please call me Abbey."

CJ replied with a smile, "Good evening Abbey." Then she left the room.

To Be Continued

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