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Morning Has Broken
By artskat

Nikki jumped as she felt a hand softly brush against her cheek. Her survival instinct threw her immediately into fight-or-flight mode, and since she subconsciously knew flight was impossible, her body tensed for the possibility of a brawl. Within seconds, however, her eyes brought the sweetest, most beautiful face she had ever seen into focus. It was Helen, sitting on the edge of her bunk, gently stroking her face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." Helen's voice was hushed. She didn't want any other inmates to hear, especially since she and Nikki finally had an opportunity to be alone for a few moments.

"You're on your own?" Helen said, indicating the top bunk.

"The screws let Barbara out early so she can make their tea. What are you doing here?"

Nikki gazed up into Helen's eyes. One look from Helen always melted her heart. She longed for the day when she would be able to hold this woman and gaze into her eyes for hours. For now, though, she would have to settle for a brief encounter whenever the opportunity presented itself.

"I came because I wanted to see you."

Nikki smiled. She leaned up on one elbow and gently stroked Helen's forearm. She then reached up and caressed Helen's face. Helen leaned down and planted a perfect, soft kiss on Nikki's cheek.

"It's beautiful waking up with you beside me, even if it is in here," Nikki gave an impish little grin.

Helen loved that grin. The mischievous side of Nikki was one of the things she found particularly endearing. Nikki had a way of throwing that playful little smile to Helen at exactly the right moment. Helen might be in the middle of a horrible situation with an inmate or a screw, but then she would catch sight of that subtle little grin on Nikki's face and know that she was doing the right thing.

Helen sat back up and ran her fingers through Nikki's soft, dark hair, "Well, soon I hope that you'll be waking up in a much nicer place."

"As long as it's beside you, I don't care where it is."

Now it was Helen's turn to grin. "Oh, this woman is definitely a charmer," she thought.

Helen's normal defenses were no match for Nikki's intensity and charm. Usually Helen was great at keeping herself under control, even in the most difficult or compromising situations, but somehow Nikki had been able to totally disarm her. Ever since Helen had first laid eyes on the tall, dark inmate she had been thrown into turmoil. This was uncharted territory. Helen had never fallen in love with a woman before and she had certainly never fallen this hard or this fast for anyone. That fact both excited and frightened her.

With one swift move Nikki swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat next to Helen, ducking as she did so to avoid hitting her head on the upper bunk. She then gently slipped an arm around Helen's shoulder and pulled the gorgeous green-eyed woman toward her. Their lips met in a soft kiss that sent electricity down Nikki's spine. Although Nikki had been with many women before, Helen was definitely something special. She could feel it every time their eyes met. With her it was deeper, somehow. Nikki felt like they connected on a level that she had not experienced with anyone else. This woman had somehow gotten inside her head – a spectacular feat since Nikki kept herself very guarded during her time in Larkhall.

Nikki pulled Helen closer and began to kiss her more deeply. Helen let out a low moan of pleasure as Nikki's soft, warm tongue met her own. She adored kissing this woman. Nikki caressed Helen's face and then began to slowly kiss down the side of her neck.

Helen could hear Nikki's breathing quicken and felt her own passion intensifying. It was a wonderful sensation, but she knew they would have to stop before things went too far. They had to keep it in check. Any minute Barbara might return . . . or worse. Fenner might decide it was time to burst in and wind up Nikki with some bogus accusation or trumped up charge.

Helen slowly pulled away as Nikki attempted to hold on. Helen gently resisted, however.

"Nikki, you know we can't let things get out of hand. We still have to be careful," Helen saw the small glimmer of disappointment that crossed Nikki's face.

"I know." Nikki sounded resigned, "I just hate the fact that we can never be alone for more than a few minutes. You always have to run away and I'm left longing for you even more."

"I'm sorry sweetheart. Would it be easier if I didn't come around like this?"

"No," Nikki said quickly, "I can handle it." She looked intensely at Helen, "Please, don't ever stop coming to visit me."

As Helen gazed into those dark eyes, her heart ached. How she longed to get Nikki out of prison so that the two of them could have some chance at a life together. Nikki's appeal process was bound to be a long and arduous one, however, so for now, they would have to make do with stolen moments in Larkhall.

"I'm glad you feel that way because I can't stay away from you. I love you, Nikki."

"I love you too." Nikki leaned in and kissed Helen again, just as passionately and deeply as the first time. They held on to the moment for as long as possible, but soon Helen once again pushed away.

"I've gotta go."

"Yeah, sure."

"Try to stay out of trouble."

"O.k. I'll try . . . for you."

Just before she pushed the cell door closed, Helen glanced back at the beautiful, enigmatic creature sitting on the edge of her bunk. Nikki returned Helen's gaze with love and longing, her dark eyes conveying more than any words ever could. Helen shot Nikki a smile and then slowly shut and locked the door.

The End

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