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Motion to Compel
By Ann


Sitting in the private room of the restaurant, Kelly Gaffney checks her watch for the third time. She motions the waiter over and asks to speak to the owner. Several minutes later, a distinguished looking man makes his way to her table.

Embarrassed, she says, "Ernesto, I want to thank you for reserving your special table as well as assigning a personal waiter, but it looks like Ms. Kibre will not be able to attend. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. She shouldn't have made these special reservations unless she was certain she was available. I know you more than likely had to turn away other clients. I would like to pay you for your time and trouble."

Ernesto shakes his head and replies, "Oh no, Ms. Gaffney. It was no trouble. Ms. Kibre paid for everything up front. She reserved the area for the entire night. I am just sorry she is not able to be here."

Kelly quickly stands and thanks Ernesto once more for his hospitality. She reaches for her purse and turns toward the door at the exact moment Tracey makes her entrance.

Taking in the scene, Tracey says, "I'm so sorry I'm late. Branch had a meeting with Donnelly and insisted that I attend."

A pissed off Kelly keeps silent while Tracey asks, "Ernesto, could you and Julio excuse us for just a moment? I need to talk to Ms. Gaffney for a few minutes before we order."

Ernesto and Julio quickly make their escape before the blonde erupts. Tracey, on the other hand, walks up to her lover and attempts to take her hand.

Kelly jerks away from the offending limb and spouts off, "You leave me waiting here alone for over an hour and have the audacity to think I'm going to sit down with you for a meal. Jesus, Tracey. It's our anniversary. Couldn't you have been on time for once?"

Without a word, Tracey reaches into her briefcase and pulls out a blue-backed motion. She hands it to Kelly and says, "I'd like you to read this for me if you would."

Outraged, Kelly replies, "You want me to read one of your fucking motions now? You have got to be out of your mind."

Tracey holds her ground and adamantly says, "Read the motion, Kelly."

The two women stand toe to toe staring into each other's eyes, neither backing down.

After several minutes, Kelly finally breaks the silence and reaches for the motion. "Fine, I'll read your motion, and then I'm getting the hell out of here."

She brings the blue card stock closer and begins to read. Confused, she says, "A motion in limine? You want me to disallow your untimely appearance tonight because of prejudicial circumstances? What kind of circumstances are we talking about here?"

Tracey smiles and replies, "Arthur knew I was meeting you here tonight. He knew it was our anniversary, but he still insisted that I attend the damn meeting."

Stunned, Kelly asks, "How did he find out?"

Tracy grins and answers, "I told him."

Kelly reels from the news, and Tracey reaches out to pull her in an embrace. Burrowing her face into Tracey's neck, Kelly mutters, "Are you nuts? He's never going to let us work together now. Oh God, he'll probably drum up some reason to fire us."

Tracey quickly answers, "Oh no he won't. He can't risk any repercussions after the Serena Southerland fiasco. After the meeting with Donnelly, I threatened to take him to the cleaners if he ever tries anything again. Our jobs are very secure."

Kelly leans back and gently kisses Tracey's lips. Placing her arms around Tracey's neck, she says, "I've taken your motion into consideration."

Tracey asks "And?"

Kelly responds, "I think I'll declare a mistrial. Let's start this whole night over again."

Tracey smiles as she pulls Kelly into a heated kiss.

The End

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