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My Best Friend's Wedding
By Demeter


She was going to die for sure. Whether it was from the sickness that was making her stomach clench painfully, or from embarrassment, Cindy couldn't say for sure, just the result would remain the same.

She could never again face her family or friends – let alone Jamie who was now stuck with calling off the wedding festivities. And she couldn't really handle these thoughts now, because the headache that had come with the consumption of a bottle of vodka was threatening to split her skull.

Good that there was a doctor nearby; she could hear Claire talking softly, but she wasn't trying to make out the words, straining too hard was aggravating the headache even more.

Jill had laid a cool hand on her forehead, the touch soothing in her desolate state. Cindy kept her eyes closed, recalling the moments before the most mortifying ever. She knew she'd terribly hurt Jamie. He was a good guy, kind and passionate, someone she liked to be around, to talk to. Somehow, they'd ended up dating, and she'd thought they'd make a good team.

She'd thought that this was the way to go to overcome her crazy infatuation with one Lindsay Boxer. Damn her.

Then again, standing at the altar, Cindy had seen all those images of her life so far, in a technicolor dolby-surround slideshow, and wasn't that supposed to happen when you died, not on the happiest day of all?

I'm such an idiot. She liked Jamie. A lot. What had made her think that this would be enough of a foundation for a marriage?

"No honey," Claire said gently. "The timing just wasn't good."

And damn, she had said it out loud. Cindy blinked her eyes open, wincing when the room started spinning immediately. "My life is over."

Jill and Claire shared a look, amusement winning over worry for a moment.

"Right. Make fun of me. You guys haven't done a Julia Roberts impersonation for all your friends and family to remember forever."

Jill squeezed her hand with a smile. "Now that was something."

"Well, thanks so much!" Cindy closed her eyes again, willing herself to not embarrass herself further by being sick all over her friend. Breathe.

"Don't worry. Once we get a hold of Lindsay, I'm sure a lot of this can be cleared up."

Truth be told, Cindy wasn't sure she wanted Lindsay to see her, in this state – or ever. Then again, maybe it was the only thing that could make her feel better. The traiterous flicker of hope was enough to distract her from her misery for a moment.

It was worth a try.

The End

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