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How's My Flying
By Hayseven

"Slow down Lt."

"Oh so it's Lt now?"

"Yes. After all it was you that landed us in this mess"

"Me, it wasn't just me Borg."

"Lt, You were driving, and almost killed us."

"Seven, relax. It was a honest mistake. We can reason with them when we get back to Voyager. Besides I can fly this baby."

Seven was gripping the armrests on her chair in the tiny ship. The Borg enhanced hand was threatening to break the armrest completely. Seven felt almost sick as B'Elanna weaved in and out. The flight course was illogical, insane, and bordered on breaking every law of warp theory. The shuttle already bore marks from her flying, Seven was stunned it was even able to fly at all. She hated to see the outside, she knew scorch marks and dents would have been evident. She could see warning lights flashing everywhere on the consoles, and idly calculated the possibility of them making it through the flight path B'Elanna had plotted. She did not favour their chances.

"Clearly. Was that not you that crashed the Delta Flyer into the space port, thereby causing an interspecies conflict? Thus making us flee the scene of the crime."

B'Elanna sighed. She hated when Seven was right. She was always right, that's why she loved her. If we ever get out of this Janeway is skin us alive. I can just hear her reaming us out over causing such spectacular trouble. It wasn't her fault she crashed the flyer into the space port, she had been happily occupied with Seven and clearly had her hands full. If they had just waited until later they wouldn't be running from the long arm of the alien law. One of these days Janeway is going to work out that no matter where they went, her and Seven would always find trouble.

All of a sudden another craft entered their sight and in a display of sheer dumb luck, B'Elanna managed to manoeuvre the little ship away. "If you don't think it's too much of a problem, perhaps you could fly that shuttle behind that meteor. It should mask our bio signs and energy readings." "Not a worry, my dear wife. What would I do without you?" Seven raised that gorgeous eyebrow of hers and chose not to answer, she could wait till the crisis was over.

Turning abruptly B'Elanna turned the shuttle 180 degrees and weaved in and out of the incoming meteors and gunfire. She didn't have time to warn Seven of her erratic flight path, and she then heard a very un-Borg like ouch as Seven found herself tipped out of her chair and landing on her derriere.

"B'Elanna will you please concentrate." "I am. Besides who distracted me in the beginning? If you had waited till we were safely parked at a shuttle bay, we could have docked and be spending time at that resort we saw. But nooo.... You had to flash your body and entice me to be intimate with you, while I may add, while I was driving. You know I cease to think when I see the perfection that is you. Not that I am complaining. However what do we tell the Captain when we get back?"

"We tell the truth." At that frank statement, B'Elanna voiced her thoughts, throwing Seven a incredulous look. "Sure Seven, we tell Kathryn we were busy being caught in the throes of passion, and honestly didn't see the space port, or feel the crash, nor hear the hails of angry aliens until they fired upon us."

Seven opened and closed her mouth, and B'Elanna could clearly see that brilliant mind of hers going over the ramifications of her words. "Perhaps we can think of an appropriate excuse, one that won't send her rushing to the doc to erase the image of her two surrogate daughters together."

"Good idea my beautiful wife."

The End

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