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New Hope
By Megs


Bianca felt like she was going to scream. One-second Miranda was there and then the next she was gone. Bianca felt her heart rate skyrocket as she started to panic. Bianca just wasn't used to this...she wasn't used to not having Maggie watching Miranda while she got their things packed or having Maggie pack their bags while she played with Miranda before they left. Bianca for the first time told herself it wasn't the time to think about Maggie, she had to find Miranda.

"Miranda! Miranda!" Bianca called as she moved away from the carriage.

"Don't worry!" Bianca heard someone call and she stopped moving and turned around her heart skipping a few beats at the sight in front of her. "I have her."

Bianca smiled and looked to the side as she covered her mouth with her hand. She shook her head and moved forward, her eyes not leaving the person that was holding Miranda to their hip.

"Oh....Maggie...." Bianca whispered as she walked up to the two most important women in her life.

Maggie looked at Bianca and smiled before she looked at Miranda and poked the little girl's stomach making her laugh and wiggle in her arms. Maggie smiled and did it again.

"What...were you up too little one? Running away from mommy scaring her half to death." Maggie said to Miranda as she tickled Miranda once again. Miranda squirmed in Maggie's arms and smiled as she laughed and put her head down on Maggie's shoulder.

"I think that means she's sorry....isn't that right munchkin?" Maggie asked and Miranda laughed and nodded her head as she squirmed in Maggie's arms once again. "I think that's a yes...don't you?" Maggie asked as she finally turned to Bianca again.

Bianca shook her head and stepped forward and put her head against Maggie's and placed a butterfly kiss on Maggie's lips. Miranda saw this and she clapped her hands and smiled at her mom and Maggie, she moved her head and placed it against the side of Maggie's and Bianca's and puckered her lips, she wanted a kiss too.

Maggie looked at Bianca and then at Miranda and both women laughed before they took turns kissing Miranda. Maggie then turned back to Bianca and after shifting Miranda in her arms so she'd be able to hold her, she stretched out her arm and pulled Bianca into her again for a real hello kiss.

"Hi..." Maggie whispered after Bianca pulled away.

"Hi..." Bianca whispered back.

Maggie closed her eyes for a second before taking a deep breath.

"So...you need any help?" Maggie asked as she looked at Bianca and saw Bianca roll her eyes before she walked back over to the stroller and pushed it up to Maggie.

"Why...no I don't. I can handle Miranda on my own..." Bianca said as she took Miranda from Maggie's arms with a smile and a wink. "...thank you."

Maggie smiled and walked around so she was behind the stroller. She looked down at Bianca and smiled. Maggie didn't care anymore. Bianca was going to need her and she'd be damned if she wasn't there for her now. Maggie found herself just daydreaming...without realizing it Bianca had finished putting Miranda into the stroller and was ready to go. Bianca noticed Maggie's dazed state and she couldn't help but smile. She walked up to Maggie and took hold of the blonde's hand.

"Thank you for coming." Bianca whispered as she kissed Maggie once again.

Maggie pulled away when Miranda said grandma. Bianca pulled away as well and laughed, just the mention of Erica could ruin any mood between her and Maggie. After all it was Erica. Bianca sighed and leaned her head on Maggie's shoulder and they walked out of the park. Bianca was no longer panicked and she didn't feel the same worry she had before. For some reason she knew everything was going to be ok. Kendall and Spike...her and Maggie....everything was just going to be ok. All thanks to the presence of one woman. Her lover. Her best friend. Her Maggie. Her hope.

The End

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