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The New Year Party

Chapter 1

The New Year Party at the club was in full swing. Though it was only around 10pm, the club was already propped with happy people in a festive mood, and so far it had been a very busy evening. But at the moment things were settling a little, so she had the possibility of a moment to herself. She sat on the other side of the bar, called for a beer and lit a cigarette. It was the first New Year that Nikki could celebrate as a free woman. The time since her release from Larkhall had been very chequered and quite eventful. Business (as in the club that she still shared with Trish) had been extremely good and she had been able to reacquaint herself with some of her old friends. She felt some arms encircling her from behind and heard a voice saying: "Hey babe, everything okay?" Trish broke the embrace and seated herself next to her while calling for a beer. "Yeah, I'm ok. Just a bit tired" Nikki said with a shrug. Trish was not convinced. She knew Nikki too well, but she tried to lighten her mood. "You look gorgeous tonight, babe, and I bet there would not be one single woman is this room that wouldn't wish to have you in her arms at midnight" Nikki couldn't help but to laugh at Trish's comment and gave her a quick kiss. "You know, babe, there is no one else than you." Trish stuck her tongue out, took her beer and went to the office smiling warmly to a woman on her way. Nikki turned back to her thoughts and sighed.

All in all life had been good to her after the first couple of months when she had struggled to regain a position in society and to find her feet in life. Yes, things had been really good, even though not all of her wishes and dreams had come true. She took a gulp of the beer and let out another deep sigh. Then why on earth did she feel so damn moody and depressed? You are a miserable sod, Wade, now pull yourself together, she thought. Nikki so much missed the one person or rather the one woman that would make this evening totally perfect. The love of her life, and the one and only woman that could ever make her complete and feel alive. The thought of Helen brought tears to her eyes, but she swiftly tried to regain her composure and swallowed hard determined not to let it get to her. She had to be strong and not to think about why Helen was not there and what she might be doing tonight. Oh, Helen why did you have to leave? the thought immediately made tears start to build in her eyes again and she angrily shook her head and wiped them away gulping down the rest of the beer. No, she would not cry tonight. She wanted a happy evening and wanted to enjoy herself on this her first New Year in freedom. And looking at some of all the beautiful looking women might help her cope and might make her feel less lonely.

Suddenly she felt her hairs in the neck rise. Nikki felt she was being observed and turned around slowly. Then she saw her, an extremely good looking woman who apparently had just entered the club. Nikki almost chocked on a large gulp of air, her eyes widening with wonderment. Wow, there is a lady to kill for! She thought, mentally berating herself for the expression, because that was what had gotten her in trouble in the first place, killing for a lady. But there in the dimness surrounding this woman was a mysterious light, that made her look like the most gorgeous and sexy looking kind of the female spices, a sheer vision of beauty and grace with an aura of self-confidence and determination. She just stood in the middle of the room looking around for something or maybe someone? Nikki mentally had to stop herself from drooling all over the place. The woman was dressed in a simple very tight black dress, a short black leather jacket, black stockings and black high heeled shoes that made each calf on her shapely legs show even more. Maybe tonight won't be so bad after all. Nikki unconsciously licked her lips, and suddenly she felt every fiber in her body respond to this woman. I simply got to have her, she thought while slipping down the bar chair and making her way to the newly arrived woman.

Chapter 2

Nikki somehow felt nervous, but also quite excited about the prospect of being close to this woman. She edged her way trough the crow greeting the regular customers, but never really taking her eyes of the woman still standing in the middle of the room. Nikki quietly sneaked up behind the woman and then tapped her on the shoulder. "Hi, I am Nikki Wade co-owner of this club. Can I get you a drink….? On the house of course …" The woman turned around and Nikki had to catch her breath as she looked into the most amazing sparkling eyes. The woman smiled teasingly and raised an eyebrow "Well, that would be very nice… Please lead on to the bar…" This could prove to be very interesting. "What would you like?" The woman smiled a very seductively smile and Nikki quickly added "To drink, that is…" Well…, a vodka would be nice." The woman laughed at an obviously embarrassed Nikki. "Do you come here often?" As soon as the sentence was out of her mouth, Nikki could have kicked herself. What a lame opening line, what would she think of me? Why can't I keep my big gob shot tight? She thought. But the woman seemed to be quite in a good mood at least if she was annoyed it did not show. In fact she just sat there at the bar with a very wide grin on her face and obviously enjoying herself and the attention Nikki paid her. "Well, if I did come here more often then I would definitely have noticed you", she said in a very flirtatious tone and twinkling her eyes towards Nikki, who felt the blood rush to her cheeks.

Nikki took in the woman's appearance again and could not help but give the woman an appreciative stare which did not go unnoticed by the woman. She looked so damn sexy each time she took a sip of her drink, and the way she smiled made Nikki feel all warm and fussy. Nikki could hardly speak and was surprised by the way her body responded to this woman. No other woman than Helen had ever made her feel that way. She had to do something before she made a completely fool of herself. "Would you like to dance?" she asked cautiously, but tried to sound self-assured and cool, but she felt herself blush and looked down on her booths instead of the woman. It felt like an eternity before the woman answered her, but her answer made her heart jump with joy: "Yes, sure… Come on…" As the woman lead the way to the crowed dance floor Nikki let her eyes roam over the woman's beautifully curved body. When her eyes reached the woman's behind, she realized something very interesting. My, my…, no panty line…, too good to be true…, Nikki shook her head as to rid herself of some invisible hold and she had to stop herself from reaching out and squeezing the soft bum.

They reached the dance floor and started to dance their bodies in a perfect fit. They indulged in the rhythm and beat of the music that pumped through the room and inched closer and closer to each other until they very only an inch apart. The heat that radiated from their bodies was burning trough their clothes and making them short of breath. Nikki being the taller of the two was able to smell the smaller woman's shampoo and felt totally intoxicated with her perfume and natural sent that had also emerged during their close dance. Their eyes locked in a very intense look that sent shivers down their spines. The arousal in both women was almost tangible, and it was definitely mirrored in their eyes. And they have not even touched each other. The music changed to something a bit slower, but still with a noticeable beat. They moved together when Nikki let her arm slip around the woman's waist and pulled her closer. As their bodies made contact they both gasped out loud and sparks seemed to fly between them. They moved their heads and lips meet in a kiss that made the time stop. The kiss deepened and ignited a roaring fire in both of them. Nikki was letting her hands carefully wander down the back of the woman feeling her shiver slightly, and finally they reached their goal. The woman's fingers nuzzled Nikki's neck tugging at her hair, her other hand had found its way in between them and she nudged it up under Nikki's shirt. Their hips moved in unison with each other and the music. Nikki's leg found its way between the woman's thighs. She was happy that the room was so sparsely lit, and that everybody else seemed to be busy with whoever they were with. She could not stand it one more moment. She broke the contact and immediately felt the loss. She looked into the heavy-lidded eyes of the woman. Eyes that was dark with arousal and flaming with desire.

Chapter 3

Nikki silently took the woman's hand and pulled her away from the dance floor and down the hall towards the office marked private. The office was semi-dark, only lit by a table lamp and Nikki noticed it was empty as she pushed the door open and rushed them both inside. As soon as the door was locked behind them the woman took a passionate hold of Nikki and kissed her open mouthed with an almost tangible desire lingering in the room. Nikki could only comply with the same amount of passion, and her jacket was soon lost on the floor. The woman opened the buttons of Nikki's shirt revealing a nice black lace bra. She slipped her fingers inside kneading the breasts while she kissed her way down Nikki's throat reaching the nipples that stood out against the material of the bra. Nikki could hardly contain her composure as her hands feverishly slipped down to hitch up the woman's dress feeling their ways up inside the thighs at the same time. Her fingers felt the soft material of the stocking and the heat that increased the closer she came to the burning center of this incredible sexy woman in her arms. The arousal was very evident as the woman's wetness was seeping down her legs. Nikki could not wait any more. She had to have her now. She took a passionate possession of the woman's mouth slipping her tongue inside drawing a loud moan from her while at the same time slipping two fingers inside her other mouth. She increased the pace of her fingers, massaging the hard nub with her thumb and heard how the woman breathed hard and finally let out a moan that was more like an animalistic growl. Nikki could feel the woman squeeze her fingers hard as she climaxed. To her own surprise she also came with a violent shudder going all the way through her body.

They slowly regained their breath and looked lovingly into each others eyes as they heard cheers and the clock striking 12 outside in the club. "Happy New Year, darling" "Happy New Year to you too, sweetheart" it was said with much love and they kissed tenderly. The silence in the room was only disturbed by the greetings outside. "I didn't expect you to be home until the 3rd…., so what are you doing home already?" Nikki said with a slight frown, but quickly adding with a loving smile "Not that I complain about it…" "Oh, I just missed you so much. I never realized that being apart from you would be this difficult, so I packed up and left the seminar as fast as possible" came the slightly embarrassed reply from Helen, her Scottish accent sending new waves of excitement trough Nikki's body. "I really, really missed you too, baby. I was a right miserable cow without you." Nikki had difficulties keeping the emotions out of her voice and hugged her tightly. Helen smiled a little "So am I". They kissed again, lingering a little bit more, passion slowly building again. Reluctantly Nikki pulled away whispering "I love you, Helen" "I love you too, baby" Helen then chuckled. "What?" Nikki demanded with a slight frown. "I could hardly believe the way you looked at me just before you asked me to dance. Your eyes were almost popping out" Helen laughed softly. "Well, it is not my fault that you look so damn sexy. Beside you didn't complain when we got here" "Nikki, you are incorrigible and totally insatiable." came the mock answer from Helen. "Yeah, but you love me anyway" came the light and cheeky reply. Helen got a serious look on her face and said with much feeling "Yes, I love you… More than you will ever know" They kissed softly.

"Do you want to stay for another dance?" Nikki said in a low raspy voice. "Well…, we certainly have to straighten our appearance if we don't want to make a show for the crowd." Helen said with a sexy smile which made Nikki gasp and shudder. "Maybe we should just go home as quickly as possible" she said trying not to sound breathless, but failing miserably. Helen laughed at Nikki's obvious suggestion and pulled her in for another kiss. "Let's get our things back in order and say goodbye to Trish." They quickly made themselves look fairly presentable, gathered their belongings and headed out of the office. As they emerged from the room they ran into a delirious happy looking Trish. "Hey, you two… I was just about to send out a search team for you…. Nice to see you made it, Helen…. Nikki was really a nuisance and pain in the ass without you." Trish was obvious running high with a wide grin plastered on her face. "Is the office free now?" Nikki blushed deeply, while Helen just laughed loudly and said "Yes, sure Trish, it is all yours…" "Thanks Helen….Oh yes, and Happy New Year to you two…." "Happy New Year to you too, Trish… Say hi to Kathryn from us…" Nikki smiled warmly and wrapped her arm around Helens waist hugging her tightly as they made their way out of the club to go home and celebrate not only the first New Year in freedom, but also the first one in their new life together.

The End

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