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Nikki's Beginning
By Outsidethebx



Her body had drifted into a state of confusion, and the judge's explanation was lost in her scrabbled attempts to shout "NO."


The sentence brought an immediate stop to her screams, and the resounding thud of the wooden gravel that echoed throughout the quiet courtroom brought a hopeless sense of conclusion to the ordeal. Her mouth gaped open, her brown eyes widened, and tears of disbelief poured down her cheeks.


"Oh God…"


Without looking, she knew Trisha and their friends were devastated, but she couldn't muster the courage to acknowledge their pain. She preferred to disengage from reality, and stared unresponsively at the floor, hoping the nightmare would end.

The cool metal handcuffs clasped tightly around her wrists, and she struggled to maintain balance as the locked shackles pinched her legs. She recoiled as the callused hands of the guard gripped her upper arm and shuffled her feet forward as she was led away.

"Let me give you some advice."

The guard escorted Nikki into her solitary cell, and looked around for listening ears.

"I wouldn't make any mistakes if I were you. Especially since Gossard's mate is a guard at Larkhall. Look out for him—goes by the name of Jim."

She mumbled some form of "…yeah thanks," and he quickly exited her cell.


The sound of the closing metal door resounded throughout the empty hallway. On any other day, Nikki would have jumped in fear, but she merely sank down on the worn plastic mattress and sighed in exhaustion.

For the first time in years, Nikki was alone.

The transport bus arrived the next morning, and Nikki was one of four women being transferred to Larkhall Prison.

"Hiya, I'm Denny."



The girls turned expectantly to Nikki, but she stared at the floor and refused to answer.

"That's Nikki Wade. Ya know, the one who offed the cop."


Nikki didn't care who said it. At the rate she was going, she'd have plenty of time for proper introductions.

"Name? Age? Religion? Next of Kin?"

"Why don't you figure it out yourself, I'm sure you already have my file." Nikki glared at the older female screw and crossed her arms in defiance.

"My, my, we have a celebrity in our midst." Sylvia Hollamby chuckled as she glanced up at Nikki. "I guess you're too good to answer, since we didn't roll out the red carpet and have the carriage waiting. Shall I call the butler and let him know of your arrival?"

"No, you'll do."

Sylvia sternly looked over the top of the paperwork and put down her pen. "If you're going to have an attitude, then we'll be seeing a lot of each other…"

"Fancy a date with the new dyke? Do you always work intake to get the first pick of the litter?" Nikki winked as she placed her hand on top of Sylvia's. "Darling, I'm usually not into older women, especially those so close to retirement, but I'll make an exception just for you."

"Why I…" Sylvia's face turned bright red and she jerked her hand away from Nikki's. "Miss Stewart'll hear about this."

As Nikki was led away she replied, "…can't wait to meet her. Though I don't know how she'll measure up to the likes of you."

Knock, knock

"Come in."

Nikki entered the wing governor's office and sat down in front of the desk.

"I'm Helen Stewart, wing governor here at Larkhall. I was told you're having some trouble adjusting to the prison environment."

Nikki smirked and rolled her eyes. "Well it's not exactly a five star hotel, now is it?"

Helen smiled as she took out Nikki's file. "I see you own a club?"

"Yeah, my girlfriend and I co-own the place. Why? You thinking about going?"

Helen quickly scanned Nikki's paperwork. "I don't recognize the name. Is it jazz, rock?"

"It's a gay club." Nikki took pleasure in watching Helen's reaction and in her attempt to find the correct response.

"Oh ok. Well that explains why I've never been."

"Really? I could have sworn you were a…"

Helen stared intently at Nikki, as a reddish hue creped up the sides of her neck. "…were a what?"

"Nothing." Nikki paused and leaned closer to the desk. "But you should try it sometime. You never know what you're missing…in the club, I mean."

The End

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