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Nine Months
By Kudara

Part 8: Last Day


Chapter 27


Stardate 52915.63 (Dec 1, 2375 5:00am)

Her eyes snapped open; listening silently she searched for the noise that had awoken her. B'Elanna sat up looking toward the entryway to the bedroom; there was a glint of light on metal, and then an emotionless voice.

"You have one hour to report to the Alpha Squad training hall for today's mission."

The message delivered and received it left. The slight sound, of its legs on the carpet, informed B'Elanna of what she had heard that woke her. She looked down beside her at the open blue eyes of her lover. They stared at each other solemnly, now all too painfully aware of how this day could end. It had been almost a month since the last unsuccessful mission, the emotional turmoil and pain of the unit wide punishment, and the resulting admissions of their love for one another.

Their declarations had resulted in some significant changes, mostly internal ones. They were more certain of each other, more confident that they would remain together no matter what the future brought. The past eight months had taught them that they could unquestionably depend on one another, now there was an added emotional surety to that trust.

"I love you," Seven whispered as she cupped one hand behind B'Elanna's head and pulled the half-Klingon down for a kiss.

When they parted B'Elanna whispered back, "And I love you. I promise you that I will..."

Seven's finger on her lips silenced her, "Yes," she replied simply, looking steadily into the half-Klingon's brown eyes.

"Yes?" B'Elanna's voice was husky with the emotions that were suddenly upwelling inside her.

"Yes," replied the blonde serenely, her blue eyes shining with conviction.

A tremble ran through the half-Klingon's body, before she realized it two tears ran down her face and splashed upon the bare skin of Seven's chest. She wasn't certain about all the questions Seven had just replied to, but she knew that it included at the least, yes, I trust you, yes, I know you will do your best. She wasn't certain why the plainly spoken declaration affected her so strongly; perhaps it was simply because no one had ever given her such unconditional trust, or had such unqualified faith in her before. More likely it was both of those reasons, along with the immediate stress she had felt the moment the robot had entered and made its announcement.

She buried her face in the blonde's chest, breathing deeply of the reassuring scent of her lover. 'No wonder the kids compete for who gets to be held by her,' she thought irreverently as she rested against the soft bosom of her lover, and felt Seven's arms wrap around her back. Within a minute or so the emotions that caused her to react so strongly subsided, and unhappily she pulled away from the comfort of Seven's body.

"I need to go bathe," she explained regretfully.

Seven nodded slowly, examining her face curiously, "I will bathe with you."

They took the opportunity to comfort one another during the bath, soaping each other, taking the opportunity to connect through touch, trying to forget for a moment the reality of the day.


Chapter 28


Stardate 52916.4 (Dec 1, 2375 11:43am)

Thankfully, this time they had not been dropped in a marsh, instead rugged mountainous terrain surrounded them, affording them ample cover for their preferred tactics. Elizabeth favored using concealment and surprise as much as possible, as opposed to what she termed scream and jump frontal assaults. Since they frequently faced more than one unit during these missions, they could not afford to loose people over the course of the day.

B'Elanna had been assigned, as usual, to rifle squad one. Currently they were lying prone on a ledge watching the movements of what appeared to be the same Kazon unit they had faced the previous month. The half-Klingon's eyes were fixed upon what appeared to be the Kazon's communication's specialist. To her expert eye, he didn't seem very sure or knowledgeable of his equipment, it was one of the reasons they were letting this small scout group get so close. His incompetence meant that B'Elanna didn't even have to try very hard to keep her squad hidden.

Watching him the glimmer of an audacious idea formed in the half-Klingon's mind. The Kazon's equipment appeared to be very similar to her own, which meant that if they could capture him without anyone noticing she could break into their enemy's communications network. From there she could do anything from keeping track of their movements, injecting erroneous information, and maybe even set up a feedback loop that would disable all the electronics gear connected to their enemy's network.

The trick would be to manage to capture him without him alerting the others, knocking him unconscious which would result in him being transported out, or closing his link to his network. Thankfully, the Kazon were not wearing helmets, which meant they weren't using built in communication devices like B'Elanna's unit. B'Elanna could only assume that the Kazon had forgone helmets because of fear of being seen as weak if they wore them. Instead the Kazon used handheld communications units. Unfortunately for the Kazon, their focus on not being perceived as weak meant that B'Elanna's idea just might have a chance of working.

Knowing full well that her helmet prevented the sound of her voice from carrying, she said, "Amy," and paused. "See their communication's specialist, how he keeps falling behind and fiddling with his equipment. Do you think we could manage to capture him? I had a thought about what I could do with his equipment if we can grab him before he shuts down his link."

"What type of thought?" came back the reply from Amy.

"Feedback surge," was all she needed to say, Amy was more than capable of understanding the implications.

"Oh I like those types of thoughts," Amy commented approvingly.

The next communication from Amy was for all of rifle squad one, "Linda, see their communications specialist. Do you think you could lead a group of three or so and capture him without alerting the others?"

B'Elanna understood why Linda had been asked, before being captured she had been a teacher of hand to hand combat techniques, though she called it martial arts. Linda took a few minutes to examine the Kazon they were referring to, and the terrain around them, "Yes, it can be done. We will need some luck though, if he decides to catch up before we get into position it won't be safe to capture him. I'd like Lisa and Barbara to help please."

B'Elanna nodded in approval, Linda was their hand to hand expert, but Lisa and Barbara were not too far behind her in proficiency. Lisa Stewart, the former Mountie, and Barbara Miller, a former U.S. Marine recruit instructor, were Linda's assistants when she taught the unit in hand to hand combat.

"Ok let me inform Elizabeth and Christina and get their input." Amy acknowledged. About a minute later she ordered, "Ok Linda, Lisa and Barbara we have the go ahead. We will take up covering positions while you three capture the target."

Everyone watched tensely as the three women carefully moved from cover to cover, and took up positions near the Kazon, who was falling further and further behind his comrades as he angrily pounded on his equipment. B'Elanna almost felt sympathetic towards him as the three women grabbed him, adeptly wrestled him to the ground, slapped a gag in his mouth, and bound him hand, knee and foot. It took them perhaps just over a minute to secure him.

Watching the other Kazon disappear over a rise, B'Elanna could only shake her head at how easy the Kazon were making this for them. They had just allowed one of the most important team members fall behind, and didn't even seem to notice. She had always known that one of the biggest weaknesses of the Kazon was their 'do it right or die' mentality. Apparently it was so conditioned into them that no matter how tactically important this particular Kazon was, they weren't going to make an effort to assist or even check on him.

Three more minutes later and the three women appeared, Linda and Lisa carrying their struggling captive by his shoulders and feet so that he didn't have any opportunity to make a sound. B'Elanna lost no time accessing his equipment and giving a thumbs up to Amy as she verified that not only was it still active but that no alarm had been raised.

"Rifle Squad One," she waited until the requested channel was up, "Ok what did you want me to do, it's up and… Oh, look what we have here, this isn't just connected to the Kazon's equipment, their cooperating again, and it's connected to the other unit's communications network as well. They've connected them all together."

Amy came over to her and examined the Kazon's equipment, "Your right, Fortuna's definitely smiling upon us today."

"Fortuna, and Kazon upbringing," B'Elanna agreed.

There was a moment of silence, "Elizabeth says that if you can set up a feedback and disable all their equipment to do it."

B'Elanna had already been working out how to accomplish exactly how to do that, so it was just a matter of implementing it when she got the go ahead. When her equipment suddenly started registering the enemies' locations, she knew she had succeeded. Without their electronics they could no longer mask themselves.

"Congratulations Rifle Squad One," Elizabeth's voice came over the unit channel. "The enemies' communications and electronics equipment has been disabled; we are now the only ones able to move without detection. Everyone regroup at this location, oh and bring your captive with you Rifle Squad One."

"You heard her, let's move out," Amy ordered.

It took them fifteen minutes to make it to the rendezvous Elizabeth had indicated. Bringing the captive forward they sat the impotently glaring male down on the ground before Elizabeth and Christina. "Take off his gag," Elizabeth directed them. She watched as Linda pulled off the adhesive tape covering the Kazon's mouth, she raised the faceplate of her helmet, and then held out a water bottle and shook it slightly. "Drink?" she offered him.

Staring up into her face he hissed, "Federation, my First Maje will still defeat you."

"I'm not of the Federation," Elizabeth informed him calmly.

He eyed her with hatred then a nasty smile covered his face, "My Maje says you are slaves."

Everyone tensed uncomfortably; but Elizabeth only shrugged, unconcerned with his attempt to anger her, "You might say that."

It was obvious that she had surprised him, "Why do you fight if you are slaves." He tried to hide his interest, but it was obvious that he was curious about them.

Elizabeth stared at him, considering what she could say, "Why do your women fight?"

He straightened proudly, "Our women do not have to fight, we protect them, unlike your own men."

"I misspoke," Elizabeth commented, "When are your women at their most dangerous?"

He frowned, "If their children are in danger, of course, but we do not allow that to happen."

Elizabeth smiled, "Good for you. So I guess you won't give us any information about your unit or the other units? Not that we need it really…" she trailed off.

"You will not get any information from me," he snarled.

"Alright, I suspected you would say that. Guess it's time to send you back up to your ship, don't worry this won't hurt…much at least." Elizabeth said as she aimed her rifle at him.

"You did not answer my question," he demanded.

"Yes I did actually," she replied, hesitating.

His eyes widened, "You fight because the one who holds you has your children."

"You will not speak to the captive further." The emotionless voice of a robot ordered them over their helmet communications.

Elizabeth replied, "Understood."

The captive Kazon who had heard all of this, stared at them, and one could almost see the thoughts turning in his mind. Elizabeth returned his stare levelly, and then stunned him. His unconscious body disappeared a moment later.

Elizabeth stared for a moment longer at where he had laid then shook herself, "Ok we now know that we are facing five other units, unfortunately for them they no longer have the ability to mask themselves, and fortunately for us we now know exactly where they are and what they are doing."


Chapter 29


Stardate 52919.95 (Dec 1, 2375 04:33pm)

B'Elanna walked through the open door to the community room with Sabrina and Linda. Still feeling wound up from the unit's victory, she looked around for Seven, eager to tell the blonde about the mission. She kept reminding herself that she didn't want to brag, and wasn't going to brag. She just wanted Seven to know what she had accomplished today. That she had helped keep everyone safe, that she had kept Seven safe.

Seven was sitting at a table with Carmen, Patricia, Karen and Janice. Carmen and Patricia were holding the unit's two newest arrivals, Rachael and Anna, who despite their early arrival the month before, were both thriving, while Janice was holding Karen's youngest. Seven was listening closely to something Patricia was saying until she caught sight of B'Elanna then a smile formed and she focused her attention on the half-Klingon as she strode quickly across the room.

B'Elanna nodded to the other women at the table, but her eyes were focused on Seven admiring how the blonde looked in the royal blue shirt and white pants she was wearing. Leaning down she meant to give Seven a quick kiss, but feeling the soft full lips under hers, and scenting her lover's distinctive fragrance, she found herself deepening it and growling softly.

When they parted B'Elanna wasn't really aware of the surprised looks she was getting from the other women, she was only aware of Seven's darkening blue eyes as they met hers. The blonde inhaled sharply, as her eyes searched B'Elanna's brown ones, "We were informed of your success." she stated, after a seconds pause.

B'Elanna flushed slightly with both pleasure and a touch of embarrassment as she became aware of the other women at the table looking at them curiously.

Before she could say anything Seven stood, "Thank you for the information," she said to the women. She turned back to the half-Klingon "I would like to return to our quarters B'Elanna."

B'Elanna nodded slightly confused, but more than willing to go along with Seven. The kiss had aroused her, and certain parts of her body were definitely eager at the thought of getting behind closed doors. She completely missed the signs of mirth and amusement on the other women's faces as the two of them left.

As soon as they entered their quarters Seven asked, "Are you experiencing bloodlust B'Elanna?"

B'Elanna paused, her hand on Seven's arm, she had been about to pull the blonde into an embrace but the question stopped her cold. Staring at the blonde and thinking about her on actions and reactions, she dropped her hand and took a step backwards. "Oh, Seven I'm sorry, I didn't even realize," she started apologizing.

Seven raised a metallic brow at her, "Why are you apologizing? I merely wished to know if I was correct. You are part Klingon B'Elanna, there is no reason for you to apologize. You have just succeeded in battle, it is natural for you to react in this manner."

"It doesn't bother you?" stammered out B'Elanna staring down at the blonde.

"No," replied Seven amused, "B'Elanna you are aroused and excited, I am in no way bothered by either." The smile faded, replaced by a more intent look, "I wish for us to make love now." The blonde stepped up against her and pulled her head down, and began nipping and kissing her lips. The blonde pulled back long enough to stare into B'Elanna's brown eyes hungrily. Seven growled, "Make my blood boil for you," and then bit the half-Klingon's cheek lightly.

B'Elanna groaned in desire, both at the words and action. "Hold on to my shoulders," she growled. When Seven obeyed she grasped the blonds' hips and lifted her, "legs around my waist."

Seven moaned B'Elanna's name in longing as she wrapped her legs around the half-Klingon's waist, responding to the intimate contact.

Her hands supporting the blondes' weight, B'Elanna strode through the room to their bedroom, intent on following her lover's order.

Without letting go of her precious cargo, B'Elanna lowered them both to the bed's surface, following Seven down to rest partially on top of her. She kissed her hungrily for a few more minutes before pulling away, "Clothes," she groaned out as Seven took the opportunity to kiss and bite at her jawline.

With a protesting moan the blonde pulled back and began stripping off her clothes, pieces landing in various places about the room. B'Elanna was no slower to strip off her own uniform. When they embraced once again, both groaned in appreciation at the feel of bare skin on bare skin.

Seizing both of Seven's hands she lifted them above the blondes head and held them there with one hand. Looking down at her lover she admired how the position lifted the full breasts into prominence. Meeting darkened blue eyes she growled, "Don't move your arms, I want you to concentrate on what I'm doing to you."

A shiver ran through the blonde's body at these words, and she inhaled sharply, "I will not move them," Seven agreed.

B'Elanna felt a rush of fierce satisfaction, even thought it was hardly the first time she had pinned Seven's arms in such a manner during their lovemaking, this was the first time they had started in such a manner. Possessively, she raked her eyes down the long, lean body of her love, noting that Seven's had twisted her body in passionate movement, B'Elanna ran her hands down the blondes legs straightening them. In the process she couldn't help but smell and see the evidence of her arousal, the blonde curls were already glistening.

Seven inhaled sharply as B'Elanna bent down; stopping only a few inches from the blonde curls. B'Elanna breathed in deeply, savoring the smell of her lover's arousal. "I see you don't mind my bloodlust do you," she asked rhetorically.

"No," Seven whispered, her eyes almost black, only a ring of blue remained as she stared at B'Elanna so intimately close.

B'Elanna lowered her head and delicately tasted one curl, being careful not to come into contact with the flesh under them. "Mmm," she commented in appreciation, ignoring the whimper Seven made. The half-Klingon's eyes lit on the delicate hollow between Seven's hips and stomach, moving upward she began gently kissing, nibbling and nuzzling the soft flesh.

The blonde twitched and shifted restlessly, causing B'Elanna to grasp her hips in both hands to still her. After a few seconds of this she growled against the pale, soft flesh, Seven tensed and gasped in response. B'Elanna shifted again, this time to the muscle of the thigh just above the implant in Seven's leg. With deliberate pressure she seized the flesh between her teeth, bit down lightly and began sucking against the skin, intent on leaving a mark. Her fingers began caressing the smooth rounded metal just below her lips, knowing how sensitive it was.

Seven cried out and her hips bucked slightly at the combination of the two sensations. B'Elanna released the flesh between her teeth and looked down at the reddened mark with satisfaction, her gaze shifted and she meet Seven's eyes. "So," she murmured, lowered her head and nipped gently at the flesh of the blond's upper thigh. "I can smell that you are aroused," she nipped again, now very close to the source of said smell. Lifting up she asked, "The questions is though, is your blood boiling for me."

Seven met her eyes but did not answer. "I didn't think so, not just yet," B'Elanna smiled slowly. Stalking back up the blonde's body, she used her knee to nudge Seven's thighs apart. Slowly, deliberately, she placed her hands on either side of the blonde's shoulders, and supported her weight solely on her hands and feet. She tightened the muscles in her arms and shoulders, throwing the results of several months of hard exercise into sharp prominence, and moved her feet so that her legs were now between the blonde's.

Seven's lips curled into a slight smile, and B'Elanna watched as her eyes wandered appreciatively over the figure suspended above her. B'Elanna waited, holding her weight aloft easily, and enjoying her own inspection of Seven's attributes, ones she fully intended to savor at length in the near future. Their eyes met, stared, burned into one another, B'Elanna did not move, allowing the moment to stretch out between them, the desire for skin on skin to build to a sharp edge of anticipation.

There was a slight sea change in the currents between them. Seven's nostrils flared, her chin lifted, her eyes took on something of the arrogance of old. B'Elanna confidently smirked in reply, accepting the silently proposed contest. The two of them stared into each others eyes almost able to feel the swirling, changing, balance of sensual power between them. It had become a game, a ball they lazily passed between them, as they waited to see who would be the first to make a move, or would B'Elanna's strength wane, that outcome would be a point in Seven's favor, but not one either of them really desired.

The feel of Seven's feet trailing slowly up her calves, over the backs of her knees, and up her thigh's, caused B'Elanna's eyes to close for a moment, concentrating on the feel of skin gliding over skin. Her brown eyes snapped open once Seven's feet reached their destination, the heels resting against her ass, slim calves pressed against her back, and slender, muscular thighs on either side of her torso.

They stared once again at each other, flippantly though B'Elanna's mind the thought ran, 'I don't know about her blood, but mines definitely starting to boil.' "Kahless, but your beautiful," B'Elanna whispered. Arms stretched above her head, hair spread out against the bedspread, eyes dilated with desire, breathing deeply though her partially open mouth, her breasts raised in prominent relief, and the knowledge of how intimately open the blond was right now with her legs wrapped around the half-Klingon's body, all combined into a package that was definitely driving B'Elanna's passion to a fever pitch.

The delicate balance of desire they had been maintaining teetered between them, sliding first this way and then back, like the quivers racing through B'Elanna's muscles. With a cry of pleasure, B'Elanna rocked forward, bringing their centers together intimately, as she possessed Seven's lips in a deep passionate kiss. Seven's legs locked around her hips, grinding them against one another, and the blonde moaned into the half-Klingon's mouth.

B'Elanna reveled in the slick feel of Seven's center, as they rocked against one another, the blonde's arousal having generated copious amounts of lubrication that completely soaked through the half-Klingon's curls, allowing her to feel the wetness against her own skin.

She had intended to feast on the soft breasts pressed against her, she had intended to taste the wet soft flesh she was pressed so intimately against, she had intended to thrust her fingers deep within Seven and feel the blonde as she came. But as Seven growled in her ear, "My blood boils for you," and insinuated one slender hand between them to open B'Elanna's flesh against her own, all of those intentions disappeared.

There was only the feel of her own soft, slick, almost painfully sensitive flesh sliding, rubbing against Seven's. The feel of Seven's heels digging into her ass, as the blonde arched into her thrusts forcefully, keeping them pressed against one another.

Then Seven's fingers dug into the muscles of her shoulders, her legs tightened grinding them together, and the blonde arched against her and cried out loudly as she climaxed powerfully. The feel of Seven's sex clenching rhythmically against her as she rocked against the blonde was more than enough to send B'Elanna into her own orgasm.

Panting, still shaking from the intensity of her climax, B'Elanna managed to roll both of them over so Seven was resting on top of her. The half-Klingon rested peacefully, luxuriating in the feel of the blonde snuggled against her, her hand running up and down Seven's back. The room was quiet except for the sound of their breathing as they recovered.

A loud growl broke the silence. B'Elanna shifted slightly in embarrassment, it had been her stomach, and it was making her aware that now that certain needs had been met, there were other ones awaiting her attention.

Seven lifted her head and looked at her, smirking, "I gather that now that one appetite has been satisfied you have another one?"


Chapter 30


Stardate 52916.47 (Dec 1, 2375 12:18pm - Location: Ilanar Law Enforcement Interdictor Starship)

The bridge of the ship was circular; insectoid looking aliens, strongly resembling in their body structure the praying mantis of Earth, manned various stations around its edge. The resemblance to the praying mantis was only in their form, for they were a very old and advanced civilization. They were silicon instead of carbon based life forms, and their exoskeletons glittered in the light, making them look like living sculptures of crystal. One larger alien stood still in the center observing the activity going on around him.

"Inspector Orayh," the tense voice of the communications specialist Payh caught the Ilanar officer's attention. "Sir, I believe you should hear this conversation I picked up from the probe following the human unit."

Without asking further permission the younger male handed his superior his headset, obviously agitated.

The Inspector was not pleased, but he took the headset never the less and listened, curious as to what had the younger male so upset. Twenty seconds later the sound of his primary legs thumping the deck plating in anger was heard, startling all the technicians. Rearing up he ordered, "All ships and operatives pull back immediately to covert surveillance distance. We have a hostage situation with one of the units."

He paced slowly around the bridge for a moment, then stopped, apparently coming to a decision, "Communications Specialist Wruayh contact headquarters, we don't have the people or ships we need to handle this situation."


Chapter 31


Stardate 52916.75 (Dec 1, 2375 2:45pm - Location: Ilanar Law Enforcement Interdictor Starship)

"Senior Inspector Cryayh," Inspector Orayh greeted the elder Ilanar with relief.

"Inspector Orayh," the Senior Inspector replied, "May I hear this communication you intercepted."

"Of course, Sir, right over here," the Inspector led him to the communications specialist's console.

The Senior Inspector rubbed his forelegs together in agitation after listening to the recorded conversation. "Mahaea! I knew Kryayh had no respect for our laws, but to force mothers to fight to protect their children." His primary legs thumped the deck angrily, and then he went silent for a moment. "We have located Kryayh's ship and have Praha class Interdictors in place to track him. Once we have the location where these humans are being held we will set up surveillance until we have an understanding of the situation. Then we will move in and free them. We will coordinate the arrests of all those involved in these 'games' to take place at the same time." He paused, "We are certain that none of the other participants in these games have hostages?"

"Yes, the humans were the only ones that we were lacking information about their location, origin, and motivation. We are certain that the other's have been paid in goods and technologies for their participation." Inspector Orayh answered.

"Illegal goods and technologies, non-sanctioned contact with such less advanced races is strictly forbidden." Senior Inspector Cryayh corrected.

Inspector Orayh lifted his forelegs in silent agreement.

"Well, I'd say we now know why Kryayh and the others were operating so far away from Ilanar space" commented the Senior Inspector.


Chapter 32


Stardate 52917.3 (Dec 1, 2375 6:41pm - Location: Ilanar Law Enforcement Interdictor Starship)

"Mahaea! Mahaea!" Senior Inspector Cryayh cried out in dismay, "Are you absolutely certain of this information?"

The four communications specialists all glanced at one another and then indicated their agreement, their crystalline exoskeletons dull, showing their distress over the information they had uncovered.

The Senior Inspector was silent for awhile, "I want plans on how to disable the ability to activate these nerve inducers. There can be no mistakes, take whatever time you need to come up with a solution you are absolutely certain will work." He ordered.

Ninety minutes later they returned.

"You are certain this will work?" the Senior Inspector asked.

"Yes, Sir," Communications Specialist Wruayh assured him, "Everything is set up to prevent the hostages from being able to disable the systems. Otherwise there are only standard security precautions, nothing we can't infiltrate and shut down. In addition we will coordinate transporters to beam out all the technology required to activate the chips. Even if we miss something, the equipment will be held in the transporter buffers where it won't be able to do anything."

"We're certain there are no fail safes?" the Senior Inspector asked.

"We've checked, double checked and then checked again. Their inert until activated by an outside signal." Wruayh assured him.

"Alright, then we move in four hours, all the human's should be sleeping by then. It will be safer if they are unaware of what's going on until we have the compound secure." The Senior Inspector ordered. "I've contacted Headquarters, as soon as the compound is secure and the arrests are made they will be sending out a Diplomat and medical teams to assist them."

The Senior Inspector was almost grey in coloration by now, "Mahaea, I would not have believed even Kryayh was capable of this… barbarity, had I not seen the evidence with my own eyes, he shames all of us."

Part 33

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