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No Regrets
By Geekgrrllurking


I'm staring at the business end of a rifle, into the dulled eyes of a man quickly running out of options.

When I stopped at the small store to grab a soda to have with my lunch, I never would have thought I would end up like this. Walking into the hold up in progress quickly turned into a foot chase and a brief tussle in the back alley found me unarmed and caught in this dangerous situation. That had been fifteen minutes ago.

The longest fifteen minutes of my life.

Talking to him was useless. The needle tracks on his arm make more sense to me than his prophesizing about being the Hand of God or the End of Days. When the New Orleans Police Department negotiator arrived with the SWAT team I just shut up and let the man do his job.

It's funny how time seems to stand still, in a moment such as this. I can feel the oppressive afternoon heat seeping up through my stiff legs as I kneel here on the hot pavement, hands clasped on my head in the classic surrender pose. The stench from the garbage cans is not helping my churning stomach and a wailing baby in one of the run down apartments near by just keeps reminding me of the civilians in danger if this situation doesn't get under control.

My mind meanwhile is flashing through so many things. Crying in my dad's arms after falling off my bike as he taught me to ride without training wheels, the scent of stale cigarettes and Old Spice to this day brings me comfort. My mom's smile as I stumbled down the stairs in my prom dress and first pair of really high heels, still wobbly after hours of practice with her. I couldn't forget my brother Bobby's puffed out chest filled with quiet pride when I got my detective's shield. I could easily recall Dan's sad eyes when he told me he was being promoted to Captain as I desperately tried to hide the burn of abandonment from showing in my own.

And then there is Nikki Beaumont.

My mind is practically overflowing with all the moments where my new partner is concerned. Although we've only been partners for a few months, I feel like I've had known this amazing woman all my life. We've connected in ways I never thought I would with another woman and I'm honest enough to admit it scares me. I figured we would have time to work it all out. Now I'm not so sure and I'm kicking myself for being an idiot.

In my mind's eye now I can clearly picture Nikki's chocolate brown eyes peering at me over the top of her designer sunglasses, the breeze from the open window of the El Camino whipping her dark hair back and off her face. How could I not notice her, with her long graceful fingers always seeming to touch me, trailing along my arm or shoulder to get my attention?

It's almost overwhelming now, thinking of all the opportunities I've had and didn't take. In what might be my last moments I can finally let myself think about how she moves or how sexy her voice sounds when it's low and tired at the end of a long shift. I wonder what her hands would feel like on my body and whether she'd let me kiss her if I tried to. These are my thoughts of lost chances, my regrets, as I face my end.

Well, fuck that.

The sound of a cocking rifle gets my undivided attention as my captor rants and sways in the humid afternoon sunshine yelling at the negotiator at the end of the alley. His arms are getting tired from holding it steady and I know this standoff is about to be resolved one way or another.

I glance over to one of the cruisers blocking access to the alley, where Nikki stands next to the NOPD negotiator, stubbornly refusing to leave. Our eyes meet; the energy crackling between us is almost a physical thing. This is it and we both know it.

I silently say goodbye to this brilliant woman I've only begun to know. We could spend a lifetime together and I don't think I'd even scratch the surface. I bite back my fear as an eerie calm comes over me and I turn back to face my fate.

I didn't hear the SWAT sniper shot as much as see it. The rifle dipped just as the right side of the man's head exploded into messy pieces, blood and grey matter spraying everywhere. I dropped to the ground and rolled as far away as I could. I heard the body drop to the pavement and then the deafening thunder of his rifle going off as it clattered to the pavement still clutched in his dead hands.

My ears buzzing, I lay a bit stunned wondering if I've been hit and just don't know it yet, when I suddenly feel strong hands running across my body, turning me over.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God…" Somewhat muffled I can still hear Nikki's desperate chant as she frantically searches for a wound amongst all the blood and gore covering me. I try to move and groan from the stiff muscles, but stubbornly seek and grab for her roving hands. Finally stilling her movements, I sit up with her help and stare hard into the dark eyes, watery now with emotion.

"Nikki…it's ok…I'm ok…" I try to calm my partner down, the wild frightened eyes starting to slow their desperate search for a wound. Unable to stop myself, I pull Nikki close, both of us needing the reassurance that I'm still alive. Everything just stopped and she finally relaxed in my arms, connecting with each other on a whole new level, as if the world had suddenly slid into place. I have a moment to wonder if Nikki feels it too, and then we reluctantly pull apart and smile at each other.

Then there are more footsteps with what seems like the entire NOPD surrounding us for back up. Before I know it Nikki has me on my feet, moving me away from the crime scene, straight to the EMS boys to be checked out.

Nikki never leaves my side.

Dan insisted Nikki drive me home. Nikki also insisted that she drive me home and although I hated being out voted, secretly I wanted Nikki to drive me home too.

Unlocking the door to my place, I let the emotions of the day drain away and I don't think I've ever been so glad to be home. I'd been very quiet the last half hour or so, my mind spinning the entire drive home, trying to figure out what I should do now. I'm not even sure Nikki feels the same way I do. God, it would be horrible if I'd been getting mixed messages. Maybe I should wait for a bit and…

No, I will not to go down that road again. This is what I had decided while on my knees waiting to die. I refuse to have those regrets again.

My mind made up, I turn to face Nikki, who has followed me in, closing and locking the door behind her. She looks at me now and I can't breath she's so beautiful. All I seem to be able to do is stare into her eyes, lost and found all in the same breath. Nikki takes a step, and then another before grabbing my leather jacket, spinning me and pushing me back against the door.

"Nora I…" Nikki pauses, lost in thought before she presses against me, her body warm and inviting and I can't stop myself. Our lips touch, soft and tentative, just a taste I tell myself. And then I need more, want so much more and soon all I know is Nikki. Finally needing air, we pull apart and I wait for her to speak.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again, do you hear!" Nikki panted against my lips, deadly serious. My eyes flutter shut and I simply nod, taking comfort in the warmth of her resting against me.

She claims my mouth again, tongues dancing together. A low moan vibrates between us and I'm not sure if it's me or her but it spurs me into action. I blaze a trail of soft kisses along her jaw to find her earlobe, thrilling to her small gasp of pleasure

"I -- I want you. This. Us…" I'm floundering with inadequate words until I find her dark eyes once more and see her own desire lurking there, naked and wanting. Tears welling, I need her to understand. "I have for a long time, and just didn't know how..."

"God, Nora. Me too…" Nikki's mouth claims mine and I know I'll never regret anything about today.

Somehow we make our way to my bedroom, a trail of clothes and searing kisses marking our route. Her body is as sinfully delicious as I had hoped and I long to explore every silken inch as we fall into my bed together. And yet I hesitate, unsure.

"I've never…with a woman…" I sound like such an idiot and I'm sure I've turned ten shades of red. Nikki just smiles at my embarrassing stammer and takes pity on me, kissing me to silence.

"Hey, it's just us," Nikki nuzzles softly into the hair at my temple. She smells like baby powder and sunshine and I start to relax again. "On another adventure together…" She nibbles a trail along my jaw sending shivers racing down my body. "Trust me, I've got your back, sweet thing." Nikki's fingers tickle along the soft curve of my bare back, before tucking under the waist band of my jeans.

And then I don't want to think anymore, I just want to feel. I want Nikki to make me writhe and buck. I want to throw my head back into soft pillows, overcome with pleasure, moaning Nikki's name into the night. I want to feel alive and loved.

As if reading my mind, Nikki takes control and rolls me to my back, kissing her way down my neck hungrily, her hand trailing along my torso to find my breast, her thumb circling my aching nipple. I'm distracted by her touch, barely noticing her other hand tugging my jeans open and dragging the zip down.

I keenly feel the loss of her body as she stands, popping the buttons loose on her blouse slowly, before sliding it off her shoulders leaving her in just her bra and panties. Her hands grab my jeans, thumbs hooking into the waistband of my underwear before pulling them both down my legs, leaving me wet and ready for her on the bed

The rest of Nikki's clothes quickly join what's left of mine in a heap at her feet. I can tell she knows I'm watching her, tracking her movements, my eyes raking down her sleek form. She seems to enjoy my attention.

"Like what you see?" My mouth goes dry and all I can do is nod as Nikki runs her hand across her breasts and down her stomach to tickle at her dark curls before sliding back up again. Oh how I want to follow that same trail with my own mouth and hands.

"Me too…" Her chocolate eyes seem to darken even more as she checks me out, waiting for her in bed, quivering in anticipation of her touch.

Nikki crawls back onto the bed and over my body, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses in her wake. Finally rolling to lie along side me, I feel her long leg slide between my thighs, pressing tight against me. I try to catch my breath at the thrill of skin against skin. Her hot lips trail across my jaw line, before Nikki starts to kiss me again, this time slow deep kisses. Strong hands tickle across my stomach, short nails dragged across twitching abs, exploring as much soft skin as she can.

"So God damn beautiful…all mine." Nikki murmurs against my lips. Her steady hand trails down my stomach once again to tangle into my curls below. Groaning, I thrust forward, needing more contact, but she holds back. Wantonly I part my thighs, a silent plea for her attention.

"Oh, baby. Is this what you're needing, hmmm?" I feel her smile against my cheek as I whimper, her fingers teasing through my damp hair and then withdrawing.

"Mmmm, so wet for me…" Stretching out over me she kisses me thoroughly, easily distracting me as she sinks deep, stretching and filling me.

"Oh, God…" I had no idea it could be like this. Nikki just smiles as my body bucks against her, needing only her touch. Our eyes lock and the world narrows to just the two of us, the give and take between us growing slick and fast until her thumb flicks firmly along my clit and my world explodes.

"Just let go. I've got you now…" Nikki's strokes slow as I try to gather my wits, powerful waves of pleasure still crashing through my body before we gently pull apart and just hold each other. I nuzzle at her neck, breathing her in, sated and content. Exhausted, I struggle to move and she just holds me tighter.

"Shh, now rest. I'm not going anywhere," Nikki runs her fingers through my hair, and I start to drift asleep, safe in her arms at last.

Nikki pulls the blanket up around us both. I watch her glance down at the outline of our bodies tangled together, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. Watching her reaction, seeing her so unguarded with me at last, takes my breath away. I don't think there will be any regrets for either of us after this. We'll figure it out together.

My fingers find a stiff nipple and I roll it, enjoying the moan it produces.

It seems we have a few other things to figure out together…

The End

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