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Not Sick
By Katrina



"Sick bay." Commanded Seven of Nine.

"'m not sig. I'm jus stufft." The heavy breathing in the turbolift was not due to anything that Seven of Nine would consider fun. B'Elanna was breathing through her mouth. She looked particularly green.

"You are not in any condition to assess yourself."

"Sniffle." There was a bleary pause. "Feel fine. Give it a few hours and it'll be all over."

"The common cold, unaided, is known to run through the main symptoms for seven days and then secondary symptoms for another seven days. That is not a few hours."

The Turbolift doors pinged. The door whooshed open to reveal Seven of Nine picking up a pale and sweating B'Elanna Torres. The ensigns stepped out of their way automatically. Seven of Nine turned to them. "I suggest you wait for the next Turbolift. This one has been contaminated. I have ordered it to decontamination."

"Right. Thanks Seven."

Seven nodded serenely and stepped out of the lift. The ensigns took her advice. B'Elanna was delivered safely into the hands of the Doctor- still declaring, "Adgchooo... I'm fine."

The End

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