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Now And Tomorrow
By Demeter


"I'm beginning to think it's true what they say about three times being a lucky charm," Lindsay murmured, tracing her finger down the spine of the woman beside her.

Her action elicited a drowsy smile and a happy sigh, possibly all that Jill was capable of at the moment. Lindsay really liked the thought of being responsible for that state her friend and once again lover was in. Lying quietly side by side listen to each other's breathing wasn't all they had done that night.

They'd had a lot to celebrate. A vicious stalker who had driven one woman to committing suicide and another very close to it had finally been caught. A case Lindsay had practically served Jill on a silver platter - conviction was as certain as it possibly could be at this moment.

Which was also a very good moment to give up the silly notion they could keep their stories straight, so to speak, for any length of time.

It was like coming home.

Lindsay was aware of Jill watching her and so somehow, she anticipated the words before they broke the companionable silence between them. "What are you going to do about Cindy?"

"You think I need to do something about her?"

"Absolutely. Set her straight, but do it gently. You know she adores you."

Jill was right about this; Lindsay knew it, but it was something she didn't want to think too hard about at the moment. Instead, she said, "I wonder what's up with me, with all these gorgeous women being after me..."

That got her Jill's attention. "So you think she's gorgeous?"

"Don't you?" Lindsay asked mildly.

Jill just smiled at that. Some day the idea starting to take shape between them, but not spoken about yet, might be more than an idea. Who knew. It wasn't the time and place for it yet.

When they had both learned to be together, there might be a second chance.

"Okay, she is," Lindsay finally admitted following her train of thought. "But it's really this gorgeous woman," she leaned over to kiss Jill softly, "I want to be with now. That okay with you?"

"Very much," Jill whispered.

It was perfect now. Tomorrow, who knew, might be even more.

The End

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