DISCLAIMER: This contains F/F interaction. If you are under 18 or this is illegal where you live, please don’t read. Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters, Paramount does. The premise to the story is mine though. No copyright infringement meant. It is not Betaed, and definitely just a PWP.

Odon's Law

By Cirroco DeSade


(Odon's Law states that if USS Voyager is engaged in battle, either a red-shirt must die from an exploding console, or one of our main characters must have something dramatic and funny happen to them... or both.)

B’Elanna Torres was a very pissed off engineer, at this moment. Hapless crewmembers leapt out of her way as she stomped down the halls heading towards sickbay, when by all rights she should be in her engine room supervising the cleanup after another encounter with some stupid set of aliens. Why was it almost all the life forms in the delta quadrant seemed bent on blowing up Voyager she wondered. What in Grethror did Captain Janeway do up there?? Maybe the woman needed to cut back on the caffeine. She certainly had her priorities screwed up if you asked the Hybrid. Sending her Chief Engineer to help the Doctor with a problem the infuriating Ice Queen was having after a battle was ridiculous!!

Pushing her way through the injured and heading straight for the Doctor she barked at him. “The Captain ordered me to come here. So what’s the problem?”

“Ah, so you finally got here. Good, now I will tend to my other patients. You can use my office, and darken the windows for privacy.” The Doctor left quickly after that.

The tall Nordic blonde walked away, assuming the hybrid was following her. B’Elanna growled, and paced up behind her, shutting the doors as Seven darkened the glass. The former drone looked a little harried, but otherwise seemed healthy.

“Come on, Seven. Just tell me what the problem is so I can get back to my engine room.” B’Elanna demanded.

With devastating precision and cool tones the Borg stated. “While I was standing on the bridge during the attack, one of the com stations short circuited, as the inferior Starfleet technology always seems to do, and this time it happened to be my station while my left hand was engaged in inputting commands.”

“Listen you dumb Borg petaQ! I don’t have to sit around here while you insult Starfleet! I have other things to do that are more important!”

“If you had let me finish, you would know that now all of my implants below my collarbone are vibrating! I require you to adjust the damaged implants. Now.” Seven ground out a bit more angrily than even B’Elanna was used to hearing her.

“And why would we need privacy?” B’Elanna began to ask, then looked up to find Seven peeling herself out of her blue biosuit. She just stared as a pair of perfect breasts was revealed, and she sat mesmerized as she watched the nipples harden in the cool air. She had always wondered what the Borg looked like under those skintight suits. The exposed technology was just enough to get her engineer’s mind curious, and well, the mostly exposed body the biosuit showed was enough to occasionally fuel her Klingon fantasies, although she would never admit to it under torture.

“The first adjustment you will have to make is in my abdominal implant,” Seven stated irritably as she stepped out of the suit completely. “The other is in my left thigh’s implant.” She pointed at each implant, and then sat on the edge of the Doctor’s desk.

B’Elanna rolled her eyes, and walked up to the drone. Leaning over with a tricorder, she examined the area of the abdominal implant that the Borg had point to, before she caught a whiff of Seven’s obvious arousal. Unconsciously she looked down at the woman’s blonde thatch, and gulped when she realized how wet and swollen the blonde was, noticing the moisture had poured down onto her thighs. Instantly she stood back up, as if caught, and conducted her scan from a little further away. Yet, it was too late. The musky odor had penetrated her senses, and she had to really work hard to contain a Klingon growl.

She reached out to adjust the abdominal implant with a microfilament, only to find her hand was shaking. So, she began to place her other hand on the Borg’s stomach, only to flinch when she felt the vibration run through it. The vibration was much stronger than she expected, and it sent a jolt straight to her clit. The sight, the smell and now the electrical charge this woman was providing were beginning to unnerve the Klingon.

She managed to finish the adjustment quickly and stepped away from the blonde as if burned. “There! Did that give you some relief?!” she asked hotly. She really wanted to flee now. If she didn’t get out of here, she was going to pounce the woman and show her the /real/ meaning of “resistance if futile.”

“Somewhat,” the Borg said with what B’Elanna swore was a whimper. “Only the implants on the left side of my body are vibrating now. Now, /please/ adjust the other implant.”

B’Elanna flexed her fists. She began to lean down to where the Borg was pointing. It was a starburst implant her up on the inside of a muscular thigh that had long silver bands shooting out in every direction, accenting the thigh’s strength. Yet, when B’Elanna got within a foot of the woman’s mons she couldn’t take it anymore and she shot up and away.

Seven’s enhanced hand actually shot up, grabbed the Klingon, and pulled her back. “Make the adjustment!” she growled.

B’Elanna leaned down again began trying to fix the damaged implant. This one was very messed up and after a couple of minutes, she didn’t seem to be making any difference. The only effect was that she was salivating from being so near to the blonde’s nectar. At on point, she had forgotten herself and reached out to spread the muscular thighs further apart to see better, and had accidentally covered her fingertips in the abundant lubrication. At that point, she growled deep in her chest and was about to dive face first into the inviting center. However, she reigned in her growing lust and moved away from the blonde.

“Listen, have you tried regenerating? I’m sure it would solve the problem,” the brunette temporized.

“My alcoves were damaged in the altercation. It will take me 1.7 hours to fix them. That is inefficient when you can make the adjustments now.” The blonde actually growled at her, which didn’t help B’Elanna any.

“I’ll send a team down there to help you fix them. I really need to get back down to engineering,” she said and was turning around to flee, when the Borg’s right hand shot out and with amazing strength, reeled her back in.

“Fine, Lieutenant. I will comply with this torture that long if you can succeed in withstanding it for 3 minutes,” Seven stated as she pulled the tight little body of the engineer snugly against her own left side, grinding her vibrating left thigh into the hybrid’s center. B’Elanna nearly yelped as she felt Seven’s mesh encased hand snake around her back and cover her ass, one gloriously long finger settling over the crack.

It only took 30 seconds of the exquisite body pressed up against her before B’Elanna completely lost control. Actually she was surprised she lasted that long. She dove on the blonde, pushing her down on the desk, kissing her intently and thrusting her tongue into a /very/ willing mouth.

The engineer felt her clothes being ripped off, and pushed up to assist. Suddenly, Seven adjusted her left hand’s implant and moved it quickly down the middle of B’Elanna’s body, gently, from the collar of the tunic stopping above her crotch. B’Elanna moaned at the ever so slight pressure, wondering why the blonde would tease her like that then looked down in shock as her clothes fell apart. Impressed, she laughed and kicked off her boots.

“Handy,” she commented, but was cut off from any further commentary when Seven took possession of her mouth once more. As their tongues dueled for dominance in each other’s mouth, Seven pushed the remnants of her clothes off the engineer’s lithe body.

B’Elanna entertained herself in the mean time by diving on those luscious breasts. She was happily growling, sucking, licking and biting her way back and forth between each breast when she felt the cooler air on her body that signified that she was now naked as the day she was born. Then she felt that sexy thigh that she had been attempting not to caress force itself up in between her legs, and glide and vibrating over her own wet center.

“Kahless!” she shouted from her place in between Seven’s breasts. When the very center of the starburst came in contact with her clit, she lost all sense of self. It was like a bolt of lightening flowing straight from her hard clitoris straight into her womb, and suddenly there was nothing but bloodlust. She fell upon the soft breast in front of her, taking the soft fleshy part into her mouth and bit into the succulent fruit until she tasted Seven’s blood. Seven moaned loudly, and B’Elanna’s growl rumbled deep within her chest.

Seven reached down and pulled the hybrid up by her head, wanting to kiss those sweet lips again. As she did, B’Elanna’s right hand pushed it’s way down over the Borg’s stomach, caressing implants and skin alike, making her way down to the curvaceous hips, and finally to the sopping center that had been driving her to distraction.

Not one to stay idle, Seven followed B’Elanna’s lead and explored the lithe little body that had always fascinated her with her hands. She slowly caressed the pert little breasts in her hands while their tongues dueled. Rolling the hard nipples between her fingers, she felt the reverberating growl pass through the engineer’s mouth and flow into her own body, only to be swallowed whole by her own moan of excitement as she felt her lips being separated by experienced hands.

Wanting to provide the same excitement to B’Elanna her right hand left its soft breast, and she drug her nails lightly over a taut stomach, then through the wiry black hair. When her hand was about to dive into B’Elanna’s most secret place she spread her left hand out so that her vibrating hand’s thumb was center over one nipple and her pinky over the other. Yet, when she felt the moisture that poured out of B’Elanna and over her hand when she separated her lips, it was so exciting, that her head rolled back and she openly cried out, “B’Ellllllaannnnnna!”

B’Elanna almost came just from hearing her name poured from those swollen pouty lips that way. Overcome with her own excitement, she forgot all notions of gentleness and pace, and thrust two fingers deep within Seven while biting down on the exposed neck. Her eyes shot wide open as she realized she had just ruptured the blonde’s hymen, and the Borg screamed and moaned. She was about to stop and apologize when she felt herself being filled with long slender fingers and the blonde called out “Oh Yessss! Take me!”

The hybrid was caught between wanting to make this very special and the very real carnal lust that the blonde herself was pushing her into with her surprisingly skilled hands. Reigning herself in as much as she could, she kissed her way back up to the Borg’s lips, and kissed her softly yet passionately. She began a very deliberate pace inside the silk-slick walls, which were caressing her fingers, and was gratified to find Seven mimicking her pace inside of her. Placing her thumb delicately over the very swollen clit, she would occasionally touch it firmly, or swirl around it teasingly, but she didn’t want to push too far too fast yet. She wanted this to build.

Her left hand began to softly pet all along the blonde’s beautiful body, while she kissed and nuzzled all of Seven’s face and neck, returning often for long tender kisses. As she lay herself down more firmly upon Seven, covering her with her heat, Seven’s enhanced and still vibrating hand began mapping out over her back. The mesh-encased hand was surprisingly warm, and gentle, especially considering it could bend duranium.

B’Elanna felt the walls of Seven’s center begin to flutter and tighten on her fingers, so she stroked her clit more firmly and leaned in to kiss her once tenderly. The blonde’s left hand left it’s ministrations, grasping firmly on her ass, and her blue eyes shot open and centered themselves on B’Elanna’s with a frightened look.

“Shhhh… It’s ok…. I’ve got you… Just let it go,” B’Elanna cooed softly, kissing the alabaster face tenderly in between each statement.

Seven must have trusted her, because almost immediately, the walls clamped down tightly on her fingers, and she left out a low throaty groan. B’Elanna felt her body respond in kind on the fingers within her, and growled out her own orgasm as well. She was gratified when the Borg pulled her into a tight embrace and held her lovingly. Both of them had stopped their internal minstrations, and lay within each other’s arms, enjoying the aftershocks. B’Elanna was nuzzling Seven’s shoulder, and felt Seven nuzzling and sweetly kissing her temple and the top of her head. After a moment, B'Elanna noticed that she no longer felt any vibrations. She snickered as she realized her cum had shorted out the implant fully.

Seven reached up wonderingly and caressed her face, drawing her attention. “B’Elanna, I did not know it could be so wonderful,” she said in the softest tone the B’Elanna had ever heard from the Borg.

“Neither did I Annika.”
Twenty minutes later B’Elanna strode out of the Doctor’s office and found sickbay empty. The Doctor looked up and addressed her. “Were you able to figure anything out Lieutenant?”

She faced him fully and said “Everything.”

He looked up to see Seven striding out of his office, impeccably dressed as usual, but there was a bite mark oozing blood down her cheek. She leaned down and kissed the engineer softly. “be’nal.”

“bangwI” B’Elanna answered and he noticed a large bite on the engineer’s cheek as well.

They left the sickbay together hand and hand, and he wondered if he should call the engineer back as he noticed his holomatrix flickering.


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