DISCLAIMER: Characters…not mine. Quote…not mine. Just writing for fun and because the challenge was there. This is a follow up to the events in the To be or Not to Be.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: jIH neH SoH DaH- "I desire you now." (It's kind of bossy, but in the right context, it may be nice to hear.)
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On A Break
By Karjens40


"Handle it yourself, Vorik. I'm on a break."


Incapable of anything remotely resembling speech, Seven of Nine, Borg drone turned Astrometrics Officer, found herself being hastily pulled along by a practically running B'Elanna Torres. Ignoring the stares of Vorik and the rest of the engineering crew, she allowed herself to be led, curious to see what the passionate Klingon had in mind, not that she didn't have a pretty good idea. She knew she had the strength to not only break away from the agitated woman, but to pull the Lieutenant's muscular arm from the socket. Seven had absolutely no intention of doing any such thing.

As they fled engineering, the gathered crew who had not been witness to the silent but heated interlude of moments before, took time to say a wordless goodbye to the former Borg. They weren't sure what she'd done to piss off the Chief this time, but from the looks of it, this could well be the last time they ever saw the tall blonde woman. Shaking their heads in pity, they finally went back to their duties.

B'Elanna never slowed her steps as she raced down the corridor to the turbolift, nor did she release Seven's hand. Having legs quite a bit longer than B'Elanna, Seven had to slow her pace somewhat to keep from running her over, but it didn't bother her to do so. She was beyond eagerness for what the engineer had in mind for her.

They arrived at the turbolift and quickly entered. Even then, B'Elanna didn't release her hand. Seven swallowed. She'd heard the gossip regarding the activities that often occurred in the private lifts, and she couldn't help but shiver in anticipation of B'Elanna acting on the promise of her heated glances. Unfortunately, the full on attack Seven was expecting didn't occur. Instead, after ordering the lift to deck 9, the smaller woman kept her eyes straight ahead and began tapping her foot impatiently.

As if sensing the frantic emotions filling the temperamental woman, the turbolift stopped in record time at their destination. Still not speaking, B'Elanna pulled Seven behind her and through the doors of her quarters. The doors hadn't even fully closed when B'Elanna turned, ready to act on the violent desire that had overtaken her the second she had stepped close to the taller woman in engineering. Suddenly she found herself frozen as she looked into blue eyes that burned so hotly into her own that she was sure she was about to go up in flames.

It was at that moment that the tables turned. Fiercely. Now it was B'Elanna who stood transfixed as Seven ran her eyes over the slender body before her.

Seven wasn't sure what had prompted the power shift, but she found she enjoyed it. Immensely. She walked slowly toward the overheated engineer, deciding it was time to speak.

"O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright," Seven whispered, walking slowly around the quivering engineer. She longed to lean her head down and taste the small patch of skin that was visible over the uniform, but she forced herself to continue. Captain Janeway had introduced her to Shakespeare and Seven silently thanked her for it.

She moved even closer to B'Elanna to where her breasts were lightly skimming the other woman's back. Her hands itched to touch B'Elanna but she refrained.

"It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night," she breathed into the surprisingly erotic earlobe in front of her. Bending forward, she gave a small lick to the exact place on B'Elanna's cheek that she had bitten once before. The moan and shiver from the woman in front of her generated a responding moan from Seven, but she used every ounce of Borg control left in her to continue.

"Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear…" Seven murmured, sliding her lips from the smooth cheek back up to the delicate ear. She took the earlobe between her teeth and nibbled gently. Finally she had no choice but to lift her hands to B'Elanna's waist in order to remain standing. The trembling from the small body in front of her was getting stronger, and Seven's own passion was close to taking control of her. She had just enough strength to finish the quote.

"Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear," Seven purred, finally putting her mouth on the exposed skin of B'Elanna's neck. Between the licks and the nibbles, she sensed the growl emanating from the Klingon hybrid and at that point her knees did buckle. Fortunately, B'Elanna's quick reflexes had her spinning and catching the taller woman before she hit the ground.

"Then it is a good thing we aren't anywhere near Earth," B'Elanna whispered, before pulling Seven's lips down to her own in the most passionate kiss she had ever experienced. Tired of playing games, B'Elanna slid her tongue out, strongly expecting resistance, but to her great pleasure she was allowed immediate entry and she began to gently stroke Seven's soft tongue with her own.

Seven groaned, and slid her hands up B'Elanna's strong arms, over her shoulders and up to sink into thick silky dark hair.

"jIH neH SoH DaH!" B'Elanna rasped. She had just moved her hand up Sevens back, pulling her tightly against her, when she heard a familiar and completely unwelcome chirping sound.

Vorik to Lieutenant Torres.

"What!" B'Elanna snarled, even as soft lips traveled over her jaw.

Lieutenant? The Vulcan sounded only mildly puzzled by the sharpness of B'Elanna's response.

B'Elanna and Seven broke a part, still breathing heavily.

"Sorry Vorik. I was…distracted," She stared at said distraction, longing to tell the engineer to go take a spacewalk so she could get back to what she was doing. Looking at the heavy lidded blue eyes staring back at her, she knew Seven wouldn't protest.

Indeed. As always, there was not a whit of emotion in the Vulcan's voice, but B'Elanna was well aware that amusement was lying just under the surface.

Is everything alright, Lieutenant?

B'Elanna grinned wickedly and ran her eyes over Seven's long lean body. Her grin widened as Seven lifted her ocular implant in what could most assuredly be seen as a challenge.

"Yes, Vorik. Everything is just fine."

The emphasis on the last word was so slight, that only Seven was able to hear it. She lifted the corner of her mouth in a slowly seductive smile and focused her gaze blatantly on B'Elanna's lips which immediately stopped grinning.

Acknowledged. Will you and Seven be returning to engineering?

Both women sighed in disappointment and resignation.

"We're on our way. Torres out."

Seven clenched her jaw in frustration but couldn't take her eyes away from the soft brown eyes staring right back at her.

"I find I am unsatisfied with this outcome, B'Elanna." Seven said angrily.

"Tell me about it," B'Elanna agreed, desire still filling her voice. "But come back to my quarters after our shift, and I will see what I can do to fix that.

"I will comply."

The End

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